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Hero's Harem: Hated By Many, Loved By More by TSoul-TheHaremMaster

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Hero's Harem: Hated By Many, Loved By More
Chapter One
Heart Break and a Beat Down

(~Friday, October 19th~)

5:17 PM

Naruto was sitting on a swing in the academy playground; his head was bowed low to the ground.

'Why did Iruka-Sensei have to fail me? I tried my best and he knows it. No matter what I just can't do Bunshin.' He thought.

All of the other academy students in Naruto's class passed and became Genin but every year it was the same result. Each year, the examiners required Bunshin and every single time Naruto failed. Even after practicing and using every possible chakra technique to fix his Bunshin but it was to no avail. Naruto ran a hand through his hair out of frustration.

He looked up to see kids being picked up by their parents. Some of them waved goodbye to him and others sneered while most just ignored him. Naruto sighed and started to walk to his shabby, run-down apartment. He was at the gate when he heard a low groan.

'Now what could that be?'

Sasuke Uchiha was into a passionate lip lock with his girlfriend and crush Sakura Haruno. His heart ripped in two and moisture filled the corner of his eyes threatening to spill over.

"Sakura-Chan..." Her name was but a whisper from his lips.

"How could you Sakura-Chan? Why?" Naruto asked softly, the tears running down his face. Sakura pushed away from Sasuke and stared at Naruto, fear, guilt, and shame clearly shown in her emerald orbs.

"Naruto-Kun, please! I-It's not w-what it looks l-like! I-I didn't mean to-" She started but was interrupted by Sasuke.

"Hn. You'll always be a dead last next to me. Sakura has finally realized her mistake and has chosen me, not you. Surely you didn't think it would last long. Who would seriously choose you, the idiot, dead last, class clown, nobody, and weakling over me, the Uchiha and Rookie of the Year. My clan is the most powerful in Konoha and my brother is the ANBU captain."

"I have girls throwing themselves at my feet and the council and civilians in the palm of my hand, not to mention a family that acknowledges me. You on the other hand, have nothing. No clan, no family, no parents, no money, no brains, no friends, and now no girlfriend. Do you really think Sakura wants an idiot who can't even do a simple Bunshin? She deserves so much better than that and you know it! So why don't you just scram dobe before you embarrass yourself anymore. Once a loser, always a loser."

Naruto swallowed the bile rising in his throat, and thought he felt the physical shredding of his heart. The pained expression and trembling of his fists was enough to bring Sakura to tears, the small streaks running down her face.

Naruto stood there for a while processing what his rival just said. Then he thought about the gift he brought for Sakura and how he was filled with excitement at the idea of passing the academy test and presenting her with the special present. It was their one year anniversary and now the major event of their relationship together was ruined. Unable to take the pangs of heartache anymore, Naruto ran away from the academy, as fast as his feet could carry him. He was too far away to hear the shouts and screams of Sakura, never noticing the collision between Sasuke's palm and her tender cheek.

In his state of self pity and sorrow all he could think about was Sakura and their former relationship. Tears filled his eyes when he remembered how he and Sakura first got together.

Flash-Back (One Year Ago):

(~Thursday, October 19th~)

2:00 P.M.

Naruto was walking towards the academy playground while the other children ran around with their friends. He sat under a particularly large oak, his head resting against the trunk; closing his eyes and beginning to drift asleep. That notion was dispelled when he heard a loud scream coming from deep in the woods. Jumping up and running towards the source of the scream, he saw a girl with long pink hair and neon green eyes cowering away from five enclosing figures.

With her knees up to her chest you could tell her entire body was shaking. "HA! LOOK AT YOUR FOREHEAD. IT’S ENORMOUS!" Yelled a pitched male voice.

"It's a wonder she can even walk straight with that huge thing weighing her down." A young girl said pointing a finger at her forehead and snickering behind her hand. The pink-haired girl started to cry and sob while hugging her knees closer. Naruto clenched his fist in anger and, before he could stop himself, released a barely audible, low growl. HOW DARE THEY BULLY HIS SAKURA-CHAN? WHAT GAVE THEM THE RIGHT TO RIDICULE HER? Naruto personally thought her forehead was very beautiful and it was one of the special things that made her unique.

He remembered one time when he told Sakura that her face went tomato red and she boinked him on the head and called him a Baka, saying how he was distracting her from Sasuke-Kun. Things started to turn violent when a boy walked up and slapped Sakura. Naruto saw red and he marched over and held the boy up, with an impressive amount of strength, in the air and said, "DO NOT EVER TOUCH SAKURA-CHAN AGAIN OR ELSE!" Naruto's grip tightened and he glared at the boy coldly, releasing enough killer intent for him to get the message.

The group nearly soiled themselves at the KI rolling off of Naruto, even Sakura shaking slightly but not nearly as bad as the others. "A-A-Alright. We won't bother her anymore, I swear. Just p-please p-put me d-d-down." The boy pleaded. Naruto sat him on the ground slowly and when his feet hit the ground, the group ran away as fast as possible making Naruto smirk before turning back to Sakura.

