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Mohawk fade haircuts are not just a mixture of the popular rebellious haircut and a fade. It’s a whole new type of Mohawk that allows modern guys to combine daring edginess with a sense of elegance. In other words, it’s the most gentle and masculine Mohawk option of all time. And today you are going to learn how to make it a part of your style!

Alongside lots of inspiring pics, you will see some styling tips that will show you how to make the well-known punky style less dramatic and make it suitable for casual wear.

The Mohawk Fade: What Is It?

Credit photo: instagram.com/ryancullenhair

Unlike the classic version of Mohawk that features cleanly-shaved or buzzed sides and a high top that stretches along the back, Mohawk Fade haircut is less contrastive. It usually comes with a high fade that gives a smoother blend on the top portion.

One of the best things about such cuts is that a wearer can experiment with different types of fade, regulating the blend of the whole haircut. In this way, you can easily make one of the most outrageous men's hairstyles adapt to your image. As for the top, faded Mohawk haircuts offer a lot of room for styling creativity, too! You can turn the top into anything from sleek and textured to messy and tousled.

How To Get Faded Mohawk: Basic Recommendations

Credit photo: instagram.com/giuse_laguardia

First of all, you need to find a skilled barber who knows how to cut a mohawk fade. But that’s not enough, because, if you’re going to pull it off, you’ll need to consider some basics to achieve a style that perfectly suits you. Here are the things that you should keep in mind.

  • For a short version of the cut, you need to have at least 2 inches of hair on top. And if you want to rock a more flexible top, make sure to have at least 3 to 5 inches.
  • Before asking your barber for a high fade on the sides, decide how wide and long you want the cut to be and tell him.
  • For businessmen with thick hair, we recommend going for a more comfortable, short faded Mohawk as it can offer a restrained, stylish, and low-maintenance look.
  • If you are not sure what your cut should be, consult with your barber or bring a pic of the cut you like.
  • Specify what kind of fade you want to get. It can be a close skin fade that creates high contrast with the top; a high fade that keeps the sides very neat yet not clean; a mid or low fade that leaves more length for smooth transition. It’s all up to you!
  • When your cut is ready, ask your barber to tailor the top in the way it matches your image.

Tips For Styling A Mohawk Fade

Credit photo: instagram.com/tote_barber

Since the haircut is very versatile, there are countless ways on how to style a Mohawk fade. But there still are some universal tips that every man should take into account to master the style he’s about to recreate. Here they are!

    • You should be fully equipped with styling tools and products. A styling gel, wax or pomade is a must, just like a good comb. Based on the look you want to achieve, choose a strong or light hold hair product.
    • Before applying a product, make sure you start with damp hair.
    • Work the product through your hair thoroughly so that the top doesn’t fall.
    • With the help of a comb, push your hair to the center of the head, keeping on brushing to create a voluminous body.
    • If you want to get a super steady, voluminous hawk, use a blow dryer, directing hair to the center.
    • For textured looks, run your fingers through your well-gelled or waxed hair and tousle it up.

The Hottest Faded Mohawk Styles To Try Today

With the eternal variety of cool Mohawks with fade, there’s no way you won’t find the perfect idea for you: you can experiment to your heart's content. The hairstyles you are going to discover will not only allow you to individualize them by playing with fades and tapers but also will nicely complement your facial hair. Check out the latest ideas: they are designed to inspire you for your next barbershop appointment.

Mid Length Curly Mohawk

]Credit photo: instagram.com/ggsoaress

Mohawk fade has no texture restrictions. On the contrary, it can always adapt to your hair type. This undercut Mohawk features closely shaved sides that accentuate the top, showing off the awesomeness of curly texture.

Pompadour Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/ggsoaress

And here’s the promised elegant version of Mohawk fade. Here you can see a rough combination of a zero fade and Mohawk top. To achieve such a classy look, apply a strong-hold gel to the top and brush it to the side, holding a blow dryer in the other hand.

Razor Line Mohawk Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/ryancullenhair

Don’t forget that you can customize your Mohawk haircut fade with some shaved designs. This high fade looks extremely sophisticated due to the shaved stripe while the messy top gives a harmonic finish.

High Mohawk Pomp

Credit photo: instagram.com/menshairstylehub

If you love to wear super voluminous and immaculate hairstyles, this idea is a must. The top is full and well-structured and the fade is clean and smooth, which goes well with the beard.

Modern Mohawk With a Beard

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjohnmillington

Simple, masculine, and stylish: this is how a modern casual faded Mohawk looks like. Such a haircut will work splendidly for any hair type, making it appear pretty voluminous. But since it’s very high, it’s better to pair it with a beard to balance out the look.

Spiky Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/shawnscheepers

A spiky Mohawk is a perfect option for men with thin hair and a punky soul! Edgy spikes can bring a ton of volume to weak hair, creating a very full and youthful silhouette. Of course, you can finish it with some hair design, if you please.

Mohawk With Bald Fade

Credit photo: instagram.com/f4fade

Men who are into contrastive looks can pair their Mohawks with bald fade. This haircut gives a clean, disconnected transition, focusing on the top. If you’d like to make your curls stand out, this idea is for you.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/itsclipperovercomb

Similar to a high top fade haircut, the burst fade Mohawk is a popular idea among men with kinky hair. Not only does the style give a neat, precise finish to unruly hair but also whip it into an awesome punky shape.

Credit photo: instagram.com/kvenzo.barber.cuts

There’s no better way to create a one-of-a-kind haircut than to get a unique hair tattoo. Minimalist patterns go well with graduated haircuts, especially those finished with smooth fades.

Skin Fade And Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/napolesbarbershop

Short faded Mohawks can be nicely enhanced with a high skin fade. This particular look is kept well-balanced and neat because of the perfect silhouette created by facial hair.

Sponge Curls Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/andyauthentic

Besides outstanding sponge curls and a mighty beard, there’s one more detail that makes this faded Mohawk special. A temple fade that slowly turns into a fascinating design serves as an exceptional finish.

Line Up Faded Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/iamtyrikjackson

Here’s another cool feature of black Mohawk fade haircuts: you can ask your barber for a low temp fade that seamlessly blends with your facial hair. Everything in this style is so precise and accurate that it’s hard to recognize a punky cut!

Mohawk Fade With Hard Part

Credit photo: instagram.com/abbas_ahmadifard

Gone are those days when Mohawk was all about rebellious punks and messy looks! Today, this daring hairstyle is no stranger to neatness and precision, so you can make the restless vibe work for your dapper look. Ask your barber for a hard part to always have an outlined finish, style your hawk with a firm pomade, and make your look complete by running your fingers through the top. Of course, a nice fade will be the icing on the cake.

