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10 Unpopular Reddit Opinions About Roblox

With almost 50 million active monthly users and countless games for fans to play, Robloxcertainly has a lot of dedicated fans. Because people are so passionate about the game, many of them feel inclined to share their thoughts with other fans in online spaces like Reddit.

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While some of those opinions go over well with the community and receive support, players disagree heavily with other opinions about the game. Both long-time fans and newbie players might find themselves holding an unpopular opinion about Roblox as they play it, and respectfully discussing those opinions only helps the community grow and flourish.

10 The Graphics Are Perfect As They Are

WhileRoblox is known for its innovative gameplay, a wide array of games, and social aspect, it certainly isn't known for having the best graphics in the industry. Many players wish that Roblox would update its graphics to keep up with the times, but one Reddit user expressed their belief that "good graphics inRoblox are underrated."

"Sometimes games are just crap with amazing graphics," a commenter added. "Gotta lower it once in a while." While some players desire a graphical update, other players find Roblox's style charming, even going so far as to add their favorite anime characters to the game.

9 Old Roblox Was Better

Many players rejoiced when Roblox updated its terrain and games, but others were not so enthusiastic about those changes. One Redditor posted their memories about how Roblox used to be, stating, "Today, the front page is just a bucket of simulators and unoriginal content." The poster mentioned that features like Safe Chat were nostalgic to them and should not have been removed.

Many commenters disagreed with the OP, explaining that the old Roblox actually had a lot of issues; that's what makes this opinion so unpopular. "There was zero protections against cheating," one commenter said. "The old client was a pretty unoptimized piece of crap, but did look pretty." Another comment pointed out that there are plenty of games to choose from; some of those include fighting games.

8 Natural Disasters Is The Best Roblox Game

Most Roblox players have a favorite game, but few of them choose Natural Disasters as their all-time favorite since there are so many other great options. "It is nice, but it gets boring after a while. Unless something interesting happens, it's just the same thing over and over again," a Redditor said about the game.

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Another player disagreed, stating their unpopular opinion that Natural Disasters is the best Roblox game of all time. "Seeing people run from the burning building or getting to the top of the house to survive the tsunami is really cool. Even dying in this game is cool and it’s even better with friends," they said.

7 Roblox Shouldn't Add Voice Chat

Some Robloxfans are excited to see voice chat come to the game, so they can communicate more easily with friends. While playing one of Roblox's many RPGs, it would certainly be fun to chat and strategize with other players.

Still, some Redditors disagree on the basis that Roblox is made for kids, and voice chat could be dangerous. "Robloxwith voice chat will be actual terror and chaos, and they're not even going to block out swearing," a Redditor said about the concept. "Roblox is a kids' game, why would they add voice chat?"

6 Roblox Isn't Just For Kids

Children certainly do love to play on Roblox, leading tons of people think that Roblox is just for kids. One Redditor said they disagreed with that popular opinion in a thread, stating, "Robloxhas many different age groups who play it. There are 7-10 year olds on their moms iPads, but theres just as many 13-17 year olds on it. I'm 18, and I playRoblox every day with my boyfriend."

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Robloxhas many different types of games that might appeal to various age groups, even though the site is kid-friendly. Roblox even has horror games, some of which may be more enjoyable for adults than for kids.

5 Roblox Is More Fun Than Minecraft

Minecraftand Robloxare two extremely popular games with somewhat similar styles, leading to some contentious debates between fans of each game about which is better.

With over 3 times the number of active users as Roblox, Minecraftmay have more users, but some Redditors hold the opinion that Roblox is better. "[On] Roblox not only can you do all the stuff you can do on Minecraft depending on the game, but you can also have tycoons, parkour, [and] see different things that you can’t see onMinecraft,"a Redditor said.

4 Roblox and Minecraft Shouldn't Be Compared

Amongst all the debate aboutRoblox andMinecraft, one Redditor offered a particularly unpopular opinion about the discussion; they believe that fans should not compare Roblox and Minecraft at all.

"A lot of people often compare Roblox to Minecraft," they explained in a thread." I have no idea why, because they are completely different!Roblox is a game development platform whileMinecraft is a Sandbox game." Both Roblox and Minecraftallow players to build, play together and create their own worlds, but each game has a drastically different approach to how players do so.

3 Tower of Hell Is Harder Than Treacherous Tower

Tower of Hell and Treacherous Tower are two Obbies known for their challenging, competitive gameplay. Tower of Hell is significantly more popular than Treacherous Tower, but Treacherous Tower still has an admirable amount of visits and active users. Many users find Tower of Hell easier, too, which is perhaps why it is more popular - many players find it easier to get achievements and more forward. Still, some Redditors expressed opinions to the contrary.

