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Honda Marysville Motorsports is a Level Five Exclusive Honda Powerand HondaPowerhouse dealer located in beautiful Marysville, OH. Our goal at Honda Marysville Motorsports is to provide an exciting, fulfilling and fun buying experience to everyone who walks through the door.

Stop by our large showroom and view our great selection of Honda ATV, lawn mower, motorcycle, power equipment, scooter, side x side, snowblowerand UTVas well as our extensive selection of pre-ownedinventory.

Our experienced staff is eager to share their passion and assist you to find your perfect Honda!

If you're looking for all things Honda, you have come to the right dealer. Have questions…no problem, we can answer them and steer you in the right direction. Your wants and needs will be taken care of. We also have a team of skilled service technicians ready to handle any of your Honda ATV, lawnmower, motorcycle, power equipment, scooter, side x side, snowblower, and UTV. Save on service or repairswith our valuable service & parts specialsready to be saved right to your mobile device!

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Cycle Barn

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls

Cycle Barn - New & Used atvs, motorcycles, utvs, Sales, Service, and Parts in Marysville, WA, near Arlington, Stanwood, Everett and Granite Falls


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A lasting legacy: Marysville's Honda motorcycle plant

Honda in Ohio began with a red dirt bike.

Honda in Ohio began with a red dirt bike.

That first motorcycle, assembled in Marysville on Sept. 10, 1979, came with a question: Could a Japanese manufacturer maintain its quality using American labor?

The company has since expanded in Ohio to build automobiles and become one of the state's largest employers. But the motorcycle plant that started it all closed last year.

What remains is the plant's legacy - generations of motorcycles that can be seen in a new exhibit at the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington.

The first motorcycle you see in the exhibit is that red dirt bike, a CR250R, that was first off the assembly line.

"It looks primitive now," said Larry Mullins of Mechanicsburg, who worked at the plant for nearly 30 years. "It was state-of-the-art back then."

He walked through the exhibit with Tony Coffey of Marysville, his friend and former co-worker. The two joined Honda near the very beginning, and they were there on June 24 last year when the last motorcycle was completed, a GL1800 touring bike.

Near the end, the plant had 450 employees - many more than the roughly 60 who opened it but just a fraction of the 13,500 that Honda now employs in Ohio. Many of the workers at the motorcycle plant took early retirement when it closed. Others transferred to the auto plant, which is part of the same complex. Nobody was laid off, Honda said.

The plant closed because motorcycle production was moved to Japan. The space once occupied by the plant is now a parts center used to support car assembly, with stacks of equipment that go up several stories and the constant movement of electric carts.

Although the plant is gone, it remains a history lesson about the evolution of manufacturing and bridging a cultural divide.

"That was sticking the toe in the water, seeing if a high-quality Japanese manufacturer could find success in rural America," said James Rubenstein, a professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, who writes about the auto industry. "That was the essential precursor to this massive investment by Japanese car firms over the last 30 years."

The beginning

Mullins and Coffey began as motorcycle enthusiasts. They met when they got jobs at a Honda motorcycle dealership in Springfield, back when all Hondas were imported.

At the time, Kawasaki was the only Japanese-owned vehicle manufacturer with a plant in the U.S., located in Lincoln, Neb., since 1974.

Honda's decision to come to Marysville was a practical one. The company needed to expand motorcycle production to meet rising U.S. demand, and it made sense to do so near the end market, according to a history published by Honda last year.

In 1979, Coffey drove his bike to Marysville to interview at the soon-to-open Honda factory. His vehicle served as a resume of sorts: At one point during the interview, he showed off how he had kept his motorcycle in top condition by making his own repairs.

He started about a month after production had begun. His employee number was 163, which meant he was the 63rd person hired. A few months later, he persuaded Mullins to join him.

The top managers were Japanese, which brought the potential of a culture clash. Some of the U.S. workers' parents and grandparents had fought Japanese forces in World War II, and there was some lingering distrust.

Mullins, for one, was reluctant to tell his father that he was working for a Japanese company.

Coffey's situation was even more delicate. His father was a Navy veteran who had served on a ship in the Pacific during the war. But the father was open-minded about Honda, and he even invited one of the Japanese managers to join the family for a Sunday dinner.

The U.S. workers came to admire their Japanese colleagues and a company culture that treated everyone as equals.

"They were the best people I ever worked for," Mullins said.

The work itself could be grueling, with repetitive movements and hot conditions. To prevent injury, the plant workers began the shift with calisthenics, one of many traditions from Japanese factories that were unusual in the United States.

First thing in the morning, the workers lined up in their white uniforms and did jumping jacks to the tune of the Magnum, P.I. theme song.

Rise and decline

In just a year, the plant went from making simple dirt bikes to making touring bikes, such as the GL1100. Overall production doubled from 1980 to 1981, rising from 22,203 motorcycles to 55,871.

"In extremely short order, they were building much-more-complicated machines," said Grant Parsons, editor of American Motorcyclist magazine, published by the AMA.

Honda also began to make a larger share of motorcycle components in the United States, including engines. This transfer of capacity reached a milestone in the middle of the decade, when the company began to export some touring bikes from Ohio to Japan.

The motorcycle plant expanded again in 1989, adding all-terrain vehicles to the mix. Production peaked in 1997 with 134,897 ATVs and 39,135 motorcycles.

From there, market forces combined with strategic decisions to gradually take away the need for a U.S. motorcycle plant. ATV production in Marysville ended in 2005.

Three years later, the company told workers it was transferring motorcycle production to a new plant in Japan.

Jan Gansheimer, the plant manager, said at the time that the "difficult decision" was in response to a drop in motorcycle sales and a desire to make technological advancements that would require a whole new plant.

