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Division 2 Classified Assignments: Where to find the backpack trophies and audio logs

Division 2 Classified Assignments are new missions added to the game in the most recent patch, the same one that introduced the Division 2 raid. Classified Assignments are optional missions in The Division 2, and they're much shorter than normal missions - which aren't particularly long to begin with. Along the way, each one of the Division 2 Classified Assignments has four audio logs to find, along with a backpack trophy. Right now, there's only two Division 2 Classified Assignments in the game, and we've got the locations for all of the Division 2 Classified Assignment backpack trophies and audio logs.

Division 2 Classified Assignments: National Bond Armory backpack trophy and audio logs

The first Classified Assignment will have you slaying True Sons in the National Bond Armory, and we've got all of the collectible locations for you here:

For the Hotdog backpack trophy, you need to clear the first room of enemies then go through the very first airlock. In front of you will be a yellow power box on the wall - shoot it to unlock a door in the first big room. Go back and up the stairs to the back right corner of the room, where you'll find the Hotdog backpack trophy inside a small crate.

Right underneath the room with the backpack trophy is the first audio log, on the shelf at the back.

Go back through the airlock and open the optional door before you go down the stairs to find the next audio log.

Enter the vault area and you'll be given the objective to destroy four caches. After you clear the enemies, follow the room around to the right and shoot the huge lock off the door to enter another room with a corpse and an audio log.

In the final combat room, after you kill Sergeant Bourne, head to the back left corner and shoot the yellow power box on the wall to open the double doors. Inside the office is some more loot and the final audio log.

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Division 2 Classified Assignments: Nelson Theatre backpack trophy and audio logs

The second and only other Division 2 Classified Assignment is in the Nelson Theatre, between the Demolition Site control point and the Theater settlement. Here's where you can find all of the collectibles:

After you clear the first combat room, on the left hand side is a room guarded by a rolling metal shutter. There's a keypad next to it but you can't interact with it until you turn on the two generators. Follow the yellow cables to find the first generator upstairs, and the second generator at the end of the next corridor. Turn them both on and head back to the room to get the donut backpack trophy in a small crate.

The first audio log is also in this room, found on the shelf right behind the backpack trophy.

Go back down the corridor toward the second generator and on your right will be a blocked elevator. Force the doors open to find a corpse, loot, and the second audio log inside.

Clear the theatre of enemies then push into the underground. In the long corridor there's a locked door on your right. Shoot the lock off and you'll find another audio log inside.

For the final audio log, fight through behind the stage in the theatre until you have the objective to search for the cell key. Go right behind the stage and on the right-hand side, if you look up, you'll see a rope that you can shoot attached to a catwalk. Climb up it and you'll find the final audio log on a corpse on the catwalk.

Keep your eyes peeled on this guide as we'll update it with any more Division 2 Classified Assignments later down the line!

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[Top 5] Division 2 Best Backpacks

Gear is one of the most essential aspects to The Division 2 and making sure you have the right gear that fits your character’s expertise is important. 

Paying specific attention to how each piece of either separate or matched gear effects your weapon, health, or armor is key to upping your gaming experience. 

Many backpacks have specific attributes or help the player gain additional weapon damage or critical hit chance when paired with other items of the same brand. 

There are some named backpacks or exotic backpacks that allow the player special talents that are only unique to that backpack. 

We’re going to be looking at some of the backpacks that have either just entered the game with the Warlords expansion, or have been a part of the game for some time. 

1. Acosta's Go-Bag

Lore: “You never know what you’re going to need, so it’s best to be prepared.” 

What's great about Acosta’s Go-Bag:

  • +9.9% Skill Haste
  • +6.4% Skill Damage

Backpack Details:

  • Talents:
    • One in Hand: Damaging an enemy with a grenade grants +1 skill tier for 15s. Grants overcharge if already at skill tier 6.
    • Two in the Bag: +1 Armor Kit Capacity; +3 Grenade Capacity; +24% Ammo Capacity; +10% Repair Skills; +10% Status Effects.

How to get Acosta’s Go-Bag:

2. Devil's Due

Lore: “When he comes calling, it's best not be stalling. Or you might find yourself falling. Down, down, down, below.”