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"Tower of [Hell] has much more components and obstacles than Treacherous Tower,"one Reddit user claimed. A commenter agreed, claiming, "I say Treacherous Tower is easier. In Tower of Hell, when the tower resets everyone restarts, but for Treacherous Tower it's different." Players should try both Obbies to see for themselves which they believe is harder.

2 Roblox Phantom Forces Is One Of The Best FPS Games Of All Time

Roblox games are diverse, ranging from high school roleplays to town and city-based games. With so many incredible games, it makes sense that some of them might be fan favorites - but FPS games are a hot market, and it's quite an unpopular opinion for someone to believe that one of Roblox's games could be one of the best FPS games of all time. Still, one Redditor insisted that it is one of the best.

"The game itself runs like butter on my computer," they stated in a post. "It had fluid animation, stunning graphics (particularly for a Roblox game) and surprisingly clever details added by the developers, whom I now infinitely respect and appreciate for somehow managing to make a game like this on a Roblox client."

1 Roblox Shouldn't Be Rated "E"

Roblox has fans of all ages, even though the site is targeted toward kids. There are even Pokemon games, a genre that both children and adults tend to enjoy. Still, one Redditor offered their opinion that Roblox should not be rated "E."

"There are plenty of games on the Roblox platform that include adult content," they stated, perhaps referring to Roblox's horror games. "Obviously Robloxwould lose players by making it rated R and most people would hate that."

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Square Enix releases a post that contains a list of changes that were made to the video game Babylon's Fall following player feedback.

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Are you a tabletop miniature gamer? The battlefield you play on might be a dining room table, but it should be more. That’s where terrain pieces come into play. If you’re playing games like Warhammer 40k and looking for terrain ideas, all it takes is an online search. Images of beautiful wargaming terrain are everywhere. But, if you want to make your own wargaming terrain without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time,here are a few great ways to do it.

In this article, I show you 3 fun and easy ways to make terrain for tabletop wargames and roleplaying games (RPGs), like Dungeon and Dragons or Warhammer 40k.

How to Decide What Terrain to Make?

Consider space and time.

The approach I’m using is made primarily for the Warhammer 40k terrain boards for an urban city environment. The basic principle is the same, however, across a variety of game types.

Terrain for wargames can span the gamut. History and place (anywhere in the imagined Universe, really) is open to a creative approach for terrain for wargaming.


Buildings are just one way to setup a board for a tabletop wargame. Terrain DIY style is great because it is free-form.

Ultimately, when it comes to making your own terrain for a tabletop game, you’re only limited by your ideas. If you have a vision for how you want your battles to play out, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - cardboard house

Here, all you need is to grasp the idea that your battlefields exist in a space (the actual world) and the time period (whether this is a fictional or simulated actual history).

As with choosing a color scheme, deciding what wargaming terrain to make is simply starting with an idea.

Then, with this spark, you can go through the process of what you want to make.

3 Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain

Here are the 3 approaches you can use to make your own wargaming terrain:

  1. Follow reference images from books and papercraft instructables
  2. Use 3D printing and modeling software
  3. Improvise by scratch building and kitbashing

1. Follow Reference Images, Photos, Books, and Papercraft

A lot of what you do in the modeling and miniature hobby arises from admiring all the work you find out there. The internet is chock-full of ideas and beautiful art.

You can see my Pinterest board with the things I’ve found inspirational for terrain pieces. Terrain making is an art!


Reference photos and books

The other way that can help you decide what terrain pieces to make is to use books. There are ton of books on the internet about wargaming and the art of making terrain.

For example, the book entitled “Wargames Terrain & Buildings: The Napoleonic Wars” is an excellent example of an instructional and reference for scratch building terrain buildings.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - historical book reference for gaming terrain and landscape modeling

The book is all about scratch building terrain for a tabletop wargame. Although the period in history is a bit different than the dark grim style of the Warhammer 40k Universe, or other sci-fi genre, the basic principles for terrain making are the same.

The photos inside the book are top-notch. And, I love flipping through the step-by-step guide just to spawn new ideas.

The book is filled with terrain making techniques, including what to build, what materials to use, including glues (I’ve been fascinated by glues), and general best practice for handling challenging builds.

Again, although you will find the history time period a bit different than what you might be lookin for in a game of Infinity, Warhammer, or any of the fictional war games we enjoy, the underlying ideas are the same.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - miniature battlefields for RPGs and realistic wargames

Finally, as mentioned, you can certainly find a ton of references with simple online searches.

