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Tiny Bits of Inspirations: 15 Awesome Kids Crafts Inspired by Sports

In our house, everyone plays sports. We’re lucky that our kids are also quite artistic and crafty in between matches and games, but sports are definitely a huge priority under our roof. One of our favourite things about the DIY world, though, is that you can make things themed by just about anything, meaning it’s easy to combine the things you love most in one place. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for sports themed projects lately!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making sports themed crafts with your family just as much as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the coolest ideas and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. DIY volleyball plush cushion


Just in case your house is also full of sewing enthusiasts, here’s a pattern that we think you’ll have a blast combining all of the things with! We can’t get over how simple and cute this fuzzy plush volleyball shaped pillow is and we think it would make a great gift for someone you know who loves the sport. Get the full details for making your own on Classy Threads.

2. Popsicle stick mini skateboards


Maybe your kids would rather grab their boards and helmets and make it to the skate park between school and dinner rather than running to the rink or the field? In that case, we think they might get a kick out of the way PBS made these fun, DIY finger skateboards from beads and popsicles sticks.

3. Fingerprint baseballs


In our house, finger painting has always been a popular technique. There’s just something about getting hands-on with paints and supplies that gets our kids more excited than just about anything! That’s why we knew we simply had to bookmark this fantastic baseball painting craft from Crafty Morning the moment we saw it.

4. Soccer ball pinata


Does your house contain a budding soccer player or two? Well, if they’ve got something to celebrate coming up soon, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Mum in The Madhouse made a DIY soccer ball shaped pinata that’s perfect for things like birthday parties!

5. Coffee can football wind sock


What if your family is actually the kind of household team that watches the Sunday football game and the Super Bowl all together without fail? Then maybe you’d rather make something football themed, preferably something that lets the whole neighbourhood know what sport you all like best? Take a look at how The Wilson World made this fantastic football shaped wind sock from some cut ribbons and a painted, upcycled coffee can.

6. Popsicle stick hockey sticks and button pucks


Have you felt quite intrigued by the idea of making miniature versions of the supplies required by your kids’ very favourite sports but your kids have never been huge skateboarding fans? Well, if hockey is their thing instead, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Today’s Parent made these little hockey sticks out of popsicle sticks and tossed around some button pucks!

7. Homemade cheerleading pom poms


Not every sports fan has to be an avid player of whatever they enjoy cheering on most! Just in case you have a few natural cheerleaders in your home who like to cheer on their siblings, here are some DIY pom poms from Cooking with My Kid that are super fun to make.

8. Homemade winner’s trophies


Are your kids always having tournaments and sports games of their own in the back yard, even though they’re not actually old enough to join serious teams in those things quite yet? Well, that doesn’t mean they can’t still celebrate when their team wins! Take a look at how Mermaid Creations helped their little ones make sports trophies out of paper, tape, and upcycled disposable cups.

9. Pretty decorated ice skates doorknob hanger


Not every competitive sport is a team thing that involves sticks and balls! Figure skaters, for example, need only their skates, their skills, and good ice. Just in case there’s an enthusiastic, budding figure skater in your midst, here’s an adorable skate cutout and door hanger project outlined step by step on Rhinestones and Pine Cones.

10. Baseball lacing craft


Any time we can find a themed lacing craft to work on with our kids, we take the opportunity. The basic skills involved with lacing, after all, are the same ones they’ll use when they start hand sewing in the future! Lacing might not sound like something you can combine with sports, but this fun little baseball cutout and yarn activity from Little Family Fun begs to differ.

11. Miniature cornhole football game


Just in case you’re still thinking about how funny the concept of miniatures is when it comes to sports crafts, here’s a project that will let you play a game of miniature football! Check out how Deco Art made these fantastic yard marker style stands and tiny felt footballs in order to create a football themed game of miniature cornhole.

12. Froot Loops Olympic medal


Were your kids kind of enthusiastic about the paper cup trophy idea we showed you earlier but, in their minds, they’ve been aiming a little higher with their imaginary sports goals? Then maybe they’d rather make some Olympic medals! We love the way Honey + Lime used colourful Froot Loops cereal as the rings on their paper and ribbon medal.

