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With the brand new ROSE REVEAL, the direct-to-consumer brand ROSE has ambitions to reposition itself on the market. Does its new long distance design work? We took this road bike out at Mallorca and the streets of Stuttgart for an exclusive first test to find out more.

Here you can see how the ROSE REVEAL compete against the latest competition.

Time for something new! The German bike brand ROSE have already demonstrated that they can make lust worthy and fast bikes in the form of the ROSE BACKROAD (click for review) and ROSE X-LITE (click for review), which combine high-end specs built on top of a solid chassis. But even though these bikes perform perfectly well, there’s always been a little something missing. ROSE hope to change that with the REVEAL, ushering in a new era of design! Any reputation of being an ascetic and purely functional brand is being shrugged off here in favour of a luxury aesthetic that emulates the exclusivity of Porsche or Lamborghini. Cookie cutter bikes are to be replaced with unique brand recognition. The look of the REVEAL immediately communicates a sense of strength and elegance and it looks raring to go just standing there. If you’re a road biker to always set off at full speed, the REVEAL will have you itching to get on and ride away. Take a closer look at the REVEAL and it&#;s clear that ROSE recognised that they couldn&#;t have achieved this with just a fresh coat of paint. Instead, the frame has been changed from the ground up, resulting in the ROSE’s new long distance design. Undoubtedly triggering that ‘buy now’ reflex, first-class performance has been combined with a unique look in an attempt to create the perfect bike in an unbeatable package. The wind of change is blowing!

ROSE REVEAL – what&#;s new?

The front end of the bike is kept tidy with fully integrated cables. Standard gear or Di2 cables as well as brake hoses are routed directly under the stem before passing through a special spacer into the frame. ROSE says this solution will be updated with a new in-house stem that will hide those last few centimetres of cabling from view. The mm carbon D-profile seatpost was developed specifically for the REVEAL and is available with either 8 or 25 mm offset. Given that you&#;ll not be able to use a traditional mm seatpost, this offers options to be able to fine-tune the fit to your liking. To improve comfort, the rear of the seat tube is drawn lower, increasing the flex of the seatpost which should mean a less tiring ride over longer distances. The boost in comfort is also achieved by dropped seat stays and the fully integrated seatpost clamp. Similarly, the head tube has also been redesigned, now sized around a straight ” steerer tube for a stiffer interface and in turn, more direct power transfer. It&#;s all change at the rear end too. For better power transfer, the chainstays are constructed asymmetrically and similarly, the seat tube meets the bottom bracket off-centre to help optimise stiffness. All these design decisions are focussed on improving power transfer from rider to bike. Officially the REVEAL has clearances for up to 30 mm tires. However, we could easily imagine that, depending on your tire and rim combo, you could happily fit up to x 32C tires. ROSE have also shown their attention to detail by ensuring Shimano power meter compatibility. The drive side chainstay even has a little recess that makes it easy to mount the power meter magnet. There are no updates to the bottom bracket standard, axles or disc rotors. ROSE stick with a BB86 bottom bracket shell, 12&#; mm and 12&#; mm thru-axles and two mm rotors.

ROSE REVEAL SIX Dura-Ace Di2 components and geometry

We&#;ve got all the details on the componentry spec and geometry of the ROSE REVEAL, which is exclusively available with a carbon frame. However, we’ve got it from reliable sources that ROSE will be introducing an aluminium counterpart to the REVEAL featuring the same geometry in the next few months – the new and updated ROSE PRO SL!

Groupset Shimano DURA-ACE Di2, 2 x 11, 52/36T
Cassette Shimano DURA-ACE T
Brakes Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 / mm
Wheelset ROSE RC-FIFTY-Disc
Tires Schwalbe Pro One TT TLE, x 28C (custom option)
Seatpost ROSE D-Shape Carbon, 25 mm offset
Handlebars Ritchey WCS Streem, mm
Stem Ritchey WCS C, mm
Weight kg, size 57
Price € 6,
Sizes 50, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, size 57 tested
Available now

