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Disclaimer: tarot is speculative and to be taken with a grain of salt.

Let’s begin. The long awaited Koo reading.


To start, koos energy is a really rich, solid purple that is kinda pearlescent? It hard to explain but it kinda looks like this


So thats pretty neat. Most of the time the way I see energy it isn’t ever really opaque so that was new for me. Another thing that was new for me was when I went to, essentially, connect to koos energy there was this like glass door looking thing and, it sounds nuts I know, but I left an offering of energy at the glass thing? Kinda like leaving flowers outside the door and then he removed the glass thing and connected his energy with me.

Now its even weirder because his soulmates energy was already with him so I didn’t even need to connect with his energy in order to connect with the soulmate. His soulmates energy was just this white sparkly blob standing by him (I tend to see the boys when connecting with the energy because I already know what they look like) and immediately his soulmate was “chatting” with me. I was surprised so I was like, “do you have any messages that you want to say?”


The messages I got were

  • You’ll see
  • Open your arms to love
  • Carry the burdens as a badge
  • Afraid to lose you

Cool cool cool. I think his soulmate is aware of all the upheaval that he’s been doing on a soul level recently. I talked some about it in this reading x and kinda this one x I think his soulmate is being very encouraging. (Also, I think his whole upheaval really had to do with him not feeling like a person? Idk thats just the vibe in getting. Its like he needed to learn how to feel again and learn that he can have true and authentic love)

Now the open your arms to love thing is cute because I also wrote down, “He’s suffered enough” and “Love is hard for him” (I swear to God I heard a tiny little “hey!” From jk in the background lol)

His soulmate is very aware of the struggles he’s been through and is going through and is very understanding that he needs patience. So cute.

Keep in mind the reading hasn’t even started yet. We still hanging on his little energy platform chatting and his Soulmate is like, “I don’t know him” … I didn’t even ask that yet but oki. So they don’t know eachother. And again, out of nowhere his soulmate wanted me to know that their hair is blonde. Awesome. This could mean that their hair is blonde when they meet or that’s just the natural color.

I was like, dude, I haven’t pulled cards yet. And his soulmate was like, “no shit”… soulbae has jokes. I was like, “You’re funny” and they were like, “You can write that one down too”

His soulmate and him definitely have witty banter and they tease eachother a lot.

Now, some freaky shit. I was like cool I’m gonna do the reading now, its awesome that you’re connecting with me personally and it’d be great if you could just continue to help me through the reading. And they were like, “yeah no prob” and then dissolved into my energy? Idk. Wtf. His soulmate was like cool I’ll help out for sure and gave me a massive direct link. That hasn’t happened before. Neat.

On to the actual cards finally! So, for the cards that represent Soulbae are, kid you the fuck not, The Lovers and knight of wands rev. So. This person is very passionate and driven. A little scattered and impulsive but with the lovers card they are very sure of the choices they make. Very honest and open in communication. Also the fucking lovers card. Soulmate shit.

Now. For personality I drew 2 of swords rev. Death, hermit and knight of pentacles rev. Now. I think this person is elusive. A wrote down “no one quite knows” so I think this is the type of person that has never ending depth. They are ever changing yet always the same? They are kinda blocked off and hard to get to know. You have to earn their trust for sure. Also definitely a perfectionist. Can get bored easily too. I also got slave, knight rev and bully. This person is very strong willed and might have some past trauma that they’ve yet to let go of. Has probably been in some shit relationships because they tend to have “delusions” about romance (more so i get the feeling that they had high expectations that would never be able to be fulfilled? Like they have a tendency to plan everything out in their head and if it doesn’t go exactly to plan then its not good enough.) This person might also be stuck, not moving forward because they have too much faith that everything is just gonna magically work out. Probably spiritual.

