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What Does the Sunset Mean? Sunset Quotes & Symbolism

By David NaarLast Updated April 14, 2021

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People all over the world will stop what they are doing to watch the sunset. After all, we’re drawn to the sunset’s beauty just as much as what the event signifies. For example, the setting sun symbolizes the completion of a journey. Scientifically speaking, sunset is when the sun disappears below the horizon each day as the Earth rotates. Those often vibrant colors are the result of a phenomenon called scattering, in which molecules and other small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays, causing them to scatter and create that incredible range of colors that we love to gaze at.

Beyond its physical beauty, there is also a metaphorical beauty in watching a daily sunset. The sunset symbolizes the completion of a day’s work and shows the passage of time. As the sun sets, it is time to end the day and take a break. The awesome beauty of the setting sun is also symbolic of the beauty and mystery of life itself. The setting sun is nature’s way of reminding humanity about the forces of good and evil. As the sun sets, light fades, which is symbolic of the forces of darkness.

Sunset Symbolism in Different Cultures

Many cultures and religions across the world respect and appreciate the sun — and associate its rising and setting with something much larger. In cultures the world over, the sun has long been a symbol of power, growth, and the cycle of life. A handful of countries, such as Ecuador, Namibia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, revere the sun's symbolism so much that they have even incorporated it into their national flags.

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Additionally, the sun is a very important part of Chinese culture, in which it represents light, heat, vitality, and spring. It’s even a symbol associated with the popular Chinese ideology of yin and yang — the concept of dualism. In basic terms, it means that different (and sometimes opposing) forces can coexist and even complement each other, much like the sun (day) and the moon (night). Since it’s believed to energize and purify, the sun falls under the yang category.

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, "In some traditions on the continent and in the African diaspora, the rising and setting of the sun and its path across the sky each day suggest the cycle of life, from birth to adulthood to death and rebirth." For some, the sun is seen as a powerful, commanding symbol of divinity, with a brightness too strong to even gaze at. The rising and the setting of the sun, and its travels across the sky every day, are also believed to reflect the cycle of life from birth to adulthood to death and eventual rebirth.

In ancient Egyptian culture, the sun god Ra was seen as the ruler of the skies, earth, and the underworld. It was believed that Ra was the source of life and light and that he brought healthy crops and calm weather. With each sunset, ancient Egyptians thought that he died each night and descended to rule in the underworld. He was then reborn each morning with the sunrise.

While the specific views and beliefs about the sun vary greatly between Indigenous tribes in North America, there are some commonalities. For example, the sun is often a healer, lover of peace, and an object that radiates light from a powerful entity onto the world. As is the case in cultures all over the world, many Indigenous peoples in North America see the sun as the facilitator of crops and representative of growth. Moreover, the sunset is respected: It makes way for the moon, which is commonly seen as a guide, protector, and timekeeper, among other things.

In some Western European cultures, sunsets can represent closing the door on a particular stage of life for something new or even the end of life.

Sunset Quotes & Reflections

Because the sun and the sunset are so beautiful and symbolic, many beloved authors, philosophers and thinkers have written about them. Below are a few of the most standout inspirational quotes that incorporate the symbolism of the sunset.

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"Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Sunsets are a daily occurrence — as are sunrises — and, as such, promise that a new day, and a fresh start, is right around the corner.

"Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too." — Beau Taplin

  • The sunset brings beauty even though it is the end of the day. This quote is a reminder that endings in relationships, jobs, and more lead to new opportunities and happiness, even if these endings may seem disheartening at first glance.

"There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them." — Jo Walton

  • We are always so busy with the daily tasks of life, but it's important to make time to rest, reflect and relax. When we're constantly running around, there are so many great moments that we miss or take for granted, including the beauty of sunsets.

"Sunsets are proof that, no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully." — Kristen Butler

  • With so much on our plates, finding balance can feel impossible during the course of a taxing day. However, seeing a sunset at the end of each day can, most certainly, bring a smile to your face as it reminds you of the good — of the beautiful.