Once you find something you like, you merely take some of the basic techniques from these books or other tutorials and create the pieces.

When it comes to homemade terrain, I like taking the easy route (see more about improvising terrain making below).

Make Papercraft Terrain

Along with using found materials and reference guides, you can download paper crafted terrain from various places on the internet.

What is paper craft?

Paper craft is an art form that uses paper or card-stock to create three-dimensional objects. Paper craft is another name for a paper sculpture.

For making terrain, there are various ways you can use paper craft. There are pre-printed plans that you can find online. Here’s a site that sells papercraft terrain (see DriveThruRPG). The site also sells 3D printable files of terrain and buildings, too.

This Paper Terrain site sells some really cool historical paper terrain.

If you’re looking for free paper craft tabletop terrain, there’s a huge amount listed here and here and here.


Of course, in paper craft there is some assembly required. In some cases, you may also need to color in the paper after you print them.

But, in general, paper craft is a very budget friendly way to get awesome looking wargaming terrain on your table.

It is certainly a step above DIY options, but still has the build and assembly aspect that many hobbyists enjoy.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free)

Obviously, you’ll need a printer and good paper or card stock to make paper craft terrain. I can recommend these printers for card stock.

Best printer for papercraft terrain?

I have the Canon Pixma Pro-100 and print stencils (for airbrushing) and other paper-based things on it, including DIY cardstock terrain. These are 3 of the best printers for cardstock.

If you’re looking to buy an ink jet printer, or upgrade, this is probably more than you need. There are budget-friendly printers on the market. They all produce excellent color, print fast, and work with heavy-weight card stock.

Card stock is a paper product that is more rigid that regular computer paper. You’ll want to print on cardstock to make your buildings stand up properly. Card stock is affordable, too.

The terrain and buildings will also last longer if you print on card stock.

See the images below of what you can do with a good ink jet printer and some card stock (this are paper Dave Graffam models).

2. Use 3D Printing and Modeling Software

The method I have used in the past for deciding what to make has been with 3D modeling software.

There are 2 ways you can use 3D modeling software for making terrain:

  • Download pre-made building or terrain files (and modify them)
  • Model the building in 3D from scratch

To actually make the terrain buildings with 3D digital models, you either 1) download the files for 3D printing (if you have a 3D printer), or 2) use the 3D models as a blue print for scratch building with available materials.

When you want to download pre-made buildings and terrain you merely have do an online search.

There are ton of free 3D files for you to browse on Thingiverse. All you have to do is type in the search bar is “wargaming terrain”.

Ways to Make DIY Wargaming Terrain: Overview

And, this is an example of what you may get….

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - 3d printing terrain for gaming
3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - painted 3d printed terrain
3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - gaming terrain 3d printing

If you’re looking for professionally made 3D terrain and building files, you can check out this site “Drive Thru RPG”.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free)

In general, making terrain with 3D modeling and printers is the more technical and recent development in terrain making.

But, if you pick up the skill and knowledge with working with 3D models (it’s not hard; more about it below), then you’ve got an awesome way to take advantage of all the creativity that people have shared online.

You’re just a few clicks away from downloading some amazing terrain pieces.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - board game terrain
3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - 3d printed warhammer 40k terrain urban


3D modeling software: my recommendation and thoughts for designing your own terrain and buildings.

Let’s say you wanted to make your own terrain pieces with modeling software. In this case, there are another host of options.

But, I’ll narrow it down to the easiest and most budget friendly app for almost any terrain making needs.

In whatever scenario you’re looking for, my two favorite apps for creating 3D files of buildings and wargaming terrain are SketchUp and Fusion 360.

Both are free!

Importantly, there are a great tutorials on YouTube. Using videos from YouTube was the best way I learned how to 3D model.

By the way, I talk about Fusion 360 in another article for making custom model bases.

3D modeling for terrain and buildings

If you’re looking for the simplest and best software for 3D modeling buildings, my recommendation is to first try SketchUp.

The software is free for use online. There is a desktop app for Sketchup, but it’s limited unless you pay for the pro version.

For students and educators, the professional version is free. I’ve used both the free version and pro version, and for the simple buildings either is fine.

Here are a few examples of efforts trying to make buildings for Infinity the Miniatures Game.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - sketchup 3d modeling software
3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - render 3d software
3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - 3d modeling a house terrain

The result of 3D printing terrain is based on quality of the 3D file. I have some work ahead of me to get my designs ready for the printer. But, you get the idea.

Software 3D modeling can get you pretty far along in the terrain design phase.