Onto the relationship now. We have THE LOVERS AGAIN, 9 of cups, wheel of fortune and king of wands. So much contentment. Its fucking destiny. Its the most beautiful, strong, loving and influential relationship. It is what you dream of as a kid. Theres so much honest and open communication in this relationship. UGH its so fucking good. They are in love and its fucking destiny thats divinely guided. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

We have the pillar of light, sisterhood of the rose and the age of light. They are going to accidently make eachother fucking woke im cackling. They help eachother become more intune with ~spiritual shit~

Now for this person’s sign. Air sign with some fire. I think there might be gemini in there somewhere.

Now for career. I’m confused as fuck. Maybe a life coach? Could also be a personal trainer? This person is really successful and does whatever they feel called to do? I’m not really sure?

Now for where they’re from. Oki oki oki. This person has probably moved a lot as a kid and probably enjoys travel a lot. They value the knowledge that the wold has to offer!

Message from his soulmate to him: simplify your life, you think someone is lying (they are) and time to let go. Theres something that he is holding onto (some fake friends perhaps?) That he needs to let go of. Theres also a message of slowing down and resting. Life has been busy for him and he needs to… simplify…

Now we have, balance masculine and feminine energies. Koo needs balance in his life. Him and his soulmate balance pretty well in terms of energy!

For the little homemade cards we have, serendipity and focus. This is his soulmate saying, “hey, focus on the now. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll meet when the time is right” I also made a note that they could possibly meet at a concert (I don’t think it would be a bts concert.)

For descriptors we have: older, masculine, outgoing, long hair, light hair (remember when I said blonde earlier), outgoing again. So this person has masculine features. I also made a note of dark eyes that are like, dark brown grey? And a fit and built body. Also dresses like Koo but a bit more professional or classy. Like classy emo.

Now I also pulled a fortune from my bowl of fortunes and got, “you don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are.” He needs to focus on bettering himself.

Cool cool cool. Now we have Defend to the end , the worth while. This card talks about seeing things for what they really are. Not being swayed by gilded things. Its about learning to love and choose love. Not being afraid of fear. Living your truth. To fight for love and honor and ditch the shit that isn’t genuine or doesn’t come from a place of love. Its about standing your ground even when its hard. Not compromising yourself.

Overall koo and his soulmate have such a cute and loving relationship. Koo has worked really hard on a soul level and physical level. He’s betting himself and he’s learning about genuine love. His soulmate couldn’t give less shits about whether or not he’s famous. His soulmate sees him for who he is, who he really truly is at his core. He doesn’t need to protect or keep his walls up. He’s open and honest with his soulmate and they are both focused on growing and becoming better people.



Originally posted by yoongikook

Sours: https://syubub.tumblr.com/post/629746076752248832/jungkook-soulmate-reading

Singularity — ✨🔮✨ Bts Jungkook's romantic soulmate/future spouse...


Originally posted by jungcookykook

Card/s to describe his soulmate energy currently and generally.

The cards that describe her at the moment are ✨The Fool reversed and The King of Swords .✨

Generally this girl gives me strong personality vibes but it also seems that she doesn’t know how to use it wisely(maybe she’s kind of immature? I don’t know that’s the feeling I’m getting)!

With the Fool reversed and The King of Swords she seems like someone who has lost hope and is trapped in the doom and gloom. She believes she has nothing left to learn. She believes there is nothing wrong with her emotionally and often name and shames, pointing her finger at everyone else. She repeat the same pattern in her life and never seem to be in the flow. Often she has addictions that chain her to her behaviours. She is ready for the grave, thinking life generally sucks. Although her energy is like this currently the situations in her life aren’t bad , there new opportunities on the horizon but her way of thinking is blocking them from coming ! There might also be a huge change she tries to avoid but it will come anyway and she has to accept it , it might not be as bad as she thinks it is !

How she is perceived by others.

✨King of Cups reversed. ✨The impression she gives to the people around her is this of a person who’s getting jealous easily , is manipulative and selfish ! They think she is immature and childish not always in a bad way but that’s what her vibes are giving me at the moment !