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." — Bern Williams

  • Sunsets are very calming and, as such, offer us a chance to pause and reflect. The next time you see a sunset, take a moment to think about your own dreams and where you want to go in life.

The sunset symbolizes the completion of a day's work and shows the passage of time. As the sun sets, it is time to end the day and take a break. The awesome beauty of the setting sun is also symbolic of the beauty and mystery of life itself.

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Also question is, what does a sunrise symbolize?

Sunrise is a symbol of birth and rebirth, of awakening. The coming of light, resurrection.

One may also ask, what does a sunset mean in the Bible? A Sunset is a Promise of a New Beginning. In the very first chapter of Genesis, the Lord establishes an order for a new day, which begins with the new darkness. A sunset -- not a sunrise -- is the biblical transition into a new day. A sunset is a visual image of a promise of a bright and light-filled new daytime.

Likewise, people ask, what does a red sunset symbolize?

When we see a red sky at night, this means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles. This usually indicates high pressure and stable air coming in from the west.

What does it mean to dream of a sunset?

Generally speaking, to dream of a sunset (as you might guess) means that something in your life is coming to end. Generally speaking, to dream of a sunset (as you might guess) means that something in your life is coming to end. A new cycle will begin. You are coming to a period of rest.

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Observing a sunset may be a different experience every day. Depending on the weather conditions, it can be purple, orange, or red, leaving us admiring it for the whole evening afterward.

However, sunsets do carry a sense of mystery with them. Beauty, warmth, and calmness are the most common associations we have when it comes to this natural phenomenon.

In this article, I will try to emphasize the sunset symbolism and to list some of the most typical dreams with sunset.

Sunset Symbolism

Sunset Symbolism

In arts, sunset is usually treated as a fusion of good and evil, magic and mystery. Its mystic nature is also related to beauty and love.

In general, sunset is considered to be the symbol of the cycle, along with the sunrise. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps repeating on Earth every single day. Life is also seen as the cycle itself, where childhood is represented as sunrise, while old age is related to sunset. In such a constellation, the sun’s motion is representative of our life, being cyclical in a similar way.

The sense of calmness and completion are other symbolic meaning sunset have. Sunset brings the conclusion to each day, reminding us it is time to take some rest. Thus, it brings a certain calmness to our souls, while we witnessing the day’s end, allowing us to summarize and meditate upon it.

Sunsets have always been a strong inspiration for artists, for their palette of warm colors and symbolism of beauty. Admiring its beauty is also a significant part of spiritual practices.

The Most Common Meanings of Sunset Dreams

An ending or closure of some chapter in your life.

It is time now to turn to the next page and the new challenges that come after it. Try to evaluate the previous phase and to prepare yourself for a fresh start. Your completion was successful and now it is time to take a new direction.

An achievement you gained.

Even though you have finished something, you can be happy to have achieved some goal and now able to move on. Perhaps you picked up fruits after some business projects or simply completed a certain task. In any case, you have reason to be satisfied. Try to revitalize and reassess your life.

New energy coming into your life.

You can expect major life changes after dreaming of a sunset. Your creative energy is on the top of the situation in some aspect of your life. You might have a profitable business venture or will experience spiritual enlightenment in the future.

Your self-confidence and ambition.

Dreaming of sunset stands for your willpower, competitive nature, and strength. They will bring you a time of harmony and peace. Even though you may go through the process of personal transformation, you will get through the obstacles that wait for you successfully.

Sunset Color Meaning in A Dream

Dream About Purple Sunset

Dream About Purple Sunset

Purple sunset stands for success in the near future. You can expect to receive a prize or to win respect in your family or business team. In any case, a positive change will occur.

Dream About Multi-colored Sunset

Dream About Multicolored Sunset

Multi-colored sunset, seen over the sea symbolizes a rise in vital energy. You and your closest ones will have recovery after a long period of some illness or other serious condition.

