Lb7 fpr symptoms

Lb7 fpr symptoms DEFAULT

DTC Codes (Check Engine Light)

DTC P, P causing limp mode is common with this issue.  Low rail pressure may or may not cause an MIL (check engine light). This is a very common problem that we hear about from our Duramax customers.

Actual fuel rail pressure is not keeping up with desired fuel rail pressure.

This may only happen in high fuel demand situations like towing or racing but it can also happen with everyday use.


May include one or all and not limited to; Low power, poor shifting quality, excessive smoke, engine limp mode, reduced mpg.

Causes and repairs:

  • Dirty fuel filter is the most common issue we see when fuel rail pressure is low. The filter should be changed in the 8,, mile range if good fuel is being purchased and running mostly low HP tuning, much sooner if running competition/race style tuning. When in doubt, change the filter! This is about a 30 minute job that can be done without any special tools. Parts Cost $
  • Leaking fuel filter head, or cracked water separator.The filter head is the part that the fuel filter screws into and has the primer plunger incorporated into it.There are O-rings and seals that break down with age and use. sells an inexpensive rebuild kit complete with filter and instructions to repair this important part.The water separator screws into the bottom of the filter itself and must be replaced if cracked or damaged. Common hand tools are all that is needed. Approximate time is 1 hour. Parts Cost: $
  • Weak fuel pressure relief valve (fprv) for model years. This can be tested by doing the “bottle test” This is an easy, cheap way to see if the fprv is leaking. If any fuel is leaking past the fprv, then the internal spring will need to be shimmed. sells the shim kit, including the proper parts needed to bring the spring pressure back to acceptable level to stop leaking relief valves. You will need an 18mm wrench and a bench vise. Approximate time is 1 hour. Parts Cost: $
  • Collapsing or cracked fuel line between the filter head and the high pressure fuel injection pump (cp3). This is usually caused from a plugged fuel filter causing a major vacuum between the filter head and the cp3. If not cracked, the problem is usually fixed by replacing the filter. The fuel line can be replaced if the filter change doesn’t fix the problem. Remove the fuel line and find a suitable replacement at the local auto parts store, making sure the line is rated for diesel fuel. Parts Cost: $
  • Blocked or broken fuel tank pickup. We have seen this many times. The common cause is a foreign object gets down the filler neck of the fuel tank. The most common thing we see is the paper seals of diesel fuel additive. This is not a fun job but is not too difficult. Run the fuel level down as much as possible, then the tank will have to be dropped. The fuel sending/pickup unit will then need to be pulled out. Inspect the unit as well as the fuel tank and remove the offending particles or repair the separated pickup tube. Tools needed: fuel line quick disconnect kit, can be the cheap plastic ones sold at the local parts store. Approximate time is hours. Cost: is less than $ unless the pickup/sending unit is damaged.
  • Weak CP3. We see this start to rear its ugly head at an average of , miles depending on the history of the vehicle. If the truck has had a lift pump (electronic pusher pump) and/or correct fuel filter changes, then this can be greatly extended. This CP3 is under high demand, sucking fuel from the tank through the filter and then converting this to pressures up to 26, psi.It is a mechanical pump and does wear with use. This is a big job to do as the CP3 is gear driven off of the camshaft and is located in the valley of the engine.  I recommend having a qualified mechanic diagnosis this pump if the above repairs have not fixed the low rail pressure problem. The cost for parts alone will be $$ without installation. The mechanically inclined person can do this job, no specialty tools are needed but patience and time. The CP3 doesn’t need to be timed to the cam. Approximate time for the DIY’er would be hours.

    Installing a lift pump may help fix the symptom and is a good modification for the future even if a new CP3 is needed. If a mechanic is out of the question, then installing a quality lift pump would be my first recommendation.

  • High injector return rates. This is also an expensive, time consuming job so I recommend having a qualified mechanic diagnosis the problem if you are at this point.Cost for parts and labor will vary depending on model and year. Parts costs can vary from $ to $ and labor from $ to $

To summarize

Normal maintenance goes a long way in helping your truck survive in high demand situations. Most fuel pressure issues are not caused by tuning if the tuning was done correctly for the current modifications on the truck. A quality lift pump from will allow the engine to handle higher fuel demands and offer the benefit of cleaner fuel being supplied to the expensive fuel system. This holds true for stock or modified trucks.

Hopefully this will help point you in the right direction when diagnosing your truck&#;s fuel rail pressure issues.

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Lml Fuel Pressure Regulator

Lml Fuel Pressure Regulator

How high should the injection rail pressure be on a Duramax?

As the pilot oil pressure increases sevenfold from to psi, the fuel injection pressure increases from to 21, psi. The Duramax diesel fuel system requires the same overpressure that all diesel engines need to properly inject fuel.

