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Although he may be the youngest Family Karmacast member, Shaan Patel may be one of the boldest ones in the bunch.

Shaan Patel, Kalpna Patel, Dipak Patel

Despite being able to live in his parent’s huge 30,000-foot compound, Patel decided to not only move into his own townhouse but live with his girlfriend too. Most Indian children return to live with their parents after they graduate from college. Typically they live with their parents until marriage, but Patel wasn’t going to wait.

He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet at the Family Karma red carpet event that if he was going to work with his family, he wasn’t going to live at home. He decided to lay it on the line and move out.

Patel wanted to have his own place if he was working with his family

Patel said he returned to Miami after studying architecture in grad school. “I came back here, my dad had just sold his business and I was like, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ Like, let’s do something together. And I just started basically building stuff and selling stuff. So I design, build and sell.”

His company builds throughout the state of Florida. Patel says the industry is robust. “We build semi-luxury brand new construction,” he shared. “People love our products and we’re building in many cities so it’s for young professionals.”

Business is booming but Patel wanted to have his own space. Despite having an enormous family home, Patel thought he and his family should have some separation. “I told my dad, ‘If we’re going to work together, we can’t live together,” he shared.

He moved in with his girlfriend

Not only did Patel move out of his parent’s home, but he also moved in with girlfriend Pooja. Family Karma viewers have seen how Vishal Parvani and his girlfriend, Richa sleep in separate rooms when she visits. But Patel said he wanted to live with his girlfriend and wasn’t going to sneak around. “We don’t keep it a secret,” he says. “Which is what we wanted to do from the start. A big Indian thing is brushing things under the rug, but we didn’t want that specifically.”

“We wanted people to know about it, and I’m very lucky that my parents are super supportive,” Patel continues. “And I knew going into that, they’d do that no matter what.” He says he wasn’t really nervous about telling his parents he was moving in with his girlfriend. “But my girlfriend, she’s a little harder, being an Indian woman,” he admits.

Patel also shared that he and his friends are extremely bonded, almost like siblings. “This is such a strange dichotomy here,” he laughs. “There’s definitely some male rivalry like one-upmanship, that happens. But it’s all people you’ve known since you were little so it’s natural and it happens. Also obviously the parents increase that because they compare their kids with each other. So it’s like, ‘My son’s doing this, my daughter’s doing this.’ So that rivalry has increased as well.”

Family Karma airs on Sunday night at 9/8c on Bravo.


Shaan Patel Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography

Shaan Patel is a business person who has affected the universes of business, land, and plan. Lately, in any case, he is extending his viewpoint in light of his association in media outlets.

Patel is a genuine star of the BravoTV show called “Family Karma,” and that show is ending up being a serious beneficial thing for him. He has publicized his impending undertakings from the show, and with the more fruitful undertakings, he energizes his distinction. It’s a nonstopping circle that serves him well.

He has moved out of his family’s home and lives with his sweetheart at present. In an Indian family unit, that is very extraordinary, however the meaning of the standards has been evolving.

To top that, Patel is very fruitful, which qualifies him for his choice than a great many people. Shaan Patel is 24 years of age starting at 2021. He is extremely youthful yet has found real success.

NameShaan Patel
Married/SingleIn a relationship

Subtleties of his introduction to the world date are not found on the web. Be that as it may, we will distribute it once the data is accessible. His granddad moved to Miami and afterward settled his family there. Shann additionally adores Miami without question.

Shaan Patel’s stature and weight subtleties are not accessible on the web. He glances pretty appealing in his web-based media pictures, however. Insights regarding Shaan Patel’s relatives are not yet found. Notwithstanding, we realize that he is near his family. This image can be my helper to depict his sound family connections.

Shaan Patel doesn’t have a spouse as of now. He has a sweetheart named Pooja, and she could be his future spouse. Shaan Patel’s appearance in Family Karma has brought a ton of abundance and acclaim to him. We don’t think about his compensation and total assets.