Dream About Cloudy Sunset

Dream About Cloudy Sunset

Cloudy sunset is considered to be a bad sign. It is usually related to a love relationship and the problems in it. Such a dream indicates the feeling of discomfort and feelings that got chilled. If you had such sensations during the dream, it may try to tell you will separate from your partner soon.

If the sunset you saw in a dream is dull grey or some other unusual color, it signifies your potentially existing health problems. Try to take some rest.

Dream About Red Sunset

Dream About Red Sunset

Red Sunset in a dream announces unexpected risks you can expect in the near future. Try to calculate and rethink your future actions, steps, and possibilities.

Dream About Golden Sunset

Dream About Golden Sunset

The golden sunset is considered to be a good omen. It symbolizes continuity and longevity in different aspects of your life. You can expect your relationship or job to expand and move to the next level or a completely new direction.

Consider the dream of the golden sunset a final clue to your past experiences and relationships, as well as the intro for the new ones. Try to relax, follow your easy-going nature, and everything will settle eventually.

Dream About Watching a Sunset on the Beach

Dream About Watching a Sunset on the Beach

Spending an evening on a beach, observing the sunset above the water, and feeling the calmness of the whole scenery is the most common depiction of sunset. Additionally, we usually relate it to romantic moments. Such a cliche has a long history in arts and movies and people always tend to imagine sunset in this setting.

If you had the dream of sunset on the beach, it foretells you will meet someone special who will make you happy. Expect this person to be someone who is already familiar to you, thus not a complete stranger.

You will spend romantic moments with this person and maybe spend the whole life together.


In many ways, sunsets symbolize our life cycles. Be it the end of an era, a condition, or the end of the whole journey, what comes after is the rest, reflection, and meditation, but also the new beginning.

The same goes for the sunset dream meaning. Its spiritual interpretations are numerous and depend on the overall context of your life. To better understand it, try the remember all the details and the senses the dream brought to you: colors, feelings, and impressions.

Have you dreamed about sunset recently? Can you recall the emotions you had? Can you relate the dream with your waking life context?


There is little doubt that even across the boundaries of religion, nationality and language, the magic of sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed equally by all. It should come as no surprise that there is a great deal of symbolism involved in both the rising and setting of the sun, not to mention the colors that are splashed across the canvas of the sky during each of these events.

The Symbolism of a Colorful Sunrise

There is a great deal of symbolism that is commonly associated with the sunrise in and of itself. When certain colors are present, that symbolism becomes even stronger. At times, the colors themselves drive the symbolism and at other times, it’s more about the fact that the sun is rising. The meaning of the colors involved will be discussed later on. For now, let’s explore all of the different things that the rising of the sun can potentially symbolize.

Coming Alive

Even the most energetic, optimistic person has moments where they feel like the day is just not going their way. It happens to everyone. Fortunately, it tends to happen to those energetic, optimistic individuals less often. That being said, there are still times when people simply need to remind themselves that it’s a new day, a chance to start over and try again. A beautiful sunrise with all of its colors on display is a perfect metaphor for realizing exactly that – the things that happened yesterday are done and over. Today is a new day and everyone has the opportunity to go at it again.

The Arrival of a New Baby

In some cultures, a colorful sunrise can symbolize the birth of a new baby. It makes sense when you think about it. The rising of the sun symbolizes birth, growth and a renewed sense of purpose. As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it can be very significant when associated with the birth of a new baby. While not all cultures follow this set of beliefs, it is very important to some individuals.

Celebrating a New Stage in Life

In almost every culture across the board, a colorful sunrise can easily symbolize starting something new. Perhaps the person witnessing the sunrise is celebrating a new stage in life. That could potentially involve a new marriage, moving to a different location or starting a new job. For others, it may simply mean putting a renewed sense of purpose into the things that are more fulfilling. This might involve learning to make room for those things by ridding oneself of the things that no longer serve a purpose. It’s not always about doing something tangible. Celebrating a new stage in life can be quite symbolic in and of itself. For some people, it might very well involve the mental decision to start taking the necessary steps to achieve one’s dreams.