The final motorcycle, a GL1800, was assembled on June 24 of last year. It was painted gray, Coffey said, and workers shed tears as they watched it go down the line.

"It was gray, man, because it was a sad day," he said.

The two retirees still ride their motorcycles, although they don't see each other or other former co-workers as much as they would like.

Thirty years after he began, Mullins still regards his work at Honda as a dream job.

"It was one of the best things I've ever done," he said.

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Marysville Motorcycle Plant

See also: List of Honda facilities

The Marysville Motorcycle Plant was a Honda manufacturing facility located eight miles northwest of Marysville, Ohio. The assembly plant opened in 1979 as American Honda Motor Company's first production facility in the United States. It was on the original U.S. Route 33, renamed Honda Parkway when the Route was moved, at the site of an abandoned Pure Oil gas station and a long since razed "lubritorium," and the former rail crossing of the abandoned Erie Lackawanna Marion-Springfield spur.

Honda of America Manufacturing began motorcycle production at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant in 1979 with the CR250M Elsinore. All-terrain vehicles as well as the Gold Wing and Magna motorcycles, among others, were made there. The 500,000th vehicle produced at the plant was a Gold Wing Aspencade motorcycle in 1991, and the one-millionth vehicle in 1996 was another Gold Wing Aspencade. Annual output peaked at 174,000 vehicles in 1997. Production of ATVs at the plant ceased in 2005. In June 2009, the Marysville Motorcycle Plant ceased production after almost 30 years, as Honda consolidated global production of specific large motorcycles at a new factory in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.[1][2]

Some employees there were moved to the Marysville Auto Plant, located at the same facility, or took early retirement.[3]

Honda consolidated suspension sub-assembly for its vehicles including: Honda Accord, Acura TL and Acura RDX at the old motorcycle plant to free up space at Honda's auto plants in order to add flexibility and increase production.[4]

This facility is now used to receive parts and sequence them for consumption at the line at the Marysville Auto Plant.

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Used Car Dealers In Ohio

If you are in the market for used cars in Columbus, Ohio, then our Honda Marysville dealership is just the place to find the vehicle you are looking for. The Honda used cars at Honda Marysville are available in a diverse selection. This goes hand-in-hand with the quality services offered by our staff. At Honda Marysville, we strive to be productive members of the community and provide community members with the vehicles they need. At Honda Marysville, we attempt to cater to everyone in the community. We do this by providing a selection of vehicles that can get the job done. Our vehicles commute well and give the driver a sense of joy. Honda Marysville offers exceptional designs from the Honda Motor Company. The Honda Motor Company is one of the largest manufacturers for internal combustion engines and motorcycles. Their promise does not end with cars. Our staff is eagerly awaiting your arrival at Honda Marysville and will help find the proper Honda for your lifestyle budget. Our team of professional sales representatives is available to prospective customers upon arrival.

They can take you on a tour of our showroom and our lot until you are content with what you have seen. In the event that our diverse selection is overwhelming, and you already have a vehicle in mind, our team can direct you. One of our representatives will help you inspect the exterior and interior of your prospective vehicle. We ask that you know the few features when deciding between models. The most obvious notation is that you like the body style. If you don't like this, then you probably won't like the car. After you have found a car whose appearance you like, you can move on to the interior. The interior has a multitude of accessories and specifications you should be aware of. The spatial dimensions offered by the vehicle are high on the list. Spatial Dimensions will inform prospective buyers about cargo space, as well as legroom. An important and overlooked feature when buying a car is how comfortable it is. Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable car for very long, so it's best to find out early how long you can stay in the seat. The next aspect of your vehicle we ask you to note is the technological amenities present in the model. Technological amenities can make all the difference to many buyers, so it is important to familiarize yourself with your amenities. If you are still undecided about a car but know that you like it, we recommend a test-drive. At Honda Marysville, we believe test-drives are an excellent way to commit to or reject a prospective vehicle. Perhaps you cannot make it to Honda Marysville in-person, however.

Used Cars in Columbus, Ohio

We understand these unprecedented times if it is difficult to visit Honda Marysville in-person. In an effort to support the community, Honda Marysville has constructed a virtual experience for these unprecedented times. Our cautious buyers can peruse our diverse inventory from the comfort and safety of home. Buyers can examine our virtual showroom online, which provides a seamless method of touring our lot. Online shoppers can even filter their desired results to navigate straight to the vehicles they are interested in. Once you have found a collection of vehicles online that interests you, you can begin to delve a little deeper. The individual pages of each of these cars will detail the specifications and technological amenities present. If you would prefer a test-drive, you can even schedule one online. Once you have concluded which vehicle is the right one for you, you can make use of our financing tab. Our financing tab will detail what information you require to begin your approval process online. You will be able to submit this information to our financing center online pre-approval. At Honda Marysville, we want to make acquiring your used cars in Columbus, Ohio, as safe as possible.

Used Car Dealer in Columbus

As a used car dealer in Columbus, we are also equipped with a service center to help after your purchase. Our service center features a parts department that can help Honda owners find their replacement parts and accessories they need. Customers can rest assured that these are OEM parts and are perfectly suited to their Honda. Additionally, customers can trust our Honda certified technicians' team to provide quality services on routine maintenance they need to keep their Honda running. Our technicians will perform tire maintenance, fluid, and oil replacements, as well as brake checks to keep our community drivers safe. Honda Marysville has experienced technicians available for when you require quality diagnostic services. When you can ill-afford to have a malfunction with your vehicle, our technicians will swiftly take care of your problems. Schedule an appointment with us to ensure the care of your Honda used car in Columbus, Ohio.

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