She looked a little under the weather but otherwise fine. Naruto grinned, scratching the back of his head and said, "You okay Sakura-Chan?" This snapped her out of her trance and she started pounding on Naruto though not as aggressively as usual. Once she was done Naruto was covered in bruises not even bothering to fight back. "Ow, Sakura-Chan! What was that for?" He whined. This earned him another boink on the head. "You Baka, Sasuke-Kun was going to come and rescue me and you had to ruin it. Why did you have to ruin it Naruto?" She screamed, completely forgetting the fear she felt just moments ago.

Naruto felt hurt and lowered his head soon lifting it up after a few moments and began grinning at Sakura. Sakura was surprised (as always) he could cheer up so quickly, never quite getting used to his bipolar moments. "Hey Sakura-Chan will you let me take you on a date to make it up to you?" He asked his electric eyes bright and full of hope. Sakura looked at Naruto for a minute and felt somewhat bad.

'He's always helping me and I'm always yelling at him or worse, maybe I should go out with him. Naruto has always called me beautiful and he's not bad looking himself. Besides one date won't kill me.' She thought.

"OK Naruto. I'll go on a date with you but only if you pay and don't take me to that Ramen place you always go to. I want to go to a nice, more formal restaurant." said Sakura. Naruto was in shock his mouth agape and Sakura giggled a bit at his expression.
'He looks so cute like that.' She thought, feeling her heart flutter slightly.

Naruto snapped out of his daze and gave her a heartwarming smile. "OK Sakura-Chan. I'll meet you back at the gate at 6:00." He said happily. The school bell rung and they ran back to the Academy, hurrying to be on time.

6:00 P.M. came faster than either thought, but Naruto was prepared nonetheless. "Hi. Are you ready to go Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked. He had dressed up nicely in a powder blue tuxedo, leaving his dress shirt unbuttoned at the top. The Ky?bi form engraved on his gold and silver dog tag glistened in the moonlight, giving him a much more powerful and mysterious appearance. Sakura was standing and fidgeting a bit, since this is her first date with Naruto.

She dated other boys because chasing after Sasuke was rather boring and she figured the more dating experience she has the easier it'll be to get Sasuke on a date but something about this particular date that made her a little nervous and self conscious. The crème dress accentuated the developing swells of her hips stopping just above her ankles; indicating modesty and flirtatiousness. Her hair bound in a delicate bun held with two white, plastic hair needles. When she recovered her nerves, Sakura said, "Yeah. I'm ready Naruto. Let's go."

Naruto smiled brightly holding out his arm to Sakura, who reluctantly took it and they walked down to the Main District of Konoha. Sakura couldn't help to steal glances at the blond beauty that was her date.

'Wow Naruto looks really good.'

'CHA! Darn right he does! Who even knew he had muscles? Naruto looks like he might be even hotter than Sasuke-Kun! He has a hotter ass!'

Sakura blushed at this comment. 'Shut it you. I do not think of Naruto that way. Though I will admit he does have a nice ass!'

'Yeah, he does. Did you see his lips? They look so soft and moist and pouty. I could just make out with him all day.'

'OK, OK. Naruto's hot, I know it! Can you drop it please?'

'OK. I'll drop it. For now...'

Inside her mind Sakura was yelling out in frustration while Inner Sakura was on the ground laughing at her alter ego. She was jolted into reality by a small tap on the shoulder, courtesy of Naruto. He'd stopped and was currently waving his hand in front of her face, his brow furrowed with a worried expression currently plastered on to his otherwise happy visage.

"Sakura-Chan! Sakura-Chan!" He yelled," Sakura-Chan, are you okay? You kind of zoned out on me there for a while." Though he tried to hide it, you could hear the poorly hidden worry in his voice. Sakura was touched that Naruto cared about her so much

She smiled and looked into his cerulean orbs. "Yes. I'm fine. I didn't know you cared that much Naru-Kun." She teased lightly. Naruto blushed a deep red and he started to open and close his mouth like a fish out of water. Sakura laughed and asked, "Is that the restaurant Naruto-Kun?" She pointed to a large restaurant wedged between two larger buildings. He nodded not trusting his mouth to speak. "Come on let's go!" She said and grabbed Naruto's hand, practically dragging him across the street to the restaurant, causing further blushing and stuttering on Naruto's part and more laughter on Sakura's. Once they were at the restaurant entrance, she gave said place a once over.

'WOW! Naruto really went all out on this date.'

'HELL YEAH! I didn't think Naru-Kun could afford a fancy place like this. He's so unpredictable. I think that is sooo hot.'
'Quiet you. Naruto's nice and everything but my heart belongs to Sasuke-Kun. Still Naruto is everything I imagined Sasuke would be and more. If I wasn't so in love with Sasuke-Kun, I would definitely take Naruto as my boyfriend.’

'Yeah but maybe Naruto could give us so much more than Sasuke-Kun. He has always been nice to you even after you kept hitting and ridiculing him.'

'I guess you're right, but why the sudden change of heart?'

'Lately I've been thinking. Why do we chase after Sasuke-Kun? I mean everyone knows he's part of the powerful Uchiha clan and his brother is ANBU captain but why do we like him? For who he is or what he is?

Sakura pondered this thought for a second before she got a confused expression on her face.

'You know, I really don't know why I like Sasuke. I think it was just because all the other girls did, so I just went along with it.'