Renewed Hope

The sunrise can also symbolize a revived spirit and a renewed hope that things will ultimately turn out okay. This is important because it’s easy for the human mind to connect the rising of the sun with the realization that each day brings new opportunities for change. In that, it’s possible to keep hope alive. Even when things aren’t going particularly well, the very idea of hope can give one enough to hold onto until things begin to turn around.

A New Opportunity to Enjoy Life

There are times when it’s imperative to simply take a moment, look at the sunrise, and realize that the new day is presenting itself with an opportunity to enjoy everything it has to offer. It can be easy to forget how important it is to be present in the moment and focus on the things that matter most. In a world where everything and everyone seems to be vying for attention at the same time, simply looking at a colorful sunrise can remind one that there is an opportunity to make the most of that particular day. It’s also a great reminder for putting the mistakes of the past aside and making the changes that need to be made to truly enjoy life. It helps people put life into perspective by reminding them to cherish the good things and let things that aren’t so good go. Every day is different.

The Symbolism of a Colorful Sunset

In many cultures the sunset represents the end of something, be it a long day or a person’s life. That might sound a bit dark, but many individuals do associate sunsets with something major coming to an end. The good news is that this is not always the case. In fact, some individuals just enjoy the sunset and remember that it is a time for resting and recharging while also looking forward to the next day ahead. In that particular context, the symbolism of a sunset is quite beautiful and serene. However, it’s also worth exploring some of the deeper meanings that one might associate with the setting sun.

Closing a Chapter in One’s Life

Metaphorically, a sunset can represent closing the books on a particular stage of life in order to start something new. Just as the sunrise can signal starting something brand new, the setting sun could potentially symbolize finishing a previous chapter in one’s life in order to begin something else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad occasion, either. There are times when closing a chapter simply means moving on to something better, more exciting and more positive. In this particular case, it is entirely dependent on the individual in question and how that person feels about the things going on in their life at that particular moment in time.

The End of a Life

As previously mentioned, the setting sun can sometimes symbolize the end of a life. For some individuals, that represents losing someone they love. For those who are chronically ill, it might come to mean something quite different to them than it has in the past, as it reminds them of the time that passes by so quickly. Depending on one’s cultural and spiritual beliefs, this could be a source of angst or it could be something that provides a certain amount of comfort.

Symbolism and Color

Of course, it is possible for the symbolism of both the sunrise and the sunset to change depending on the colors involved. As is the case with virtually everything else, color is vitally important when it comes to symbolism and meaning to individuals and entire cultures alike. In this particular case, the colors of red, gold and purple will be discussed, as these are the colors that are typically found in many sunrises and sunsets.


This is the color of passion. Some people consider it to be a color associated with romantic love but in reality, it is a color that symbolizes virtually any type of love or fondness. In fact, the color red can symbolize many different things. For example, it could symbolize an aspiration to achieve something, to be productive in new and exciting ways. The color red can also symbolize a strong desire that burns deeply inside of someone. Those who dream of better times ahead may come to associate this color with those desires. This might be especially true of those who want to have more freedom, more money or to change their life in some way that they believe will affect other positive changes later on down the road.


Traditionally, gold is the color of prosperity. Many pieces of ancient Chinese artwork utilize red and gold together in order to convey both happiness and prosperity, as the two are often considered to go hand in hand. On the spiritual side of things, gold is also symbolic of achieving a higher plane of existence. It is a color that is typically associated with individuals who have achieved a high level of spirituality. In some cases, it is associated with angels.


Purple frequently splashes across the sky during a colorful sunset. While it may be present in varying degrees, it should not be lost on anyone that purple is considered to be the color of royalty.

Therefore, it only makes sense that someone seeing these colors would associate positive emotions with the colors themselves, not just with the act of the sun rising or setting.