His first impression and circumstances in his life upon meeting her .

With ✨the Lovers reversed✨ , she’ll give him the impression of a good person who doesn’t love their self enough and have problems with their confidence ! I feel like she’ll doubt her abilities a lot because she won’t feel ready to give life to an idea she has in her mind for sometime now and she might won’t feel ready to make the first step to her dream! Now about the circumstances in his life upon meeting her , I got ✨The King of Wands ! ✨ He will be in a period where he’ll have taken control of his life. He will motivate those around him, lead the way forward and set a good example for those who look up to him. He won’t worry about other people’s opinion and he’ll dare to be different .In a general context, the King of Wands indicates that he will have the energy, experience and enthusiasm to accomplish what he set out to achieve at this time of his life!

Her first impression and circumstances of life upon meeting him.

With ✨the Eight of Cups ✨, she’ll think that he is someone who seeks success and happiness away from the material world, since he already has what he desires. Someone who abandon the mainstream way of life in search of substance and knows there is something better out there and they want to get to it. Like he is on a deeply spiritual journey and very grown up emotionally! Now about the circumstances of her life upon meeting him , I got ✨Five of Cups!✨Well she won’t be at the best period of her life to be honest . Generally , the Five of Cups card can represent sadness, loss, loneliness and despair. Those feelings might be the results of an unwelcome change she’ll go through , I don’t know why but what I’m getting is loss / seperation of a good friend , not like death but maybe he or she will abandoned her and it feels like it’ll be her fault ! She’ll feel very lonely and sad because of it and she’ll start focusing on the negative emotions and thoughts again (maybe some wounds of her past will open again ).

How will they meet.

✨The Hanged Man reversed. ✨Hmm maybe they’ll find each other while traveling ( my card has a map that’s why I thought of traveling) but I think only one of them will travel since one of the foots of the man is tied ! There might be many trees in the place they’ll meet , maybe a garden of a friend’s house or a mini event !

Outcome of the relationship.

✨Eight of Wands.✨This card is a very positive one which represents hastiness, speed, rushing, progress, movement and action. It is a card of sudden action, excitement, exciting times, passion ,travel, freedom, holidays and holiday romances.They will feel positive and energetic. Also they will be thinking on their feet, seeing results of their work and finding solutions to their problems while helping each other in many ways.

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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

— Maya Angelou


You'll get to find out what skills/talents that 1 of your future lover(s) will have through this ask game.

🍤Just some rules 🍤

🍤A. No anons. You'll have to get off anon. 👋

🍤B. Like and reblog this post.

🍤C. Send me 1 ask and tell me your skills/talents.

🍤D. Once this post is reblogged, then the ask game is over!

🦏You'll have to follow the rules to get your question answered! 😉

kizziemii asked:

ah i totally get that !! i think i meant more of a energy reading anyway 😂😂 i would love to have one on taes current energy or maybe even her fs if you feel called to !! and maybe even some advice for them on their current energy situations ?? if not all good i have you have a wonderful day :)))

No worries sweetie 😚

Anonymous asked:

hi!! where should i contact you in order to get a connection reading? thank you <3

If you feel like you have a connection with someone and you want help you can dm me here on Tumblr ,but I’ll do the reading only if there are signs and staff that make you feel confused about it not just for fun

Anonymous asked:

Hey Aria ! I just wanted to tell you this dream I had. Well I asked the universe to show me a sign of my future spouse. And that night I had a dream of Jimin and me being very close. If you can pick up any meaning of this please tell me. I don’t mean to sound delulu 😭

Hello 👋 well I can’t really say something since I don’t know what have you dreamed of except Jimin 😅 but well it could be a coincidence 🤷

kizziemii asked:

hiii i really enjoy your bts readings and i was wondering if you could do a reading on taehyung and his romantic soulmate/future spouse ?? i know youve already done one but idk they seem to just have such an interesting relationship and i think it would be cool to see an updated version as well :)) do whatever you feel called too !!