13. Archery painting activity


Here’s an amazing creative activity that’s part craft and part actual sport! Fun Littles guides you step by step through the process of creating art with a play bow and arrow by dipping the tips in paint so they make colourful splatters all over the “target” page when they land. This one keeps your kids busy and active and shows them a new way to make shapes with paint!

14. Golf ball painting


Are you feeling quite intrigued by the idea of combining painting and sports in one place to make sure your kids can appreciate each one equally? Well, especially if you’ve got some old golf balls lying around that you’re not using anymore, then we think we might have found just the idea for you! Check out how Simple Fun for Kids painted with golf balls by letting them roll through the bright colours in a box so they create all kinds of swirls around the page.

15. Puffy laced paper footballs


Just in case you really liked the idea of making sports themed lacing crafts but your kids have never been huge fans of baseball, here’s an alternative that will get everyone pumped for fall football season! Check out how Mom on Time Out made these adorable little paper footballs that are stuffed for shape and sewing shut using yarn and simple hand stitching techniques, but with the holes pre-made for ease with a hole punch.

Have you made other kinds of awesome and super fun sports themed crafts with your kids but you don’t see anything quite similar to what you did on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you created it or link us to photos of your finished projects in the comments section!


24 Sports Themed Crafts for Kids

This collection of 24 Sports Crafts for Kids: Homemade Games and Other Sports-Themed Crafts has baseball craft ideas, basketball crafts, football craft ideas, and so much more, which means all-stars of every sport will find a sports craft idea to love. Kids can create their own sports-themed apparel with this list of sports crafts for kids, or they can make room decorations to show off their love for the game.

Go team! It’s always great to see kids being active, but if you need a break from all the action, these kids’ sports crafts are a great way to occupy your Little Leaguer.

Sports Themed crafts for kids

Sports is an integral part of a child’s life. Every child is inclined towards sports. But when the weather is bad or they have a holiday at their sports facility, the children may indulge in these craft activities which are made to align with their favorite sport closely. They will surely enjoy themselves while making these sports themed crafts. It will surely add an element of enjoyment to their life. They can either store these crafts or even use some of them in their routine, like the soft toys, cushions, cheer leading loves, etc.

Baseball and rugby cushions Easy to make sports craft activities

This is a very useful sports themed craft. You can make these beautiful and cushions in different ball shapes. Get the cloth in the same color as the ball you wish to make. For a soft ball, get a white cloth and cut the cushion in circular shape. Fill in the poly-fill and sew it at the edges. Now add white cloth frill to the ball edges. Make a thread pattern across the ball in a similar manner to the actual softball. You can make a rugby ball in the same way. The rugby ball is in an oval shape and is brown in color.

Mini skateboard sports craft activities

You can make some mini skateboards, using popsicles. Start by cleaning the popsicles. Color the popsicles with the help of sketch pen or paint and a brush. Add four wheels beneath the skateboard surface. Join the opposite wheels with toothpick. You can adorn your hall walls with these teeny tiny skateboards.

DIY football sports craft activities

You can make this paper mache football at home with your kids. Take a plastic ball and start by aligning paper mache on its surface. Once, you are done with the diameter of the ball, you can start to paint the football in the required colors, that is black and white and in the required hexagonal shapes.

sports craft activities

You ca decorate this waste bin as a winning post. Take an empty drum and balance it on a wooden structure or hang it with ropes. Paint the bin in brown color and draw the symbol on the bin. Attach broad ribbons at the base of the brown bin. This gives a celebratory vibe to the winning post.

Sun caps sports craft activities

You can make some sun hats for the summer sports activities or while you are going to watch a match in the hot summer. These summer hats are a great thing to have in summer. Take a paper plate and cut it along the inner edge as per the size of the head of your child. Make two punch holes at the corners of the sun hat. Thread some sturdy elastic band through the punch holes. Now you may paint these sun hats in any patterns you choose to paint it in. You can even paint the sun hats in solid color.