A Deeper Meaning

It would be remiss to think that people don’t look at a colorful sunrise or sunset and look for a spiritual meaning in what they’re seeing. Everything that has been discussed herein can potentially be considered on a spiritual level. For those who are searching for something deeper within themselves, a colorful sunrise or sunset might provide the inspiration to find what they have been searching for. In addition, artists of all types have long used the rising and setting sun along with colors as inspiration for various projects. In some cases, those projects are something that can be seen with the naked eye. In other cases, the inspiration allows artists to put something down on paper that might then inspire someone else. By the same token, an actor or vocalist might look at a colorful sunrise or sunset and gain inspiration to turn in a powerful performance.

Does the rising and setting of the sun affect everyone the same? Of course, the answer to this question is no. Each person is affected somewhat differently, depending on things that are occurring in their life at that particular point in time as well as their own cultural and spiritual beliefs, as previously discussed. However, it is worth mentioning that there are certain archetypal ideas that seem to be hardwired into each individual. For example, the idea of light and darkness is almost universal. Light is often considered to be good and pure, while darkness is sometimes feared and believed to be completely negative. In this sense, the rising of the sun provides comfort as it brings light to the day. When examined in that context, the setting sun could potentially represent the flip side of the coin, the darkness that every person fears to some degree. That can be interpreted as the light and darkness that exists within the world or the good and evil that exists within each individual.

Putting It All Together

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that sunrise and sunset has many universal meanings. However, it does indeed mean something different to each person. The truly interesting thing about it is that it might mean something different to a particular individual on one day than it does another. There is no doubt that a colorful sunrise or sunset is inspiring, not to mention symbolic. However, it might bring forth certain qualities in each individual that are inherent to that particular moment in time. It isn’t unlike hearing a song on the radio that brings forth a very emotional response one day, yet nothing happens the next time the song is heard. It could very well be because that individual is in a more emotional state at times than at others.

In its most basic form, color is all around us. It is an important part of our everyday life. However, it is one thing to see color with the naked eye and to feel the emotions and symbolism associated with those colors. As previously discussed, this may vary from person to person and even from moment to moment. However, it should not go without saying that even the most hardened, cynical individual in the world can potentially be moved by simply taking the time to look at a colorful sunrise or sunset. These events provide an opportunity to reflect on events of the past and look forward to the things that are still yet to come. At the very least, they remind us that time is always in motion and it should not be wasted. For those who have a tendency to feel things deeply, merely looking at a sunrise or sunset can bring about a wealth of emotions that may be expressed in a variety of different ways. For that, the colorful rising and setting of the sun is a truly magical experience.


Spiritual meaning sunset

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The meaning of the dream symbol: Sunset

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Sunsets are beautiful. Most of the people adore the time when sun sets instead of liking the time when sun rises. However, there are others as well that find it difficult to adjust with the time post-sunset. They don't like it when there is no natural light available outside and hence their moods are also influenced. In simple words, their moods turn off post-sunset.
Most of the times, sunset dreams are not good. they depict 'endings.' If you are going through a very harmonious and content time in your life, it may come to an end. You may have to face a lot of problems in the coming future, especially if you see yourself crying in your sunset dream.
Dreaming of sunset also means that you are terribly disheartened by something in your waking life and you are looking forward to put an end to it. However, the bad time is not ending and you are in the same pit. You are trying hard to get rid of the major problem that you are into (probably a terrible relationship), but the problem is simply holding on to you.
On the other hand, if you are happy in your sunset dream, pleasant time is on its way for you!

A sunset represents ending, romance, twilight, beginning of darkness, change, transformation and nature.
If you see yourself romantically waking with your partner in your sunset dream, it means that your bond with him is going to strengthen. However, if you see one of you sad or crying, it may depict death of a loved one. But don't worry - these are mere interpretations and hence you should not think negative.
Dreaming of dancing in your sunset dream indicates ending of your bad times. Your conscience is happy because your hardships are going to end!

