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It’s been 2.5 months & my sectional from West Elm has arrived! Im here to share the details on what we chose, why we chose it, delivery process, and some tips to help you choose the right fabric.

Since this is my initial post about it I’ll definitely be doing an updated review on how it’s holding up as we get more use out of it!

What We Chose

Our sofa is the Harmony 2-Piece Chaise Sectional in Eco Weave fabric in the color Oyster. We got the 118″ width in the extra deep depth option (47″), which is one of my favorite things about this sectional. If your space allows for it, I say to 100% go for it. It’s so cozy and it definitely gives it a luxe look and feel.

I am so happy with the color of the fabric. It looks like an off-white from far away but up close you can see white and shades of taupe and grey fabric woven together. It’s a super neutral color which matches with anything and is not too white or too beige or grey.

Why We Chose It

I’ll start by saying that we have 3 dogs. With any home, I believe you should always try to find a balance between something being both aesthetic and functional. I don’t think you should feel the need to have to give up one to have the other. There is always a way to make it work.

With that said, let’s talk fabric. I was set on having a light or off-white couch not only for aesthetic, but simply because it’s a neutral color that will match anything. But for functionality, a durable fabric that will hold up against daily use, especially with 3 dogs, was a must. After much research, I was sold on West Elm’s Eco Weave fabric. It’s made for high-traffic use and since it’s a tightly woven fabric, it’s least likely to pill and won’t get snagged easily. What’s amazing is it’s actually made out of recycled plastic bottles that were spun into threads, but still feels soft! This blew my mind because not only is it 100% sustainable, but it’s much softer than some of their other performance weave fabrics.

I fell in love with the RH Cloud Couch some time ago, but not with the price. I live in an apartment so I needed an apartment friendly size without compromising looks and comfort. This sectional is literally just like the Cloud Couch but at a fraction of the cost. With the chaise and the extra deep depth seat option my boyfriend, dogs, and I can lounge together with extra room.

Patience Is A Virtue

Eco Weave is one of West Elm’s made-to-order fabrics. And the particular color we chose, Oyster, was one that ships in 10+ weeks, making it one of the fabrics with the longest shipping times. I definitely was not thrilled at the idea that I was about to be couch less for over 2 months. But, a couch is a big investment and one that shouldn’t be rushed or compromised.

The delivery process was great. We had the deluxe/white-glove delivery service which I think comes automatically with your purchase (But, you should call West Elm just to confirm). This level of service includes delivery and assembly in the room of choice, plus disposal of all boxes and packaging it comes with. It’s so worth it because I basically did not have to lift a finger, which was great.

Tips On Choosing The Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric can be overwhelming. I know I definitely was. Like all furniture stores, West Elm has the option to order fabric swatches delivered to your home so you can physically see and touch them, which is great. If you have a West Elm nearby you can also go to the store and see the fabric swatches there and take the ones you like home!

In any case, when researching fabrics here are the top 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. How do you use your furniture? If you have pets or kids, then your furniture gets a lot of use. In this case you will definitely want a durable, tightly woven fabric or one that’s easy to clean. You’ll also want to avoid fabrics that snag or pill easily.
  2. Color choice? I suggest you take your time here and really make sure you love it. After all, it is an investment. Does your home have more warm or cool undertones? Order fabric swatches and really test them out in your home to see if the color vibes well with everything.
  3. Do you have a timeline? If you are in a rush to get your couch then of course your choices are limited to what that store has. Pay attention to the shipping times for the fabric options you are looking at.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know more about something!

Sours: https://bymichellelei.com/west-elm-harmony-sectional/

The Most Comfortable + Kid Friendly White Couch - A Review of West Elm's Harmony Sofa


One of the most frequently asked questions I recieve is related to our West Elm Harmony sofa, so I’m here to tell you all about it, why we love it, how to keep it clean, and when the best time is to purchase one.

The West Elm Harmony comes in several options including a single sofa, sleeper sofa, modular sofa, and the two-piece chaise sectional, which is the one we have. It also comes in quite literally over 100 options for color and fabric.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to products I use and love. If you buy something I have the opportunity to make a small commission which allows me to keep creating content.