Below are some examples of 3D models that I printed from a Kickstarter Campaign that had rewards with 3D files of terrain pieces. You can check out Thunder Chrome 3D printable terrain pieces here.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - 3d printed FDM model for infinity miniatures

By the way, Amazon even sells 3D printed terrain from different vendors, which are cheaper than a lot of the plastic model kits you might find. Though, you should shop for the better quality pieces. Here’s what’s available now.


The cool thing about using 3D modeling software is that it’s scalable. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a large 28mm scale game, or the smaller epic scale stuff like epic 40k or Dropzone Commander.

With 3D files, you can enlarge or shrink terrain pieces for these miniature tabletop games as needed. Just be aware that at a certain point, the size of the details will determine whether they will appear properly on your 3D printed piece.

3. Improvise by Scratch Building and Kitbashing

I think this how most people who start tabletop gaming get their terrain.

It’s fun and easy. As I mentioned, I tend to go on Pinterest to collect ideas for making DIY wargaming terrain.

Now, there are a ton of ways you can take found material around your home, or workplace, and turn it into useful terrain and buildings.

3 Awesome Ways to Make Wargaming Terrain (Cheap, Easy, and Free) - low cost cheap DIY wargaming terrain for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games, DND terrain making, dungeon and dragon terrain for RPG - raw materials for DIY terrain

In terms of what you need to jump in, you won’t need too much. Obviously, I’m assuming that most of the material you will use are used packing materials, e.g., card board, styrofoam, and what-not.

Here are the essentials for DIY terrain with stuff scrap material:

Simple right?

A knife to cut, a metal ruler to make straight edges, a surface that you can use for cutting, and glue.

I’ve written a lot about glues for tabletop miniature and model kit assembly. For scratch-building with paper based material, however, I recommend either PVA white glue, or a hot glue gun.

The hot glue gun that I have is one of the larger sized ones. It heats up quickly, has a low-drip nozzle (super useful), and a stand so it doesn’t tip over.

Don’t forget your hot glue sticks.

Sours: https://tangibleday.com/3-awesome-ways-to-make-wargaming-terrain-cheap-easy-and-free/
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    Reddit terrain building

    Minecraft Jungle Temple Megabuild Showcased In Astounding Time-Lapse

    A Minecraft player has shared a time-lapse video showcasing their megabuild, which includes a massive jungle temple and the surrounding environment.

    A Minecraft player has shown off their jungle temple megabuild in an astounding time-lapse video. While many Minecraft players are more than happy with the simple builds that they share and enjoy with their friends within the confines of the base game, there are those that take Minecraft building to the next level. They go as far as utilizing mods and tools to create massive builds, such as this Steampunk City that took seven months to make.

    For those who aren’t comfortable with using complicated mods and tools to create their Minecraft build, there’s still a lot of content available in the base game for players to experience. Developer Mojang released the first part of the game’s major Caves & Cliffs update in June and is expected to release part two sometime during the holidays. This will introduce changes to the game’s mountains and terrain that will add new sub-biomes for mountains, among other new content to experience.

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    Reddit user wrldpaintn00b shared their work on the Minecraft subreddit with an almost 3-minute-long timelapse video. The jungle temple, which sits in the middle of a lake, features a narrow bridge leading up to the main structure, which has different sections, layers, and levels. According to wrldpaintn00b, it took them around 25 to 30 hours to complete the entire build using mods and tools for Minecraft. Astonishingly, the temple itself isn’t the only thing that wrldpaintn00b worked on in this build, as they also created the terrain around it, which includes the aforementioned lake, a lush jungle, and humongous stone pillars.

    What’s astonishing about wrldpaintn00b’s build is the process of how they built it, which they explain in a separate YouTube video on the channel Geet Builds. Rather than building the structure from top to bottom, they started with the entire facade of the temple then moved on to one side of it. They then used the tools available in WorldEdit to mirror the side and front of the building before making adjustments and cleaning up the finished temple. This isn’t the first massive-scale build that wrldpaintn00b has created and shared online. They’ve previously made other, equally impressive builds such as an underground kingdom, and an entire city.

    Seeing builds like wrldpaintn00b’s is always impressive, especially when they’re presented either in a simple time-lapse video or a more explanatory fashion. Furthermore, the amount of dedication they and other builders have to create these works can be quite inspiring. While not everyone may get the chance to create builds of the same magnitude, smaller-scale builds are still impressive, and there is virtually no limit on the possibilities available in Minecraft.

    Next: Minecraft Build Recreates Among Us' Polus Level

    Minecraft is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS platforms.