Most Common Sunset Dreams:
Crying in sunset - If you dream of crying in sunset, it depicts all the sadness and sufferings in your present life.
Calmly watching the sunset - Dreaming of watching the sunset means that you are stable in your life and you have left behind all the materialistic pleasures.
Watching the sunset - If you dream of plainly watching the sunset, it means that you have no change in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Colors - Which Color Signifies What?

Just like the sunrise symbolizes the start of the day and a new beginning, sunset symbolism indicates the completion of a cycle and an end to the proceedings. It’s commonly present together with the sunrise symbolism because they form an entity, a cycle. They happen each day, and there’s no changing that, which is typical of the force of Nature that they both are.

sunset symbolism

Sunsets are mysterious. There’s a sense of calmness and the calming and warm colors have a sense of mystery about them. It’s compelling to observe the beauty of a sunset and take in the last breaths of a day, which means that this event can be inspiring for many people who observe it.

In many ways, sunsets and sunrises represent our lives – how they begin with a sunrise, and how they end with a sunset, where the sunrise represents birth and rebirth, while the end of the day represents the end of a journey.

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Sunset Symbolism and Meanings

1. Completion

Sunset happens at the end of the day, so it’s a conclusion to what’s happened during the day. It’s the end of the cycle that repeats itself every day, where the sunrise symbolizes the beginning of the day, while the sunset is its completion.

There’s a sense of completeness when the sunset comes in. After the sun has set, the day turns into night and light into darkness. It influences our mood and makes us feel like we’ve come to the end of an era. This cyclical nature of the earth’s daily cycle can be symbolic of our lives, too.

2. Cycle

No day is complete without a sunset. It’s a repeating cycle that will continue as long as Earth stands as it is. When the cycle starts, it’s represented by a sunrise; when it ends, it’s symbolic of a sunset.

Our lives are also cyclical. They begin with our birth and our childhood, represented by the sunrise. And they end with a sunset, which marks the end of this cycle. That’s why the sun’s motions are often used together to convey certain qualities that involve something that’s cyclical – like our lives.

3. Mystery

Sunsets are filled with warm colors that inspire a feeling of completeness but also mystery. After the sun has set, we don’t know what will happen. The night is full of unsure events which is only strengthened by the lack of light that happens during the night.

In some ways, a sunset can be a bridge between our unconscious and conscious mind. When there is light, it represents our consciousness. The night represents our unconsciousness. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: 

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new day”. This sense of anticipation of what comes after the sunset brings a sense of mystery to it. 

4. Calmness

There’s a sense of calmness during a sunset. This is inspired by the many colors that occur at this time of day. Sunsets can provide an excellent background for meditation and for relaxation, because of the calm atmosphere.

Sunsets are special. Witnessing them can be relaxing, and even healing in many ways. We witness the day’s end, allowing us to summarize how the day has gone for us. It allows us to look back on what we’ve achieved during the day, and end it on a positive note.

When you think about a sunset, you perhaps think about those calming moments by the sea, where the air is clear and calm, with the waves gently crashing against the coast. This is a common depiction of the end of the day and also an image that makes so many people love this sort of event.

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5. Beauty

Sunsets are a mixture of warm colors – you can see the whole palette from orange, red, blue, to yellow and even black. This has inspired many artists and literature writers to include the symbolism of the sun setting in their works (more on that later).

Many spiritual leaders and spirituality practitioners will tell you about the importance of a sunset. It’s a significant moment that’s not only beautiful to observe, but it has strong implications that you can learn from.

Sunsets even inspired great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, who is known for saying the following quote: 

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

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6. Light vs Dark

Sunset is a boundary between the realm of light versus the dark. As the sun sets, dark forces come into play, which is scary and mysterious. It is thus the last force of the light, which brings positivity. In some ways, it’s nature’s way of reminding us of the battle between good and evil.