The One We Chose

Ours is in the color Oyster in the Eco Weave fabric and it is one of the lightest options for this sofa. I like it because from afar it just looks plain white, but up close you can see the fabric is a fine weave of white, taupe, and gray thread, so it goes with anything. YThe fabric is actually made up of recycled plastic bottles, which still blows my mind but totally fills my eco-friendly heart with joy.

Our sofa is 118” wide in the standard size depth, but it has an option for an “extra deep” size, which I personally would consider to be almost too deep for us. One of the reasons I love this couch is that my husband and I can both lay on it side by side perfectly. The extra deep may be more suitable for larger people or those with larger families.

You can view the many options for this sofa here on West Elm’s website.

Why We Love It

This sofa literally ticks all of my boxes. I remember the first time I saw it in West Elm and I thought that it may be too modern for my taste, far too white and way out of our budget, so my husband would never go for it. However, weeks later I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I pitched it to my husband with the promise that I’d sell our existing chunky u-shaped sectional (which really was far too large and awkward for our living room anyway) for a good chunk of change and that we’d use the money for the Harmony. And I did!


We went back into our local West Elm later that week and both sat on it and agreed quite quickly that it was definitely the most comfortable couch we’d ever sat on. I still feel that way every time I plop down onto it after a long day. And many nights I have fallen asleep on it and asked my husband to “just leave me here” on it to sleep for the night because it is that cozy.

The back cushions are 45% duck feathers and 5% duck down, so basically they are super extra fluffy and soft. As soft and cushy as it is, this couch never looks too worn in or worn out, which was a big concern for me when I purchased it. We’ve had it for 4 years now and it still looks as good as the day we brought it home.

People often ask if the fabric has pilled at all and the answer is no. With daily and heavy use, this fabric holds up so well.

I also love it because it is so easy to keep clean. Read on to find out how.


How to Keep it Clean + What to Do if it Gets Dirty

Admittedly, I purchased this sofa long before my husband and I had children. I remember several members of our family commenting that we’d might want to reconsider our furniture selection once we’d had children, but I pushed it to the back of my mind and thought to myself, even if we have children I will never let my children eat snacks or paw my pretty white couch with their sticky fingers.

But alas, the time has come that we now have a child. He is 18 months old and he often has his sticky little fingers all over my pretty white couch. But I do not worry because it is so easy to clean.

First of all, I do my best to prevent it from getting dirty. We don’t eat meals on it and after we finish meal time we always make sure to wash up before sitting on it. But that doesn’t mean my 1 year old doesn’t sneak in and plop down on it with a half melted chocolate chip cookie from time to time.

In cases such as that I keep a small bottle of blue Dawn dish soap and spot clean it with a little soapy water. This always works, especially on the arms where fabric isn’t easily removed. I even left a coffee ring on one of the arms for months because I didn’t notice it and the blue Dawn dish soap took it right out.


Once about every six months I remove all of the pillow and cushion covers to wash them in the washing machine. The tag on this couch says to spot clean only, but I took a chance one day and I’m glad I did because it is the fastest way to deep clean and freshen up this couch.

I wash the covers in warm water with original Tide detergent and I do a cold rinse. Afterward I dry them for 30 minutes on extra low. That may not sound like long enough, but this fabric is a quick dry fabric so it is actually the perfect amount of time. I have never noticed the covers to shrink or change in any way when I’ve done this.

With big spills I soak up as much liquid as I can with a towel and then follow the above instructions if necessary, which it isn’t always as I have noticed that water tends to bead up on this fabric.

Note: I cannot speak for how to treat this couch if you choose to purchase it in the velvet material as velvet looks and feels completely different and needs to be treated as such.


The Best Time to Purchase

If you are on West Elm’s mailing list, then you know they advertise sales quite often. I’ve noticed the best sales for furniture tend to be close to holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s. We bought our Harmony Sofa for 30% off during their Memorial Day sale. If you have your eye on this couch and are looking to get the best deal on it, I recommend getting on their email list and waiting for a sale.