Blonde Mohawk Fade

Credit photo: instagram.com/milashkina_elena

If not a Mohawk, what can show off your color update at its best? On lighter hair colors, sharp length graduations aren’t that visible, so we recommend you going for softly graduated tapers and focus your styling on the texture of the top. A bit of upward movement will do just great to make the top stand out. To style it this way, just work some lightweight gel into your hair.

Burgundy Mohawk Fade With Hair Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/masivip.hairclub

As it turns out, a Mohawk is your best weapon for making your creative hair ideas come true. Want to add more character to your punky look? Bless the top with a drastic shade of red. Feel like your look needs an exclamation point? Nothing will do better than a dimensional hair design over your fade. The options are endless, and your imagination is the only limit to them.

All these Mohawk fade designs and ideas are here to prove one thing: this haircut can be anything you want it to be. Whether you want a simple casual look with a rebellious vibe or you are willing to rock chic and dramatic looks, a faded Mohawk will be there for you!

FAQ: Mohawk Fade

Why is a mohawk called a mohawk?

The term Mohawk stems from a nickname the Mohawk people were given by their adversaries, which meant man-eaters. The word man-eaters does not necessarily imply that they consumed human flesh. It simply means that these people were ferocious fighters. The Mohawks’ name translates to people of the flint.

What are the different types of mohawks?

  • Messy Mohawk.
  • Mohawk Fade.
  • Short Mohawk.
  • Long Mohawk.
  • Curly Hair Mohawk.
  • Pompadour Mohawk.
  • Tapered Mohawk.
  • Mullet Mohawk.
  • Punk Mohawk.
  • Undercut Mohawk.

Can a mohawk look professional?

If you are a young professional who wishes to maintain a trendy look? Choose a short mohawk hairstyle. It will look great in both your business and casual settings.

Are mohawks high maintenance?

A mohawk is an edgy, entertaining hairstyle that can help you stand out from the crowd. Because you have to trim the sides so often, this haircut a bit high-maintenance. You will have a genuinely amazing mohawk with the appropriate care and styling.

Sours: https://lovehairstyles.com/mohawk-fade/

The Essential Guide to Mohawk Hairstyles: Variations and Styling Options


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Behold the MOHAWK!

Mohawks Defined

The venerable mohawk is one of the world’s most iconic hairstyles. Long a favourite choice of trendy nonconformists, it expresses both courage and exuberance. The classic mohawk has the head shaved except in the middle where a strip of hair (usually longer hair) is visible from the front of the head to the back, creating a distinctively masculine and aggressive look.

As we illustrate below, the venerable mohawk can also be calibrated to fit a broad range of professional settings as well. For this reason, it’s regarded more like a family of hairstyle variations. It has been worn to great effect by trend-setting actors, athletes, and even businessmen in recent years. This has made mohawks a hot property among ambitious young urban men eager to assert themselves on the world stage.

If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies, you have no doubt seen variations of the mohawk worn by A-list actors including Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Jim Carrey, and Zac Efron. More of a soccer fan? Fauxhawks, a modern variation of the mohawk, are also a favourite of professional footballers, and you don’t need to look hard to find pictures of greats such as Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham rocking one.

Mohawk Origins: from Classic to Modern

Although the hairstyle’s name originates from its questionable association with the indigenous Mohawk tribe of North America, the hairstyle itself has been used across the world throughout the ages. For example, the body of a man found in Ireland that dates back to the Iron Age had a well-preserved mohawk hairstyle.

The mohawk’s simplicity and unmistakable strength of character have even attracted military personnel across the globe. Over the decades, numerous male celebrities have sported this look, and many more continue to do so. In the late twentieth century, Hollywood productions debuted a number of tough men rocking mohawks.

Spiky Modern Mohawk

Spiky Modern Mohawk

Over the past couple of decades, lighter and more subtle variations of the mohawk have been increasingly seen in the workplace. Thus, in today’s world, we see the mohawk on IT gurus, masters of sales, and dealmakers. Whatever your chosen career, a mohawk can give you that distinct edge when it comes to making a powerful first impression.

Best Face Shapes for the Mohawk

Mohawks are not a one-size-fits-all style. They tend to fit men with square-shaped faces well. That said, if you have your heart set on getting a mohawk, it’s crucial to assess the shape of your face, your profile (how you look from the side), and even how your head looks from behind. Then, you’ll want to work with an expert barber or stylist to ensure you get the ideal mohawk for your needs.

There are dozens of options out there, so to save you time, we have narrowed them down to focus on those that are favoured by men who are making their mark on today’s world. As you will see, many of them are shorter, and several could even be classified as fauxhawks. But, make no mistake; these are hairstyles that retain their edge, which is why they add excitement to your look, whether in the boardroom, the studio or on your days off.

Wear the Mohawk like a Boss

What Kind of Outfits Best Suit Mohawks?

If you try to search online for advice on what kind of outfits to wear with a mohawk, you will find very little advice. This is because the possibilities are unlimited. However, we know you are a man who likes to get straight answers and take action. Therefore, we will give you some guiding principles to keep in mind when dressing for the mohawk life.

Since mohawks, by their very nature, stand out and have an aggressive appearance, it is unnecessary to wear anything that would be considered “loud” or “eye-catching.” This is because the mohawk does all the work in attracting eyeballs.

Thus, since we are talking about mohawk variants for young working men, you can wear a fairly neutral and ordinary outfit that fits your style and workplace. Your mohawk and any accessories you sport will set the overall tone.

Popular Mohawk Styles by Hair Length

While the possibilities of a mohawk are only limited by your imagination, when it comes to the workplace, you want to find the right balance. Generally speaking, you want to stand out but not too much. In other words, it’s essential that you select the right variation according to the situations you expect to find yourself in.

Mohawk with Short Hair

Yes, it’s possible, even if your hair is short, you can still go for a mohawk that turns heads. This is where we get into the territory of the fauxhawk, an understated version of the mohawk.

Short Mohawk with Fade
Short Mohawk with Fade

If you dropped the idea of having a mohawk because you have short hair, then you definitely need to reconsider. There are many out there who rock the mohawk look with short hair. A good stylist can shape a classy look to suit men of all ages. This hairstyle exudes a particular charm, and maintaining it is relatively easy compared to styles with longer hair.

