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Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has worked on 26 projects over the years. Read more about how they compare to other subs in their state, past job performance, and more. Compared to other U.S. contractors, this company scores a 75 out of 100 for a C rating. In 2020, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating had no reported payment issues on 100% of projects.

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Role of Filer:

General Contractor

Filer hired by:

Property Owner / Public Entity

Role of Filer:


Filer hired by:

General Contractor

General Contractor:

Mtl Construction Services

Property Owner:

Sailfish Holdings

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Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is an honest family run business since 1980. We are a trusted air conditioning and heating service provider in Los Angeles. We Specialize in Ductless Systems, Indoor Air Quality, Duct work designs, and new comfort system installations. 

We offer repair and service calls as well as new unit installation. We treat every customer like family, and our goal is your business for life. 

Our system design process is as accurate as getting a mechanical engineer to determine head load for your home. Give us a shot, and give our reliable honest technicians a change to access your system and determine how we can best help you!


Established in 1980.

Capella Air Conditioning has been serving customers and local business's since 1980. Our motto is simple, your business for life, and we mean it. We begin every customer interaction with a long term relationship on servicing your existing system and hoping you can count on us to be your dedicated Ac repair technicians. Today, with all the new companies around, it is sometimes confusing and hard to decide who to go with. However, we know that once you are happy with us you will look nowhere else. We have complete dedication to our customers servicing them on weekends and evenings if needed. 

Unlike most companies today, we are evolving and are familiar with all the new system upgrades and the latest technology behind the most efficient systems. Capella air will be serving your area for years to come!


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Air conditioning capella

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Air Duct Cleaning Services - Capella HVAC

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