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Peterbilt 389 Red Truck Sleeper Cremation Urn


The Peterbilt 389 Red Truck Sleeper Cremation Urn is a classic red detailed truck, with metal doors that open and close. The urn has a slightly larger trailer, handmade of popular wood in the USA. The back end has a secure wood closure for the bag of ashes. The entire urn is beautifully contrasted and engraved to your specifications. We can add a company logo or picture of your loved one. The truck is made of metal and molded plastic and the trailer is wood with molded plastic tires.

Size & Measurements:

The Peterbilt 389 Red Truck Sleeper Cremation Urn measures 30" long x 7" tall x 4" wide and is 220 cubic inches. To open, remove the screws in the back of the urn, a special sized bag is included, replace the screws to close. This truck can still roll with a very special load.

Engraving Details:

This urn can be personalized with up to 4 lines of laser engraving on the urn. We can also include a logo or picture. Upload your image and you will receive a proof to approve. Here is an example of what we can engrave:

In Loving Memory
John "Big John" Michaels
June 3, 1941 - May 19, 2021
Loving Husband, Father & Papa

Additional Features:

*Lifetime Warranty
*Caring Professional Service
*Engraving Does Not Slow Shipping


Mark Havens, a fuel-hauling owner-operator based out of Shelbyville, Indiana, says his Viper Red 2019 Peterbilt 389 extended hood came to him as a gift from above. Coming off of having retired from running fuel for Marathon as a company driver, Havens lucked out by landing the hard-to-find Pete on the very same day he started leasing on at a new company.Now, the rig has earned him the win in the 2021 Overdrive's Pride & Polish Working Bobtail, 2009 & Newer category. 

"I had been looking for a flattop back in 2018, but there was none anywhere in the country," said Havens. "You just couldn’t find a flattop Pete. I just happened to call after my orientation for my new job in Kentucky to the sellers in Indiana to see if they had one." 

After the dealer initially expressed doubt, he checked and discovered one had been delivered overnight, just the night before. "I said, 'please be Viper Red.' I prayed for that truck," said Havens, who does business under the name Proverbs 3 Trucking LLC, where he switches between trucking under his own authority and working for different fuel haulers like Petroleum Traders and Luke Oil. 

Mark Havens 2019 Peterbilt 389Havens was in luck that day, it's sure. The rig is powered by a Cummins ISX 15.

"I want to give glory to God, the lord that gave that," Havens said of the unit. "I bought it sight unseen. I had it dressed up -- all the chicken lights, 8 inch Dynaflex straight pipes to the custom rear fenders. It has a Cummins ISX 15."  

The rig features an 18 speed transmission with a 270-inch wheelbase and a Blackmer pump. Havens owns a 2014 LBT tanker with air ride and disc brakes. Havens mostly hauls gasoline and ethanol, he said. 

He cut his teeth in trucking starting in 1988, when he fulfilled his lifelong dream of hauling cattle for National."They were an elite fleet. All outlaw truckers, always on the left lane," said Havens. "They brought me in right. Now I’m leased on to Breckenridge Trucking, and it's like hauling cattle. It’s cool but let me tell you it’s one of the hardest if not the hardest."

As for his biggest challenges, Havens said something that most likely rings true with most any driver at some point: "Finding a company where you're more than just a number." While he added he makes more money when operating under his own authority, the overhead and administrative headaches often represent more trouble than they're worth, he said.

Nonetheless, after a few decades on the road, Havens has himself situated pretty comfortably. 

"I'm hauling every day about 500 or 600 miles, 12 hours a day... . I sleep in my bed every night. I got horses at home," he said. "I put in my time OTR, and now it doesn't get a whole lot better than what I'm doing."

Regardless of his load, the classic look of the flattop 389 draws a crowd wherever it goes, he said. "It’s just the classic truck with that red and the chrome. My truck is like a Harley-Davidson, it brings young and old, all ages. It's just the heritage." 

On that score, Havens may be on to something. In 2020, the winner of the newer-model one of two Working Combo categories also was a 389. 

For the success he's seen, in the end, he stressed that all glory for his truck, career and life should go to God. 

viper red 2019 Peterbilt 389

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2016 389 Peterbilt Garnet Red VIDEO ISX 550 18 speed owner operator

This is another great example of why we sell more 389's than any other dealer. Metallic Radiant Red color grabs your eye as you start to notice that this truck is optioned like no other. "Slick top" meaning no horns on the roof and we have add 2 more marker lights for a total of 7 for a truly custom touch. 550hp ISX Cummins backed up by an 18 speed transmission. LP24.5 rubber, 1850 ft lbs of torque, and 3.36 gears will give you the ultimate in pulling power and fuel economy. Polished everything, 4 fuel tank straps, master disconnect on the 4 batteries, disc brake front end, air slide Holland 5th wheel, Phoenix Lighting LED light kit connected to a factory installed harness to ensure no issues down the road. The interior screams owner-operator. 6 switch top of the line leather seats with dual heat, swing away arm rests, and swivel pedestals. Carpet front to rear, double bunk, refrigerator, 23 gauges, 21 switches, FULL rosewood dash, navigation, Sirius XM satellite radio, diff lock, factory installed CB, bluetooth phone, the list goes on and on. Call or email me today to discuss any of our 389's and the great financing options currently available. We WANT your trade. You can see a video tour of this truck here


The Ultimate Photo Collection of Peterbilt 389 Trucks

The Peterbilt 389 is the model that ‘technically’ replaced the 379 model Pete. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell these two models apart.