What's great about Devil’s Due:

  • +10.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • +10.0% Hazard Protection
  • +10.0% Health

Backpack Details:

  • Talent:
    • Perfect Clutch: If you are below 20% armor, critical hits repair 2.5% missing armor. 

How to get Devil’s Due:

3. Anarchist's Cookbook

Lore: “Conley, I think you’ll find some great toys in here. Try not to blow everyone up while you’re looking through it.”

What's great about Anarchist’s Cookbook:

  • +10.0% Status Effects
  • +1.0% Armor Regeneration
  • +5.0% Total Armor

Backpack Details:

  • Talent:
    • Perfectly Wicked: Applying a status effect increases total weapon damage by +18% for 27s. 

How to get Anarchist’s Cookbook:

4. "Maree" Range Pack

What's great about “Maree” Range Pack:

  • +20.0% Pistol Damage
  • +10.0% Stability
  • +10.0 Accuracy

Backpack Details:

  • Talent:
    • Unstoppable Force: Killing an enemy increases total weapon damage by 5% for 15s. Stack up to 5 times.  

How to get “Maree” Range Pack:

5. Percussive Maintenance

Lore: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

What's great about Percussive Maintenance:

  • +20.0% Skill Haste
  • +10.0% Skill Power
  • +15.0% Hive Skill Power

Backpack Details:

  • Talent:
    • Perfect Tech Support: Kills by active skills and exploices grant +30% Skill Damage for 10s. 
    • Capacitive: +50% skill duration. 

How to get Percussive Maintenance:

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Backpack Trophies of The Division 2

Through various means you can get these backpack trophies. They are pure vanity items and other than looking nice, they serve no other purpose.

American Flag

Awarded for completing all the shields in the first The Division game.

Capitol Hill

Special token for participating in the beta.

Contaminated Area (Traffic cone)

Awarded for finding all 15 comms for Contaminated Areas and with that explore all the contaminated areas.


Inside the classified assignment mission Nelson Theatre Hostages. In the locked area on ground floor level in the first big room. You need to enable two generators, one almost above that room on the upper level, the other to the west where the game points you at to continue after the initial fight.

DZ South

Uncertain on how to get it.

Earned for breaking your pledge of duty and going your own way.

Film Reel

After completing the side mission Navy Hill Transmission, you get a new marker. This leads you to a locked basement (shoot the lock) with some loot. The box with the trophy is on the eastern wall.

Gold Bar

Found in the Bank Headquarters mission, in the bank vault in a corner. See the map for details on that.


Inside the classified assignment mission Bonds Bank Armory. In the large room after blasting through the entrance door. It's in a locked office on the upper floor, southwest corner. To get in, you will have to clear the room, then go through the security door and shoot a yellow box outside the security office (upper left once you are through the door). Go back and you can loot it from a box on a table here.

Hunters Axe

After completing all the encounters with the Hunters and collecting 8 ivory keys, you get it from the crate near the barber station in the base of operations.

Lincoln Bust

Found inside the Lincoln Memorial Mission. In the small museum, the first room where you find enemies after entering the building, on the back left corner from the entrance (southeast) is a giftshop/cafe corner. There are two low dressers/shelves towards one wall, close to the soda vending machine, and when you stand in between those, you can find it.

Plush Flower

After upgrading Campus settlement to level 3, gpo to the highest platform, where the musicians are, above the vendor, and you find a gold box there that contains this.

Plush Hippo

Found in the Theater settlement after upgrading to level 3. On the new platform above there the BBQ is, near the door where you talk to Odessa, you find a small golden crate on the floor that holds this.

Sample Vials

In the Roosevelt Island mission, after defeating Emeline's guard in the large round area, you enter a tent structure. Before you jump down into the tunnel though, go to the dresser to your right and you get to loot this one.

Space Shuttle

In Air & Space Museum mission, in the part where the shuttle crashes down from the ceiling, next to where it crashed down is a broken display case where you can find it.

Speaker's Gavel

For completing the Bank Headquarters mission and then returning to the Base of Operations for the cut scene.

