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Grow. Food. Anywhere.: The New Guide to Small-Space Gardening

Grow. Food. Anywhere. is the must-have guide for anyone who has ever had a desire to grow their own food. Authors Mat and Dillon, of the Little Veggie Patch Co. provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide to gardening in any space, all in their own unique and entertaining style. Whether you've got a balcony, a tiny courtyard, or a patch of reclaimed dirt in a shared neGrow. Food. Anywhere. is the must-have guide for anyone who has ever had a desire to grow their own food. Authors Mat and Dillon, of the Little Veggie Patch Co. provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide to gardening in any space, all in their own unique and entertaining style. Whether you've got a balcony, a tiny courtyard, or a patch of reclaimed dirt in a shared neighbourhood space, this book offers inspiration – and instruction – for growing good things to eat. The book has three sections: What plants need; an A-Z of Veggies; and an A-Z of Pests. These chapters cover everything from: why soil matters; composting; how to make a wicking garden; how to select the right growing style; what to plant and when; harvesting; troubleshooting; pruning; and more. Grow. Food. Anywhere. is presented with a combination of photographs, illustrations, and a playful, engaging design that very much mirrors the refreshing no-nonsense approach of the book's two accomplished and articulate young authors, and their thriving gardening business....more

Paperback, 272 pages

Published April 3rd 2018 by Hardie Grant


Revolution Garden - James Fry - Did anyone else try it?

I just invested


in James fry Revolution Garden System: That I saw on the Homegrown food summit. 

I did do it cheaper than he suggested using my kids old swimming pool for a nutrient tank. And I found 2x3 x6” Black plastic cement mixing bins to use for the grow beads. At 13 each Much cheeper than the Bonticare flood and drain beds 4 x2 x 6” and 60-70 $ each. 

so Ive found that rather liberating. Really does use so much less water and no daily water. I like better that my growbag crops that dry out so quickly. 

So its an investment to grow food in the high desert. and just want to maximize what were growing.

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    This Hydroponic Garden System Solves Your Small-Space Problems With Great Design

    I practically live for gardening puns these days, so when someone asks if I want to test out a hydroponic garden system called Lettuce Grow, my answer is obviously yes. It also helps that the Lettuce Grow company was co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, who can always pick up my mood via New Girl reruns and also happens to love food gardening and to be a special friend of ours here at HGTV. But puns and personalities aside, the real reason I’m recommending Lettuce Grow is because this thing works — like, really works.

    What is Hydroponic Gardening?

    Lettuce Grow’s signature product, The Farmstand, is a self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic setup. I’ve shared info about how hydroponic gardening works before when testing tabletop hydroponic systems, but here, again, are the basics: Plants grow in water instead of soil, nutrients are delivered via fertilizer in recirculating water and grow lights simulate sunlight when growing indoors.

    While gardening hydroponically removes some of the things I value most about gardening — like being outdoors, getting dirty and getting exercise — it also solves some major barriers keeping people from gardening, including lack of outdoor space, space in general and that ever-elusive resource: time. I’m a big advocate for consumer-friendly hydroponic vegetable gardening for these reasons. After all, as Lettuce Grow explains in their mission, it’s all about getting people growing — for their own health and the health of the environment.

    The Farmstand: Form and Function

    The Farmstand starts with a 3-foot-8-inch-tall base that holds water and a pump, with a hole for adding water and fertilizer and testing pH. You then add layers for planting six plants at a time. The entry-level option starts with 12 plants (4-foot-3-inch), then you can build up to 18, 24, 30 or 36 plants (six-foot-1-inch). As you can tell from the dimensions, the Farmstead is big. I was honestly surprised how big it was even though the dimensions are listed smack dab in the center of the website.

    With The Farmstand being quite large and involving plumbing, at first I was intimidated by the assembly, but it was remarkably easy when following the well-written instructions to the letter. I felt pretty proud of myself for putting it together before I’d even planted or grown anything from it.

