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Grey walls can be pretty tricky to work with, even though neutral colors can typically pair with just about anything. That’s because the wrong interior style can transform your room from a cool, rainy day into something dreary and boring. And even if you have a good idea about what curtains you want, blinds can feel very different in a room. We have carefully put together a list of what color blinds will best suit your grey walls.

If you already have grey walls, then the best color for your blinds should agree with the existing shade of grey. The color of your new blinds should also remain consistent with the overall interior design of the room. You should choose between families of shades and colors, or brightness and “contrast”:

  • Lighter or darker grey for layers
  • Other neutrals for transitions
  • Match undertones
  • Contrast or brightness

Neutral colors have always been used for their flexibility. But grey walls are always an inch away from dull and sad. Blinds could make all the difference in making sure that grey walls don’t feel too overwhelming. Keep reading to learn which colors will reinforce the look you really want, without repainting the walls.

Industrial design in living room with tv and blue furniture set, blinds in grey walls, What Color Blinds Go With Grey Walls?

What color looks good with gray walls?

Neutral colors may be able to work with most other colors, but not all neutrals are the same. Grey has a naturally cool temperature, even when you use brighter shades. You will need to consider a few things before finding the right color for your blinds.

You need to determine how bright your walls actually are. Then you can decide between blinds that either agree or contrast with the walls. For example, if the grey walls are very dark, then you might have to brighten up the room with contrast.

If the walls are very light, then you can use darker blinds to bridge them with the floor. After all, rooms traditionally get brighter from the floor to the ceiling. You can read this post to learn what color ceiling goes with grey walls.

Next, consider what interior style you’re using. The blinds won’t just need to pair well with the walls. They also need to match the rest of the color scheme in your room in order to maintain consistency. Throwing pink blinds on your grey walls will brighten up the room, but it could disrupt other accent pieces like mint green chairs.

Once you have defined what shade of grey your walls are, and what interior style the room is, you have enough points of reference. Now you can begin selecting the color of your blinds.

Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?

This is one place where blinds and curtains definitely share some similarities. Pairing the shades of your blinds and walls doesn’t actually demand one direction over another. You can have blinds that are either lighter or darker than the walls.

The only thing that really matters is what shade you’re using. The shade of your blinds shouldn’t veer too far from the shade of grey they’re sitting on. For example, you can use lighter shades of grey to soften darker walls, or darker shades of grey to draw attention to the blinds.

Should window blinds match wall color?

As a general rule, it isn’t a good idea to create identical matches throughout any room. Exact matches sound like a good idea, and many furniture sets are sold that way. But matching things outright isn’t going to create a true balance in your room.

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In fact, choosing blinds that are the same color as your walls will only cause boring repetition. If you really want to use more grey for your scene, then use a lighter or darker shade of grey. Using different shades of grey will create layers that feel more balanced in the room. This way, the grey walls feel more deliberate and less isolated.

Using Other Neutrals

You could also use other neutrals to balance out grey walls. Some people say that too many neutrals will feel boring, but they actually pair really well together. Technically, they all exist within the same family of appearing colorless.

Besides, a few accent pieces here and there can easily be used to tie everything together. You can read this post to learn what color picture frames go with grey walls. Additional neutrals such as black and white can be used to either reinforce an idea or create comfortable transitions.

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Say that you’re intentionally aiming for an industrial interior design style. This is the most popular style that demands plenty of grey. It’s highly likely that you’re committed to an industrial, minimalist style if you’ve used grey on large surface areas like the walls.

An industrial style calls for mechanical, modern, and sleek decor. That creates a contemporary, open scene. In this case, you can actually get away with using more grey than usual. It will create large, smooth areas in the room and keep everything at a cool temperature.

You could even use near-neutral colors like brown. True, brown is generally reserved for styles that want to evoke nature. But brown is still just a near-neutral color, so it’s more versatile than the pure neutrals. Colors with a brown base, like tan or taupe, can easily be used to bridge grey walls with other styles.

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Match Undertones

Even a neutral like grey can have undertones, at times. A common undertone for grey is the color blue. This appears in the smallest of places, like common door knobs. Blue always makes a great companion for grey. That is, so long as your shade of blue is going to agree with the other colors and styles in the room.

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Blue is a nice way to add color to darker grey shades. Both grey and blue share a naturally cool temperature. And the color blue will transform the premise behind your walls. Instead of a sterile, mechanical feeling, your grey walls might now project a stormy night. Your room can be used to emphasize nature instead of industry.

Blue also boasts a wide range of shades. It is uniquely able to delve into very dark shades without losing its rich color. For example, navy blue is a great way to liven up grey walls without actually brightening the room.