Short Curly or Permed Mohawk
Short Curly or Permed Mohawk

If you have hesitated to try a mohawk hairstyle because of your curly (or permed) hair, this is for you. This low-maintenance hairstyle can give you a lively and creative look. Keeping it short will convey classiness, while longer variants show off your willingness to experiment. Your stylist will cut your curly locks to the desired length, and work in fades on the sides.

Mohawk with Medium Hair

Ready to become an icon? Medium-length mohawks turn up the volume on an already commanding hairstyle. One approach is to fix the hair on sides with hairspray while leaving the hair on top at a medium length. Using hair gel as the base product, you can turn the hair towards the middle for a timeless look. Combine with an undercut and beard for more edge.

Half Mohawk Fade
Half Mohawk Fade

This trendy fauxhawk variation features a critical step and a sensational blur. Despite the blur beginning near the top of the sides, it rapidly fades into a skin shave as it progresses downwards. Ideal for getting noticed while making an entrance without sucking all of the air out of the room or causing a riot!

Mohawk with Long Hair

Stand back everyone—the man is here! That’s what happens when you rock a long-haired mohawk. Attention finds you and people can’t help but have a reaction of some kind. Classic punk style made aggressive use of the long-haired mohawk with colourful spikes. Another approach is to let your hair have some movement. The possibilities are truly endless, but one thing is for sure—you won’t be forgotten!

Up Sweep with High Mohawk
Confident Quiffed Brush-Up

Ready to go uptown? This mohawk hairstyle is styled to create a quiff reminiscent of Elvis and other prominent men with classic looks. It is set off by a cowlick at the front. The gorgeous volume and structure of this look beg the question: “Are you rock ‘n’ roll royalty or just here to take over and run the show?”

If you want to live dangerously, then colour your hair on top to stand out even further. Let them know who's boss!

Mohawk Hairstyles with Fade

Low Fade Mohawk

Low Fade Mohawk

If you want to balance between private life and work, this is a perfect hairstyle. It feels subtle yet classy. The low fade mohawk is a versatile hairstyle option for men who want to stand out. This style leaves plenty of hair on top for styling and playing with.

Taper Fade Mohawk

If your job demands that you avoid overly funky looks, then this sharp and versatile hairstyle might just be for you. It provides for long hair at the top while being shorter on the sides and back. The shortened part can vary depending upon the shape of your face. If you’re someone who wants to balance and rock both your party look and office look, this is a perfect choice.

Taper Fade Mohawk

Fades are generally shorter and may use fading down to the skin at any point to visually minimize the hairline. With a taper, the length of your hair on the sides and back gradually gets shorter from top to bottom. A taper is a type of fade. However, a fade is not a kind of taper. So, if your stylist asks if you want a “taper fade,” they are probably referring to a tapered haircut.

Taper Fade Mohawk

High Fade Mohawk

High Fade Mohawk

This variation of the mohawk features a high fade on the sides. It can be combined with any style of mohawk, whether you have permed, wavy, or straight thick hair. It also works for short, long, flat, and wide mohawks. The longer your hair on top, the more styling options you will have. On one day, you can try tousled, loose hair. Then, the next day, go for a slick, combed-over look.

High Fade with Top Coloured Mohawk
High Fade with Top Coloured Mohawk

If you are a young, bold challenger, this is a style that speaks volumes. Everybody will know that you see the world differently. A favourite of creative individuals over the decades, this style lets you show your true colours. Throw people off by changing your hair colour every now and then. This style works great when worn with darker clothes that make the shade of your hair stand out even more.

Wide and Long Mohawk
Wide and Long Mohawk

Want to show that you’re wild yet possess a sensitive side? The contrast of drastically different lengths makes the wide and long mohawk a striking visual spectacle. However, somehow, it isn’t overpowering and shows that you are both a lover and a fighter.

How to Get a Mohawk

How to Order the Mohawk Hairstyle at Barber Salon

How to Order the Mohawk Hairstyle at Barber Salon

As you have seen so far in this article, there is a myriad of possibilities when it comes to mohawk hairstyles. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do your research and have a clear idea of what you want. Bring a few photos of the kind of look you are seeking.

However, remember that your barber or hairstylist is a seasoned professional, and they can see things that you can’t. Thus, rather than giving them an order, ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving you their opinion and advice on what would be the best approach for you.

Not every hairstyle suits every man. There are many variables that an experienced hairdresser will take into consideration, including facial shape and features, hair type, length, and consistency, and the kind of undercut you are interested in.

DIY Mohawk Styling Process

DIY Mohawk Styling Process
  1. Styling wax is one of several products that can work well for styling mohawks. If you’re up for trying it, we recommend raising the back of the hair by brushing it upwards.
  2. Apply wax to your fingertips and run them upwards and forward.
  3. Experiment with brushing up the bangs and creating hair bundles randomly to enhance the shape.

Since there are so many different types of mohawk hairstyles, there is no single approach to styling. So, once your stylist has completed your cut and is going into the styling phase, ask them to explain the techniques they are using.

Hair Products for Mohawk Hairstyle

You’re savvy enough to recognize the importance of correctly using appropriate hair styling products to achieve the desired results. However, there is no single product that will suit all hairstyles and all hair types.

Therefore, it’s essential to ask your barber or stylist to recommend the right products for you. For example, within our range of hair styling products are numerous options that are ideal for the mohawk variations described above.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Styling Wax - Recommended by GATSBY

Have you struggled to find the right styling product? You’re not the only one. Generally, the varieties with strong setting power are regarded as ideal for mohawks. However, we have added extra magic so that you can still re-styling your look as you need. This is the one to use if you would like to be able to reshape your style throughout the day.

Hair Gel

Our hair gel is designed to bind your hair closely together, enabling your hairstyle to hold for hours. It spreads and blends well without stickiness. It also gives a natural shine to your hair while remaining easy to wash off. We have several types that you can use, depending on your mohawk goals.

Styling Clay

You know you want it—a styling product that gives a stronger hold while feeling light and giving that textured matt appearance. Meant primarily for the tips of your hair, styling clay lets you shape your look and freely adjust it throughout the day. It offers a high hold that is flexible. Apply it with ease to dry or damp hair as required.

Make Your Presence Bold with a Stylish Mohawk

The mohawk has been around forever and is going to remain popular for the foreseeable future. Remember that while you’re a rebel, the key to making the right impression with a mohawk hairstyle is understanding how to adjust it to fit your needs. With an optimal combination of the right cut and carefully selected styling products, you can have a mohawk that turns heads for all the right reasons.

