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2010 ford f150 radiator fan stays on

496 pounds of pressure is not due to your pressure switch, its due to a few other factors, one is that the internals a clogged up, holding the liquid freon back, another is simply too much freon, another is the condensor in front of the radiator is so very dirty and needs all the bugs and leaves cleaned off and another is if there are 2 fans, maybe both of them are not working together to cool down the condensor and lower the pressure.

A clog could be the condensor, the drier sock came apart inside, the output rubber hose of the compressor has torn internally or a clogged muffler if your output line has one, it looks like a bulged metal piece in the line, your orphic tube can be blocked with anything. If you have an infrared temperature sensor you can diagnose all these parts, check temps all along the system and look for quick drops of more than 10 degrees, that is where your problem lies. Technicians use their hand to check temps be careful high pressure will create heat and you can get burnt.

by Duane Donaldson

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Coolant Flush How-to: Ford F-150 (2009-2014)

1. Getting Started - Prepare for the repair

2. Overview - How to determine cooling system type

3. Open the Hood - How to pop the hood and prop it open

4. Find Reservoir - Locate the coolant reservoir and clean it

5. Drain Reservoir - Remove coolant from the reservoir

6. Radiator Cap - Remove the radiator cap before draining

7. Drain Point - Locate the drain point on the radiator

8. Drain Coolant - Drain the coolant from the system

9. Circulate Water - Run engine with distilled water and flush

10. Fill Coolant - Dilute coolant with distilled water and fill

11. Locate Hoses - Locate the coolant hoses and connection points

12. Burp System - Remove excess air in the cooling system

13. Cap Radiator - Replace the radiator cap

14. Replace Cap - Put the reservoir cap back on

15. Clean Up Tips - Secrets to dealing with spilled coolant

16. More Info. - Additional information on coolant flushes

Sours: https://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2010_Ford_F-150_SVT_Raptor_6.2L_V8/coolant_antifreeze/flush_coolant
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How much coolant does a 2010 f150 take?

The coolant capacity is just over 20 quarts on for the 2010 5.4.

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Moreover, how much coolant does a Ford f150 take?

A total capacity of 5.4 gallons means that our engine needs to have 2.7 gallons of distilled water to 2.7 gallons of antifreeze concentrate. Therefore, we need to drain 2.7 gallons of water from the system and replace it with 2.7 gallons of antifreeze for a perfect 50/50 ratio.

One may also ask, how do you drain the coolant on a Ford f150? Open the coolant expansion tank to allow air in to help drain the system.

  1. Locate the drain spigot, bottom of radiator, inside engine compartment, passenger side.
  2. Fasten your 1/2inch hose (about 6-12 inches long) on the spigot's spout which points to the passenger side.

Similarly, you may ask, how much coolant do I need?

Only in an emergency should you add only water to the coolant system. Most modern engines have aluminum cylinder heads, which require the protective anticorrosive properties of antifreeze. A 50/50 mix of liquid or coolant is usually sufficient.

Is Dexcool the same as Motorcraft orange?

Ironically, Prestone DEXCOOL 50/50 and Motorcraft Orange Specialty Coolant are the same forumla. Both are WSS-M97B44-D/D2 spec'ed. Ford/Motorcraft can't call it DEXCOOL as well, because that's a GM copyrighted term, so FORD calls it "ORANGE SPECIALTY".

Sours: https://askinglot.com/how-much-coolant-does-a-2010-f150-take

F150 radiator 2010

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Replacing the Radiator in the F150 DIY

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