And how high should the lb7 fuel pressure be?

Note that the fuel rail pressureis 24, psi. As noted, with the ignition relay disconnected, the fuel pressure must be at least 2, to 3, psi during welding for the feedback speed test results to be valid.

And what causes high gas pressure?

A faulty fuel pump or clogged fuel filter means that the fuel pressure is below the rail. The high fuel pressure results in a rich air condition as the increased pressure pushes more fuel than necessary through the injectors. A rich climate control system causes black exhaust fumes and high emissions (HC).

What are the causes of low pressure in the fuel rail?

Typical causes of low fuel pressure are a dirty fuel filter, a weak pump, improper tank ventilation, clogged fuel lines, a clogged pump inlet filter, and incorrect electrical checks.What is the fuel pressure of the Duramax 6.


As the test oil pressure increases sevenfold from to psi, the fuel syringe pressure increases from to 21, psi. The Duramax diesel fuel system requires the same overpressure that all diesel engines need to properly inject fuel.

What are the injector compensation percentages?

Compensation speeds are measures that the engine control module uses to keep the injectors running properly, resulting in a more efficient and quieter engine. Injector balance speeds are measured only when the truck is idling or with the foot on the brake.

How does the Duramax feeding system work?

The performance of the diesel engine is controlled by the amount of fuel and not the amount of air. Duramax uses a common rail system in which an electronically controlled fuel injector is always equipped with a high fuel pressure.

Are the LBZ and LMM injectors identical?

No, these are not 6 hole lbz nozzles and lmm is 7, you can use them in any engine I think, but you want your tuner to know so it can change your setting or it won't work.

What is a Duramax cp3 pump?

Fleece Performance CP3K is a modified Duramax LBZ CP3 designed to remove the factory fuel limit of rpm. If you have a stock CP3 pump, after rpm you will lose fuel flow and delay pressure, which means a loss of power when you need it most.

Can you drive with the wrong fuel pressure sensor?

If the fuel rail pressure sensor deteriorates, the engine can stall. You want to drive and suddenly the engine cuts out. It can also stop in slow motion. This makes driving a car extremely difficult (and dangerous) and should motivate you to do something about it.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pressure sensor?

Common symptoms of a bad fuel pressure sensor that reduce performance.

Have you noticed a decrease in acceleration when trying to go faster?

Engine warning light.

Is the signal motor on the instrument panel turned on?

Difficult start. You use too much fuel. Keep calm.

How can the fuel pressure of an injection rail be reduced?

It is not necessary to loosen the injection rail to extract the engine, just unscrew it from the manifold and set it aside. You can prime by slowly releasing the pressure through the Schrader valve under the green cap on the fuel line. Wrap a rag around it as you get a jet of fuel until the pressure is relieved.

What happens if the fuel pressure is too high?

Excessive fuel pressure can make the engine too rich. Common causes of high fuel pressure are a bad fuel regulator or a clogged return line. The fuel return line will be blocked if the fuel pressure is within specification. If not, the control may be faulty.

What are the symptoms of low fuel pressure?

Signs of low fuel pressure not responding to gas. All cars need the correct fuel supply to the cylinders to function properly. Difficulty starting the car. The engine stops. Engine tuning. Check that the engine light comes on. Black smoke from the exhaust. Turbo offset. Spark plugs / malfunction.

Lml Fuel Pressure Regulator

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What should the fuel rail pressure be on a Duramax?

Because the to 3, psi of control oil pressure is multiplied by seven, the fuel injection spray pressure runs from 3, to 21, psi. The Duramax diesel fuel system needs the same super pressures that all diesels need in order to properly inject the fuel.

Click to see full answer.

Keeping this in consideration, what should lb7 fuel rail pressure be?

Note that the fuel rail pressure is at 24, psi. As stated previously, the fuel pressure with the Ignition relay unplugged needs to be a minimum of to psi during cranking for the return rate test results to be valid.

Similarly, what causes high fuel rail pressure? A faulty fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter will result in lower than normal fuel pressure at the rail. High fuel pressure results in a rich air fuel ratio, because the increase in pressure forces more fuel through the injectors than required. A rich air fuel ratio causes black exhaust and high emissions (HC's).

Moreover, what causes low fuel rail pressure?

Typical causes for low fuel pressure include a dirty fuel filter, weak pump, incorrect tank venting, restricted fuel lines, a clogged pump inlet strainer and faulty electrical control.

What is the fuel pressure on a Duramax?

Because the to 3, psi of control oil pressure is multiplied by seven, the fuel injection spray pressure runs from 3, to 21, psi. The Duramax diesel fuel system needs the same super pressures that all diesels need in order to properly inject the fuel.


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Fpr symptoms lb7

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