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Urban Bulk Foods, Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH - Commercial RFE < sq. ft. inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant name: Urban Bulk Foods
Address: Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH
Phone: ()
Restaurant type: Commercial RFE < sq. ft.
Last inspection: 10/28/

Inspection findings

Inspection date


No violation noted during this evaluation. 10/28/Standard and 30 day Inspection
No violation noted during this evaluation. 09/21/Prelicensing Inspection

NameCityUsers' Rating
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Arby's (CAM/RB INC. DBA)Medina, OH
The StoreSeven Hills, OH
Pep PrentissFairview Park, OH

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Organic and gluten free items in addition to Amish butter, cheeses and cage free eggs. And don&#;t forget the snacks. Everything from sarsaprilla soda to dips, candy and more. We have the best maple syrup available! Country style store right in the city.


Sours: https://www.keepitlocalcleveland.com/urban-bulk-foods/
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Urban Bulk Emporium

Urban Bulk Emporium opened in March and is now one of the most frequented spots for foodstuff in Leslieville. For owner and manager Aziza Popat, bulk foods are something of a tradition. Aziza recalls her time spent at her family's bulk store in London, Ontario, when she was just nine years old: “I pretty much grew up in the back room of the store because my parents worked there day and night,” she recalls.

During this time, Aziza had the opportunity to thoroughly study and taste test all the bulk foods one could imagine. Up until college, she continued to work in the shop, learning more about the food industry firsthand. “My dad really helped me understand the business. He showed me how to manage a store and it was part of our everyday life,” she says.

It wasn’t until Aziza moved back to Toronto that she decided she wanted a business of her own, so she took up an entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University. “I knew I wanted to do something I was passionate about,” Aziza recalls. “I was always passionate about food and cooking and I knew the environment because of my past experience.” Combining her passion for food with her new training, she finally decided this was the right fit. And with her family still running three bulk shops in London, she could benefit from their advice once in a while.

Read the story of Urban Bulk Emporium
Sours: https://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Ontario/Toronto/Urban-Bulk-Emporium/html

Lakewood, Ohio --

Lakewood welcomes Urban Bulk Foods

A trip to Middlefield, Ohio, or just about anywhere in southern Ohio, puts one in contact with the rural Amish stores and their well-known bulk foods. Clevelanders Dennis and Jen Paszkowski dreamed for years about bringing the tradition to northern Ohio.

When Dennis, a former construction worker, retired last year the timing coincided with a store front "for rent" sign he and Jen spotted one day on Madison Avenue in Lakewood. The couple knew immediately they had found the location they dreamed about.

"We wanted to bring to Lakewood what we shopped for over the past 20 years," said Paszkowski. The couple opened Urban Bulk Foods in October

An important distinction about Urban Bulk Foods versus Amish stores is that they carry pre-packaged foods, not barrels full of food with scoopers for filling plastic bags. The Paszkowskis studied the Amish store model carefully before deciding to concentrate on several areas of inventory.

The candy selection will have any child jumping for joy just to look over the huge selection. The shelves of fresh spices will delight the most elementary cook as well as the experienced chef. Don't miss the steak rubs or the three different types of paprika.

Looking for a nice gift of a special food item? How about elderberry or bumble berry jelly or pickled eggs and beets?

Rounding out the shelves are dried fruits and many organic snack items like roasted green peas.

Paszkowski's  long  time friend, Dan Banyard, visits frequently and holds court on a folding chair near the door.  He proudly pointed out the re-purposed items that have prominent places in the store. "Dan built that counter top with a plank from the tree at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Detroit Avenue," he said. The countertop still has bark attached to the edge.  Many of the store items are featured in re-purposed crates from the Cleveland Museum of Art's last expansion.

Customers Noelle and Craig Huddleston came in the store for the first time. "We drove past several times," said Noelle, "and decided we just had to stop in." She was especially impressed by the overall variety and the selection of spices while their two year old daughter was more interested in a big bag of puffed corn snacks.

But it's the cage free Amish eggs and the rolls of country butter, as well as the well-known Amish cheese, that people love best, according to Paszkowski.  Just in case, though, he features a good supply of organic potatoes and onions in one of the crates.

New wood floors and artistic lighting give Urban Bulk Foods more of an upscale chic look than a down home type of store. The inventory in the 1, square foot store is arranged beautifully and everything is sparkling clean. It is a pleasure to take the time to browse here.

Urban Bulk Foods is located at Madison Avenue and is open six days a week.

Sours: https://www.cleveland.com/lakewood//01/post_html

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