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Call Mystic Moon Now - I'm Here For You
Call Mystic Moon Now - I'm Here For You
Get clarity, calm and inspiration! Let the Tarot answer your questions and shift your perspective toward a brighter view.
I am a life-long empath, seer, and emotional healer. I've been reading with Tarot and crystals for more than 20 years. I believe with the right information, and the energy of the correct crystal and gems and we can improve any situation and accomplish anything!
I'm a Reiki practitioner and can ease your discomfort with energy and colors if you're open to it. I can let you know which crystals to hold, carry, and wear to help achieve your goals and dreams.
My clients range from A-list celebrities to preachers to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and even police.

I can tell you what you need to know right now.

TO ATTRACT MONEY, place a bamboo plant and waterfall at your doorway and place some clear quartz in the stones in the fall.
TO ATTRACT LOVE, wear rose quartz, and red gemstones.
FOR CLARITY, wear crystal quartz, and trust your gut instinct!
Let me help you find out what messages the Universe holds for you.
Grab a drink, get comfy and let's talk about
- Finances
- Romances
- Work
- Travel
Find out what to watch out for, what they are really intending, and how to use your inner strength for your own prosperity.

I also offer Reiki Healing and crystal/gemstone advising.
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Mystic Moon; Readings By Carol

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Mystic Moon: Tarot Card Readings By Carol, in Peotone, IL, is the area's leading psychic serving Peotone, Manteno, Will County and surrounding areas since 1998. We specialize in tarot card readings, medium readings, numerology, playing card readings and much more. For more information, contact Mystic Moon: Tarot Card Readings By Carol in Peotone.
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Mon - Sun:
In Person, By Phone or Appointment, Parties and Gatherings, No Walk-Ins
Payment method
visa, mastercard, discover, atm, cash
Near Interstate 57
Tarot Card Reading, Mediumship, Numerology, Playing Cards, Futurist

Mystic Moon: Tarot Card Readings By Carol

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Loli Moon is a spiritualist and practicing mystic. With ancestry starting at the shores of West Africa and Jamaica. Fourth generation medium, Loli is surrounded by the spirits of water, and like many others in her lineage, can see the unknown clear as quartz. Loli is a diviner, healer, conjurer and nomad of the realms.

Loli is a Professional Astrologer, with 14 years of studying and reading the stars. She also reads tarot and oracle cards, offering channeled readings to those seeking guidance. Loli wears many other hats, including Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, ascended and graduated Sacred Woman from the Rites of Passage with Queen Afua, Certified Birth Doula and Ifa Orisa devotee/practitioner.

With the help of her 2 familiars and spirit team, Loli runs Mystic Moon Medicine. Intuitive readings, offerings from her Apothecary, and more can be found here!

Mystic Moon Medicine is for those looking to go beyond the surface. For those who dare to enter the depths in order to reclaim their power. This is not a love and light space. This is a destroy and recreate space.” - Loli Moon

Have a question or request for a service? Looking to collaborate? Contact me by filling in the below. Response sent within 24 hours.


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Moon readings mystic

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