    With its large size, it’s definitely a statement piece, but thankfully, it’s really good-looking. All-white, it looks very modern, and the curvaceous build gives it a space-age quality. It’s just plain cool. And as the plants grow, it becomes a living sculpture that’s definitely worth showing off.

    What Can You Grow?

    You can take a quiz on the website to get a personalized seedling plan based on where you’re growing (indoor, outdoor, shady, sunny, etc.) and where you live (your growing zone). I’m using the 24-plant system indoors, and I let Lettuce Grow pick the pre-sprouted, ready-to-plant seedlings for me from among their 200+ plants.

    Indoors, the options vary variety-wise (they offer some really lovely and tasty varieties) but are mostly lettuce, greens and herbs — all things easier to grow indoors. If you’re growing outdoors and in warm weather, the offering expands to include peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, beans and more. I personally would love to see a pumpkin (which they offer!) growing out of this thing. They even include some edible flowers in the mix, including nasturtium and calendula.

    Is It Worth the Price?

    I’m gonna say yes. At $348 for the base model (12 plants), it sounds like a lot, but when you add up the costs for a 4x4 raised bed and soil to fill it, plus plants, it’s about on-par with the initial setup cost for a small outdoor garden. The Glow Rings (new in the product line and currently available for pre-order) are an add-on that’s necessary when growing indoors. They start at $200 for the 12-plant unit, making an initial setup cost for indoor growing $548. Again, sounds like a lot — but if you regularly buy fresh herbs and vegetables (and you should), the cost-savings add up quickly. There’s also the timely factor of these herbs and vegetables being right at your fingertips, as opposed to at the grocery, which is an extra consideration when you’re rationing trips to the grocery or when you’re short on time.

    If you have limited space outdoors, like a sunny deck but no actual ground, The Farmstand alone is ideal, and you can skip the Glow Rings. If you have a similar space but it’s shady, the Glow Rings will make it work. If you don’t have outdoor space, or if you garden outdoors spring through fall but want to keep growing through winter, as I do, The Farmstand solves your problem. While the majority of photos I see on the Lettuce Grow Instagram community show outdoor growing situations, which is great, I really think that, with the new Glow Rings, it’s an ideal system for growing indoors. I look forward to seeing more pics of indoor gardens like mine popping up in my feed through winter.


    11 Bold Ways to Use Plants Everywhere in Your House + The Trick to Grow Them Anywhere

    Nicholas Calcott

    When we moved back to Florida, I thought my jungalow dreams would be in reach. Plants in every room, sunshine all the time, a perfect plant lady dream. Spoiler alert- there were major obstacles. BUT I learned a way around them. So keep pinning these bold plant babies and learn how you can grow them anywhere in your house!


    This week, I’ve partnered with Soltech Solutions. I’m testing out their new Aspect grow light over the next few months with a full review coming! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I already love it more than my old grow light 😛. Traditional grow lights use a combination of red & blue LEDs to mimic sunlight frequency, and in turn, let you grow plants wherever you want. Sounds great except for the fact it is highly headache inducing. I had my old one plugged in for less than 5 minutes before a migraine started building and Michael asked that we never use it again…

    Anywho, the Aspect doesn’t have that problem. It boasts museum quality, warm lighting that still mimics sunlight and seamlessly fits in any home, anywhere. I like the Aspect in white so it blends back a bit like the above photo, but the black option is beautifully bold as well.

    Our current apartment has windows only one side and they’re shaded by large trees (don’t let the photo fool ya- to the left of the picture were all my studio lights). All my plants crowd the patio door for what little sunlight they can get and I’ve lost many a plant. I’m thrilled I can spread them out now to different parts of the house with the Aspect!

    If you’re interested in purchasing an Aspect, check them out here and use code ‘curate15‘ for 15% off! Thank you for supporting brands that support ctrl + curate.