    Source: wrldpaintn00b/Reddit, Geet Builds/YouTube


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    Sours: https://screenrant.com/minecraft-jungle-temple-megabuild-time-lapse/
    Quarantine Nightmares - Trash Taste #70

    OnThe Geek & Sundry Painters Guild, host Will Friedle (who is new to the hobby) is joined by veteran hobbyists who show him the ins and outs of painting minis. Join him on his journey this Monday for another episode on Alpha.

    There’s something about painted miniatures charging across a custom built table full of scenic terrain that gets the dice clattering in the biological dice cup I call my heart. Miniature wargames are cinematic by their very nature and a well-crafted backdrop elevates the experience. The downside is that scenery can often take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be that way. For about $15 USD and some painting supplies, you can send your warriors into battle across these stunning stepped hills and mountains. I made these in only two nights!

    Step 1 – Gather your supplies. The base of these hills is pink insulation foam. It’s about $10 for a 4’x8’ board at the local orange-colored home supplies store. You’ll also need some PVA glue, a sharp knife or box cutter, sand, and paint. You can get sand and dirt from the local playground or your backyard; no need to buy the fancy stuff unless you want to. You can also gussy these up with some basing supplies if you have those at hand.

    Step 2 – Cut out your hills. Trace irregular shapes onto your board with a pencil and then cut them out with your knife. Long narrow crests, big round hills, or weird irregular shapes are fine. Be creative. If you want to stack pieces like I did, make sure your bases are big and you draw some smaller shapes that will fit on top. You want to make sure there’s room on each level for your miniatures to stand. Note: some brands of foam have a plastic film on each side that you can peel off to make this easier

    Step 3 – Form the edges and ridges. Flip your knife over to the back edge and drag it along the sides and edges of your hills. You may have to push hard to get the foam to begin crumbling and flaking off, so take great care around sharp blades. If you have one, I recommend a normal kitchen knife or butter knife for this step. As you push, dig, and drag your tool across the foam it will begin to break and flake off, giving your hills the rough natural edges you want. In the picture below the foam on the right-side of the knife is clean after cutting, on the left I’ve started the ridge-making process. This step is messy so do it somewhere that’s easy to clean up!


    Step 4 – Stack pieces on top of each other and glue them down! Let dry for a few hours.


    Step 5 – Brush PVA glue onto all the flat surfaces and cover with dirt, sand, and tiny pebbles. These are available from any FLGS that sells miniature supplies but can also be collected outside. Take your dog for a walk and pick some up along the way!


    Step 6 – Paint or prime your hills black. Spray primer is much easier, just be careful it doesn’t dissolve the foam. Krylon H2O and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Black Matte Primer are the two brands I know for sure will work. Make sure the paint gets into the deep recesses of your ridges; this will do half the painting work for you!


    Step 7 – It’s drybrushing time! Once the primer has fully dried (about 24 hours) you can start turning these lumps of foam into mountains. If you aren’t familiar with drybrushing, it’s a super simple technique used to lighten up the edges of things. Exactly what you need for this. You can watch Teri do it in her tutorial video here . The basic premise is that you load up a dark grey on your brush and then wipe most of it off on a paper towel. I’d say about 75-80% for this first coat. Then you rapidly flick and drag your brush back and forth along those ridges.

    When the dark gray is done, go to a medium-light gray and repeat the process – only this time take about 80-90% of the paint off on the paper towel. When your brush has more paint on it, it will deposit it deeper in the recess, with less paint it stays up on the brighter parts.  When that’s done, do it again with light gray (90-95% paint wiped off). The final pass is done with pure bright white and this time you want to take so much paint off the brush you can’t see any on the paper towel when you rub it. This will deposit white paint only on the highest and brightest ridges of your mountain.

    At this point, you could call it a day. Leaving the tops painted black could make for a cool scorched earth terrain. However, with just a few more steps you can diversify your terrain.


    Step 7 – Drybrush the sand and stones on the top of your terrain. Using the exact same technique as the sides, use reds, beiges, and tans to match any landscape you want.


    Step 8 – Go for gusto with details. Static grass, flock, and little puffs of grass can really make your terrain pop. Use the same materials you use for basing your miniatures!


    A coat of Matte Spray will help these decorate your tablescape for a long time. The great thing about these hills is that they’re light and easy to transport. By using foam that’s 1/2″ thick it’s also easy to measure them for games where it’s important to know vertical distances.

    Happy crafting!

    Do you enjoy building terrain? Any tips for making your own? Share them in comments!

    Image Credits: Raf Cordero

    In addition to Geek & Sundry, Raf Cordero writes for Miniature Market’s The Review Corner and co-hosts the gaming podcast Ding & Dent. Chat with him on Twitter @captainraffi.


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