Furthermore, if you call your local store you may be able to get an even lower price on their in store model like we did. Stock items tend to be less expensive than custom made orders.


While I wish this post were sponsored by West Elm, sadly it is not. As always, this is my genuine unbiased opinion and review.

x Megan

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Sours: https://meganbellmade.com/blog/2020/9/17/our-super-kid-pet-friendly-white-couch-a-review-of-west-elms-harmony-sofa
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West Elm Harmony Sofa Review

We purchased West Elm's Harmony Sofa so our writer could put it to the test in her own home. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you have a contemporary or midcentury modern aesthetic in your home, the West Elm Harmony Sofa would likely pique your interest. West Elm is known for its high-quality furniture, much of which is distinctly midcentury, and this particular sofa comes in a variety of styles to suit just about any space. 

However, West Elm furniture tends to be quite pricey, and the Harmony Sofa is no expectation. To see if this couch is truly worth the splurge, we put it to the test over the course of a month, seeing how it held up against regular use in a multi-pet household. 

Setup: Unbeatable white-glove delivery

One of the perks of ordering from West Elm is that their furniture includes “White Glove Service.” This means the delivery people will bring the piece into your home, unpack, and set it up exactly where you want it, and even take away any packing materials. However, I was curious as to how this was going to work with the Harmony Sofa for two reasons. First, my delivery date was scheduled during COVID-19 restrictions, so I wasn’t sure if they would still bring the furniture inside. And second, I wanted the sofa upstairs in our loft, which is only accessible via a small, windy staircase. 

Ultimately, neither of these factors proved to be a problem. On the morning of the delivery, I received a tracking code via text, and I was able to monitor the truck’s real-time progress as it made its way to my apartment. When the delivery people arrived, they were incredibly professional and polite, and they made sure to wear face masks and gloves at all times. They even managed to navigate the sofa upstairs to the spot I wanted, and they carried away all the packing materials, leaving my apartment just as clean as when they arrived. As someone who frequently buys furniture from stores like IKEA, where you’re forced to spend hours on assembly and are left with piles of packaging, this was a delightful change of pace. 

Design: Elegant with lots of pillows

The design of the Harmony Sofa is simple and elegant, and it would easily fit into just about any decor style—midcentury modern to bohemian. It sports a low profile supported by two sled-style wooden legs, and the armrests and back of the sofa are quite blocky in silhouette. There are two back and two seat cushions, all of which are removable and reversible, and I could immediately tell upon sitting on the sofa that it was sturdy and well-built, supported by a hardwood frame. 

As someone who loves throw pillows, I was incredibly pleased that the Harmony Sofa comes with four additional loose pillows that can be arranged in different ways. Two are typical square throw pillows and two are rectangular lumbar-style pillows, which I ended up using as cushioning against the arms (which are a bit uncomfortable to lean on). All of the pillows are the same fabric as the couch itself, so I added another throw pillow for a pop of contrast.

Upholstery: Order fabric swatches, if possible

When you order upholstered furniture from West Elm, you’re able to choose from more than 100 upholstery fabrics and color combinations, including woven, velvet, and twill materials. However, if you choose a specialty fabric, the furniture will be made to order, so it will be more expensive and can take 9-plus weeks for delivery. 

One thing that was a bit disappointing was the color I selected. I ordered the Distressed Velvet material in Light Taupe, which didn’t look the way it did online. On the West Elm website, the fabric appears to be a light, creamy beige, but in reality, it’s much darker and almost gray in tone. It is almost the exact same bland color as my apartment’s carpets, so I ended up buying a lighter throw rug to break up the monochrome look of the room. To avoid this disappointment, I highly recommend ordering fabric swatches, which the company will send to you for free before you splurge on this sofa. 