Hello there and thank you for your kind words 🤗💗

I don’t know if I’ll do future spouse readings again on the members I have already done one , there’s no need for more details on this topic , as I have already said I’m already breaking in their lives in this way so I’m trying to keep my readings pretty general. The only readings that I’m willing to repeat are the current energy ones. Thanks for the recommendation anyway 😚

Anonymous asked:

hi!! i saw you're reading dreams?? could you try mine maybe😭

so bright daylight, i was on some kind of a bridge, heading somewhere with jennie, when a car stops, inside there's my mom, when i ask jennie if she could scoot inside so i get the window seat, she agrees readily and i'm quite surprised,, ,fast forward we reach a building, there i turn and say to myself that out of all 5 members, yeji (of itzy) is the one whom i connect with the most,, suddenly she's wearing the same black dress that lisa wears in hylt and is standing on the steps of the building,,, she guides me inside and i walk along with her,,, halfway down the passage she disappears and instead jimin comes and guides me to another room. so there's like a tv in the room, bright sunlight and 2 beds adjacent to the wall with space in between,,, i sit on one bed and he sits on the other one,,, and he says something along the lines of "Yes i'm reading all the messages that army sent on weverse for my bday" and i said something along the lines of "couldn't have read all of them?" and then he gets up and comes along to my bed and sits down on the floor and takes my hands into his???😭 and he's like saying something sweet, but then suddenly, i feel another presence in the room and i look up to see that my mom's at the door and i immediately say something along the lines of "yeah my fingers are like that/ my hands are like that" and i pull away my hands from jm's and he's surprised for a second but then he sees my mom and obliges and then i walk out with my mom clearly disappointed with everyone and everything

sjkdfksdf sorry if this is too long,, only do it if you wish to<3

have a good day<333

Hi cutie 😊 well I could say too much kpop for sure 😅 but if we have to look for the messages here I would advice you to look for the meanings of the car , building (if it was in good or bad state has different meanings), bed, and bridge maybe hands too since you talked about them and you might also saw them . I can’t tell you if it’s a bad or good dream since I don’t know details but you can search about these things I wrote and understand it on your own by the details.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you still do dream interpretation? I recently dreamt about someone whom I had a falling out with 6 months ago. They were a friend/romantic interest, everything was okay, but I got fed up of them going out with other people but still telling me things like I was special for them and so on (I didn't care about them dating someone else but more about their words since I felt uncomfortable about them saying those things while seeing someone else), so after talking out with other friends and even though I didn't want to, I told them I wanted to stop talking to them. We haven't talked since then but I still get some notifications of them liking my posts. Recently I dreamt about us, we were kind of like students in the same classroom (we are not in real life), and I saw him, my dream self thought it was going to be awkward, but we were both talking comfortably as if things didn't even happen. And yesterday I dreamt about them doing certain things to apoligize, sending messages saying that they needed me and they wanted me back in their life, that they missed our friendship. In that dream I wanted to talk to them, but people around me were telling me that it was a bad choice. I tried contacting them in my dream but i think it wasn't possible, they didn't get some of my messages asking them to come see me. Can you please help me out? Am I dreaming these because I miss them? Thank you

Hello sweetie 👋 It seems like you are very stressed about what happened . In my opinion you should just had kept some distance since you were uncomfortable but not stop talking to them it’s your choice that you didn’t talked about your feelings and well they can’t know about it or at least be sure about it if you don’t tell them. This dream might shows your desire to see them and to believe that they are the one at fault . In my opinion you should keep your friendship with this person but keep some distance so you won’t feel uncomfortable unless you decide to talk to them about how you feel.

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Sours: https://mysticalhouseofcards.tumblr.com/post/642498888661614592/bts-jungkooks-romantic-soulmate-reading
  1. Kia stinger diecast
  2. Rc plane landings
  3. Living together synonym

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Shuffling the cards...