Sunset Symbolism in Literature and Art

Sunset is seen as a mixture of good and evil in literature. One of the most famous quotes about this phenomenon is from Rabindranath Tagore, who used sunset symbolism in one of his works, Stray Birds, to help you find good in everything evil:

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storms, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

In literature, sunset symbolism is used to portray something magical and mysterious. That’s why this symbolism is commonly present in fictional works of art. One such instance can be found in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, where she describes it as the following:

“Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars.”

In some works of literature, the setting of the sun is also symbolic of beauty and love. Its mystic nature and the colors that are involved create a feeling of beauty that is often connected to love. Many romantic scenes involve the sunset in order to create these feelings within the reader. 

In a young adult novel by Anna Godbersen, the sunset is used to inspire feelings of love and beauty:

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”

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The Sunset in Dreams – What does it Mean?

Here are some possible meanings of your dreams.

  • Dreaming about a sunset might mean that you’re ending a chapter in your life and that you’re looking forward to new challenges that come after it.
  • Alternatively, it can mean that you’re eager about ending something unpleasant in your life, and you’re unsure about the changes it brings.
  • It can also mean that you’re currently going through a good period in your life and that this period is bound to end soon.

In most cases, sunset dreams depict something unpleasant, and in most scenarios, it represents something that is going to end soon.


Sunsets are beautiful and mysterious. They’re inspirational and many people enjoy them for their mystic nature. They represent an end to something, as they’re the opposite of sunrises which represent birth and a new beginning.

These two symbolisms are commonly used in unison, as they’re used to portray something that’s cyclical in nature. They tell you that everything has a beginning and everything must come to an end at some point, whether you like it or not. Not all endings are as pleasant as the sunset, though.


I’m a Scorpio and I love the outdoors. My spirit animal? It’s the black horse, of course! It symbolizes inner strength and is a majestic sidekick.


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Spiritual Twilight Windows

The sunrise and the sunset are spiritual twilight windows. These are the power times of the day.   We have some safe sun gazing tips to get the most out of this experience.

So, there are good reasons you find yourself drawn to these special times of the day. They are the times when energy shifts. Many people love to watch the rising and the setting sun.   These are safe windows for gazing at the sun.

Some people like sunrises and others prefer sunsets. Still, others are feel equally drawn by both solar events.  These celestial events are not just beautiful, and they project an energy that resonates with us on a spiritual level.

sun gazing meaning of spiritual twilight windows

Some believe this ancient practice originates with the Druids.   No one knows for sure.  You can find a version of this practice around the globe.

The safe way to do this is with unfocused eyes in the direction but never directly at the sun.  We should only do it during the brief window of time, as the sun rises or sets. These are the perfect times when the Ultraviolet rays are at their lowest intensity.

The safe window for gazing at the sun will vary depending on the time of the year and location.  It can be a short as 3 minutes in the summer. During the summer, the window is not as long because the Sun is more intense. But during the winter, the safe window and extend up to perhaps 30 minutes.  The power times of the day are essential cycles for the Earth.

These more extended periods are the two Solstices.  There is one in June and one in December.   Your location also affects this safe window of opportunity—the closer to the equator, the more intense the sun and the shorter the window of safety.

Sun Gazing Tips

Above all, one needs to gaze using peripheral vision. Otherwise, you can cause permanent damage to the retina, which could cause blindness.  Since looking at the sun can damage the eyes, why chance it?  When you do the process correctly, you never look directly at the sun.  You only gaze upon the sun’s rays before or after it passes the horizon.  It’s the first and most important of the sun gazing tips.

Some claim you can exist without food through the daily practice of the proper technique.   Unfortunately, there is no credible evidence of people doing this.  The only actual evidence is those who died from starvation or dehydration.   We couldn’t find any evidence to support the claims of living off the sun.  You can’t synthesize the sun’s rays like a plant.

However, when you do it right during these twilight windows, it is pleasant and therapeutic.  You don’t need to stare at the sun to benefit from the sunrise or sunset’s energy.