'Maybe this date with Naru-Kun may help us figure some stuff out. Let's just sit back and see how this is going to go.’

'You're right. I'm going to enjoy this date and not worry over Sasuke. I should at least give Naruto the chance he deserves without judging or comparing him.'

Sakura snapped out of it and saw Naruto looking at her concernedly. She just smiled and led him through the wooden and crystallized swivel door. Sakura's jaw dropped and her eyes widened to inhumane proportions.

'WOW! Naruto really went to great lengths for this date!' She thought

(For once Inner Sakura was speechless)

The restaurant was elegant chandeliers hung above every table and booth basking the occupants in a golden light. Booths and chairs were fitted with red leather and dark oak and the walls paneled with dark cherry wood and intricate designs carved neatly into them. Naruto gently took her hand and led her towards the host's podium. Behind the booth was a young black haired girl, who looked to be around 16 years old. After looking up their reservations she led them over to a small booth by the window.

After introducing herself, giving them menus and asking for their drink requests she left. Sakura looked at the menu and nearly had a seizure. The cheapest thing was a glass of water and even that was 400 Ry? ($4, ridiculous some restaurants actually do charge that much). She glanced at Naruto and he seemed quite unfazed by the prices. Naruto sensed her uneasiness and smiled encouragingly.

"Don't worry Sakura-Chan, I can afford it. Just get anything you want." He said encouragingly, before putting on a foxy grin. Sakura blushed lightly and looked at the menu as a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. She was fearful of ordering something substantial and running Naruto bankrupt. When the waitress came back with their drinks, Naruto ordered Maki Rolls stuffed with seafood while Sakura ordered Salmon Rolls.

The waitress nodded, taking a long look at Naruto before leaving him, while he was completely oblivious to the stare but Sakura was not.

'I don't like the way she was looking at Naruto-Kun. He's my date and the only one who should be looking at him is me.'

'SHANNAROO, that hussy's going to get it if she looks at Naruto-Kun again!'

Naruto, on the other hand, completely focused all of his attention on Sakura. "So Sakura-Chan did you like Iruka-Sensei's lesson on Bunshin?" He asked politely, trying to keep the conversation light and relevant. Sakura groaned and said, "Oh Kami. I don't know why he keeps making us review that. I mean we've did it so much its practically hard-wired itself into our brains. I wonder if..." She took this time to tell Naruto her frustrations and other things, some not even relating to the academy.

Sakura didn't really understand why she was saying this to Naruto of all people but she felt so comfortable around him. To her surprise Naruto was a really good listener and even offered his opinion on some things but other than that he usually agreed with her. Whether out of honesty or just because he didn't want to upset her since she is his crush Sakura didn't really care, she enjoyed having someone to talk to. By the time their food came, Sakura was very relaxed and leaning against the back of her seat.
She couldn't seem to help relaxing around Naruto.

They ate their food in relative silence, Naruto telling a few jokes and about some of his pranks. When the waitress came back Naruto ordered an entire marble cheesecake, despite Sakura's protest that they wouldn't be able to eat all of it. He told her she would take the rest home with her so she can have some more later if she liked it. Neither had any complaints about the cheesecake and despite the deliciousness of the sweet, there was still a good 3 slices left.
Growing bold, Naruto reached across the table and onto her collar where a small crumble of the decadent desert had found shelter.
Taking the small crumb, he gently brought it up to Sakura's lips his adolescent body shaking with anticipation and anxiety. Sakura blushed at the implication of her actions but proceeded to take the small crumble into her mouth. Her tongue brushed lightly against Naruto's fingers causing both of them to blush heavily.

Once they were finished Naruto paid for the check, was 7000 Ry? ($70). Though it hardly put a dent in his frog wallet, which surprised Sakura. Once outside Naruto moved closer to Sakura and asked, "Sakura-Chan where do you live?" Sakura who was quite flustered by the close proximity between her and Naruto, blushing red and said, "Huh? Oh, sorry it's just over there; we don't have too far to go."

She led them towards the Clan District of Konoha, where after about ten minutes they stopped at a large house stone house with a white circle painted above the awning. Once at the door, Sakura turned around to face Naruto. "I had a great time Naruto. It was the best date I've ever been on. Thank you so much for showing me such a wonderful time." He scratched the back of his head and blushed.

"You're welcome Sakura-Chan. I'm just glad you gave me a chan-mmph." Naruto was cut off by a passionate and smoldering kiss from Sakura. Sakura had no idea why she kissed him nor did she care, all she was thinking about was that Naruto was a really wonderful guy that treated her respectfully and is everything she wanted in a boyfriend. His selflessness, courage, persistence, tendency to see the beauty in people, and the way he carried himself was what really attracted her to him.

Not to mention his handsome good looks and boyish charm. During the initiation of this embrace, the container that was in her hand dropped to the ground without either noticing and remained completely intact.

'Oh Kami his mouth is amazing! Why oh why did I wait this long?' She asked herself, wrapping her arms gently around his neck while his hand went to her lower backside.

Feeling bold and daring, Naruto grabbed her rear and squeezed it firmly before releasing quickly all the while tenderly kissing Sakura's slightly bruised lips.

