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Bathroom wall shelf ideas for any home decor style

We love DIY shelves and DIY shelves in the bathroom are the perfect solution to help your decorate in your style. What to put over your toilet? Such a common question that we all have tried to figure out. We have had bathrooms with honestly nothing there for a long time before we actually figured out what to do. The two biggest things most people put over their toilet are some sort of artwork (like our simple word art canvases) or bathroom shelves.

Neither of these two options has to be boring and hopefully, this list of 20 bathroom shelves will help you to finally come up with your own bathroom shelving ideas. Stay tuned for a bathroom artwork post coming soon!

15+ bathroom shelving ideas

How high do you hang a bathroom shelf?

Normally a cabinet or shelf is hung 2 feet about the toilet or tank. If you are having multiple shelves, then plan on hanging the bottom shelf around 2 feet above and your next shelf anywhere from ″ above the bottom shelf.

How to cheaply decorate a bathroom shelf?

You can repurpose other items you already have, such as jars and other containers. Adding matching bathroom toiletries and towels for your guest. A frame, fake or real plant can also add interest to your bathroom. In the list below, you won’t believe how some of our DIY friends were able to “shop their own house” or thrift store to find fun bathroom shelf decor.

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20 different bathroom shelving ideas (some DIY and some to consider purchasing)

In this post, you will find examples of bathroom shelving for all home decor styles and also check outways you can update your bathroom vanity, too!

Gain extra storage in our bathroom by building a recessed shelf. This is an awesome step-by-step tutorial to help you achieve more bathroom storage (and don't we all need that)!

out of 5 stars is a good place to start when considering buying a bathroom shelve online. Again, we are partial to a more industrial look. The towel hanging rack is an extra bonus on this bought shelf.

These bathroom shelves literally are the perfect fit in this toilet alcove. We absolutely love this bathroom idea.

We are a huge fan of industrial famrhouse brackets. Here is just another DIY rustic shelving idea to see that simple shelves really can work in your smaller bathroom.

If you want more sophisticated pipe shelving, then this stained wood plank shelf is the way to go. We love the rich stain color against the DIY herringbone wall.

This simple bracket shelf is an easy way to add extra storage and design without breaking the bank.

Build your own floating shelves to go over your toilet and display your favorite bathroom items. Not only will you have extra storage, but also a place for extra bathroom decor.

This product is made from real bamboo and buyers seem to like the functionality of the shelf for their bathroom.

Create your own bathroom ladder to easily hang towels and other small accessories. Always have what you need within reach with this simple bathroom shelf idea.

These DIY bathroom shelves used leftover barn wood to complete a cheap bathroom storage solution. These faux DIY shelves used a metal bracket strip to easily attach the wooden shelves to the wall.

Get rid of that metal wire shelving and create this beautiful bathroom linen closet makeover. We love that a base was added to the floor to create functional and amazing bathroom shelves

Other Bathroom Shelves To Love

bathroom shelving ideas for above the toilet

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  1. Ainsley Over-the-Toilet Ladder with Baskets

Easily add bathroom storage with this Pottery Barn classic shelving idea. Not wanting to spend that much money, then check out an alternative from Amazon.

2. Rustic Wall Bathroom Shelf

This rustic, yet clean design from an Etsy seller will easily allow you to display your towels and bathroom decor.

3. Deco Curve Metal Wall Shelf

This sleek and open design will add a modern touch to your bathroom walls. This bathroom shelf can match any decor and finish as it comes in 4 different finishes.

4. Pembroke 3 Piece Tiered Shelf

If you like the look of the pipe shelving above. but don’t want to cut your own wood then ths is a great shelving unit for you to consider for above your toilet. 

5. West Elm Polished Shelf

If you are going to spend a little to buy your own shelf, we love the details and modern look of this West Elm 3-tired shelf.

Still need more DIY bathroom inspiration?

We love how our bathroom vanity cabinets turned out after we painted them and added a new countertop and faucet. It was a great combination of mixing old with new to cheaply update our upstairs small bathroom.

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Now go ahead a finally add a bathroom wall shelf above your toilet.


Bathroom Furniture And Storage

Bathroom Storage Furniture

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Our mirrored cabinets also double as a handy reflective surface in which to check your appearance as you brush your hair or wash your face, making the most from your bathroom storage. A corner bathroom storage unit or cabinet can work well in smaller bathrooms, and a narrow storage cabinet is equally effective when space is at a premium.

When it comes to bathroom towel storage, our bathroom drawers offer the perfect space for folded towels, keeping them close at hand for immediate use. For a rustic twist, our wicker drawers will make a stylish statement whilst also providing room for fresh towels and a variety of other bathroom products. For smaller bathrooms, our tall and slim bathroom storage units units present a useful storage solution without taking up excessive amounts of space.