Ice Hockey sports craft activities

You can make this easy ice hockey craft with the help of popsicles. Take a popsicle and cut one-third of it. Now paste the portion in an angular form. Add red and blue strips at the edges of the hockey sticks. You can also use small black buttons as the bucks for ice hockey. Make sure your joint at the angle of the ice hockey is sturdy.

Cheer leading pom poms DIY sports craft activities

When schools hold various sports competitions, cheer leading is one of the most important activities for those who have not taken part in the field sports. You can make this beautiful cheer leading pom pom. You would require brought colored streamers, and rope. First of all, align the streamers together. Tie them at the base with the help of yarn. Use glue stick the streamers together. Tie a rope at the base of the pom pom to make a handle to hold the pom pom.

Wining the trophies sports craft activities

You can make these trophies for your child, for when he does good work or performs well at sports. You can make these trophies with the help of two large paper cups. First of all paint the paper cups in golden color. Now keep these cups on top of one another. This way you get a rough draft of the trophy. Now add a paper sheet at the base starting just above the line where the paper cups join. Add the title or congratulations on the paper slip.

Baseball making sports craft activities

You can make this baseball craft with the help of an ivory sheet. Cut a circle of ivory sheet and make the black markings on the baseball as an actual baseball has. Now use an actual string to make the required knots at the seam of the baseball. This way you get a realistic paper baseball.

Knotted bracelet sports craft activities

Such rope style bracelets look great when added to the attire. You can make this beautiful knotted bracelet with the help of soft, thin, rope style thread. Knot the different strands of the thread together to form beautiful knots. Continue until you achieve the required length of the bracelet. Close the bracelet with knuckles to close the bracelet.

Ice-skating shoes sports craft activities

Most of the young girls are fascinated by ballerinas and snow skaters. You can help your daughters and sons make these beautiful snow skating shoes with the help of a stencil. Get a printout of an actual pair of snow skates. Now cut the similar shape on a colored paper. After you have cut the snow skates on a colored paper, decorate the snow skates with sequins, glitter, buttons, ribbons, etc.

Felt rugby balls and paper stadium sports craft activities

You can make this indoor stadium with the help of harp paper sheet. Fold the edges downwards to give support to the upper portion. Mark the different areas as per the actual stadium dimensions. Make some small rugby balls with the help of felt cloth. Fill in some plastic inside the felt rugby. Stitch the sides. Add the white stitch marks on the top of the rugby ball.

Cereal medals sports craft activities

Cereal and Olympics go together, for a healthy meal makes a healthy sportsperson. Take a round piece of colorful paper. You can go with a yellow colored paper. Make a big punch hole on the the circular piece. Thread a ribbon through the punch hole. Now add five ring cereal loops on the yellow circular piece. You have a cereal Olympic medal for yourself.

marbling using a ball sports craft activities

You can make marbled sheet of paper using a sports ball. Splatter some acrylic or oil paint on the hard sheet of paper. Now you can move the golf balls across the hard sheet of paper to spread the paint all over. You can add two or more colors to make it a good marbled sheet. You should try to even out the layers of paint on the sheet, as hard layers will be tough to dry and work upon.

Making colorful balls sports craft activities

You can make small balls crafts using these suction pads and paint. Take a white sheet. Dip the suction pads in paint and make an imprint of the paint dipped suction pad onto the white sheet. This will help you to make multiple balls.

Football lockets sports craft activities

You can make these team football lockets for more hominess. Make small circles from hard sheet of paper. Now make footballs on these round pieces. Make a punch near the top of the football. Add a thread through the punch hole of the football. Tie the thread at the top. Now add numbers onto the football lockets with a sharpie pen. Now you may gift these lockets to all your friends who are a fan of football.

Rugby net sports craft activities

You can make this rugby net using popsicles. Clean and dry the popsicle and paint them in yellow color. Paste the popsicles to each other at the corners. You can take idea form the given image. Make a rugby ball using paper and origami techniques. You can play this small scale rugby indoors when weather is not good.