Sakura was surprised when Naruto grabbed her butt but even more shocked when he became less aggressive and more gentle with equal or more passion than she. Not to say she didn't like it, her appreciation was voiced through a low moan. Before things went to farther Naruto pulled away slowly and Sakura was everything besides happy when she felt Naruto pull away, but she understood why he did. If they didn't stop they'd probably end up moving too fast before they were ready.

That didn't mean she wasn't going to put up a fight. "Naruto-Kun. Why'd you stop?" She pouted. Naruto smiled gently running a hand through her hair and giving her a quick peck, resting his forehead against hers. "We should take this slow; you're far too beautiful and good for me that I don't want us to rush anything because I want to savor our moment together. Even if I never get to do this again and this is a onetime deal." Said Naruto softly.

Sakura blushed and placed her hand on his warm cheek gently caressing his whiskers while he rubbed his face against her hand.
"Naruto-Kun I don't want this to just be a onetime thing. I think I want to give this relationship a chance. What do you say, will you be my boyfriend?" She wished she could frame the smile on Naruto's face so his dimpled smile would be the first and last thing she saw morning and night. Naruto kissed her forehead and her lips before lifting her up and spinning her around, their laughter echoing through the empty yard.

Pulling away he hugged her tightly, whispering, "Of course, I thought you would never ask. Good night my Sakura-Chan." He broke away from the hug, handed her the container holding the dessert, laughing silently at the fact they didn't notice it fell from her hands. He walked, or more like skipped, away towards his apartment whistling happily. Sakura stood motionless, still on cloud nine before coming back to reality and walking into her house.

Sneaking into the kitchen she put her food on the bottom drawer to hide it from her brother and 3 sisters. Her parents were sitting in the living room immersed with the television. Quietly she sneaked up the stairs and softly closed the door to her room before plopping herself on to her bed and her eyes beginning to grow heavy and a yawn escaping her mouth.
Her last thought was before sleeping was, 'I'm going to get Naruto back for that kiss'

'Shannaroo! We'll show Naruto-Kun who wears the panties in this relationship. Albeit who doesn't wear them actually.' added Inner Sakura

Sakura fell asleep that night with a smile on her face.

Flash-Back End

(~Three Days Later~)

5:17 P.M.

Naruto was walking towards Sakura's house, though it pained him to go there. He walked up to the door and set the present on the doorstep. When he was just about to turn around the corner a crowd of people appeared out of nowhere. There were villagers and Shinobi in the crowd. He noticed they were all carrying weapons, from torches to deadly Katanas.
"Can I help you?" Naruto asked politely, while already knowing why they were here. This kind of thing, unfortunately, happened every year around the same time: his birthday.

That was, apparently, the wrong question to ask because suddenly the mob attacked him and Naruto ran away faster than a demon fleeing from a Shaman. He ran for as long as his legs would take him, curving in and out of alleys before hitting a dead end, the mob close on his tail. His breath ragged Naruto, turned left still running from the ever approaching mob. He turned down an alley only to find yet another dead end hearing the clatter of the villagers stop behind him.

Naruto slowly turned around before and backing into the alley wall looking for a staircase or dumpster to find a way out. The mob was faster than he originally thought and before he had time to come up with a plan the mob began to beat him with clubs, pipes, torches, and any weapon imaginable. They parted to leave a bloodied, bruised, and indistinguishable Naruto for all to see.

A person from the mob shouted, "He is immobilized. Let's kill the demon brat once and for all!" A roar of approval came from the mob and another person from the front walked up to Naruto.

He was a Konoha ninja from the headband tied around his head and an tattoo on his left shoulder. The man held a long, elegant sword with a white fang-shaped handle with 'WHITE FANG OF KONOHA' inscribed on the blade. He raised the sword and pointed it at Naruto's neck. Electricity started to crackle and form at the handle then slowly spread down the blade. "I will kill this demon now. For our lost loved ones! For our children! For the Yondaime!" He bellowed, before raising the weapon and bringing it down.


The man let out a horrific scream and looked up to see an attractive woman with purple hair and a trench coat with his sword clenched between her fist. She twisted his arm suddenly and sharply making the man drop the sword in pain. While he had a tight grip on the sword the suddenness and raw power of the woman's attack caught him off guard. Dislocating his shoulder and turning his wrist at an awkward angle causing immense pain on his part, the man let out an even more horrific shriek.
He looked at his sword, as it lay broken by Naruto's feet though all thoughts disappeared from his head when the woman kicked him between his legs and sent a chakra enhanced punch to his head. Causing the man to fly out of the alley into the wall of a building across the street. He was knocked out with blood dripping from his right temple and a large bruise was forming above his eyebrow.

The woman made a seal and snakes started to come out of her sleeves and slither towards the villagers. They wrapped themselves tightly around the mob and their fangs rested against the jugular vein of the victims. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING? HE'S JUST A KID!" The lady screamed. Apparently some villager had a death wish and said," Shut up snake bitch! Why would we listen to a whore like you? You and the demon are what corrupt this village. Both of you should go to hell and I'll make sure you do." The villager broke away from the snake's grip and ran up trying to stab the woman.