The color green is another potential undertone in grey. Green can act in all of the same ways as blue. Green is mainly used for nature themes, and it can add color while remaining dark. However, green is much closer to warm colors than blue is. A deep forest green would be necessary to avoid adding a distracting warmth.

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Using Contrast or Brightness

To begin with, neutral colors are defined by the absence of any actual color. This is why neutrals can generally work with anything. But it also means that grey won’t have a true complementary color on the opposite end of the color wheel.

So, in this case, the word “contrast” doesn’t carry its traditional definition. You’ll just need to get a little clever with your colors to make your grey walls happy.

Rose Blinds

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The first thing you can do to create some kind of contrast is to oppose the grey’s naturally cool temperature. This can be achieved by pairing grey with unusually warm colors. But this can get tricky since you aren’t just balancing a grey chair. The entire walls are grey. This means that even your contrast should feel a little subdued.

The best way to get away with that is to use rose for your blinds. Pink is a common antidote for extensive grey in your room. But pink can feel a little too hot, and too overwhelming. Traditional pink will be too potent unless your grey walls are already fairly bright, too.

Instead, rose is a muffled form of pink that still delivers the same warmth. White is usually used to warm up a room, but rose will also infuse the room with color. Fortunately, rose blinds can perform as the middle ground between a powerful temperature and a cozy statement.

Orange or Yellow Blinds

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These colors will be especially tricky to pair with grey walls. However, it can be done if you use the right style. Orange and yellow are naturally very bright. As such, they are the closest form of direct contrast you can find for something as cool as grey.

Orange and yellow are typically used for creative scenes. For example, you can aim for an Arts and Crafts interior design. But with grey walls throughout the room, you are better off creating an abstract scene. Specialists like Decor Interiors agree that yellow and orange are ideal for abstract styles.

This is because the goal of an abstract room is to add surprise, creativity, and personality to your home. Orange and yellow are bright, boisterous, and youthful. They feel like they have leaped right out of an old-fashioned crayon box. The grey walls can actually become a canvas for decorative, unexpected character.


Industrial design in living room with tv and blue furniture set, blinds in grey walls, What Color Blinds Go With Grey Walls?

Blinds may not seem especially important, but they can be downright essential if you’re working with vast grey walls. Most people are content with the blinds and walls that come with their new home. But now you know how to create your very own scene with grey walls, and how to balance them out with just the right blinds for you!

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Grey Blinds

Grey blinds are a fantastic way to give your home a stylish, modern appearance. The colour draws little attention to itself, and incorporating grey blinds for the windows in your home allows other features of the room to stand out. With minimalism the ‘in’ style of the moment, it’s no wonder the colour is becoming such a popular choice for blinds. Whether it’s light grey blinds or dark grey blinds you’re after, we offer a quality collection in a range of styles.


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Home Office Upgrade - Graywind Custom Smart Zebra Blinds Shades with Alexa

When it comes to blind selection a popular question is what color of blinds should I choose? Here we share our design guide for choosing blinds for your interior design.Like furniture and décor, window blinds are functional elements that add a decorative statement to your interior.

Window blinds win us over by controlling the degree of light and ventilation while providing our much-needed privacy. Blinds don’t collect dust compared to draperies and curtains making them easier to clean and a healthier window treatment.

The color and types of blinds you choose plays a big part in your room’s interior design.

What Color Blinds Should I Choose? 

With a myriad of colors, styles, and brands to choose from your design options are limitless but this also entails careful selection especially when it comes choosing to the right color.

On the Safe Side – Neutrals 

As a rule of thumb, neutrals such as white, cream, or beige are hues that tend to go along with many different colors in a room.

As it won’t clash with your existing colors, they’re also great when you may think to change your wall color or décor in your room in the future. 

Going Light or Dark 

Color is effective in inducing emotions to space, with its ability to create a certain ambiance in a room. When you have a tightly spaced room, light-colored window blinds that are in white or beige hues open up space.

Dark colors meanwhile create a cozy atmosphere and are great for bedroom areas and other spaces that need a relaxed and calming ambiance. 

Warm Colors Versus Cool Colors

Warm colors such as brown and yellow create more energy and a homey feeling, making it a suitable option for the kitchen, bathroom, media room, or any space that you want to have an exciting vibe. 

Cool colors, meanwhile, include a feeling of calmness such as lime, sky blue, lavender, or any color tone along the blue and green spectrum. These colors are great in bedrooms, living rooms, or bathrooms. 

What Color Blinds are for White Walls?

White is a universal color that tends to pair up with all other colors, but with so many choices it can be an overwhelming task to choose what best matches your white walls. 