The REVEAL is available in two versions. First, there&#;s the value-oriented FOUR series, which comes with disc brakes ( g frame weight, size 57) as well as rim brakes ( g), and second, there&#;s the performance-oriented SIX DISC series ( g frame weight, size 57). The FOUR (€ 2,) marks ROSE&#;s entry into the REVEAL range, which is also available with rim brakes and Shimano’s Ultegra or Ultegra Di2 groupset. The FOUR DISC is available in a total of 4 builds, starting with the DISC (€ 2,), to the DISC Ultegra, DISC Ultegra Di2 and the DISC Force eTap AXS (€ 3,). The flagship REVEAL SIX DISC is available in 5 different builds. The most affordable models here start with Shimano&#;s mechanical Ultegra drivetrain (€ 3,) and the Ultegra Di2 for € 4, – our Best Buy! Along with the SRAM Force eTap AXS configuration and the Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 model as reviewed, the range tops out with the RED eTap AXS groupset for € 6,

Seat tube mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Top tube mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Head tube mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Head angle°°°°°°°
Seat angle°°°°°°°
Chainstay*/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm
BB Drop75 mm75 mm75 mm75 mm72 mm72 mm72 mm
Wheelbase*/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm
Reach mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Stack mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

*Geometry of the disc/rim brake version

We noticed: the head tube is comparatively long and the generous stack that results is pleasantly high. Our size 57 test bike had a relaxed stack-to-reach ratio of That’s combined with a relatively aggressive 75 mm (72 mm from size 59 and up) bottom bracket drop. Unfortunately the ROSE REVEAL is only available from size 50, but goes all the way up to size 64 for taller riders.

ROSE REVEAL first ride review

Looking the part and great design language, which the REVEAL has masterfully achieved, are just one part of the equation. At the end of the day, it&#;s all about what the bike can deliver while riding. Is the bike fun to ride? How comfortably does it sit on the road? Do long rides feel more like pleasure or torture? Our first impressions have confirmed that ROSE have created something special! Thanks to the stiff bottom bracket, the REVEAL accelerates willingly, no doubt helped along by the lightweight ROSE RC-FIFTY-Carbon wheelset. Power transfer is direct and no energy gets wasted while pedalling. The bike also shines in the mountains, happily flying forwards even up steep ramps. On quick descents and through corners, the REVEAL shows its playful side. It reacts quickly and directly to steering inputs but that agility remains easy to control. However, while the bike never gets out of hand and never feels temperamental, on fast descents only a practiced hand will be able to coax out the bike’s full potential. ROSE have clearly done their homework and the asymmetric rear end scores top marks. It offers a lot of comfort and the bike even manages to dampen bigger impacts. However, at times we would have liked a little more comfort up front.


ROSE have done a great job and created a comfortable road bike for long days in the saddle. With its light-footed acceleration and playful handling the bike is a lot of fun, particularly in hilly terrain. Of course, it doesn&#;t hurt that it looks incredibly good too. So how does the ROSE REVEAL perform compared to the competition? You&#;ll find a full review in our next issue!


  • light-footed acceleration
  • high level of comfort
  • great look


For more information about the ROSE REVEAL head to:

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Words: Philipp Schwab Photos: Valentin Rühl, Benjamin Topf


Lack of initiative on communication

Ordered a bike some weeks ago. Should have been shipped out already. But without communication they postponed the order.

It is understandable that they cannot deliver in time due to a shortage on parts and the current covid situation. But still I think it is not acceptable that they do not adhere to the promised delivery date and don't provide you an update.

Let's see if they will adhere to the promise now

Kan helaas niet reageren op de reactie hier onder.
Daar moet ik jullie deels gelijk in geven. Alhoewel in mijn account stond. Nevertheless De vertraging was al bekend maar er is geen initiatief tot communicatie geweest.

Bedankt voor de snelle reactie. Dit geeft in ieder geval wat meer inzicht in de situatie. Ik zal het gehele bovenstaande verhaal even updaten als alles binnen is. Voor nu een ster er bij.