"Wrong answer, asshole." She said quietly, before another snake released its victim and sunk it's fangs into the attacking villager's neck. The man let out a blood curdling scream sinking down to his knees. Suddenly there was a light breeze and five figures appeared. Four were dressed in black ANBU outfits and the last one was wearing the red/white robes of the Hokage and a sun hat with the Kanji for 'fire shadow'.

He looked at Naruto, the mob, the woman, the man, the woman again, and the ANBU squad. "ANBU arrest these people and take Kakashi to my office. I'll deal with him personally and make sure he's restrained. Anti-Chakra ropes, braces, restrictions. No one goes in and no one comes out. Anko pick up Naruto and follow me to the hospital."


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Yaoi fandom

fandom consisting of readers of yaoi

The yaoi fandom consists of the readers of yaoi (also called Boys' Love or abbreviated to BL), a genre of male x male romance narratives aimed at those who participate in communal activities organized around yaoi, such as attending conventions, maintaining or posting to fansites, creating fan fiction or fan art, etc. In the mid-1990s, estimates of the size of the Japanese yaoi fandom were at 100,000–500,000 people. Despite increased knowledge of the genre among the general public, readership remains limited in 2008. English-language fan translations of From Eroica with Love circulated through the slash fiction community in the 1980s, forging a link between slash fiction fandom and yaoi fandom.

Most yaoi fans are teenage girls or young women. In Japan, female fans are called fujoshi (腐女子, lit. "rotten girl"), denoting how a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married. The male equivalent is called a fudanshi (腐男子, "rotten boy"). The words' origin can be found in the online image board 2channel.

Yaoi fans have been characters in manga such as the seinen mangaFujoshi Rumi.[2] At least one butler café has opened with a schoolboy theme in order to appeal to the Boy's Love aesthetic.[3] In one study on visual kei, 37% of Japanese fan respondents reported having "yaoi or sexual fantasies" about the visual kei stars.[4]


The female readership in Thailand is estimated at 50% as males also read gay manga,[5] and the membership of Yaoi-Con, a yaoi convention in San Francisco, is 50% female.[1] It is usually assumed that all female fans are heterosexual, but in Japan there is a presence of lesbian manga authors[6] and lesbian, bisexual, other or questioning female readers.[7] Recent online surveys of English-speaking readers of yaoi indicate that 50-60% of female readers self-identify as heterosexual.[8][9] It has been suggested that Western fans may be more diverse in their sexual orientation than Japanese fans and that Western fans are "more likely to link" BL ("Boy's Love") to supporting gay rights.[9] Much like the Yaoi readership base, the majority of Yaoi fanfiction writers are also believed to be heterosexual women. The reasoning behind this trend is sometimes attributed to patriarchy- that women who write yaoi fanfiction are in fact acting out heterosexual fantasies through these male figures.[10]

Although the genre is marketed at women and girls, gay,[8][11]bisexual,[8][12] and even heterosexual males[1][13][14] also form part of the readership. In one library-based survey of U.S. yaoi fans, about one quarter of respondents were male;[15] online surveys of Anglophone readers place this percentage at about 10%.[8][9][16] Lunsing suggests that younger Japanese gay men who are offended by gay men's magazines' "pornographic" content may prefer to read yaoi instead.[17] That is not to say that the majority of homosexual men are fans of the genre, as some are put off by the feminine art style or unrealistic depictions of homosexual life and instead seek "Gei comi" (Gay comics), manga written by and for homosexual men,[6] as gei comi is perceived to be more realistic.[18] Lunsing notes that some of the narrative annoyances that homosexual men express about yaoi manga, such as rape, misogyny, and an absence of a Western-style gay identity, are also present in gei comi.[6] Some male manga artists have produced yaoi works, using their successes in yaoi to then go on to publish gei comi.[6]

Authors of BL present themselves as "fellow fans" by using dust jacket notes and postscripts to chat to the readers "as if they were her girlfriends" and talk about the creative process in making the manga, and what she discovered she liked about the story she wrote.[19]


In the mid-1990s, estimates of the size of the Japanese yaoi fandom were at 100,000-500,000 people;[6] at around that time, the long-running yaoi anthology June had a circulation of between 80,000 and 100,000, twice the circulation of the "best-selling" gay lifestyle magazine Badi.[20] Most Western yaoi fansites "appeared some years later than pages and lists devoted to mainstream anime and manga". As of 1995, they "revolved around the most famous series", such as Ai no Kusabi and Zetsuai 1989; and by the late 1990s, English-speaking websites mentioning yaoi "reached the hundreds".[21] As of 2003, on Japanese-language internet sites, there were roughly equal proportions of sites dedicated to yaoi as there were sites by and for gay men about homosexuality.[22] On 16 November 2003 there were 770,000 yaoi websites.[23] As of April 2005, a search for non-Japanese sites resulted in 785,000 English, 49,000 Spanish, 22,400 Korean, 11,900 Italian and 6,900 Chinese sites.[24] In January 2007, there were approximately five million hits for 'yaoi'.[25] Hisako Miyoshi, the Vice Editor-in-Chief for Libre Publishing's manga division, said in a 2008 interview that although Boys Love is more well known to the general public, the numbers of readers remains limited, which she attributes to the codified nature of the genre.[26]

Fan preferences[edit]