Sours: https://gatsby.sg/mens-lifestyle/essential-guide-mohawk-hairstyles/
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28 Modern Undercut Fade Haircuts – Find Your Unique Style

An undercut fade adds a modern twist to a man’s hairstyle. It is characterized by a sharp cut that is very similar to a high fade that you can slick back, wear as a pompadour, or even create the illusion of a Mohawk. There are different types of undercuts, some are modest, and some will turn heads. Check out these 28 undercut fade haircuts and choose one that will suit your style.

#1 Pompadour with Tapered Sides

Pompadour hairstyles are sometimes mixed with an undercut to play up the drama of voluminous hair. While a low fade softens the look a bit, the sharp cut makes the look more intense. By styling pomp, you can get a daring undercut and a more relaxed top section. The top hair is 2-3 inches long and requires some hair gel to keep it in place.

Quiff Haircut with Undercut Fade

#2 Slick Back Hair with Undercut Fade

This slick back hairstyle blends well with the low fade. Distinctive and well-polished, the hairstyle features a sleek top with ample volume and a low fade undercut. Perfect for men with straight hair, this style is great for formal or informal occasions. To get this style, you’ll need some pomade or hair gel for maximum slickness.

Slick Back Hair with Low Fade and Beard

#3 Undercut Fade with Side Part

This is a comb-over type of hairstyle that can look like a Mohawk or a regular comb over. The right side has a disconnected undercut fade, while the left has a side part. Men who want a unique look can get it by creating a shaved side part to separate the undercut from the top hair. You can also add some highlights to the tips of the undercut for a bohemian effect.

Widow's Peak with Drop Fade

#4 Wavy High Top with Low Fade

Wavy hair can also be used for a high top with a stylish low fade. This hairstyle features an undercut fade that extends from the sides to the front of the hairline. Although the model has wavy hair, any type of hair texture will work for this look. Just be sure to keep the top hair long enough to provide balance to the overall look.

Messy Top with Temple Fade and Undercut

#5 Side Combed Disconnected Undercut

A faded undercut involves a gradual reduction of the hair from long to short, but a disconnected undercut is a sharp departure from the longer top hair. This version has a deep sideline between the combed hair and the undercut fade. Finish this look with a smooth comb-over to get a mix of modern and classic.

Comb Over Quiff with Deep Part

#6 Quiff Undercut with Drop Fade

Textured men’s hairstyles always stand out, but when combined with an undercut, it stands out even more. Some hairstylists know how to undercut and quiff hair to perfection. The key is to make the top section longer so that you can brush it to the side, or to the back. Maintaining this look requires some medium hold gel to keep the hair texture intact.

Quiff Haircut with Drop Fade

#7 Comb Over with Low Fade Undercut

This undercut style is cut in layers and looks great when it is styled to the side. The best way to sculpt this comb over is to use some wax and a blow dryer to achieve the textured volume. The sides start with a taper fade and progress to a bald fade.

Comb Over with Low Fade Undercut

#8 High Pompadour with Undercut Fade

This spectacular pompadour is perfect for all fashion-forward men. Combine this undercut fade with full hair to create an eye-catching, modern look. Because a pompadour can elongate the shape of a man’s head, this haircut is best reserved for men with round-shaped faces. Hair gel is necessary to keep this pomp firm.

Pompadour Quiff with Undercut Fade

#9 Quiff With Undercut Fade

A tousled quiff is not something you see every day. This low fade haircut is bound to be your favorite new style for a casual laid-back look. All you need is a basic undercut fade and a choppy cut on the top styled into a quiff. Of course, you can wear a tidy version of this style, just use a comb for a smooth result. The look is also easy to maintain, use a dollop of pomade and apply to your hair before drying.

#10 Textured Haircut with Undercut Fade

If your personal style is “sharp” and “svelte”, then this look will be great for you and is how to undercut and texture medium length hair. Sophisticated and simple, yet modern and edgy, this style will look good for casual occasions. It’s also the best for guys who like the pompadour, but don’t have the volume to pull it off. Add some hair product to style this hair and keep it in place.

Comb Over with Razor Fade

#11 Pompadour with Deep Part

Pompadours stand out when you add extra volume to the top of the hair. This haircut stands out with a modern flair and can easily be created by blow-drying the hair upwards and to the back with a hair brush and pomade. Remember, the bigger the disparity in length between the top and the sides, the more intense the hairstyle will look.

Pompadour with Skin Fade and Beard

#12 Curly Undercut with Bald Fade

The undercut is not only for men with straight hair. Wavy and curly haired men can also look fabulous in an undercut. If you have naturally curly hair, then you can use some hair product to achieve a neat and clean look. Cut your undercut smoothly to give it a masculine touch of class.

Curly Top with Skin Undercut Fade

#13 Pompadour with Low Fade Undercut

This style is fashionable with long hair on the top and an undercut that tapers off to a low bald fade. Style the hair on top in any direction, for a very versatile hairstyle. Apply some wax with a matte finish to your hair and you are ready to go.

Pompadour with Disconnected Undercut

#14 Comb Over with Double Razor Fade

This style is graphic with a double hard part on the side. While a standard side part will separate the hair, a double fade adds a striking effect to the haircut. The hair on the model is also textured and cut in layers. This style requires some hair products to maintain this texture and look.

Textured Comb Over with Double Razor Fade

#15 Tapered Pompadour with Bald fade

A taper haircut is another classic style and goes well with an undercut. This hairstyle is cut in layers from the crown to the top section. The best hair styling products for this kind of style is a medium hold gel or mousse with a semi-matte finish.

Quiff Haircut with Skin Fade

#21 Modern Pompadour with Deep Part

Modern Pompadour with Deep Part and Skin Fade

#22 Temple Fade Undercut

Quiff Haircut with Undercut Fade

#23 Textured  Caesar Haircut

#24 Comb Over with Skin Fade

Skin Fade Pompadour

#25 Crew Cut Razor Fade

Crew Cut with Deep Part and Fade

#26 Undercut with High Front

Disconnected Undercut with High Front

#27 Skin Fade Caesar

Skin Fade Caesar

#28 Deep Parted Undercut with Fringe

Skin Fade Undercut with Fringe
Sours: https://menshairstyletips.com/undercut-fade-haircuts/

Another men’s haircut that has been updated is the classic mohawk. These mohawk fade haircuts feature new ways to wear the sides and the mohawk itself.

The mohawk haircut is a strip of hair down the center of the head with the sides shaved. Although the name refers to Native Americans, the mohawk hairstyle has been worn by warriors throughout the centuries. Mohawks are still favored by fighters and soldiers but can also be a sign of rebellion. Or you can just wear a mohawk because it looks cool (and tough).