Mystics and Sages write poems about these celestial events.  Much of early mythology focuses on alignment with these events.  The basis of all the Sun-God mythologies is the sun’s setting and rising.  It represents death and rebirth or resurrection.   You will find many ancient structures align facing either East or West.

Unfortunately, many of the specific rituals and rites are lost. But the monuments for these spiritual twilight windows testify to their importance. Historical evidence suggests that many cultures find significance in these daily changes.  These daily events are energy portals.  Along with the changing light, they are also continuous magnetic waves.

Everyone enjoys the fleeting beauty of a sunset or sunrise.  Many people find profound significance in these moments.  Some people are drawn more to one time of day than the other.   It doesn’t matter to some.  There are, of course, some people who couldn’t care less.  There are reasons for these preferences.

Spiritual Meaning of Twilight Windows

Sunrises have special significance in Western religion.  The Sunrise service on Easter is a celebration to commemorate the raising of the dying god from the dead.  It’s always celebrated on Sunday, the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. This rite bears the name of the god Ishtar.

Ishtar is a variation of the sun god from Sumerian, also known as Inanna, in Mesopotamia.  She is the goddess of war, sex, and love. Her symbols include rain and thunderstorms, and she is often in the company of a lion, whose roar resembled thunder.  So, in a spiritual sense, the twilight service celebration is a commemoration of the ancient mystery god of Sumeria who brings the Spring Soltice. We don’t know the content of these original ceremonies.

The day with the most sunshine is the Summer Solstice, so ancient cultures not only celebrated but created permanent structures to commemorate this celestial event.

Yucatan Peninsula is the pyramids of Chichén Itzá.   The precise construction and engineering of the pyramids create a visual display at mid-day on the Summer Solstice.  The sunlight cuts the pyramid into two pieces.  The central pyramid of El Castillo is in pure sunlight on one side and a complete shadow on the other.

Modern-day Druids have been celebrating the Summer Solstice for many years; their main focal point for this celebration is Stonehenge.  These rituals have a common thread that leads us back to the fundamental practice of sun gazing.  The original spiritual meaning of twilight is in the enjoyment and simplicity of the sunrise and sunset.

Rituals for Spiritual Twilight Windows

The best way to gain the most out of these extraordinary times is to create a meaningful rite or ritual commemorating this event.  We are not suggesting that you start a religion.  There are already plenty of mythologies without the need for any more.

Walking your path is an essential aspect of spiritual exploration.   Some people find that part of this involves developing your spiritual rituals.  Rituals are an indispensable way to focus your intent and summon the confidence needed to overcome life’s obstacles.  Some people use the moon and its cycles as a focal point.  The sunrise and sunset are other perfect times because of the changing of the light and spiritual energy.

When you can go outside during the sunrise and sunset, give thanks to your ancestors and the Earth.  Practice some form of moving meditation.  It will help your attitude and overall health and wellness.

We have these two opportunities every day.  Perhaps this is why religions use them? The Spring equinox is a significant benchmark for many cultures; it signals the beginning of the Spring and Summer growing season.  Some ancient civilizations built architecture to align with specific sunrise events.

For example, the Pyramid of Kukulkán, also known as El Castillo, is the 79-foot pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico. The structure creates the visual effect of a serpent during both the spring and autumn equinoxes.  It’s a significant engineering creation that shows their knowledge of astronomy and building skills.   We don’t know what rituals may have accompanied these events.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy way to tune in or energize, then the power times of the day are a perfect opportunity.  If you feel inclined to use this technique, be safe.  One of the most critical sun gazing tips is doing your research.  Find out the specific time of the spiritual twilight window that is best for you.  If you are new to the practice, remember never to look directly at the sun.  Start with only a few seconds and always use peripheral vision.

Otherwise, you can always enjoy the sunrise or sunset when the sun is the least powerful.  Or don’t look directly at the sun.

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