Thorn noted that while some fans like both equally, fans tend to either prefer BL or non-BL shōjo manga.[27] and Suzuki noted BL fans have a preference for BL over other forms of pornography, for example, heterosexual love stories in ladies' comics.[28] Jessica Bawens-Sugimoto feels that in general, "slash and yaoi fans are dismissive of mainstream hetero-sexual romance", such as "the notorious pulp Harlequin romances".[29] Deborah Shamoon said that "the borders between yaoi, shōjo manga and ladies' comics are quite permeable", suggesting that fans of BL probably enjoyed both homosexual and heterosexual tales.[30]Kazuma Kodaka, in an interview with Giant Robot suggested that the Japanese yaoi fandom includes married women who had been her fans since they were in college.[31] Dru Pagliassotti's survey indicates that loyalty to an author is a common factor in readers' purchase decisions.[9]Yōka Nitta has noted a split in what her readers want - her younger readers prefer seeing explicit material, and her older readers prefer seeing romance.[32] There is a perception that the English-speaking yaoi fandom is demanding increasingly explicit content,[33] but that this poses problems for retailers.[34] In 2004, ICv2 noted that fans seemed to prefer buying yaoi online.[35] Andrea Wood suggests that due to restrictions placed on the sale of yaoi, many Western teenage fans seek more explicit titles via scanlations.[36]Dru Pagliassotti notes that the majority of respondents to her survey say that they first encountered BL online, which she links to half of her respondents reporting that they get most of their BL from scanlations.[9] In 2003, there were at least five BL scanlation groups.[37] Japanese fan practices in the mid to late 2000s included the concept of the feeling of moe, which was typically used by male otaku about young female characters prior to this.[38]

Robin Brenner and Snow Wildsmith noted in their survey of American fans that gay and bisexual male fans of yaoi preferred more realistic tales than female fans did.[39]

Shihomi Sakakibara (1998) argued that yaoi fans, including himself, were homosexually oriented female-to-male transsexuals.[40] Akiko Mizoguchi believes there is a "shikou" (translated as taste or orientation), both towards BL/yaoi as a whole, and towards particular patterns within the genre, such as a "feisty bottom (yancha uke)" character type. Her study shows that fans believe that in order to be "serious" fans, they should know their own preferences, and "consider themselves a sort of sexual minority". She argues that the exchange of sexual fantasies between the predominantly female yaoi fandom can be interpreted that although the participants may be heterosexual in real life, they can also and compatibly be considered "virtual lesbians".[19] Patrick Galbraith suggests that androgynous beautiful boys contribute to the appeal of yaoi amongst women who are heterosexual, lesbian or transgender.[41]

The small Taiwanese BL fandom has been noted to be against real-person BL fanfiction, banning it from their messageboard.[42]

Fujoshi and fudanshi[edit]

Fujoshi (腐女子, lit. "rotten girl") is a reclaimed Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. The label encompasses fans of the yaoi genre itself, as well as the related manga, anime and video game properties that have appeared as the market for such works has developed. The term "fujoshi" is a homophonous pun on fujoshi (婦女子), a term for respectable women, created by replacing the character fu (婦) meaning married woman, with the character fu (腐) meaning fermented or rotten, indicating that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is ruined for marriage. The name was coined by 2channel in the early 2000s as a derogatory insult,[43] but was later reclaimed as a self-descriptive term. "Fujoshi" carried a connotation of being a "fallen woman".[44] An issue of Yureka which examined fujoshi in detail in 2007 contributed to the spread of the term.[45]

Older fujoshi use various terms to refer to themselves, including as kifujin (貴腐人, "noble spoiled woman"), a pun on a homophonous word meaning "fine lady", and ochōfujin (汚超腐人), which sounds similar to a phrase meaning "Madame Butterfly", possibly taken from a character nicknamed Ochōfujin (お蝶夫人) in the 1972 manga series Ace o Nerae! by Sumika Yamamoto.[46]

According to a 2005 issue of Eureka, in recent times fujoshi can refer to female otaku in general, although it cautions that not all yaoi fans are otaku, as there are some more casual readers.[47] As fujoshi is the best-known term, it is often used by the Japanese media and by people outside of the otaku subculture to refer to female otaku as a group, regardless of whether they are fans of yaoi or not. This usage may be considered offensive by female otaku who are not yaoi fans.[46]

Men who, like fujoshi, enjoy imagining relationships between characters (especially male ones) in fictional works when that relationship is not part of the author's intent may be called fudanshi (腐男子, "rotten boy") or fukei (腐兄, "rotten older brother"), both of which are puns of similar construction to fujoshi.[48] Bara manga author Gengoroh Tagame has said that men may choose a fudanshi label because it is more socially acceptable than coming out as gay.[49]

As characters[edit]

Fujoshi and fudanshi are used as characters in mostly otaku-themed anime and manga, particularly those aimed at men. Popular titles include Tonari no 801-chan, My Girlfriend's a Geek, Kiss Him, Not Me and The High School Life of a Fudanshi.[41] On the other hand, BL Metamorphosis and Princess Jellyfish, which both contained fujoshi characters and were aimed at a female audience, were praised for their female-centric view on the fujoshi subculture.[50] A TV series featuring a policewoman who is a fujoshi, Fujoshi Deka, has been broadcast.[2]