The traditional mohawk features a thin strip of hair down the middle and shaved sides. Hair is traditionally spiked vertically. These mohawk fades are new hairstyles for men. The most common way to cut a mohawk is with a burst fade but temp fades and taper fades also work. Some of these looks have a hint of a mullet while others end in a point or shape.

On top, hair doesn’t even need to be spiked up. Hair can be short, curly, spiky or anything you want it to be. You can also get creative with the neckline to make even more of a statement. Now check out these 33 ways to wear a mohawk fade.

1. Mohawk Fade Haircut In A Pompadour Style

mohawk fade haircut

This cool hawk is styled like a pompadour.

2. Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

black mohawk fade haircut

The mohawk fade is a cool look for all types of curly hair that bring some volume along with natural texture.

3. Short Spiky Mohawk Fade Haircut + Beard

short mohawk fade haircut

Hair doesn’t have to be long for a mohawk. This short spiky cut that tapers into a V at the back does the trick.

4. Taper Fade Mohawk For Black Men

taper fade mohawk haircut black men

It’s not easy to create that mohawk profile with a taper fade but here it is.

5. Burst Fade Mohawk

burst fade mohawk haircut

6. Mohawk Fade Haircut + Designs

mohawk fade haircut designs

Some might say that this is a lot of look, others might say it’s just enough.

7. Taper Fade Mohawk Haircut

taper fade mohawk haircut

Length and texture transform this taper fade haircut into a wide mohawk.

8. Mohawk Fade – Back View

mohawk fade haircut back view

Most of these mohawk fades narrow towards the neckline to play up the mohawk shape.

9. Semi-Mohawk Fade Haircut For Short Hair

semi mohawk fade haircut

In contrast to the look above, the neckline of this mullet-mohawk-temple fade combination stays wide. It’s kind of a mohawk and it kind of isn’t. It is definitely cool though.

10. Short Spiky Mohawk

fade mohawk haircut pictures

This fresh look uses color as well as the faded cut and spiky styling to define a mohawk.

11. Wide Mohawk Fade

wide mohawk fade haircut

All it takes to cut a mohawk is faded sides. The rest of hair can remain for this cool wide mohawk style.

12. Fade Mohawk For Curly Hair

curly fade mohawk haircut

This cool look takes curly volume to the next level for a bold textured mohawk. With a long fringe this is one of the best mohawk fade haircuts.

13. Fade Mohawk With Short To Medium Natural Curls

fade mohawk haircut black

Kinky hair makes it easy to get that mohawk volume.

14. Fade Mohawk For Longer Tight Curls

fade mohawk haircut black men

Here’s another cool mohawk for black hair that gets extra emphasis from a shape up and some blonde.

15. Mohawk Haircut + Temple Fade

fade to mohawk haircut

This burst skin fade seamlessly transitions into a short mohawk for black hair.

16. Mohawk Haircut With A High Fade

high fade mohawk haircut

A high fade at the sides plus a shaved line is slightly more faux hawk but gets the point across.

17. How To Do A Killer Mohawk Fade Haircut

how to do a mohawk fade haircut

Now that’s how you do a mohawk fade. Shaved lines and tight curls surround the burst fade in almost concentric rings.

18. Low Fade Mohawk

low fade mohawk haircut black

Instead of defining a mohawk with a fade, this cool look pairs a low fade with a defined strip of hair on top.

19. Cool Mohawk Fade Styles For Medium Hair

mohawk fade haircut styles

There are so many options for the mohawk fade – this version leaves a wide strip of hair all the way down with a blurry fade and line up .

20. Temp Fade Mohawk + Cropped Fringe

temp fade mohawk haircut

Here’s a cool hockey-inspired flow haircut with a temp fade and some mullet flavor.

21. A Mullet Mohawk Fade

a mohawk fade haircut

Here’s a cool mohawk haircut building on a square fade rather than the typical rounded burst fade.

22. Afro Mohawk Fade Haircut

afro mohawk fade haircut

Afro hairstyles don’t always fave to be spherical. This cool adds a burst fade to the sides while keeping that rounded shape through the middle.

23. Bald Fade Mohawk

bald fade mohawk haircut

A quick fade down to the skin emphasizes the height and shape of this cool mohawk.

24. Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

beard fade mohawk haircut

A mohawk with a beard? Why not. A skin fade breaks up this wavy mohawk from short and shaped facial hair.

25. Bald Fade + Mohawk Haircut

black fade mohawk haircut

This cool look styles black hair into a form of liberty spikes and adds a half moon part.

26. Mohawk Fade For Short Curly Hair

This cool mohawk fade for black men leaves a wide swath of longer hair down the center of the head. That height is flattering for everyone.

27. Blonde Mohawk Fade

blonde mohawk fade haircut

The mohawk is cool in every cool but certainly stands out in this almost white shade of blonde.

28. Faded Mohawk Haircut For Black Boys

boy black faded mohawk haircuts

The mohawk fade is cute and cool for boys of all ages. One of the coolest mohawk fade haircuts.

29. Mohawk Haircut For Curly Hair Boys

boy black faded mohawk haircuts

Here is the same haircut from a different angle. It’s an easy hairstyle for boys with curly hair.

30. Short + Curly Mohawk

The wide mohawk is a cool way to wear curly hair without any extra width at the sides.

31. Short Hair Mohawk Fade

This short haircut starts with a line up and ends in a V, with a blurry fade on both sides and texture down the middle.

32. Pomp Hawk

Is it a mohawk? Is it a pompadour? It’s a bit of both and then some.

33. Mohawk Haircut

mohawk fade haircut

This distinctive style starts with a shaved temple fade and gets longer from there in a radial pattern. The wide strip of hair is spiked up into a line at the center.

There you have it a great roundup of the best mohawk fade haircuts to get right now.

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Mohawk fade undercut

Undercut Mohawk: Top 10 Hairstyles for Men to Check Out

An undercut mohawk hairstyle is for every bold, daring, and fun-loving guy to try on at least once in their life. The haircut is by some people still seen as something that belongs to the punk world, but this hairstyle can be very flattering and it can look really good.


Funky Mohawk Hairstyles with Undercut

Here are our top 10 picks for the undercut on mohawk hairstyles.

1. Mohawk with Short Spikes

spiky gray undercut mohawk

No age is old enough to make yourself happy and try a fun new haircut, and this spiky Mohawk with undercut on short hair proves it.

Ideal for: Oval and round-shaped faces.

How to style: Cut the sides with scissors as short as possible. Use clippers to create the fade above the ear and shape the hair above the neck. Use a generous amount of hair gel and create spikes with your fingers.