Concerning foundation, he is of Indian beginning. Patel is an American resident and lives in Florida. Shaan is dynamic via web-based media and has 6191 supporters on his Instagram account.

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    Although I will be spending the next four years of my life with another girl, this one will always stay in my heart. And so finally, I'd like to thank God, my parents, my family, and my friends, for helping me make the decision four years ago to take the road less traveled and meet this girl. Because for me, it has made all the difference.


    Shaan Patel Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Family Karma, Net Worth, Salary


    Shaan Patel Biography

    Shaan Patel is an American entrepreneur and reality TV personality, who is best known as a cast member on Bravo’s reality show, Family Karma. The show follows the lives of seven young Indian-American friends in Miami.

    Shaan Patel Age and Birthday

    The American entrepreneur and reality television personality, Shaan, was born in 1995. Patel is 26 years old as of 2021. He is yet to disclose his exact date of birth hence hard to determine his birthday. This information is currently under review and will soon be updated.

    Shaan Patel Height and Weight

    The American television personality, Shaan, is of average height. However, he has not disclosed his details about his exact height, weight nor other body measurements. This information is currently under review and will soon be updated.

    Shaan Patel Family, Parents and Siblings

    Patel is from one of the first wealthy Indian families to settle in Miami. His grandfather moved to Miami in the 1970s bringing his large family and a deep sense of community.

    Shaan Patel Photo

    Shaan Patel Photo

    He partnered with other Indian families he found through working in the Miami free zone and was able to start an annual Diwali party that blossomed into the many parties and associations that define the Indian community in Miami today.

    His grandfather also had statues, which are replicas of the family created when Patel was one year old. His mother revealed that each statue is about 1,200 pounds.

    She also revealed that his inspiration for statues came from a visit to a wax museum. “He thought, ‘Let me make real solid, marble statues.’ That they would be better than the wax ones. So that’s why he made them.”

    Shaan Patel Girlfriend

    Patel is dating. However, not much is known about his girlfriend. Not even her name. The couple loves to walk to nearby restaurants and cafes on Miracle Mile. They also love to explore Miami and often visit Miami Beach, Design District, Little Havana, and many other places.

    Shaan Patel Education

    Patel attended Pinewood Acres School in Kendall and Gulliver Schools in Pinecrest for middle and high school. He later went on to join Rice University in Texas to attend architecture school.

    Shaan Patel Career

    After university and living in Houston, New York City, and Paris, Patel went back to Miami in 2016. He and his father started a real estate design and development company in 2016. He is the vice-chair of the board of directors of Transit Alliance Miami and he is also on the executive board of Miami Forward, a coalition of community organizations working to better Miami at the county level.

    Shaan Patel Family Karma

    Patel is a cast member on Bravo’s TV reality show, Family Karma. The show shows how the lives of a couple of Indian-American friends unfold having originated from multi-generational homes steeped in traditional Indian culture and navigating new, decidedly-more-modern American ways.

    Other cast members of the show include Anisha who is 34 years old, Vaswani, 27 years of age, Vishal who is 32 years old, Brian, 27 years old and Bali who is 44 years old.

    Shaan Patel Net Worth

    Patel has made a geat fortune from his career, however he is yet to reveal his net worth. This information is currently under review and will soon be updated.

    Shaan Patel Instagram



    Wife shaan patel

    Shaan Patel: Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Profession, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram, Latest pics & More:  Shaan Patel is a businessman who has influenced the worlds of business, real estate, and planning. In any case, he has recently broadened his perspective as a result of his media affiliation. Patel is a genuine star of the “BravoTV” show “Family Karma,” and the show is turning out to be a major boon for him. He is 24 years of age as of 2021 is concerned and has an Indian Origin as well.

    Shaan Patel

    Shaan Patel Life and Education

    He has moved out of his family’s home and is currently living with his girlfriend. That would be unusual in an Indian household, but the definition of the rules has been shifting. Patel is also fairly successful, which gives him more freedom of choice than other people. Being an American National he lives in Florida.

