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RLCraft utilizes a seasons mod called Serene Seasons, which modifies how and when farming can take place. The Reskillable mod puts farming behind a level barrier as well.


Farming has two primary requirements.

  1. The proper farming level must be reached in order to plant and harvest the crop. This is displayed when hovering over a seed or attempting to harvest the crop.
  2. The crop can only grow given it is the proper season to grow said crop. An exception is with certain biomes such as tropical biomes and snowy biomes which can only grow summer and winter crops respectively. This can be bypassed by constructing a greenhouse (described below).


Seasons have 3 stages: early, middle, and late. Each stage is 7 days long, making each season 21 days long. All of this determines temperature which also determines growing season and how hot it is outside.

The seasons provided by Serene Seasons have a corresponding clock which can be crafted. This is helpful when determining what crops to plant when not using a greenhouse

Like many items in minecraft, the seasonal clock functions in an item frame.

The Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a block that allows crops to grow in any season, and regardless of any circumstances that the crops experience (such as light level, water accessibility, etc...). A greenhouse must be constructed using the special greenhouse block. Any other glass block will not function in RLCraft. The ideal placement for glass is 1-5 blocks above the crop (that's 7 blocks in height INCLUDING the Dirt Block AND the Greenhouse Block). A greenhouse will function without walls as well, as the only important factor is whether or not the greenhouse block is above the crop. Greenhouse blocks only affect the crops directly underneath (not the ones to the sides), but a maximum of 3 Dirt-Crop layers can be placed under 1 Greenhouse Block.

Note: Greenhouse blocks only allow crops to grow under ANY circumstances, however, it will not allow the crops to grow any faster, therefore factors like water accessibility, crop placement patterns, light level, etc, will still be important for the crops to grow as fast as possible. In other words, it's possible for the crops to grow painstakingly slow even under greenhouse blocks.

Seasonal Crops

  1. Carrots
  2. Potatoes
  1. Melon
  2. Sugarcane
  3. Wheat
  1. Beetroot
  2. Carrot
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Wheat
  1. All saplings
  2. All flowers
  3. All ferns


Source for some of this information, which is probably more in depth. A lot of it is inaccurate and has been modified in RLCraft.

The rest was from testing.

Chances are some of this information is wrong or lacking, please edit it if so.

The Seasonal Crops portion came from me transcribing the information from my RLCraft v2.8.2.

Sours: https://rlcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Seasons_and_Farming

How Long Does Winter Last RL Craft?

How Long Does Winter Last RL Craft?

Winter is the 4th season of the year for temperate biomes. It is split up into 3 sub-seasons: Early Winter, Mid Winter, and Late Winter. Each sub-season lasts 5 in-game days by default (This can be changed in the configuration settings).

How long do seasons last?

about three months

What does greenhouse glass do Rlcraft?

The greenhouse glass allows for wheat, beets, potatoes, carrots, sugarcane, melons, pumpkins and cactus to grow year around regardless of seasonal requirements on each plant. The effect does transmit through dirt blocks so you can have a 3 stack farm to save on glass if you need.

Does greenhouse glass work on sugarcane?

Greenhouse Glass does affect the growth speed of cacti and sugar cane. In general, it doesn’t directly affect the growth speed of anything, it just affects the amount of random ticks that are applied to stuff. Either way, it doesn’t affect cacti and sugar cane currently.

What does greenhouse glass do in serene seasons?

Greenhouse Glass is a block used for building greenhouses. Greenhouses allow crops to grow out of season, even in the Winter.

How do you upgrade farming in Rlcraft?

In order to level them up, you will need to get XP levels. These come in the form of tiny glowing orbs, and can be gained from certain actions like killing mobs, farming, or mining. To put them into a proficiency skill, navigate to the proficiency skill menu, and select the skill to be increased.

How do I get flint shards?

First Step: Flint Gravel is commonly found near water sources or underwater. Dig it up over and over, until you get flint. You will want to take that flint to a “hard” block (stone, bricks, etc.) and right-click on the top surface of said block to break it into flint shards.

Do you get XP from mobs dying in lava?

Even though you pull the lever the damage is done by the piston which is powered by redstone. Only if you deal damage by hitting or by flint and steel/TNT or lava will it give you xp.

How do you spawn Xaphan?

Spawning. Xaphan spawn when lava and water meet, which is especially common in large caves. A fire dragon, when scorching land near water, may also create a large number of Xaphan because of the fusing Jengu and Cinder.

How do you get slime balls in RL Craft?

If you want to farm slimeballs just make a dark room with a sealed entrance and a way to attack anything inside. once you do that, place as many mushrooms as you can on the floor of the room. The mushrooms will spawn elementals called eechetiks which drop 1-2 slimeballs per mob.

What drops slime balls Minecraft?

Slimeballs are now used to craft sticky pistons and leads. Slimeballs can now be obtained when a baby panda sneezes.

How much XP does a slime drop?