2. Dreadlock Mohawk and Undercut

dreadlock mohawk with undercut

One of the few ways to make men’s dreadlocks stand out even more and look even cooler is to combine them with an undercut Mohawk.

Ideal for: Oval and round-shaped faces.

How to style: Shave the sides of the head and create a line a few inches below the dreadlocks, and then shave the area below the line even shorter. Wrap and tie the dreadlocks the way you like to wear them.

3. Wavy Disconnected Undercut 

wavy disconnected undercut mohawk

Waves also look good in a Mohawk undercut, especially when they are properly shaped with the help of good hair products.

Ideal for: Square and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: After you’ve shaved the hair on the sides, use a generous amount of hair gel to mess out the waves on the top.

4. Low Fade Afro Mohawk

afro mohawk with undercut

An afro Mohawk still has the original afro effect, but it is more toned down and a bit more flattering against your face.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Shave the hair on the sides, leaving a mid or skin fade undercut. Then carve out the wavy lines and the temp fade.

5. Classic Mohawk with an Undercut

guy with mohawk undercut

This undercut Mohawk haircut gives a cool and classic look to your hairstyle.

Ideal for: Heart and round-shaped faces.

How to style: After you’ve created a tapered undercut on the sides, use a styling brush and a blow dryer to style the hair on the top. Spray it with some hairspray.

6. Short Mohawk Fade

Have fun with your usual short haircut by trimming it short on the sides and creating an undercut on a Mohawk.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Use a hair trimmer to trim the hair on the sides and cut the rest of the hair short. Use a bit of hair gel to enhance the texture.

7. Short Faux Hawk Undercut

undercut mohawk for short hair

Creating a circular fade on both sides of your short haircut will create some dimension and add the haircut a unique Mohawk undercut flare.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Cut the hair evenly to the desired length, then start creating the fade from the middle towards the sides. Style the bangs and use some hair gel on the hair on the top.

8. Men’s Platinum Hair

Make a Mohawk and undercut more flamboyant and modern for guys by bleaching it and toning it into an amazing icy blonde color.

Ideal for: Round and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Use bleach, gloves, a dying brush, and some foil to bleach the hair. After the bleach has been sitting on the hair for 45 minutes, rinse it off and use some toner to tone the hair. Use clippers to shape the fade and the curves on the sides and then use a little bit of hair gel to create the spikes, pulling the hair upward with your fingers.

9. Liberty Spikes

punk mohawk with undercut

This undercut Mohawk hairstyle lies the closest to the original punk rock hair, and it rocks!

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Shave the sides with a high bald fade. Use a generous amount of hair gel to make the mohawk firm.


10. Mohawk with Undercut and Beard

undercut mohawk with twists

Twists are voluminous and effective as they are and they look better on a Mohawk than on an even afro haircut. The undercut makes the men’s Mohawk edgier.

Ideal for: Square and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Use scissors to shape your beard carefully and clippers to shape the sides of the haircut. Section the hair on top out and divide the sections in half and start intertwining them to create twists that can last up to three weeks.


If you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and try your luck with a new trendy mohawk haircut with undercut, we hope that at least one of these hairstyles will serve to inspire your new hairstyling change, or you can even combine different elements from several of these undercut Mohawk hairstyles.

Sours: https://hairstylecamp.com/men-undercut-mohawk/
Man Bun Undercut/Mohawk Tutorial - Step by Step

A variation of the traditional Mohawk style has become the rage of the 2010s. The mohawk fade offers a cool hairstyle with the buzzed sides taper to longer, spiked hair on top. This versatile haircut can be combined with any hairstyle- straight, wavy, and curly. The long hair on top can be styled in various ways like the tousled, long hair, or the combed overlook- with this hairstyle, and you can set new trends every day!

You may have gotten inspired by the Native American tribal look or the Viking warrior look. This style is also representative of the punk movement of the 70s. Whatever its origin, this style has been adapted as a modern gen-next look, and every man with style is sporting a mohawk that suits his personality the best. Check out the following styles and make your pick.

Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men

What is a Mohawk fade?

A mohawk fade is a combination of the classic mohawk and a fade on the sides. This haircut usually has a short length of long hair on the top of the head, and the hair length gradually decreases on the side.

How to Style A Mohawk Fade haircut?

Do you want to get a mohawk fade hairstyle? Then you need to keep 3 to 5 inches of hair. You’d better prepare some pomade or wax and a comb before.

1. Wash your hair can apply your styling product thoroughly.
2. Push all your hair to the middle of your head with a comb or your fingers.
3. Dry your hair with a blow dryer to get a firm hold.
4. Style your mohawk fade according to your preference.

50 Cool Mohawk Fade Haircuts For Men(2021 Trends)

1. Long Hair Mohawk Fade

Long Hair Mohawk Fade


A perfect balance between trendy and classy, this hairstyle will give you a polished look. Add a mid to low fade to your long mohawk. This gives the mohawk a gradation that looks well-groomed. This hairstyle is great for men in their 20s, and they can sport it with crisp shirts and trousers. This is perfect even for older men as it adds youthfulness to the face.

2. Side Mohawk Fade

Side Mohawk Fade


If you don’t like to spike it up, then this subtle style is for you. Use your gel, mousse, and spray, but instead of making spikes, sweep your hair to one side. You may be wondering how this will make the hair look flat. The trick here is to add volume to your mohawk with your brush to get a sleek look. This hairstyle is perfect for office-goers and professionals.

3. Mohawk Fade With Beard

Mohawk Fade With Beard


Get that fierce gentlemanly look by adding a well-groomed beard to your mohawk. The double-edged sword is a classic look for men with darker hair. Shape up your beard to suit the mohawk. This look will look stunning at parties and weddings. Take care to trim the beard so that it merges with the mohawk.

4. Thick Hair Mohawk Fade

Thick Hair Mohawk Fade


This mohawk fade is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have thick hair, then this can be your go-to style. The length and thickness of your hair will determine the desired look. Balance the thick hair with a low to mid-low fade. You’ll need lots of styling gel to keep the style intact. But the results will be worth it.

5. Mohawk Fade on Blonde Hair

Mohawk Fade on Blonde Hair


Charm everyone with a chocolate boy look that is sure to delight all. Make those shiny locks stand up in the light. Instead of having those sides clean-shaved, give it a rugged shave. This style will look great on teenagers and young adults who love the casual yet charming look. Look effortless in this hairstyle and rock the rebel without a cause vibe.