Hallo Marijn,
dank u voor uw recensie. Tot nu toe is de leveringsdatum helemaal niet verstreken, u bestelde op en wij hebben op de bevestiging een leveringstijd van 2 weken aangegeven. Dus de 2 weken zouden pas op zondag voorbij zijn ;-)

Volgens ons systeem zullen de wielen volgende week weer beschikbaar zijn, dus we hopen dat we de datum kunnen aanhouden.

Uw ROSE Bikes Team


Delivered on time

Delivered on time, good price. Shortest delivery was 7 days ( days), should be less to get 5 stars

Fine, thanks so much!

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Gašper Krajnc

Very good and warranty friendly company

The company and the bikes they make are great. They sent me the bike in a nice box that protected the bike. After some riding my seat was damaged and I wrote them.
They answered in a day or two and had no problem with giving me a new seat (as a guarantee).
Excellent and fair company!

Good morning Gasper,
thank you very much for the great review!
We wish you lots of fun with the bike.

Your ROSE Bikes Team








Bike arrived damaged, customer service non-responsive

I am writing as the Pro SL bike I received ~1 month ago arrived damaged and I have reached out to every Rose customer service email address multiple times to no avail. The back wheel of this bike is bent out of shape, rendering the bike unusable. I understand that damage can occur during shipping, but not receiving a reply after so many attempts and so much time has passed is difficult to understand.
I see that Rose responds to messages on this forum, so I'm hoping the situation will be remedied soon through this channel. Thank you in advance.

Hi Eduardo,
thank you for the evaluation.
We have sent you an email and would now like to process the case as soon as possible.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Find another place to shop

Find another place to shop!
That is my best advice
You will get disappointed and your order will never arrive

Good morning Mads,
Thank you for your review.
Unfortunately, the item was cancelled by the manufacturer and therefore we had to cancel the order.
However, there is a new model, here is the link to it:

This one is a bit more expensive, but feel free to write in a new order in the comment field that we had contact with each other, then we will adjust the price.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Very bad customer service

I'm very disapointed with the company. I bought a bike with them, a Rose Bike X-lite Four and the bike arrived with a broken frame. After several mails warning them of the conditions of the bikes arrives in, I still do not have an answer
To collect the money, they do not have problems. To give a solution seems for them a bit more complicated.

Good morning j vico,
thank you for your review.
Unfortunately, you did not respond to our request to identify the rater, so we cannot review your rating and comment on it.

Of course, you are welcome to submit the data later.

Your ROSE Bikes Team


I went on the website to but 1 product and it took me over 40 minutes to do

Good morning,
Unfortunately, you have not responded to our request to identify the evaluator. Therefore, we can not check your case in detail and comment on it.
Of course, you are welcome to submit the data later.

Your ROSE Bikes Team


Anders Kjeldgaard

Competent advice - insane freight costs

I was in need of a gear drop for my Rose DX Cross bike. unfortuneately I cannot source it locally, but have to contact Rose bike in Germany. I needed support from the Rose tech team as I couldn't find the right part on the home page. They were helpfull, so I got the right piece for the bike. The freight costs were very high: 10 EUR to ship a piece less than 20 gramms.

Hello Anders, thank you for your review. We are glad that you are satisfied with our technical team. We are sorry for the higher freight costs. However, we are instructed by our shipping partner.
Your ROSE Bikes Team.

Vernon Stevens

J'habite en France

I live in France. I bought a Rosebike Watt Evo Rohloff from Rosebikes France. I understand the problems with Covid19, but if they are able to deliver bikes then they should be able to collect bikes for annual servicing. They undertook my first km service in March , I contacted them for the annual service (which they understandably declined due to Covid19) but I am now stuck with a bike that only has km but isn&#;t serviced. I am concerned that my Bosch motor needs an update but the company will not take the bike; I bought the bike on the understanding that Rosebikes France would service the bike.

J'habite en France. J'ai acheté un Rosebike Watt Evo Rohloff chez Rosebikes France. Je comprends les problèmes avec Covid19, mais s'ils sont en mesure de livrer des vélos, ils devraient pouvoir récupérer les vélos pour l'entretien annuel. Ils ont effectué mon premier entretien de km en mars , je les ai contactés pour l'entretien annuel (qu'ils ont naturellement décliné en raison de Covid19) mais je suis maintenant coincé avec un vélo qui n'a que km mais qui n'est pas entretenu. Je crains que mon moteur Bosch ait besoin d'une mise à jour mais la société ne prendra pas le vélo ; J'ai acheté le vélo étant entendu que Rosebikes France s'occuperait du vélo.