Can I ask about BTS jungkook soulmate and love life??

Asked by gracious-musiclover-deactivated


BTS Tarot reading

Jeon Jung-kook Soulmate reading

Thank you everyone who submitted a request for Jungkook reading for being patient with me.
There were a few of those from anonymous users and I didn’t include all of your messages here but please know I went through all of your messages and saw each one you sent me.
This was a slightly difficult reading to go through.

  • So far this was the hardest reading I had to do
  • Every time the pattern is repeated
  • The oracle cards were pulled in this order:
  • Recreation, Caution, Heartbreak
  • And I pulled the Death card once again at the end of the reading
  • I really hate what I see and it makes me sick to my stomach
  • I did this reading few times and unfortunately this story doesn’t seem to have a happy ending no matter how much I try to fool the cards and redo the reading
  • I really hate the idea that I have to put this out there but if I omit certain parts it will be disingenuous
  • First of all I want to say that with the new decks I finally understand why that Death card was so ominous and why I can’t shake off this awful feeling that I never get from this card
  • Now I highly doubt that this card signifies actual death even though I still get a stomachache looking at it
  • But more an end to a karmic relationship
  • Unfortunately it will end up with a heartbreak for one of the two and looking at how the cards are presented I lean strongly towards Jungkook being the one who ends up with a broken heart
  • But the sad part is that I can’t even blame the other person because the cards don’t present them as someone deceitful or someone who would intentionally hurt him
  • It seems that Jungkook would grow attached to them despite them setting up boundaries from the very start
  • This person is the one who’ll help him heal and find emotional balance, work on some issues that he has and help create beautiful memories
  • However they’ll be also the one who will unintentionally break his heart
  • So their presence is necessary for healing and patching up some emotional issues but unfortunately not all of them
  • The story repeats itself in every reading
  • The Four of Stones and the Storyteller make me think of this person entering his life almost out of nowhere and bringing light and something that Jungkook was seeking for a long time
  • They’ll look to him as a treasure that he accidentally stumbled upon, a miracle that helps him dive deep into his emotions and unpack all that emotional baggage that he carries through his life
  • This person is very strong, independent and charismatic but most importantly they have a very strong personality and are emotionally mature
  • They live their life how they see fit, they don’t step back when they face challenges and they know what they want and even when they don’t know how they’ll get it they won’t give up
  • They’re the type who live by the rule ‘wherever the wind takes’ but still holding onto a map and a plan
  • It’s their strong personality and courage that attracts him
  • (Now that I think about it’s that carelessness why they shouldn’t stay for too long in his life because at some point it might become a little too dangerous for him)
  • They’re also the ‘they are not good for you’ type but for that short lasting period of time they’ll be exactly what Jungkook needs to loosen up a bit and have a chance for self reflection and inner work
  • But with the Three of Swords it seems that it’s his feelings and him revealing them is what will start the end of this relationship
  • Looking at the Six of Mirrors it feels like the confession will happen during one of those moments that create memories for life
  • Something that gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline running through the veins
  • And seeing how the Five of Wands follows and bow this card signifies unsatisfied desires and struggle, it makes me think of a very immediate and univocal response
  • And with the Strength and the Knight of Swords cards it seems that this subject will be brought up again afterwards and with the Eight of Swords and the Death cards that follow it looks like this will finally be what ends this relationship
  • The Death card is followed by the Ten of Wands
  • The number Ten signifies completion of a cycle
  • And the card itself signifies resolution of a problem
  • And it seems that in this case is one of them walking away
  • It’s honestly sad to see how much this will affect one of them because karmic relationships are a very important part of our lives and we all go through them
  • Not everyone is bound to stay with us throughout our life
  • And it seems that it’s best that this person will be present for only a brief period of time in Jungkook’s life but he or maybe it’s the other person have some emotional issues that won’t let him let go of that connection so easily
  • P.s. I pulled two more cards asking to see how each will see the relationship
  • For Jungkook I got the Seven of Pentacles and the meaning of the card is ‘Testing one’s strength’
  • For the other person I pulled the Knight of Pentacles and the meaning of that card is ‘Stability’

I believe this soulmate connection is not the last one and given how young Jungkook is, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to find someone who’ll be there for him and with whom he’ll form mutual trust and love. It seems that the near future has some challenges in store for him but we all go through them and we learn and evolve as individuals.