Highlight an Outdoor View – Colors of Wood 

When horizontal slats are fully opened clear, you’ll get a good view of the outdoors. With white walls, the eyes are drawn toward your colored blinds.

A black window frame with white walls is great with wood or brown textured blinds especially when you have a natural view to behold as it gives that vernacular quality to the look. 

Create a Delectable Window Décor – Cheerful Hues

Kitchens are naturally full of life where people gather and enjoy everything about food and conversations. With bright and lively hues such as lime, avocado, or apricot hues you’ll add cheerfulness to the heart of the home.

The beauty of having white walls is that you can use strong colors without creating an overbearing atmosphere. 

Less is More – White on White

If minimalism is your style, then white window blinds with white window frames and white walls are the perfect combination to go for when you love the clean and uncluttered look.

Or, if you want to focus more on your furniture or décor, a pure white backdrop is your perfect canvass. 

What Color Blinds for Grey Walls? 

Gray walls can look sophisticated and timeless and when matched with a certain hue can create surprising environments. If you got this wall color then you should pat yourself on being brave in taking on a versatile yet challenging color hue.

Don’t be dissuaded though as you can take advantage of the shade to create unique spaces with the right color for your blinds. 

Bright Contrast – Since gray naturally recedes in the background, you have an opportunity to add bright and funky colors. Pairing blinds with curtains can create a beautiful window covering design. This is especially effective for controlling light and color coordinating. Read more about curtains vs blinds here.

Midrange to Dark Gray – Yellow colors with orange or brown undertones for warmer tones and lemon yellow for a bright cool effect. 

Light to Medium Gray – Orange blinds can add life to these muted tones. 

Shades of Gray – While white on white works well, different shades of gray from your window blinds down to your flooring create an interesting monochromatic effect. As a rule of thumb though use either a darker or lighter shade from your existing gray wall. 

Scandi- Inspired – Beige, tan, and any color along these shades matched with a light gray wall can look relaxed and whimsy in an interior and works great for living room or other rooms for relaxation. 

Black or White – Black blinds spark a contemporary and casual look and will work perfectly with white window frames because of the degrees of contrast it takes from the wall and window the said window outline.

White, on the other hand, is a safe color to choose from and looks good on whatever style preference. 

Should Blinds be Lighter or Darker than Walls?

The short answer is yes when you aim for a monochromatic look and not necessarily when you are aiming for complementary colors. However, on the safe side, aim for a lighter or darker color for your blinds that’s in contrast to your walls.

Contrast is a basic component to add visual interest into a particular space, and since windows allow light and views through space, it’s an element that’s hard to miss. 

Monochromatic (Analogous) – For a Calming Effect

Your blinds should be at least one shade darker or lighter than your walls to create contrast, and that should have a similar tone or color family. 

Complementary – For an Energizing Space 

These are particularly hues that sit opposite in a color wheel, for instance, yellow versus blue or gray versus red. 

What is the Best Color for Blinds?

Choosing the best color for blinds depends heavily on factors such as the room’s wall color, window frame color, views, furniture, and style you are aiming for. 

Neutrals – Modern and Hygge.  The most popular color for blinds is neutral and light colors such as beige, white or gray that go toward modern or Scandinavian styles.

We also see this combination of modern farmhouse styles as well and other revival styles. 

Complementary – Urban Chic. Usually, you’ll find these exciting combinations on small apartments where young homeowners are not afraid of color in a room.

For example, yellow color blinds matched with a teal-colored wall with white window trims. Or, a fuscia color blinds matched against a gray wall and white window trims. 

Should my Blinds Match my Floor?

Blinds should not necessarily match your floors, but it’s safe to go with blinds with a similar undertone to your floor color.

As floors are typically darker in hue to ground or anchor the whole look, select lighter tones when it comes to your blinds. 

Should all Blinds in a House Match?

On the exterior view of your home, having cohesive color blinds looks better than having different colors on your windows, especially when looking on one side of your home.

However, you can still opt for different shades with the same color family. 

Choosing Blinds Final ThoughtsFinding the best color for your blinds can be a tricky business as you need to consider how well it goes with other elements of a room.

If you are unsure what color to go for or want to enjoy your blinds for a very long time, choose neutral colors for your windows. 

It’s also important to note that your room’s function is also a factor when choosing colors. Kitchens, for instance, are great for vibrant hues such as lime green or yellow blinds, while office spaces, because of their formal nature will go well with black, white, or gray colors.

Also, don’t ignore your window frames, as the color can significantly affect the overall look of your window treatments. 

For more on this topic visit our comparison article of shutters vs blinds.


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