6. Taper Fade Mohawk

Taper Fade Mohawk


Be the ultimate trendsetter wherever you go with this careful-looking yet punky haircut. By gradually tapering the sides and keeping the mohawk mid to high, this haircut is something that you can carry every day. If you are a working professional, then this haircut is for you! The subtly sharp look will make people notice that you are a guy of many interests.

7. Low Fade Mohawk

Low Fade Mohawk


If you’re looking for a mature haircut, get the low fade mohawk for a stylish yet subtle look. The fade-in this one starts around the temple, so you’ll have a lot of hair on the top. This will make your hair not look over-the-top on most days, but if you gel-it-up, you’re ready for parties and vacations. This hairstyle will give a mature look to men who like to add a little seriousness to their look.

8. Mohawk Fade with Line

Mohawk Fade With Line Cut


Spice up your sober mohawk with a line cut just where the fade begins. This look will add structure to your head and make your face lines sharper. This is the perfect cut for a sharp and smart look. Cut out the hair near your temple and start a geometric line from there. This style will require quite a bit of maintenance, so make sure you visit the barber regularly to keep the look fresh.

9. Mohawk Fade for Curly Hair

Mohawk Fade for Curly Hair


Do you have drool-worthy curly hair but think Mohawk won’t suit your hair type? Have a look at this hairstyle and run to your barber! Go for a high fade to keep those curls rolled up in the air. This messy and gel-free look will add the punk look from the 80s. Reinvent it with cool summer styles, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

10. Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair

Mohawk Fade for Straight Hair


This is the most versatile style you can go for. Use many styling products such as gel, mousse, and spray to play with your straight hair. You can spike it up or put it down on either side. The fade can range from high to low. This style is a serious fashion and will look great on men in their 30s and 40s.

11. Mohawk Fade for Short Hair

Mohawk Fade for Short Hair


If you’ve always maintained short hair but are looking forward to a mohawk, this fade look is for you. With gradient hair on the side, your short hair won’t look like it popped out of the blue. Use gel and spike up your hair. This will give a boy-next-door charm to your look.

12. Curve Fade Mohawk

Curve Fade Mohawk


If you want to add a unique edge to your mohawk cut, shape your fade in a curve. Start the curve around your ear, keeping the hair near your neck longer. This will make your head look round. This fade is a hit and a slight change from the regular mohawk. Style your mohawk in any way you like, and it will suit the fade.

13. Mohawk Fade for Black Men

Black Men's Mohawk Hairstyles


Black men worldwide are trying out the mohawk fade on their hair type, and it’s working wonders. If you have naturally thick and dark hair, get a high fade. The Mohawk will require zero styling products, and you can just sport the unruly messy locks. This look goes best with some facial hair and totally aces the funk-rock vibe!

14. Mohawk Skin Fade

Black Men Mohawk Fade


If you are looking to try out a bold look, experiment with the skin fade. For a bolder look, start the fade high and keep the mohawk short. If you think that won’t look good, start the fade low but make it short as you progress. This will bring out your sharp features, and you can pose for a sexy, brooding look.

15. Afro Mohawk Fade

Afro Mohawk Fade


Compliment your afro with a fade and rock both worlds. A bold tapering fade will add sharpness to the afro. You will not require too many styling products as your afro will give the thick standing look of the Mohawk. This summer look is for short hair and will suit teens and young adults.

16. Edgy Wide Mohawk

Edgy Wide Mohawk


If you want to look like the king of punk, then go for this edgy wide mohawk. Take the mohawk till the start of your neck and get a mid-fade to maintain the volume. This look cannot go with professionals, so be careful while going for this contrasting look. Top it up with a beard, and you’re looking like a punk god.

17. Mohawk Cut With Design

Mohawk Cut With Design Fade


For yet another funky and rebellious look, get a little extra with your fade and give it a nice design. Shave lines in any pattern to make it stand out. Just remember that to maintain the design, frequent trimming will be required. Make sure the barber is trusted as you don’t want to mess up the design.

18. Mohawk with Extra hair

Mohawk Fade with Extra hair


If you want to try another rock star look, get a spiky mohawk at the front and leave the hair back long. The edginess of this look is sure to turn heads. Go for a low fade or a skin fade to make the mohawk stand out. This look will look great with some black nail paint and piercings.

19. Fluffy Mohawk Fade

Fluffy Mohawk Fade


If you have long, smooth hair and do not want to eliminate them, this haircut is a boon for you. Cut the mohawk evenly throughout the length of your head. Use very little gel to make it stand up at the back. Keep the fade high to add volume to the style. Merge the haircut with your beard to make it look classy.

20. Textured Spiky Mohawk

Textured Spiky Mohawk


Give a unique style to the Mohawk by making locks of hair stand up and stand apart. This textured look will look great on short hair.  This look is a winner as the blend in with a high to low fade will make it suitable for a casual yet trendy look. Check out the picture to understand the style better.

21. Mohawk Fade Haircut with A Pompadour

Pompadour Fade Mohawk


If you wish to ace the messy and unkempt look, then give a pompadour effect to your mohawk. Use styling products to add volume and shine to your hair. Play with your hair or leave it just the way it is. This, coupled with a gradient on the side, will make the heavy top balance with the sides so you can look as dreamy as ever.

22. Mid Balding Fade Mohawk

Mid Balding Fade Mohawk


The trick for this look is to start the fade from the temple until the middle of the head. Shave the rest. This textured look can be given to the Mohawk as well to create the perfect unconventional look. Since this style is easy but elegant, you can carry it everywhere. If you’re a student or a working professional, this look will strike everyone’s eye, but they won’t be able to complain.

23. Undercut Mohawk with Hard Fade

Undercut Mohawk with Hard Fade


In this style, the surface area for Mohawk is less, and the fading area is more. Spike up the fading area to give it a hard look. This mohawk will look good only on long hair. Make it prominent by adding a clean line at the start of the fade. Even when your hair starts to grow, it will look stylish with a little bit of trimming.

24. Low Fade with Faux Hawk

Low Fade Faux Hawk


If you want a non-punk, work look, this haircut will look stylish and not boring. This combination of faux hawk and low fade is a ride back in the past. Your faux hawk mohawk with a high fade is an evergreen style that will add just the right amount of play to your look. This style will look great on beaches and hot climate.

25.Dreads with Low Fade

Dreads with Low Fade


Dreads give your hair all the edginess possible. What’s better is dreads with a low fade on the sides. This will make for a wonderful balance of long and short. Do not cut the fade too short, as the contrast will look striking to the eye. This look will give you the hip-hop style of the 21st century, and you can be sure to turn a few heads at this look.