Yaoi and slash[edit]

Besides commercially published original material, Japanese yaoi also encompasses fan-made dōjinshi, fanart, computer games, etc.; a large percentage of the dōjinshi offered at Comiket are yaoi stories based on popular anime and manga series.[51] This may be seen as a parallel development to slash fiction in the West. Although shōjo manga stories featuring romances between boys or young men were commercially published in Japan from the mid-1970s, and soon became a genre in their own right, the spread of yaoi though the Western fan community is generally linked to the pre-existing Western slash fiction community. In the mid-1980s, fan translations of the shōjo manga series From Eroica with Love began to circulate through the slash community via amateur press associations,[51][52] creating a "tenuous link" between slash and yaoi.[53] Although the English-speaking online yaoi fandom is observed to increasingly overlap with online slash fandom,[54] slash fiction has portrayed adult males, whereas yaoi follows the aesthetic of the beautiful boy, often highlighting their youth. Mark McLelland describes this aesthetic as being seen as problematic in recent Western society.[24] Yaoi fans tend to be younger than slash fans, and so are less shocked about depictions of underage sexuality.[20] Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto detects a tendency in both yaoi and slash fandoms to disparage the others' heteronormativity, potential for subversiveness or even the potential for enjoyment.[29]

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Inuzuka Family – Head of House Tsume Inuzuka Eldest Child – Hana Youngest Child – Kiba Kiba’s Guardian – Akamaru Ties to the Aburame Family - Uchiha Family Head of House Fugaku Uchiha Eldest Child – Itachi Youngest Child – Sasuke Itachi’s Guardian – Kisame Sasuke’s Guardian – Suigetsu Ties to Hatake Clan - Nara Family Head of House Shikaku Nara Child – Shikamaru Nara Shikamaru’s Guardian – Asuma Ties to Akimichi Family Ties to Yamanka Family - Hyuuga Family Head of House Hiashi Hyuuga Child – Hinata Adoptive Child Main Heir – Neji Hyuuga Neji’s Guardians – Rock Lee, Gai - Hatake Clan Head of House – Sakumo Hatake Child – Kakashi Kakashi’s Guardian: Zabuza, Haku Ties to Uchiha Clan - Sabaku Clan Head of House – Kazekage Eldest Child – Temari Eldest Male Child – Kankurou Young Child – Gaara Kankurou’s Guardian – Sasori Gaara’s Guardian – Deidara - Kaguya Clan Head of House – Sarutobi (A member of state until Kimimaro is old enough to lead) Child – Kimimaro Kimimaro’s Guardians – Juugo, Kidomaru - Kumo Clan Head of House – A Heir – Killer B Killer B’s Guardians – Darui, Omoi - Namikaze Clan Head of House – Minato Child – lost -   The royal families have ties to clans of power but no royal blood. These families help by adding strength to the main clan and fall under the protection of the clan. Each heir to the clan is given a guardian until they reach a certain age some keep them for personal reasons. Every year the clans gather for a party before the heads sit down and discuss important issues. The time for the party has arrived and the 9 clans have gathered to discuss the year’s issues. In past years many of the issues consisted of demon problems but over time things had been quiet. The party was in full swing the guardians of the heirs watched or drank but made sure to keep their eyes on their respected heirs. The parties were also used by the clan heads to find partners for their children, so there were lots of single males and females. Some hit on the heirs only to be shot down while others just enjoyed the festivities. “See anyone you like Uchiha?” Kiba asked walking up to the youngest heir. “Please most of the females here just want me for my title and my family’s money. The guys are too weak for my taste.” “You know you don’t have to marry them, no harm in having some fun, lighten up.” Kiba said and took a drink of some wine. The drinking age is 16 only Gaara was too young to drink. “Keep talking like that and you will have tons of kids out of wed lock before you’re 17.” Sasuke said and took a sip of his own drink. Kiba laughed and waved Sasuke off as he walked to chat with Shikamaru. B was talking with Gaara saying things that had Gaara blushing as red as his hair. Kimimaro was drinking with Juugo since the two were very close. Neji was looking as bored as Sasuke was. Itachi and Kakashi were being swooned over by a group of females and males. Temari and Hana were avoiding unnecessary conversation. Kankurou was drinking with a group of girls. Sasuke sighed. ‘Another boring party I’d rather be training.’ Sasuke looked around at his fellow heirs. Kakashi Itachi and B were the oldest of the heirs and they still have not taken a final mate. Kakashi and B were known players, while Itachi was more reserved. Kankurou was the second oldest and was a major flirt but Sasuke heard he never went all the way. Kimimaro was the next oldest heir he seemed to have little interest in anyone other than Juugo, what bugged Sasuke is that he got to be involved in the meetings with the clan heads. Neji was a year older than Sasuke Kiba and Shikamaru and he liked that fact greatly he loved to act superior to the 4 younger heirs.  