Rugby-man sports craft activities

You can make this easy to make rugby man using colored paper and a rugby ball. For all the children with great interest in rugby would surely do this craft activity with interest. Take some colored sheets and make a body for the rugby man from one of the colored sheets, cut out arms and legs for the rugby man. Fold the legs and arms in a zig zag manner and open them. Cut a rugby out from a brown colored sheet. Now add the white detailing on the rugby ball.

Cheer leading gloves sports craft activities

You can make this beautiful cheerleading gloves at home. Take an old pair of hand gloves. Make ten pom poms usung wool. Pom poms are easy to make. You can even buy some pom poms from the market. Now stitch the pom poms to the fore of the fingers. This way you get a beautiful cheer leading hand glove. You can create a pair of such gloves.

A paper stadium sports craft activities

This is a beautiful indoor stadium. Take a white chart paper for the stadium. Mark the areas such as the middle line, inner D, goals, etc. Now using a cardboard piece, make the two goals. Now use your Lego to create an audience stand. Make your cartoon characters sit on the audience stand to watch your game. Use straws and a small lightweight ball to play this indoor game of hockey.

Brown paper rugby balls sports craft activities

You can make these rugby balls with the help of brown paper. Cut the two portions of a rugby ball. Fill in some cotton or polyfill inside the rugby ball. Now stitch the sides of the paper rugby. You can use an actual needle and thread for the stitch. Paste the upper portion details on the rugby ball.

Making a tennis racket sports craft activities

Cut out a tennis racket from a cardboard sheet. You may even form the racket by cutting different portions in pieces. Now join all these pieces together. Once the pieces are joined, start covering the different sections with colored tissue paper. Now use a thread and needle to make the threaded mesh for the tennis racket. You can even paste the strings onto the racket sides to complete the racket. Cover the handle of the racket in the same manner.

Balls made using tissue paper sports craft activities

You can make this ball using a tissue paper craft. Start by shredding the colored tissue in small pieces. Now draw a draft on the white sheet with a pen or pencil. Now start pasting the shredded tissue pieces as per the required color at the required place. You can add details by pasting thin lines of tissue on top of the vast colored regions.

Surfboards sports craft activities

You can make these beautiful surfboards with sunboard or cardboard material. Cut out small surfboard shapes out of the material you have chosen. Make different patterns on the cut out surf board and paint the surf board on beautiful colors and patterns. You can use these surfboards as your beach buddies or beach decor.

Check our our special section on ‘Activities’

We hope you loved all these beautiful sports craft activities. Sports is an integral part of the life of all children. They love to take part in sports activities. It is best to help them realise some sports themed craft activities. This will add an element of sports in the home as well. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. we will be happy to hear from you. Do check out other related articles. We will soon come up with more such related articles.

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16 Sports Crafts That Score With Kids

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live: sports transcends cultures, languages, and generations. Whether you are a lifelong fan of your local football team, you coach your kids’ tee-ball, obsess over the Olympics, or enjoy kicking a soccer ball back and forth with your kids, sports bring families, friends, and even strangers together.

Some kids love to play sports; others prefer watching. Either way, being into one sport or another helps kids learn the value of hard work, doing your best, and being a gracious winner or loser. In some cases they also learn how to be an effective part of a team.



So whether your mudroom looks like a sporting goods shop, or you only care about the Olympics every four years, there are sports crafts below that everyone can enjoy. These 16 projects are especially designed for toddlers and preschoolers who may not be able to hit a ball with a bat yet. Use these crafts as a tool for helping them learn shapes and colors as well as sports. These are all pretty easy to make, and don’t require a lot of special materials, making them ideal for birthday parties as well as afternoon arts and crafts time.

1. Any Team Sports Craft

Any Team Sports Craft

Image source: My Creative Life

Here’s a sports craft that pulls double-duty as a cool way to cheer on your favorite sports team while also looking like you bought this professionally made. And while My Creative Life admits that this might take a while to complete, it’s not that hard or complicated. If you have access to a regular computer printer, you can do this. Tissue paper is easy to find at a store near you, or order your team’s specific colors online. Put the kids to work cutting up the tissue paper and gluing it into place. That’s all that’s required, and when you’re done it looks absolutely championship game-worthy!