Many truckers were extremely disappointed when the company discontinued the production of the 379 truck….. it had classic good looks and was a ‘big, big seller’…. a very popular model, especially attractive to the owner operator.

Pete tried very hard to keep the ‘classic look‘ of this popular model of Pete…. after all, why ‘mess with a good thing?’

The 2 models, the 379 and the 389 Pete, are pretty darned similar.

However, upon  closer inspection, the cosmetic differences, between the 389 and 379 are easily spotted.

Red White Peterbilt 389 Truck With Stainless Tanker Trailer

Changes From the Peterbilt 379 to Peterbilt 389 Peterbilt

  • Added 4″ of length to the hood, to accommodate the extra emissions equipment that is mandatory
  • Mirrors reconfigured, and more aerodynamic, much like the more recent KW models
  • Grill is a single piece, with a nice look, no rivets
  • Headlights are brighter with a different look (many truckers do NOT like these ‘alien-looking lights’)
  • Turning radius is even better than the Pete 379

Quick, Easy Tips to Tell a 379 from a Peterbilt 389

A closer look at a few features, will help distinguish between the 2 models.

  • Yellow 389 Peterbilt Front Corner Grill ViewGrill — overall, a cleaner, smoother lookH
  • Headlights  — space aged look to the headlights
  • Corners –more rounded
  • Bumper — more rounded corners than the 379

Peterbilt was smart NOT to make too many serious changes to the look of the 389, as it was intended to replace the 379 model of Peterbilt, which was a very popular model and a hot seller.

Have Truckers Been Receptive to the 389?

  •  Even with the improvements to the Peterbilt 389, due to the increased cost due to rising prices and emissions equipment, the sales haven’t been as good as predicted.
  • The profit margin is so tight that many owner operators who owned a long nose truck, are switching over to smaller, drop-nosed models that are more fuel efficient.
  • Nowadays, even a mile per gallon savings makes a heck of a difference to an o/o’s bottom line.
  • Although this is essentially an ‘owner-operator’ rig, as opposed to a company fleet truck, there’s a lot fewer o/o’s around, thus the lower sales. At one time, o/o’s made of 50% of the purchasing market. Now, they make up less than 10% of the sales.
  • Many truckers associate the engine troubles and emission equipment failure to the ‘make of the truck’, not the engine. When they see a lot of these models being carried in on  tow hooks, they automatically associate the problem with the Petes, which isn’t really the case. …. it’s the new ‘efficient engine and emissions’ features that are breaking down!

Peterbilt 389 Collection


Custom 389 Peterbilt Rig with Stainless Dump Trailer
Peterbilt 389 Show Truck Black Orange

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Red peterbilt 389

1XPXD49X8KD6010462019 Peterbilt 389Idaho Falls, IDJackson Group Peterbilt of Idaho FallsPlease Call 1XPXDP0XXGD3345322016 Peterbilt 389Bangor, MEWhited Peterbilt of Maine - Bangor$115,000 USD1XPXD49X8FD2775682015 Peterbilt 389Kronenwetter, WIJX Truck Center$94,900 USD1XPXD49X3FD2931272015 Peterbilt 389Indianapolis, INJX Peterbilt of Indianapolis$97,900 USD1XPXDP9X6HD3886562017 Peterbilt 389Pewaukee, WIJX Peterbilt of Waukesha$82,900 USD1XPXDP9X2JD4699212018 Peterbilt 389Joplin, MOPeterbilt of Joplin$87,500 USD1XPXD49X9JD4558532018 Peterbilt 389Sylmar, CARush Peterbilt Truck Center, Sylmar$139,100 USD1XPXD49X9KD6132682019 Peterbilt 389Clearfield, PAHunter Peterbilt of Clearfield$147,750 USD
2021 Peterbilt 389 Black/Red Seminole - For Sale Keith Couch 970-691-3877

Peterbilt 389 Bismark ND

Peterbilt 389 Engine Options and Design

The highlight from the list of engines offered on the Peterbilt 389 is the PACCAR MX-13. This engine is available in a variety of output configurations and is known for its low operating costs and longer service intervals. Peak performance numbers on the engine check in at 500 horsepower and 1,850 pound-feet of torque.

From an exterior design stand-point, the Peterbilt 389 is instantly recognizable. The truck utilizes the iconic Peterbilt design that is both practical and striking. Distinctive elements include the louvered grille, chrome accents, and polished side fenders.

The Peterbilt 389 is a truck designed to stretch its legs. Four sleeper options are offered on the Peterbilt 389, in 44-inch, 58-inch, 72-inch, and 78-inch lengths. Each sleeper offers ample storage space. The interior of the truck is designed to keep drivers comfortable while on the road. Features offered on the 389 include:

  • SmartNav system with a 7-inch touchscreen
  • Garmin navigation system
  • Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice recognition
  • MP3, USB, and iPod connectivity
Peterbilt 389 Red front

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