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Shuffling the cards...

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A Kpop Tarot Account — Jungkook Soulmate Reading 🐰 (By S🎈)

Jungkook Soulmate Reading 🐰 (By S🎈)


First Question : what type of person his soulmate is ?

I’ve got 3 cards


« Your power is harmless to you. It brings great benefits for it serves the Divine with love. »

I think that this person is naturally good, I sense no evil or bad attention from this person they have a good energy and they are often full of love and joy


« Angels help you express your truth with benevolence. »

This person is good but that don’t mean that they are passive I can see that they are not afraid to speak, they stand for others and are not afraid to be heard, unlike jungkook they are not really shy


« Work with the Archangel Michael to let go of everything that has become useless for your life purpose. »

I think that they are taking too much part of others problems and they are upsetting themselves, they need to chill a bit, to calm down, I would say « take care of yourself before taking care of others » they are a really nice person damn-

I’ve got 2 cards


« Powerful spiritual teachers full of love and wisdom watch over you and guide you »

I think that the « masters » in this card is Jungkook and his soulmate ancestors, it’s like a destiny thing, they met because they are destined to meet


« You are a lightworker who has returned to Earth to teach love. »

I’m not sure it seem like it’s a twinflame connection but i don’t want to make assumptions on it but it’s sure that they will meet when the time will come and they are destined to meet it seem like i can’t describe a place or something like that

I’ve got 3 cards


« You have a close connection with fairies and your life purpose includes the protection of Mother Nature. »

I think that their couple are protected by Mother Nature so they are bless by fairies in this relationship


« Note the messages that come to you through sound, music, or word, whether from an external source or resonating in your mind. These elements provide answers to your prayers. »

oh i think this Soulmate is an Army !

Jungkook musics and voice calm them, this person listen to bts a lot because it’s a source of joy and they feel better after, it’s like a treatment of anxiety / problems


« The energy of crystals supports you in the current situation »

Again a card that help the couple, I think that they are not in couple now but with the fact that they are an Army it will be difficult to « approach him » they will have a lot of up and down and them will need to stay strong because it will be hard, really hard.

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Anonymous asked:


Basically I thought of a spread on the question, "if I met this person, how would it go?" While I did it, I felt so confused—like it happened already...? Then I realized at the end that it happened in a dream. It was so odd.

WoW really ??

That’s so strange, I’ve been feeling really weird after having some dreams these days, but like having a deja-Vu during a reading ? Totally incredible sadly I’m currently in Turkey without my oracle cards so I didn’t get to do readings maybe I should try when I will be back in France ? Thanks for sharing it it’s really interesting even if it never happened to me

If it happened to some of you all then share it !

-S 🎈


Please stop requesting reading when it's clearly written that we are CLOSED and will only answer the questions. We said EVERYTHING in our rules (some of our requests aren't even respecting them) and it's make me a little mad. At least respect our rules when you're asking something, because MAYBE you didn't see that our requests are closed. So please, please if you want a personal reading everything is explained in a link in our masterlist BUT for the kpop reading we are still closed because of the amount of work we have. I know I said there will be a reading soon bit I got overwhelmed with school, exams and personal things (same goes for Admin S🎈) and I wasn't able to do the reading and I'm so sorry about it, I hope y'all will understand. We love you a lot, never forget that but please repect our rules and rules of the others ! It's very important to respect them !