2. Quick And Easy Baseball Craft

Quick And Easy Baseball Craft

Image source: Look! We’re Learning

If your family follows the boys of summer, here’s a cute baseball craft to try. Look! We’re Learning has this project that’s so easy, you’ll want to make one for the whole team. A white coffee filter is perfect shape and color for the body of the baseball, and even toddlers can help by gluing it onto a piece of construction paper; choose a color based on your favorite team, or go green for grass. This sports craft is so simple and quick that it’s fantastic for a baseball-themed birthday party, as you can make as many as you want and use them as decorations.

3. Extra Point Football Craft

Extra Point Football Craft

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

For the very little football fans in your home, check out Glued To My Crafts’ adorable goalposts made from craft sticks. This is an delightful way to encourage your child’s creativity while also bringing them into the family fandom fold. On game day when everyone is gathered around the snacks and television, your child can hold this up whenever your team makes that extra point after an exciting touchdown! For a football birthday party, these are a great craft for your child’s guests to make and take home.

4. Hang Ten Surfboard Craft

Hang Ten Surfboard Craft

Image source: Play Trains

Here’s a fun and unique craft from Play Trains that will be a hit at any beach party! The free printable template comes with surfboard outlines of varying sizes so that you can customize your crafts to whatever suits your needs: smaller ones to stick onto cupcakes with toothpicks, medium ones to use as table cards, or extra large ones for the kids to color themselves and take home. Or, keep them at home, fill up the bathtub, and let your children experiment with seeing which of their toys can catch a wave — and which ones wipe out. 

5. “Q”-B Football Craft

QB Football Craft

Image source: Dolen Diaries

The “Q” in the QB for this football craft from Dolen Diaries comes courtesy of the Q-tips you’ll use to paint. Any cotton swabs will do, really; they are the perfect size and shape for creating that textured look you see on real life footballs. Make sure you do the paint before adding white paper laces so that there’s no chance your child accidentally textures those! Toddlers and preschoolers will love this project because it’s pretty hard to do it wrong. All they have to do is dip their swab in brown paint and dab it all over. 

6. Fingers On The Seams Baseball Craft

Fingers On The Seams Baseball Craft

Image source: Crafty Morning

Even if your children aren’t old enough for tee-ball, you can help them get ready for baseball season with a sweet project from Crafty Morning. Nothing about this has to be perfect, not even the circle you cut out of white cardstock or paper to make the body of the baseball. Part of the joy in helping your child make simple crafts like these is in their imperfection — that’s what makes them unique! And, since you are using your child’s fingerprints as the stitches in the baseball’s seams, this piece of art becomes an instant one-of-a-kind keepsake.

7. Blades Of Glory Ice Skating Craft

Blades Of Glory Ice Skating Craft

Image source: The Pinterested Parent

If your child is the next Kristi Yamaguchi or Scott Hamilton, help them celebrate the sport they love with a personalized, 3D craft. Click on over to The Pinterested Parent for a free printable template (in either ice skater girl or ice skater boy) and instructions for creating this delightful project. When it’s complete, your little gold medalist can move their paper avatars back and forth across the ice. (Sorry, no triple-axels or Lutz jumps here.) It’s a winter sport craft that can be made all year long!

8. Knock ‘Em Down Bowling Craft

Knock ‘Em Down Bowling Craft

Image source: The Pinterested Parent

Bowling is a fun family activity that helps teach children the value of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. After an afternoon of strikes, spares, and the inevitable gutter balls, The Pinterested Parent shows you how to make a footprint keepsake bowling craft. It’s both easy and fun, and will tickle your children’s tootsies after they’ve spent a day wearing bowling shoes. You don’t need fancy materials to make this, and the result is an adorable keepsake that will forever remind you of when you took your child bowling for the very first time.

