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Apply Vole Scram with a broadcast spreader using the settings below or apply by hand with scoop in beds, mulch or rough grass. Early Sept, Early Oct. apply a 20 foot band to the perimeter of the property where voles are nesting during the summer months. This will help reduce voles from entering the property.


1st Application (Late October After Irrigation Is Off): Apply to areas that have repeated winter vole infestation each year.

2nd Application (November - 14 Days after 1st Application): Re-apply to the same areas prior to snowfall (Voles problems seem to be heaviest in areas where snow drifting occurs).

3rd Application (Early Spring/Late Winter) Apply immediately after snow melt.


Apply 2 applications, 2 weeks apart, to areas that are showing vole damage. Repeat again 30 days after 2hd application.


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Vole Scram is manufactured by Epic, an industry leader repellent products, and is an easy to use granular repellent for vole control. Vole scram has a dual-action formula meaning it repels voles by taste and smell. The product is all-natural, containing a blend of castor oil and other essential oils that when spread near voles foods will coat it with a terrible taste that will ward them off from the area. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe and will not wash away from rainfall.

Tools Needed

To use Vole Scram you will need to either wear gloves and spread them by hand sprinkling using the scoop provided or use a broadcast spreader to spread the granules in vole activity areas.

How to Use

Spreading Vole Scram granules

  • Step 1: Inspect and observe the areas where voles have been active, where their mounds are and the specific areas where they are active. Calculate the square footage of the area you wish to treat by measuring (in feet) and multiplying the area length times the width (Length x width = square footage). The rate for applying Vole Scram is 1 pound per 600 square feet. For example, if you measured a 1,200 sq. ft. area to treat, you would need to broadcast 2 lbs of Vole Scram to cover the entire area.
  • Step 2: Apply Vole Scram granules using a rotary spreader to the target areas where you have noted vole activity and damage. Cover the area where vole damage has been observed and extend the cover to at least 20 feet around and beyond the damaged area. For lawn and garden areas of 5,000 or less square feet, we recommend covering the entire area.
  • Step 3: Apply a second application 30 days later of Vole scram granules within specific areas where voles have infested.
  • Step 4: Repeat 30 days later until there is no further sign of voles infesting the area.

Where to Use

Vole Scram can be used to protect lawns, golf courses, and ground covers where voles create extensive runway and tunnel systems. You can also spread Vole scram in areas like wooded landscapes, plants and bulb gardens. Any area where you have noticed vole activity or damage, vole scram can be placed there.

When to Use

Use Vole Scram when you notice vole activity via seeing a vole or noticing their damage and tunnel burrowing. Voles are especially active in the fall and summer, particularly after snowfall.

Safety Information

Vole Scram contains natural ingredients and is safe to use when applied according to the label. Keep pets and children away from the product when spread.

Special Considerations

Repeat application every 30 days for continued prevention of Voles for best results.

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this did not work, any other ideas?

Expert Response  Expert response:
We are sorry that you have not received the results you desired form the Vole Scram. It can be difficult to control existing vole and other rodent populations with repellents alone, since repellents are essentially behavior modifiers. If there is no other food source available, then repellents may work for a short time and voles may return. You do have the additional options of baiting, trapping, and/or using smoke bombs/gassers to help control voles as well. You can see more information about these options in our Vole Treatment Guide here: http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/how-to-get-rid-of-voles-a-620.html Please let us know if we can further assist you!

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Scram review vole

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Trapping Voles in the Garden

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