For the one who are to lazy to read everything :

- Our kpop requests are CLOSED

- Our personal reading boundaries are in the masterlist

- Respect the rules when it comes to a request

- There won't be any post soon because of an important exams.

- We love you

Red velvet Masterlist Oracle/Tarot


Irene current energy


Personal reading :

We accept personal reading but you’ll have to pay ( by PayPal ). So if you’re interested DM me (Admin L🌸) on Instagram (@/lyssacraft_) or for Admin S🎈 (@/peaching_crossing) our price will depend on your demand :

  • 2€ -> 1 pendulum question
  • 5€ -> reading “past, present, future, response”
  • 8€ -> cardinal reading
  • 1€ per cards you demand -> drawing out cards

Anonymous asked:

Do u do personal tarot card reading too?

Yes we do but it’s not for free (our prices is in our masterlist I think) so if you’re interested you can check out prices !

Also sorry if we take a lot of time to do readings we’re having important exams these days so we can’t really make readings

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Sours: https://sa-kpop-tarot.tumblr.com/post/630989815193681920/jungkook-soulmate-reading-by-s

Tarot jungkook soulmate

Please read pinned post!! — Could you please do soulmate reading for jungkook...

Anonymous asked:

Could you please do soulmate reading for jungkook just like you did for taehyung I really enjoyed the reading thank you ❤️😘😍


Well, I can honestly say this was a highly requested reading 😅 but I’m just as excited to see what’s in store with our golden maknae. Hope it doesn’t disappoint 🥰


Originally posted by jung-koook

Date read and posted:September 9th, 2020

*DISCLAIMER: readings concerning kpop/celebrities/musicians/YouTubers are just for fun and hold no fact.*


What is their energy like?

The emperor rx, King Of Pentacles, 4 Of Pentacles, Knight Of Wands, Justice

They’re currently in need of some stability, but they’re very business oriented. Regardless of the current lack of stability they’re pushing forward to get towards that goal. Damn, they’re very no bullshit about things and not in a bad biss type of way. But in the sense of less is not good enough, they know they can get better, so better is what they’ll strive for. They’re waiting for something big, they know it’s coming and that’s why they’re pushing forward through these struggles. This energy makes me want to do better! It’s a very dominant and addictive personality, when you’re around them you believe you can do anything.

What does Jungkook like about them?

8 Of Cups, 5 Of Swords, Knight Of Cups, The High Priestess and Strength for bottom deck energy

He really enjoys the way they’ve come through life despite troubles. They always have a really positive outlook on things and it’s addictive to him. They lost a friend? That’s okay, they’re happy to have been able to learn from them. The finances are bad? They’ll cut costs somewhere until they can be comfortable again. This is a person with a plan for everything and a good disposition when it comes to bad energy. They raise his energy higher, make him achieve more than he ever thought he could alone. Overall he has this gut feeling when he’s with them, that this person is it. There’s no one else that does it for him in the way this person does. They give him strength just by being next to him and has so much strength to lean on.

What do they look like?

Not For You, Orphaned, Peace, Higher Power and No Place Like Home for bottom deck energy

They’re very feminine, in terms of their facial features and body type. Jungkook must really like the classic beauty type, that’s what I’m picking up. Someone very petite, both cute and beautiful. Someone with dark, black hair, very long down to their lower back. Their eyes are a light color, despite his love for brown, I see blue or green, even hazel. Their skin type is fair but with peachy undertones, so they look like they’re blushing even when they’re not. Oooo, okay so the reason why Jungkook was attracted? Their style is dark, lots of dark blues, purples and black. A person with duality, damn that’s hot.

How are they together?