9. Full Court Basketball Craft

Full Court Basketball Craft

Image source: Look! We’re Learning

Just like Look! We’re Learning’s baseball craft (see #2, above), this basketball craft is based on the simple concept that a flattened coffee filter makes a perfect ball shape. It’s super quick and easy, and you don’t need to stock up on special materials to make it. For those rainy afternoons when you don’t want your preschooler to spend too much time in front of the tv, or playing on devices, simply get orange and black crayons, one coffee filter (any color), and let them scribble their little hearts out! 

10. Fingerprint Sports Craft

Fingerprint Sports Craft

Image source: Crafty Morning

For kids who are a little bit too young and uncoordinated to toss a pigskin back and forth, there is still a lovely way for them to get acquainted with football. As with the other fingerprint project from Crafty Morning (see #6, above), you’ll not only bond with your child over your favorite sport, but you’ll create an instant keepsake. You cut out the football and draw the seams; your child creates the stitches with their sweet little fingerprints. (This also doubles as a way for enthusiastic parents to teach children where to put their fingers when throwing a spiral!)

11. Love-Love Tennis Craft

Love-Love Tennis Craft

Image source: Kids Activities Blog

Tennis, anyone? Thanks to charismatic superstars like Serena Williams and Roger Federer, tennis is rising in popularity and is no longer considered merely a country club sport. But what do you do when it’s raining or snowing outside, or your Wimbleton-bound tot isn’t big enough to swing a racket yet? This tennis craft from Kids Activities to the rescue! Even if no one in your family knows a forehand from a backhand, this craft is easy to make and fun to play for all ages and definitely gets everyone up and moving around.

12. Are You Ready For Some Football Crafts?

Are You Ready For Some Football Crafts

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

Score an extra point with this championship football project from Glued To My Crafts! In the touchdown of paper plate crafts, you don’t need to do a whole lot more than cut out squares from brown tissue paper. Easy enough for even a rookie to do! A little glitter glue for the seams adds a Superbowl celebration vibe. If you have a lot of guests coming over to watch a game, this is an adorable way to let your child get in on the action, and perhaps make some take-home treats for everyone. 

13. Slap Shot Sports Craft

Slap Shot Sports Craft

Image source: Creative Family Fun

For families with kids that hit the ice hard and ready to go, Creative Family Fun has a cardboard hockey stick that’s easier to do than a hat trick. Let your pint-sized Wayne Gretzky pick out their own washi tape and paint colors to customize their stick. You’ll definitely need some hardcore scissors to cut the cardboard into shape, or use an Xacto knife on a padded surface. For field hockey, simply cut a rounder shape at the bottom. By pre-cutting the stick shapes, you’ve got an instant and fun craft for a team party!

14. Homemade Stamper Football Craft

Homemade Stamper Football Craft

Image source: Raising Little Superheroes

As Raising Little Superheroes shows you, a cut potato works great to make the shape of a football for this stamping craft. Because you need to let the brown football paint dry before doing the white laces, this is a two-day craft you’ll need to plan for ahead of time. When the paint is dry, you and your child can customize each football with the name or logo of your favorite team, or with the colors of each team in the NFL. These look great hanging up in your office or on the fridge!

15. Root For The Home Team

Root For The Home Team

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

This project from Glued To My Crafts looks like it belongs in the majors, but it is made with minor league effort and materials. Take a regular old paper plate and do it up right with tissue paper and construction paper. The seams of the baseball work perfectly for kids who need to practice their scissor skills. But even children with limited fine motor abilities can help out by gluing the tissue paper squares into place. It’s a home run for kids of all ages and ability levels!

16. Cheerleader Craft Ready? O-K!

Cheerleader Craft Ready OK

Image source: Kids Craft Room

Whether or not one of your children is on the cheer squad at school, these pom-poms over at Kids Craft Room are ready to shake! Easy to craft with tissue paper, you can customize these for a local team’s color, a rainbow, or your child’s favorite colors this week. The site recommends using pinking shears to cut the paper so that you get fun textured strips. No human pyramids or backflips here — just a fun craft to shake at home or in the bleachers during the next big game!


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