Unlike most hostile mobs, slimes can spawn in any light level. When killed, tiny slimes drop 0-2 slime balls. Slime balls are used to create sticky pistons and magma cream. Large slimes drop 4 xp, medium slimes drop 2 xp and tiny slimes drop 1 xp point.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/card-games/how-long-does-winter-last-rl-craft/
  1. Timber creek builders
  2. Sauder standing desk
  3. Deck handrail bracket

Introduction: RLCraft Guide for Beginners


RLCraft is a modded add-on to Minecraft created by Shivaxi, which means the player must already have Minecraft and download the pack from online. It is said to be the hardest mod for Minecraft and for a good reason. The mod pack contains a plethera of new content to make playing the game more realistic while also adding in a ton of monsters who almost all want to kill you. This beginners guide is intended for those who know how to play Minecraft already and have just spawned into a new world.

*** If you have never played Minecraft before this modpack is probably not for you. But in the future it may be something to consider ***

Step 1: Shelter

The first things you must know about RLCraft is that most of what you know from Minecraft no longer applies. Also note that in the beginning you are going to die... a lot!

  1. The first thing you must do is find a shelter or find a good place to make a shelter. This place should include access to water, trees, gravel, and preferably not a lot of monsters.
  2. Finding a village is a great way to start but they are hard to come by and you will probably die before finding one. Villages have access to waypoints (Circled in red) which let you teleport from waypoint to waypoint or recall with a scroll (shown above).

Step 2: Tools

Aquiring tools is much harder than in normal Minecraft. To start out the player needs to get flint from gravel and sticks from a tree (the leaves not the wood itself).

1. To break down the flint into flint shard the player must right-click the top of a hard block with the gravel in their hand.

2. Use a flint shard and a stick to craft a flint knife (shown above).

3. Use the flint knife to cut grass and get plant fiber. Use the plant fiber to craft plant string (shown above).

4. The string, a stick, and a flint shard can now all be combined into a flint hatchet (shown above) and the player can now cut down their first tree.

Step 3: Create a Spawn Point

This is just like normal Minecraft you have to make a bed.

1. Use the wood that you can now mine with the flint hatchet to make planks. The player cannot just craft them like normal but must place the log on the ground then right click the top with the hatchet.

2. Find some sheep and get some wool to make a bed. However, do not die because if you do all your progress will be lost and you will have to repeat the previous steps. The random spawning stops you from being able to return to your previous death spot.

*** If you have found a village, look around because there are usually a lot of beds in houses ***

Step 4: What to Do Next

From here on there is a whole world of RLCraft to explore it is up to the player to decide what to do next.

Option 1 (Recommended): The player can go fight dungeons to try and get loot drops as well as the good chests they contain. One of the best dungeons to start out with is the battle tower (pictured above) because it is very simple and almost guarantees good loot at the end.

Option 2: The player can try to go mining and set up a better base more like normal Minecraft. Keep in mind that the player will need to upgrade their mining level which is explained in the next step.

Option 3 (For more experienced players): The player can explore the world and try to find new places with waypoints so if they have one they can be more connected with the rest of the world.

Step 5: Other Things to Note

Useful Menus

  1. Within the players inventory they have a skills tab which allows them to use experience to level up different traits. Leveling up traits allows for the use of better gear in a certain category. This is a good thing to keep an eye on leveling up every so often so you do not lose your experience upon death.
  2. The beastiary is another menu that shows information about different creatures in the game. To find out more about creature the player must approach them and or kill them. A notification will pop up in chat when you have gained more knowledge of a species.

Since this is a more realistic version of Minecraft there is a new thirst bar and temperature gauge.

  1. To drink water the player must crouch and right click a source block, this will however give the player thirst because the water is not cleaned.
  2. The ball in between the health bar and hunger bar is the weather gauge. If the player is too hot or cold they could develop hypothermia or hyperthermia which damages the player overtime. To cool off get in water but to warm up is harder and requires some later game armor insulation.

Health in RLCraft

  1. The player cannot heal to full health normally after being hurt and must use bandages to heal themselves. Bandages are commonly dropped from mobs but can be crafted as well. To use better healing items the magic skill must be upgraded. Each body part must be healed in order to return to full health and if your head or body take too much damage you will die instantly regardless of your health bar.
  2. Other things to look out for are heart crystals, red dust (not redstone), and heart capsules. The healing dust can be made into a heart crystal which can be made into a heart capsule. The crafting recipe is just 3x3 for both. Heart capsules can be consumed by the player and permanently upgrade the health bar by one heart.

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

The world of RLCraft is endless and there are always more things to discover and do. RLCraft adds in a ton of generated structures to entertain the player as well as a boatload of new mobs to fight and befriend. It also introduces a new challenge for players who have already beaten Minecraft, maybe even countless times. What to do next is up to you. Your adventure from here on out will not be easy and you will encounter many challenges. Just remember regardless of how difficult and frustrating this mod pack may be, it is still meant for the player to have fun.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/RLCraft-Guide-for-Beginners/

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