Bonjour Vernon, merci pour votre commentaire. Nous sommes désolés que votre vélo n'ait pas encore été collecté pour être révisé. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à nouveau pour que votre vélo puisse être utilisé à nouveau dans les meilleurs délais.
Votre équipe ROSE Bikes Team.



Made an order in 08/ of items that where either in stock or had a relative short "back in stock in:" attached to them.
Added my credit card, and supposedly paid for the order. (No money was taken from my account.)

Last week 07/
Almost a full year, i received a package from "Rose" that i didn´t even remembered what the hell it was!
Checking my e-mails, saw one asking for me to pay the order since they could not get the money from my old card.

After asking them why did they send it anyway after so long, and without payment, they simply kept saying that it is an automatic system, and WILL charge for it automatically.

I kept talking back and fourth with them, trying to understand if (at least) someone in Rose bikes thinks that maybe it was too long and should have asked before sending the package. But apparently, they are proud of this system Said that are many costumers that like it

I am shocked that the responses from costumer service are robot like and completely one sided.

They are the only on-line shop (that i know of), that you can add/buy items that are not in stock, that they don´t know the resupply time (false information even for the in stock items) and will send it to you a year later even if you did not pay for them. So cancel the order if you feel suspicious of the delivery/back in stock time.

If you are one of the people that, as they say: "likes this system" think about why almost every on-line site as an alert system, to let the costumer know when they have the item back in stock and completely remove the option to add/buy the not in stock item.

Think about all the similar complaints that you read before trusting your money to this shop

yeah We have a saying for that in Portugal: O maior cego é aquele que não quer ver.

Good morning Nuno,
Thank you for your evaluation. However, we can't quite understand it.
You placed an order where one item was not available. You placed the order as a complete shipment, a partial delivery would also have been possible, but we waited until all items were available.
In addition, we kept you informed about the status of your order by e-mail, but you did not reply to any of the postponements of delivery dates, let alone cancel the order. And now we are accused of having carried out your order Well, whoever wants to understand that! Of course you are welcome to return the items.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Nikola Fafandel

Meeting all expectations

Great prices, fast shipping, good customer services, excellent return policy&#;can&#;t wish for much more than that
BTW love their own brand of cycling clothing

Hello Nikola, thank you for your positive review. We are glad that you are satisfied with the shipping and our customer service.
Your ROSE Bikes Team.


Don&#;t waste your time, they won&#;t deliver

Ordered in April, then received multiple mails regarding further delays to delivery, even though one of the same articles was for sale and available in their Webshop. They simply cancelled the order in July and told me to order again.
Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Hello Rob,
We have informed you in advance via e-mail that we can split a delivery into a maximum of 2 packages. Since you already received a partial delivery in March and just didn't want to wait for all the parts, we could only cancel the outstanding items. We are sorry if we did not communicate this clearly.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Took longer than hoped, but sorted my issue

I bought a Reveal 6 bike last year, which I've loved having and have had many happy days riding. Unfortunately the carbon frame developed a crack in the downtube, I assume due to a manufacturing issue. There was a bit of hassle getting the bike shipped back (Brexit blah blah) and it took awhile to get looked into and fixed, but hats off to Rose they replaced the frame and sent it back to me here in the UK, all under warranty. So I'm very grateful that they had sorted this for me with little fuss, all whilst we've had to deal with Covid and Brexit. Thanks Rose!

Hello Tim,
that sounds good, thank you for the great review!

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Gerard van Reekum

Customer service is defunct.

Customer service by phone is defunct.
Tape recording says: available on weekdays between 9AM and 1PM. Between those times all you get is two minutes of music and then the connection is lost. Same at the technic dept. After 1PM sharp they play the tape again.
After reading the reviews here I'd say the company is on the verge of going broke; I advice against sending them money anymore.