Spray Painted Bobble Head

Random drop from the named bosses in District Union Arena stronghold.

Supply Crate

Rewarded for completing the Dark Zone East Recon mission during the Open Beta.


Looted from the boss "Wyvern" of the Tidal Basin Stronghold.

Tiny Skeleton

Found in the DCD Headquarters mission. In the underground morgue with the 3 blood vats, go to the corner back and left from where you entered, next to the skeleton standing there to get it.

Tommy the Teddy Bear

A pre-order bonus, no longer available.

Washington DC Flag

Reaching tier 5 of commendations at a score of 1500.

Unverified ones

  • Chess Piece: Capture and control all control points on world tier 4 or above at the same time.
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Division 2: Where to Find All The Backpack Trophies in Operation Iron Horse

Operation Iron Horse has new backpack trophies to get in Division 2 and we'll show how to collect them all easily.

Division 2 has a tremendous amount of collectibles, and some of the more entertaining ones to get are the backpack trophies. The trophies range from cats, pizza slices, medals, and more. Backpack trophies work like badges of honor for content completed almost the same way that commendations do. They hang off the bottom of the backpack, and in Operation Iron Horse, there are five to get.

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Each of the trophies can be linked to the bosses, and they all have a theme revolving the raid itself. Like most trophies, they are a simple click of the button, but these are unique that there are some steps to be completed to collect them for the most part. There are some extra mechanics and timing that might require redoing some of the parts in the raid. It's highly advisable that before leaving the first boss room and then subsequent ones, to read the instructions below as they've been given in sequence to make it easier to collect the trophies.

All Iron Horse Backpack Trophy Locations in Division 2

  • Breakthrough: This backpack trophy is gotten right after the fight with Lieutenant Gray. After defeating him,  go straight ahead past the train, and players will end up at a location with a blue shipping container on the right and a molten lava container on the left. Climb the container, and the trophy is inside.
  • Molten: After killing Captain Fieser, this trophy is a bit of a tricky one to get. It's a timed event, and that means players have to be quick. Once Fieser is dead, keep going through the mission until a two power boxes need to be destroyed for a gate on the left side to be opened. Teams should split in two with the left team rushing to the gate, and the right team clearing NPCs and shooting the boxes from the other side. Open the gate, take the left entrance, and the trophy will be on the ground close to the window.
  • High Ground: This one is a hidden trophy that specific actions need to be performed to get the trophy. Before going into the room where the fight against Major Williams takes place there is a circular room where there are big red hexagonal cogs that need to be turned. Shoot all of them, and that will free up the trophy. The trophy is located in a pale blue tool chest about waist high before heading to the corridor to the boss room.
  • Iron Horse: After killing Colonel Morozova, where the five cannons are, the biggest cannon, once it explodes, its barrel will drop to the ground. Examine the opening of the cannon, and the trophy is inside.
  • Old Guard: Finishing the Iron Horse Raid gives this backpack trophy.

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Division 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC


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Backpack division 2

How to get every Backpack Keychain Trophy in The Division 2

Along with all of the practical loot you can collect throughout your time with The Division 2, there are a whole lot of cosmetic items to pick up as well. The most difficult of these to track down are the backpack keychain trophies which are hidden in caches around the map or given out as rewards for strongholds.

We’ve found 13 of these backpack trophies so far, 9 of which you get from scavenging in D.C, while the other are either pre-order bonuses, rewards from the Open Beta, or little sweeteners for returning veterans from the original Division.

As we discover more keychains we’ll update this list, but for now, beware of story spoilers including locations and mission objectives in the later stages of the game.

The Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies

The following video from Arekkz Gaming runs through all of the currently discovered keychains rather nicely, but we’ll list them below as well:

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  • Plush Hippo - On the rooftop terrace of the Theatre Settlement at level 3
  • Lincoln Bust - Just past the alcove marked “cafe” during the Lincoln Memorial Mission
  • Speaker’s Gavel - Reward for completing the Bank Headquarters Mission
  • Gold Bar - In the Vault during the Bank Headquarters Mission
  • Space Shuttle - In front of the crashed Space Shuttle during the Air & Space Museum Mission
  • Skeleton - During the DCD Headquarters Mission, when you get the objective, “Destroy the Outcasts’ Samples”, the keychain is on a teaching skeleton in a side room in the far left of the main chamber.
  • Plush Flower - Next to the sunflowers upstairs in the far left of the Campus Settlement
  • Hockey Player - Random drop from District Union Stronghold
  • Flag and Dog Tags - Random drop from the Capitol Building Stronghold

Preorder, beta, and returning player keychains

  • Teddy Bear - Preorder bonus
  • Capitol Building - Played in Open Beta
  • Supply Crate - Completed Dark Zone Mission in Open Beta
  • American Flag - Awarded to high-tier returning Division players

For more on The Division 2, check out our guides to finding Faction Keys, Specializations, and taking on the Dark Zone.

If you’re a new player, we always have pages on the best skills and the best perks to unlock during the early game.

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All 3 Expedition Site BACKPACK TROPHY Locations! - The Division 2

Backpack Trophies

Backpack trophies(keychains) are vanity items in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 to change your character’s appearance.

Some of the trophies like Tommy, the Teddy Bear, are not available anymore as they were given out as a pre-order or beta participation bonus for the game. However, there are several other backpack trophies you can find for free in the game. Here’s a short list to find them all, including their locations.


Please click/highlight the secret/blackened texts as they might contain spoilers.

  • Tommy, the Teddy Bear: Pre-order bonus (no longer available).
  • Capitol Hill: Participate in the Open Beta (no longer available).
  • Supply Crate: Complete the Dark Zone East Introduction Mission in the Open Beta (no longer available).
  • American Flag: Unlock Division Shields Tier 4 (The Division 1).
  • Plush Hippo: Requires two Theater Settlement upgrades. Can be found in a box on the rooftop terrace.
  • Plush Flower: Requires three Campus Settlement upgrades. Move up to the very top area above the Stage. It’s inside a box in front of the sunflowers.
  • Hunter’s Axe:Ivory Chest loot in The White House.
  • Contaminated Area (Traffic Cone): Collect all 15 Intel Collectibles (Comms) from the 5 Contaminated Zones.
  • Washington DC Flag: Reach Commendation Level 5.
  • Total Control Point Capture Trophy (Chesspiece): Capture all Control Points on the map.


  • Space Shuttle:Air and Space Museum Mission; search the cockpit when the Space Shuttle crashes through the roof.
  • Lincoln Bust:The keychain can be found between two shelves in the gift shop in the Lincoln Memorial Mission.
  • Tiny Skeleton:DCD Headquarters Mission; once you jump down the elevator shaft and reach the DCD research morgue, explore the area to your left and search the human skeleton model.
  • Speaker’s Gavel:Rescue President Ellis.
  • Gold Bar:Bank Headquarters Mission; enter the vault and move to the right to search the area.


  • Spray Painted Bobble Head (Ice hockey player): District Union Stronghold (Hyenas); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the end boss.
  • Arm Patch and Dog Tags: Capitol Building Stronghold (True Sons); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the end boss.
  • Sample (Blood) Vials: Roosevelt Island Stronghold (Outcasts): Can be found in a dresser on the right before dropping down to an underground tunnel.
  • T-Rex: Tidal Basin Stronghold (Black Tusk); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the Wyvern boss (any difficulty).
  • T-Rex Black: Tidal Basin Stronghold (Black Tusk); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the Wyvern boss (Heroic difficulty).

Dark Zones & PvP

  • DZ East Trophy: Enter Thieves’ Den 5 times in any? Dark Zone.
  • DZ South Trophy: Kill players in Conflict/Rogues or a random drop from the “No Honor” Dark Zone perk in Thieves’ Den.
  • DZ West Trophy: Complete activities in DZ West (see DZ East/DZ South; not confirmed).
  • Conflict Trophy: Reach Conflict Level 100.

Classified Assignments

Classified Assignments are only available to Year 1 Pass holders.

  • Hotdog: National Bond Armory; Follow the yellow line from the keypad into the next room and shoot the electrical box.
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