    Sarah Sherman Samuel uses a flowering dwarf tree (Schefflera plant) to bring tones of green and organic shapes into her streamlined bathroom.

    Large houseplants in staircase corners juxtapose harder materials beautifully. Ariana chose the perfect CB2 planter that matched the wood tones and black metal. Go check out her full house tour– there are plants in all sorts of unexpected corners!

    Instead of in a corner, what about on a corner? Julian’s palm acts as a transition piece in his open living space. Plus, that little extra detail of moss over the soil is 👍

    Variegated plants are stunning (those with different colors on the same leaf) but tend to need more sunlight than their counterpart brethren. If you find your variegated babies drooping, get them more light stat.

    I’ve never seen a ponytail palm look so at home in a kitchen. The coordinating matte black throughout the space is the perfect backdrop for a bolder plant.

    Like anything in design, you gotta embrace mixing textures! Keep plants with similar light requirements grouped and play with varying their heights with planters, stands, and hangers.

    Brittni takes the layering game a step further with canvas vignettes for her plant babies. Her entire loft color scheme works the plants in so they look like an intentional feature and not an afterthought.

    A large space can be overwhelming to decorate. Easily make it feel rich & full with plants looking to strech out. Mandi uses the groups-in-threes trick to transition the kitchen to the dining room in this home makeover.

    Broad-leafed plants also make great privacy curtains for your own little reading nook. As soon as we move into our new place this summer, I’m moving our Aspect and Monstera straight into a corner with a reading chair.


    Talk about space defining! Kate’s cactus fills out the awkward space between her living room windows and gets all the light it needs with a black Aspect. Her living room really makes the case for a black Aspect.

    This post is in partnership with Soltech Solutions. If you’re interested in purchasing an Aspect, don’t forget to use code ‘curate15‘ for 15% off! All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support ctrl + curate.


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    I can’t find any independants reviews of your product. 7,000 plus c...ustomers is not an endorsement. It is quite the opposite. As far as testimonials are concerned, you juat have to have them for successful marketing, BUT we all know those stories are selected from satisfied and happy customers, not the unhappy ones. I would expect no less from you. I’ve run an on-line business for over 20 years so I know. I am a first year gardener at 72 years of age. This is my problem with your sales offer. Most marketeers knows it takes 7-8 visits to your website before someone buys. People want to make sure they are making the right decision. We hate making mistakes or falling prey to useless products that do not perform as claimed. I want to be absolutely convinced with facts, evidence, technology, and understanding plus ROI that I am making a sound decision. Furthermore, you’ve done nothing to mitigate my risks of spending money for your course, expenditures to invest in implementing your system, or my time. You have appealed only to impulse buyers by threatening them with a 13 hour window or nthe offer is gone. Your value proposition has to be solid at your regular pricing which is not your live seminars. You were pitching a Book, not a personal live seminar. Your ROI model is fictious. Gardeners in general want to take a local class and not travel so far away they would need accomodations. I’m sorry, but your price justification explanation brought a huge smile to my face. I remember the torture I went through in developing my own Value proposition. It was my experience that if I concentrated on the “value” rather than ”price” or “justification” customers would climb over broken glass to buy your product and price will be an issue. Always remember thses two concepts: “Value” and “risk mitigation”. Now let me address the problem I am trying to solve. (Products exist only to solve problems) I don’t know anything about the fundamentals of gardening either flowers or vegetables. This year I and my 45 year old son decided to make a together hobby. It didn’t take long to realize we didn’t have a clue to what we were doing. UTube and internet articles are OK, but they do not provide a systematic study guide to take an absolute novelist nto become a proficient gardener. So I need this information to be successful. Yet I did not see any of this in your presentation. Yes, I did hear you talk about first time gardeners who were successful apparently by blinding following this ”system”. This is not what I want. Ww want to be knowlegable and know the fundamentals and believed this should have been included or better, embedded within your system. I hope to hear from you so I can properly evaluate your offer.See More

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