Otherwise the PR company who writes the answers to the negative reviews here would do better responding to the calls and e-mails for the customer service department, no?

PS: more evidence = the company's main phone number (in the right hand column next to these reviews) does not exist anymore.

Good morning Gerard,
We don't understand about the phone number, we are available every day between
But you also wrote an email, this should be processed quite promptly.

Well, the Corona pandemic has not left us unscathed, but thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff and the exemplary actions of the management, we are far from bankruptcy, fortunately.

Your ROSE Bikes Team



Pretty good customer service. Initially ordered and paid for a bike from them, but Canyon received stock for a similar spec'ed bike and I changed my mind in the process . Refund came a little late, because if you pay with credit card, you need to wait for your pending transaction to expire. ROSE personnel won't be able to speed up the process. It took about 3 weeks in my case.

Overall, I think it is a reputable company. Some reviews here are definitely exaggerated in my opinion.

Good morning Sebvvy,
We have checked again, you ordered the bike with the payment method credit card. Therefore, no payment has been made yet, we would only have charged the credit card when the bike was delivered.
Since the order has been cancelled, the credit card was not charged.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Time Xpro10 pedalsstill waiting

Having searched for Time Xpro10 road bike pedals I found Rise to offer the best price and availability. I wish I had taken more caution and read these reviews beforehand. Placed the order and received confirmation. I was completely aware that COVID was going to lead to some delays in delivering my package. Five weeks have passed and no indication my pedals have even left Germany. Co tasted CS and Andrea explain Ed it would take weeks in light of the delays DHL were experiencing. Again, it&#;s been 5 weeks

Multiple other emails have gone unanswered by Rose Bikes as to the whereabouts of my pedals. I have even tried contacting DHL to see if they know where my pedals are but the tracking. Umber hasn&#;t been updated since April Also pretty much all of my delivery address is missing when I put in the tracking number. My best guess is that Rose Bikes failed to include the correct details for delivery and now I will never receive these pedals. Thank you Rose for making me spend an additional $ on purchasing the same pedals. It was that or I avoid bringing my road bike on a trip I&#;ve been planning for some time now.

Just the absolute worst customer service. Anyone outside of Germany who is considering buying anything from this store because they might appear to be getting a good price on an item should proceed with extreme caution. You WILL experience problems with shipping that will lead to substantial delays and there will be ZERO customer service to support you when that happens. Just read the other reviews. They Reinforce this point. Do yourself a favor and avoid the future frustration by shopping elsewhere. Even if it is a few $ more expensive, at least you&#;ll get what you paid for!

Good morning BH,
Unfortunately, you did not respond to our request to identify the rater, so we were not able to check this rating in detail and comment on it.

Your ROSE Bikes Team

Order, refund and information actions good


I cannot understand all negative feedback. Everytime that I contacted to customer service I got answer during next day and no issues with order or refund. Any shop or online store is not % perfect, so we must also think our own actions. Any process anywhere cannot be so fast what we want. Rose bikes as well another shops works same way and I cannot say any negative for now.

Hello JS, thank you for your positive review. We are glad that you like our customer service and that you have not received any problems with orders.
Your ROSE Bikes Team.


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Rose Reveal Four Disc road bike review

Manufacturers are becoming so experienced at manipulating the black stuff that they are now able to satisfy seemingly conflicting demands. Need a bike that is stiff one way but flexible in another? No problem. Fancy some aerodynamic efficiency but at a light weight? Sure thing.

However, while sophisticated fabrication can go a long way, brands are increasingly now also choosing to deploy mechanical devices within the frame design to further augment certain characteristics. Most often this is to help boost comfort and is particularly prevalent in endurance road and gravel bikes.

Such designs have taken the form of decoupled seat tubes (Trek Domane) and suspension cartridges in steerer tubes (Specialized Roubaix). Not to be outdone, Rose has built a few engineering tricks into its new Reveal too. 

Buy the Rose Reveal Four from Rose here.

Quiet at the back

The Reveal is Rose’s endurance model, made specifically for long rides in relative comfort, as opposed to its X-Lite model, which is the more race-oriented bike.