Beyond the less-than-accurate color, I do like the distressed velvet upholstery. It’s not something I’d usually choose for my decor, but it’s not in-your-face and is quite soft to the touch. Plus, I was surprised to find that it does a good job resisting the menacing claws of my pesky cat. My feline friend decided to try the sofa out as a scratching post within hours of its arrival. After a month, the cat only managed to pull out one loop of the fabric and, thankfully, has decided it’s not a good place to sharpen his claws. 

Comfort: Incredibly plush and cozy

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being firm), West Elm rates this sofa as a 1, so you know it’s going to be extremely cushy. My boyfriend and I both love plush sofas that you can curl up on, and the Harmony Sofa was a perfectly cozy option for us. This couch is not suited for those who prefer a firm, supportive seating area. 

I was incredibly pleased that the Harmony Sofa comes with four additional loose pillows that can be arranged in different ways.

What makes up this plush surface? The seat cushions of the sofa are constructed of fiber-wrapped, high-resilience polyurethane foam, and they’re definitely more supportive than the back cushions, which are filled with polyester fiber, duck feather, and duck down. The down pillows are delightfully squishy, and even after more than a month of use, they don’t show any signs of losing their form—something I’ve been burned by with past sofa purchases. 

Because the sofa is so comfortable, it’s become our family’s go-to spot for reading and lounging. I also frequently work on the sofa, using one of the throw pillows to prop up my laptop. Our cat has also decided it’s his new favorite nap spot. Unfortunately, the cat leaves also behind a visible layer of fur in his preferred sleeping location. It’s OK, pet hair removal is easy enough with the help of my ChomChom.

Size: Comfortable for two people

I tested the 82-inch Harmony Sofa, but the couch is also available in 76- and 92-inch lengths. You can also choose between standard depth seats, which are 41 inches, or extra-deep 47-inch seats.

The 82-inch model is roomy enough for two people to sit comfortably or one person to lay down. You could also fit three people on the sofa if everyone sat up straight, but I think it would be a bit cramped. Occasionally, our dog would try to sit with us on the sofa. She usually got annoyed and left because there wasn’t enough room for her to comfortably spread out. 

Overall, the moderate size of this sofa was ideal for our space, and I think it’s a great option for small- to medium-size spaces. However, it’s definitely not big enough to accommodate a family with a couple of children.

Price: Steep for the compact size

In addition to its sleek aesthetic, West Elm furniture is also known for its high price. The 82-inch Harmony Sofa in the Light Taupe upholstery (a standard, in-stock finish) retails for $1,799. If you love the look and size of the Harmony Sofa, it’s definitely a quality piece of furniture that will last for years, but you could also find a larger sofa—or even a sectional—for a similar price if you shop around at other furniture stores. 

West Elm Harmony Sofa vs. Leighton 3-pc. Sectional Sofa

The other sofa I own is the Leighton Sectional Sofa from Raymour and Flanigan. This sectional has a similar low profile, plush feel, and deep seat as the Harmony Sofa. It comes with White Glove Delivery, as well. 

With the Leighton Sofa, you can get a three-piece sectional that can accommodate several people (or pets) for around the same price as the smaller Harmony Sofa. It’s very comfortable, but the seat cushions of the Leighton have significantly deflated after just two years of use.

Final Verdict

A worthwhile splurge if you love the look.

It’s easy to fall in love with the aesthetic of the West Elm Harmony Sofa, and if you ultimately decide it’s worth the heftier price tag, we think you’ll be pleased with the comfort and craftsmanship. Definitely take advantage of the free fabric samples before you buy to ensure the color and fabric is exactly what you want.

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  • Product Name Harmony Sofa
  • Product Brand West Elm
  • Price $1799.00
  • Product Dimensions 82 x 41 x 34 in.
  • Color 100-plus colors to choose from
  • Seat Depth 26 in.
  • Arm Height 23 in.
  • Frame Engineered hardwood with slot and tenon joinery
  • Fill Material High-gauge sinuous springs, hi-resiliency polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, duck feathers, duck down
  • Warranty 30-day return policy for eligible items (not including made-to-order)
Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/west-elm-harmony-sofa-review-5076404

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