26. Twist with Low Fade

Twist with Low Fade


If you do not have hair long enough for dreads, go for twists with a low fade. This is a much subtler look and will go if you have professional work to do. The fade will give the twist a sharper and cleaner look. This neater version of the twist is a trend-setter for the new-gen working professional who is smart and edgy.

27. Mohawk Part Fade

Mohawk Part Fade


If you do not want to let go of those luscious smooth locks, then add a twist to your simple look with a part low fade at the front. Use a trimmer or a clipper to fade the hair to the middle of your head. You don’t need to spike up the Mohawk, as it will not go with the settled side hair. This look is great if you want to keep the long hair and sport a mohawk with a fade.

28. Frosted tip low fade

Frosted tip low fade


If you want to go for a dreamy look, add a little frosty color at the tip of your mohawk. Go for a short mohawk with a low fade. This will look great if you have light-colored eyes. The frosty tips will also add roughness to the look. Style this with dark clothes, and your hair will stand out and give you a handsome look that will make everyone drool.

29. High Fade and V-Shape Mohawk

High Fade and V-Shape Mohawk


Go for a completely new look by styling your mohawk in a V. Taper the mohawk towards the end to give it a V shape. Spike the hair towards each other to finish the look. This will look great on colored hair as the shape at the back will be more prominent.

30. Long Mohawk with High Fade and Beard

Long Mohawk with High Fade and Beard


If you’re looking for a gentlemanly look, cut your long hair into a mohawk and give it a spike. High fade will make the hair look sleek. Go for a tapering gradient. Here is a word of advice, though – this style is nothing without a longish beard. The beard should also be tapering. This will make your face look a tad bit long and add the old-school class.

31. Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

If you are looking for a haircut to show off your thick locks, a burst fade is just for you. This is a haircut similar to a drop fade, but this cut is left longer at the neck instead of continuing around the head.

32. Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

The mohawk fade is a cool haircut for men with gorgeous naturally curly hair. This cut works for all types of curly hair. It can bring volume along with natural texture. You can also add some fade designs to add character.

33. Mohawk Fade Haircut with Designs

Mohawk Fade Haircut with Designs

This design works well for men with Mohawk fade. You can try some other cool designs.

34. Mohawk Fade for Medium Hair

Mohawk Fade for Medium hair

The mohawk fade becomes popular nowadays. It works well whether you have straight, thick, wavy hair, especially for medium hair.

35. Mohawk Haircut with Temple Fade

Mohawk Haircut with Temple Fade

The temple fade is also known as the Blow Out or Brooklyn Fade that is very popular in the early ‘90s. This is a type of haircut where your hair gradually fades into the skin around the temples. This haircut leaves some room on the rest of the head.

36. Bald Fade Mohawk

Bald Fade Mohawk

A bald fade is also known as a skin fade. It usually leaves long hair on the head’s top with shorts closer to the neck. The gradual shorter length of hair will show the ‘fade’ effect. Bald Fade Mohawk can be cut low, medium, or high. This haircut can make you look very cool.

37. Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

A beard fade is similar to the fade on your head. A faded beard with Mohawk can make you look cool and trendy. However, you should know this haircut requires a lot of maintenance.

38. Hard Part Mohawk

Hard Part Mohawk

The hard part is a modern haircut for men. This cut divides your hair into two sections, with the sides left short and the parting distinctly visible. This hairstyle matches well with Mohawk and spikes.

39. High Taper with Long Mohawk

High Taper with Long Mohawk

The mohawk fade allows you to keep your hair length. A taper fade highlights contrast on the sides and full facial hair.

40. Two-Toned Mohawk

Two-Toned Mohawk

This Two-Toned Mohawk is a very trendy and edgy hairstyle. You can change the color according to your preference.

Side Parted Mohawk With A Design

This Mohawk haircut has mid-length hair on top with a low skin fade on the side. The cool design makes this haircut very trendy.

42. Swept Back Mohawk Fade

Swept Back Mohawk Fade
This Mohawk Fade haircut is very classy and elegant. You need to sweep back the hair on the top of your head. This is a hairstyle suitable for participating in a dressy event.

43. Mid Fade Mohawk

Mid Fade Mohawk

This mohawk haircut with a mid-fade is not too conservative and not too daring. It is a medium haircut that looks fashionable. It is very suitable for people in business.

44. Drop Fade Mohawk

Drop Fade Mohawk

The drop fade mohawk is a new haircut that gives you a unique and stylish style. This haircut curves around the ears and drops down to your neck. It features a drop-like shape on your back of the head.

45. Comb Over Mohawk Fade

Comb Over Mohawk Fade

This haircut comes with a mohawk on top, and comb-over faded on the side. It looks chic and fashionable.

46. Short Spiky Mohawk Fade

Short Spiky Mohawk Fade

47. Wide Mohawk

Wide Mohawk

The wide mohawk fade is a cool haircut for men. It can be styled with short or long hair, a taper fade, or an undercut.

48. Long Wavy Mohawk with Beard

Long Wavy Faded Mohawk with Beard

49. Faux Hawk Mohawk for Long Hair

Faux Hawk Mohawk for long hair

50. Thick Mohawk Fade with Edge Up

Thick Mohawk Fade with Edge Up

Aren’t you excited to get your favorite mohawk fade? Tell us how it turned out for you. Write in the comments below.

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Similar news:

Of all the men’s hairstyles out there, the mohawk is probably one of the most infamous and controversial. Today, we’re examining a variation on this radical cut: the mohawk fade haircut.

You might consider the mohawk an extreme haircut with the hair pointing up in long spikes. However, the traditional mohawk is much more subtle than its punk-inspired variation. A classic mohawk features a crest that varies in length, and it can even be less than an inch in height.

On the other hand, the mohawk fade haircut combines––you guessed it––a mohawk and a fade. This gives the cut a much gentler appearance, but there’s still a high visibility factor. In some mohawk styles, the sides of the head are completely shaved. With the mohawk fade haircut, the sides are faded to give a tidier look.

So if you’ve always liked the mohawk look but were afraid to commit to the style, try the mohawk fade haircut on for size.

The height of your mohawk crest will depend on how long your hair is. For best results, your hair should usually be at least an inch long. This will allow for a good crest with volume.

How to Get the Mohawk Fade Haircut

While you can probably get a decent undercut or Caesar cut by telling your hairstylist what you want, you’ll want to bring good pictures of the exact mohawk fade haircut you want to have. This is a trickier style to get right, so we highly recommend taking in pictures.

Sours: https://haircutinspiration.com/mohawk-fade-haircut/

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