    Shaan Patel Career

    Shaan is a young entrepreneur who founded Tanin Group, a real estate and designed construction firm, at the age of 24. Shaan and Dillon are descended from one of the community’s first wealthy Indian families. He is also  a genuine star of the BravoTV show “Family Karma,” and the show is turning out to be a major boon for him. He has marketed his next endeavors as a result of the show, and the more fruitful endeavors invigorate his reputation. It’s a never-ending circle that works nicely for him.

    Shaan Patel

    Shaan Patel  Personal Life

    Shaan Patel is an American National with an Indian Origin.  He does not currently have a spouse. Pooja is his Girlfriend, and she could be his future wife. Shaan Patel’s role in Family Karma has gained him a lot of success and accolades. His grandfather shifted to Miami and raised his family there. Without a doubt, Shaan adores Miami as well.

    Here is the full bio of Shaan, his family, mother, father, brother, sister, name, age, gender,  Girlfriend, nationality,  spouse, Profession, Marital status, Instagram, income network, birthday,  education, religion, date of birth.

    Shaan Patel Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

    Real nameShaan Patel
    Gender Male
    Age 24
    Date of birthNot Kown
    Birthplace Indian Origin
    Nationality American
    HometownNot known
    Height Not known
    Weight Not known
    Interest Not known
    Zodiac signNot Known
    Marital statusIn a Relationship
    UniversityNot known
    Parents Not known
    SiblingsNot Known
    Net worthNot known

    Shaan Patel

    Some lesser-known facts about Shaan:

    • Shaan is active on social media, and his Instagram account has 6191 followers.
    • Patel is a U.S. citizen who lives in Florida.
    • Shaan Patel’s role in Family Karma has gained him a lot of money and fame.
    • His grandparents settled in Miami and started a family there.
    • Shaan Patel’s family members are yet to be identified.  But he is quite close to his family which could be inferred from his Instagram posts.
    • On the internet, there is no information on Shaan Patel’s height or weight. In his social media photos, he appears to be rather attractive.

    Shaan Patel Social media Accounts: 


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    #ASW20 - Interview with Shaan Patel, COO of Lucky Eight Media Corp

    Shaan Patel is an entrepreneur who has influenced the worlds of business, real estate, and design. As of late, however, he is expanding his horizon because of his involvement in the entertainment industry.

    Quick Facts: Shaan Patel Net Worth: Everything On Family Karma Star

    NameShaan Patel
    Age 24
    Married/SingleIn a relationship

    Patel is a legitimate star of the BravoTV show called “Family Karma,” and that show is proving to be quite a good thing for him. He has advertised his upcoming endeavors from the show, and with the more successful endeavors, he fuels his fame. It’s a nonstopping loop that serves him well.

    He has moved out of his family’s house and lives with his girlfriend currently. In an Indian household, that’s quite uncommon, but the definition of the norms has been changing. To top that, Patel is quite successful, which entitles him to his free will than most people.

    10 Facts On Shaan Patel

    1. Shaan Patel is 24 years old as of 2021. He is very young but has done quite well for himself.
    2. Details of his birth date are not found on the internet. However, we will publish it once the info is available.
    3. His grandfather moved to Miami and then established his family there. Shann also loves Miami very much.
    4. Shaan Patel’s height and weight details are not available on the internet. He looks pretty attractive in his social media pictures, though.
    5. Details about Shaan Patel’s family members are not yet found. However, we know that he is very close to his family. This picture can be my aide to describe his healthy family relationships.
    6. Shaan Patel doesn’t have a wife currently. He has a girlfriend named Pooja, and she could be his future wife.
    7. Shaan Patel’s appearance in Family Karma has brought a lot of wealth and fame to him. We don’t know about his salary and net worth.
    8. Regarding his background, he is of Indian origin.
    9. Patel is an American citizen and resides in Florida.
    10. Shaan is active on social media and has 6191 followers on his Instagram account.

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