To help with that comfort is a black plastic sleeve that houses the seatpost at the top of the seat tube and acts as a dampener between frame and post. The back of the seat tube has been cut away above the seatstays, and so the seatpost is secured down by the junction with the seatstays.

And because the plastic sleeve isn’t structural, the seatpost is free to flex backwards from that point instead of being pinned mm higher up where the top tube and seat tube meet.

Longer tubes naturally flex more, so by creating such an extraordinary amount of exposed seatpost without resorting to weird frame geometries, Rose has given the Reveal’s back end an uncanny ability to absorb bumps.

And it works well. During my tests, whether it was the chatter of a rough road surface or the one-off thumps of bigger holes, the rear did a stirling job of dulling the impacts, making the bike a very comfortable place to sit.

The ingenuity of the design doesn’t stop there. The seatpost has 25mm of setback to better promote rearward flex, but the seat tube angle is a steep 74° so the rider isn’t placed too far behind the bottom bracket. The seatpost is also D-shaped in cross-section, with its flat surface at the rear, where more of the post is exposed.

The flat surface encourages rearwards flex, while the rounded front face discourages any rebound forwards, so there was never a time when I felt like I was being pogoed around by the seatpost.

The feature is pretty simple compared to the hi-tech comfort-boosting solutions from other brands, but it’s certainly effective.

Buy the Rose Reveal Four from Rose here.

Similar tactics are at play at the front of the bike. The fork steerer is tapered from 11/2in to 11/8in as you’d expect, however the top headset bearing hasn’t been reduced to accommodate the slimmer tube diameter. Instead Rose has used a second 11/2in bearing.

This has opened up space between the bearing and fork steerer through which, with the help of special spacers, Rose has routed the brake and gear cables into the frame. A second sleeve takes up the remaining space so the steerer fits securely.

It’s another smart move if, as is the case here, weight isn’t top priority. The bigger head tube is heavier, but it also helps to make the frame stiffer and keeps the front end looking clean and free of clutter. I’m convinced the sleeve also helps filter vibrations coming up from the front of the bike too.

During my test rides, the two comfort-promoting devices created a peculiarly pleasant ride quality in what is otherwise a very stiff frameset. When I was accelerating, I got nothing but race bike sensations in terms of rigidity. Yet those features turned off the vibrations that were surely on their way to my hands and backside like breakers in an electrical circuit.

Cherry on top

Rose has a direct-to-consumer business model similar to Canyon, cutting out the distributor and retailer, meaning its bikes are typically pretty good in terms of value, and at just over £3, with Ultegra Di2 Disc, this Rose Reveal is no different.

However, one area I felt the Reveal’s comparatively low retail price was evident was in the wheels. Rose’s own R Thirty Disc wheels are underwhelming in comparison to the frameset and other components, slightly dulling the excitement of the ride by being a little weighty and sluggish.

Still, with the money you’d save buying a Reveal Four Disc compared to an equivalent-quality bike from many other brands, you could still splash out on a wheel upgrade, and in this instance it would most certainly be worth it. After that you’d really be all set to enjoy some long, comfortable miles on a truly accomplished endurance machine.


Top flight

For almost double your money, Rose claims its Reveal Six Disc at £5, (specced with Sram Red eTap AXS) saves around a kilo in weight compared to our test model. Only available in black, though.

No charging required

Rose’s most affordable Reveal Four Disc saves more than £1, over our test bike. The only concession is a swap to Shimano’s mechanical Disc groupset, which is hardly a disadvantage.


FrameRose Reveal Four Disc
GroupsetShimano Ultegra Di2 Disc
BrakesShimano Ultegra Di2 Disc
ChainsetShimano Ultegra Di2 Disc
CassetteShimano Ultegra Di2 Disc
BarsRitchey Comp Road Streem II
StemRitchey WCS C
SeatpostRose Reveal
SaddleSelle Italia Flite Flow
WheelsRose R Thirty Disc, Continental GP 28mm tyres
Weightkg (57cm)

All reviews are fully independent and no payments have been made by companies featured in reviews


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ROSE Backroad Ultegra Gravel Bike - Light, Stiff, Fast But Is It Comfy Too?

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