Sasuke was the same age as Kiba and Shikamaru but he thought out of the two he was the more mature one. Gaara was the youngest male heir but he was very smart when he chose to speak. Sasuke’s eyes went to Minato. There were rumors that Minato had a child, but since there was no living heir they were just that rumors. Sasuke noticed as years passed the man grew more withdrawn. This event was mandatory as there usually was a party each month for one reason or another. Minato had stopped showing up for more and more events. Sasuke let out a sigh and just as he was about to ask his father if he could leave the doors to the main hall flew open and guards were thrown into the room paralyzed with poison. A man in a cloak came in with a cloth covered box. “Who are you how dare you interrupt these events.” Fugaku shouted. The man pulled back his hood to reveal long dark hair pale skin and golden eyes, his appearance sent chills down everyone’s spines. The guardians went to their respected heirs incase of any trouble. “My apologies Lord Uchiha I merely came to offer you a gift.” He pulled off the cloth to reveal a cage with black snakes with blue seals written on the snakes backs, the snakes were coiled around the bars. People gasped in shock, not at the cage but what was inside it. There was a male, a naked male with tan skin and golden hair, the child was a demon with sharp claws and 9 golden tails, he had fox ears and had golden fur from his wrist to his elbow and from his ankle to his knees. The terror of a demons presence was replaced with lustful heartbeats. “What is the meaning of this?” Tsume snapped. “You brought a demon before us is this some trick.” Fugaku spoke his mind turning trying to understand this situation. “I have brought this demon to sell, to one of the lords, you can make him a guardian a pet or even a mate to one of your heirs.” The pale man said with a smirk. Those words caused an uproar from some of the guests, the lords looked amongst themselves. “I’ve heard enough!!” The voice from the prisoner brought the crowd to silence. The blonde demon rose ignoring his state of undress or not caring, his eyes opened to reveal the purest blue eyes anyone had seen. Sasuke blushed as the male looked around the room his eyes looking at him for just a moment. The blonde fox demon looked at the pale man in rage. “You dare think you can sell me you miserable snake!!” People in the room began to panic feeling the murderous intent. “Have no fear my snakes keep him sealed he is harmless.” The snake man spoke but began to sweat. “You think you can hold me, I am the son of Kyuubi no Kurama learn your place you miserable snake.” At the mention of Kurama’s name Minato’s eyes widened. ‘Kurama…it couldn’t be…’ The blonde roared his roar ripping the snakes to pieces as if they were paper. His tails whipped out smashing the bars with ease. Fire formed in his hands and with one flick of his wrist the fire ball hit the man and the fire consumed him only for his body to turn into snakes, the snakes turned to ash. “Hmm weak snake using a golem.” Blue eyes turned to the crowd. “I know you were not involved in my kidnapping, I see no reason to have a problem here, allow me to leave and there will be no trouble.” The blonde fox turned to leave. “Please wait!” the blonde turned to see Minato standing before him. “You are Kurama’s son?” “I am…” He responded looking at the older blond curiously. “Then you’re him. You are my son.” Minato walked forward in a stupor, his son who he had lost standing before him. “Minato get back…” Someone shouted but Minato ignored them. The demon’s tails snaked out keeping Minato at a distance. “My only parent is Kyuubi no Kurama if you have lost a child I am sorry but I am not him.” The demon turned to leave once more. “Naruto!!” Minato shouted. “You are my little Naruto.” Naruto’s eyes widened. “My name you speak my name, it is not possible.” Naruto said and in a flash he was in front of the blonde putting everyone on edge. “Hmm you could be, but it matters not, I am a demon the demon lands is where I belong.” Naruto said and turned his back on his father. “Please son stay…” Minato said putting his hand on the young youkai’s shoulder. People began to murmur while the lords went to the guardians. “Do not let him leave if he is the child of Minato he must not be lost again.” “I’m sorry but I cannot see you as my father.” Naruto said though he meant it without any malice. He shrugged off the older blonde and proceeded to leave. The main hall doors were slammed shut by Kisame and Zabuza. “We cannot allow you to leave.” Kisame said. “If you are Minato’s son that makes you the heir to the Namikaze clan your place is here.” Zabuza said and the two drew their swords. Red chakra began to leak out of Naruto’s body. “I asked you to let me leave in peace guess I can take a few minutes to put you in your place.” To be continued…
Sours: http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600104750

Fanfiction yaoi harem

The girls I lived with also left, so there was no interference for communication. As soon as the door of the room closed, Andrei began to kiss me, put his hands under the dress, began to take off his panties. To speed things up, she took off her dress and bra herself. It was very pleasant to be naked in front of Andrei, catching his passionate glances.

While he was undressing, I lay down on the bed and spread my legs and began stroking my pussy.

itadori x gojo

It must have been a basement. The legs were pulled together by ropes, which were attached to a small machine. Stretching, I grinned to myself. We also went through this. I was completely naked, apart from the pathetic semblance of black leather panties with a small zipper and some rubbish in the form of.

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How is she a young, independent woman of her own accord, striving for dubious dependence, control and subordination. Damn, damn, cursed Oh, how can you fall so low,Throwing the bundle on the back seat of the car somewhere calmly began to wait for that sacramental moment when the collar. Absorbs the sweat of passion and the predatory petal of the whip with blows on the human body will finally satisfy its eternal hunger.

Having finished all the planned activities with a rooted speed and putting aside other things, Oh, like an ardent girl in love, rushed to a well-known address in a hurricane. Wind.

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