For a small toilet or shower room, you’ll need something a bit more compact, that’s why we also stock a range of small bathroom storage units as well as under sink storage and vanity units. Don’t forget to check out our range of hooks, caddies and accessories too!

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15 Gorgeous Bathroom Floating Shelves Ideas You Have to Try

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The Traditional Take

Floating shelves come in many shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing wrong with the classic. This thick dark wood option is minimally invasive, but it serves up maximal style. It’s a sturdy choice that you know can hold almost anything, whether it’s your spare hand towels or your heavy glass jars holding your bath products. 

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Go Metallic

With bathrooms, simplicity reigns supreme. That’s why it’s a fitting place for metallic decorations. Here we love the effortless design of these golden metal shelves. They are the perfect place to display plants, photo frames, or even skincare products. The bonus rod at the bottom for draping a hand towel is an additional bonus.

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Embrace the Monochromatic

If your goal is to keep the floating shelf concept discreet, then choose shelves that match the rest of your bathroom. This gray bathroom uses two separate shelves to hold decorative items, rolled-up extra towels, and bath products. The gray color allows them to blend in despite their thick design, which is the perfect understated choice.

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Keep Your Items Secure

A traditional floating shelf is wonderful, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes we’re afraid of things rolling off the edge and shattering—especially that one glass serum bottle we splurged for at Sephora. To avoid any mishaps, go for a floating wicker option with bars to secure things in place while also adding a charming boho vibe.

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Fake a Built-In

Built-in shelves are the dream—but unless your landlord is your BFF, you probably don’t have such amenities ready for you when you move in. Instead, get the same look by outfitting a bathroom nook with floating shelves in a light stained wood or a coordinating color to your wall. No one will be able to tell the difference.

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Keep Things Close By

We’ve all been there: we’re washing our face and forget a hair tie to pull back our loose ends, or we forget to grab the face lotion from our bedroom vanity. The solution: a small floating ledge that fits right in between the sink and mirror. It’s the perfect space to store small necessities from soap bottles to toothpaste—and of course, a few hair ties. 

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Go for Glass Shelves

Wood options are the typical go-to, but you shouldn't count out glass shelves. Especially in an almost entirely white bathroom like this one, glass shelves truly create a floating illusion that brings more attention to your dećor rather than itself. Choose a glass option if you want to hang them higher up on the wall–the transparency will allow items to be seen from below and won't block the view.

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Experiment with Different Support Ideas

The whole concept of a floating shelf is to give ample storage without having bulky support underneath–but there are plenty of support ideas to choose from. For example, this bathroom has a simple light wooden shelf balanced on two white circular rods, which add a minimalist and approachable effect to the room.

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Try an All Black Shelf for a Dramatic Flair

If your goal is to add a bold effect to your bathroom, try floating shelves that are entirely black. While white and wooden options can feel more cohesive, implementing black shelves allows them to stand out–especially in a bathroom like this one that only has minimal black accents. If you want storage that makes a statement, this is the choice for you.

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Add a Shelf Inside Your Bathroom Nook

Bathroom layouts come in all shapes and sizes and can come with advantages and disadvantages. While a bathroom nook does add some additional privacy, it can also not leave much of an option for storage–which is where a simple floating shelf comes into play. Adding one over your toilet to hold a few simple items can be a great addition, and bonus points if you include one against a creative backdrop the way Laquita Tate Styling and Designs did here.

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Add Some Storage Under the Sink

We typically associate floating shelves with being placed on the wall at eye level or above, but that doesn't have to be the case. Placing one in an unexpected place–like under the sink–can be a great way to add extra storage and be subtle about it. Whether you use it for towels or other toiletries, it still creates an open and spacious appearance while holding your essentials in the process.

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Stick to a Color Theme

If you’re looking to treat your shelves as decor instead of storage, we love the idea of incorporating a color theme. Here, the white shelving coordinates well with the gray and white decorative accents. The three-tier layering and placement between the mirrors give these shelves maximum decorative impact, and we're living for it.

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Have Fun With a Geometric Design

Not all shelves have to be a singular straight plank–floating shelves come in a variety of designs. Choose one that has multiple shelves attached by an overarching structure or that comes in a unique shape. It's the ideal option if you want your storage to just as aesthetic as it is functional.

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Leaf It Up

We know: not all bathrooms are lucky enough to have natural light. Some don’t even have windows. But we’d be lying if we said shelves aren’t the perfect opportunity for some plant decoration. It’s okay if they’re fake—it’s the look you’re going for here.  

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Hang One Over Your Tub

If you happen to have a freestanding tub, give your bubbles, bath salts, and dry brushes a place to live until they’re needed. A shelf like this one is within enough proximity that you can access your bathing essentials without getting out of the tub. Bonus: it doubles as a place to set your phone so you don’t accidentally get anything wet. 

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100 Decorative Bathroom Shelves Ideas that Good for Decoration and Storage Function

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