Gumball candy jar

Gumball candy jar DEFAULT

Gumballs Candy Jar

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• 1- 3.5” Clay Pot
• 2 - 3.5” Clay Saucer
• Clear Glass Jar with Hanger
• 1 Package of Sixlets
• Gumball Vinyl
• ¼” Silver Ribbon Roll
• Bottle of Maroon Ceramcoat Paint
• 1” Foam Brush
• Silver Paint Pen


1. Paint clay pot and saucers using foam brush and maroon paint. Let dry and repaint to get a nice even coat (we painted 3 coats).
2. Take the hanger off the glass jar and fill jar with desired color of sixlets. Put Gumball vinyl on the jar, with the opening facing up.
3. Using a hot glue gun take one of the saucers, flip upside down and glue to the opening on the glass jar. You can also set the saucer on top if you still want to eat the sixlets.
4. Now take your clay pot and set it upside down on the counter and then taking the other saucer, apply hot glue to the bottom and set on the base of the clay pot. Next, take the glass jar with the saucer on top and hot glue it on the saucer with the pot attached to it.
5. Lastly, measure and cut ribbon for the bottom of the pot and top of the saucer that contains sixlets. Hot glue on and then using the silver paint pen draw an opening on the pot to add the detail of the the gumball drop opening.

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❤️ New Red Gumball Candy Jar

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❤️ New Red Gumball Candy Jar
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Introduction: Terra Cotta Pots?? - Gumball Machine Candy Jar

Isn't this a cute way to display chocolate? Or gumballs? Or __________? (insert your favorite candy here) This was a simple fun project. It would be  a wonderful gift for any candy lover. Paint it any color and fill it with any thing to customize it to your liking. Here's how...

I copied the pic of the merry kiss mas jar,then changed it up a bit. so it wouldnt be so seasonal.

Step 1: You Will Need:

6" clay pot
6" clay saucer
5" clay saucer
glass bubble bowl
acrylic paint
1 (one) Wooden Ball – 1 1/4″
1 (one) Tube E6000 Adhesive or epoxy

Step 2: To Get Started

Just paint all of the pieces (besides the glass bowl) your desired color. This would be fun for your kids to help you do.

Step 3:

Now just glue the pieces together. But do not glue the top piece to the bowl.The wood ball will be your handle to take off the lid . Now you can either paint words like "merry "kiss"mas" or you can modge podge a picture on there.I painted a piece of paper with gold acryllic paint with  a very like light coat and then used a permanent marker to write "mommy loves kisses". LOL. It has two meanings because I would love the chocolate kisses or kisses from my beautiful kids. Then I modge podged it on. Voilla, cute.  If you click here you will find a printable faceplate. (for a more traditional look)

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DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

I was inspired to make these Valentine’s Day Candy Jars right after I made these DIY Tutu Valentine’s Day Baskets. I have a huge gumball machine in my living room, and as I was refilling it, I had an a-ha moment. I spent some time at the craft store and with Pinterest, and then I set out to make these adorable Valentine’s Day candy jars.

I couldn’t be more tickled with how they turned out. Crafting is so fun!

I love Valentine's Day crafts for adults, so I made this DIY Valentine's Day Candy Jars tutorial. A sweet and delicious Valentine's Day gift for friends, for boyfriends,  for kids or for yourself. It may become one of your favorite and yummiest Valentine's Day decorations!

How you paint and decorate your Valentine’s Day candy jars is completely up to you! It wouldn’t be any fun if we all did things the same way, would it? For the sake of simplicity, my directions will follow the steps I took to make them, but you can choose your favorite paint color and any embellishments you’d like.

Have fun being creative!

How To Make Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

What you’ll need (per candy jar)

1 (4-inch) clay pot
Matching clay pot drip tray
Wooden ball (to be used as a handle, should fit on the underside of the drip tray)
Gloss spray paint or acrylic paint in color(s) of your choice
Acrylic Gloss Spray Sealer or Mod Podge Gloss formula
1 (3 1/2-inch) glass bowl (should fit on base of upside down clay pot)
E6000 permanent craft glue
Hot glue and gun
Foam brush
Optional: ribbon, stickers

craft supplies


1. Paint the clay pot, drip tray and wooden ball as desired. Let dry completely. I spray painted one set and used acrylics on the other. They both came out beautifully, so anything goes. The paint dries quickly, so if you need a second coat, go for it. (I did.)

paint clay pot and saucer

2. Add stickers to rim of clay pot. Spray acrylic sealer or apply a coat of Mod Podge over painted portion of pot and stickers.

apply stickers to painted clay pot

3. Attach the glass bowl to the base of the upside down clay pot with a very strong craft glue (I suggest E6000). It takes 72 hours to cure completely, so keep that in mind when figuring out your timeline.

glue glass bowl onto bottom of painted clay pot

We interrupt this programming to say that it was at this point, I decided to make a second Valentine’s Day candy jar. I spray painted it red, sealed it, attached the bowl and then I decided to embellish it a bit further (see step 4). Ok, carry on…

4. To make X’s and O’s: For the O’s I used a chapstick lid, and for the X’s I used a toothpick. Gently dip them into paint and create your design. Practice on scratch paper first! Apply the sealant or Mod Podge after the paint has dried.

paint circles on painted clay pot

5. Hot glue a cute paper straw to the middle of the candy jar lid. This will help prevent the lid from falling off. Plus it’s super cute! Tie a pretty ribbon around the base of the glass bowl too!

Valentine's Day candy jars filled with kisses

Now fill with your favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate (ummm, Hershey’s anyone?) and start sharing a message of love with sweet chocolate delights. I filled the Valentine candy jars with Hershey’sKissesConversation Candies (available exclusively at Target), and since Reese’s Conversation Cups are so perfect for sharing, I filled a bowl with those as well!

Valentine's Day candy jar and candy

These DIY Valentine’s Day candy jars would make great Valentine’s Day gifts too! It’s a wonderfully  sweet way to show your friends and loved ones you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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DIY Candy Jars - Home \u0026 Family

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