You’re Already Doing It, Anna Grandmother Of Jesus, Priestess, Yes and Soul Family for bottom deck energy

Together this duo is a match made in heaven. They push each other to be their best and do their best. The universe has been pushing them to be together for so long, when charts were laid out they were always side by side. The minute Jungkook was born this person was already planned out for him. This is a deep soul connection, they know how important each other is. So long as they’re together they can do anything and they believe they can be anything. They really look in deep to fix their issues, push each other to be better. It’s a growing relationship and one that will continue to grow into a beautiful union. They’re couple goals guys, as if we didn’t already know 😭

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**Nothing is fact and should not be taken as such!! These are just the energies that the cards are currently picking up on.**


Death - The Chariot

They're moving out of the Dynamite era and focusing on the new concept and album they've been promoting. There's also a few members I think that were going through something and they're releasing that negative energy or situation to move forward. Better energy and beginnings are just ahead for them and it's well received.

• Monsta X

8 of Pentacles - Ace of Pentacles

They're currently putting in a lot of hard work, it's possible they might have a comeback soon or drop a collaboration track. They're putting in a lot of time and energy into this, because of the possible payout at the end of this. Whatever this is, they're going to be paid very well, it could even be that they're hoping for a better payout than their last comeback.So monwenee, please support our boys with whatever they put out. Monsta X is still Monsta X despite the current separation of our boys.

• GOT7

Ace of Pentacles - Page of Cups

I believe they're finally seeing the income from all the time they put in from this last comeback. I'm not sure if it works like that, but this is the feeling I get. They've just been paid a nice lump sum for whatever reason and have just been given good news on top of it. So maybe a few members are going to be a part of some collaboration projects, it's been a while, that's a possibility. They're feeling really good about whatever this is though, so despite JYP sucking as a company, the boys are in good spirits.

• Day6

The Tower - 4 of Cups

I would like to start this by reiterating that nothing is fact! These are just the current energies the cards are picking up on. But something big is happening with our boys and it doesn't look good. None of the members are happy about it but they have to accept it. It really feels like a goodbye to something or given a deal with dire consequences if received poorly by the public. I hate throwing this out there, but it does feel like a dis****ment or the ultimatum of "Receive a win or we'll cut our losses" and since the company has been getting more groups and Day6 had really good eras before with no win, it doesn't look good. I'm going to hope that this is referring to something else and not what it feels like, but this is what I see.


9 of Cups - 10 of Pentacles

Ooo, they be feeling good good 🥰 they're really proud of the work they've put in and the praise they've been given for it. Not only that though, they're feeling very financially stable and more than comfortable with their income. They're doing really well and it's lots of happy energy 🤗💜


4 of Pentacles - 9 of Swords

Poor babies are stressed TT-TT it feels like they're worried about how things have been lately. With the pandemic slowing everything down and the separation groups have faced with their fans, it's left them feeling scared for lack of a better word. It's like they feel they'll only have those few good eras and that's it. Where will they get their income from? What will they do for their career? 4 of Pentacles talks about finances getting better, so it's possible there's been talk about a comeback for them and it just hasn't been passed onto them yet. But I'm also picking up on the possibility of the discussion already happening and they're worried about the comeback going wrong in some way because of the current pandemic we're all in.


10 of Pentacles - Ace of Cups

I'm feeling lots of stable and content energy with this group. A description of the first card keeps popping out at me. "Signing of money agreement." Paired with "Stability. Contentment." On the other card and I'm getting a different kind of dis****ment vibes. It really feels like they've thought this through, considered this option and are content with it. With how long this group has been around, it's also not as uncommon of a possibility. But it's also very possible they're just very happy and stable with their current situation and successes, so take this however you'd like.

• Stray Kids

The Empress, Ace of Pentacles - Page of Cups

The first group to give me more than one card and it's just to rub in my face that they're rich kings. I kid you not, these boys are raking it in right now with all the stuff they've been doing and achieving during this comeback. They're feeling very good about the whole situation, it's good vibes all around for them. I also get an underlying feeling that their personal goal for this comeback, was to get their third win. Which they ended up getting and it's been really fueling their serotonin high.

• Twice

Judgement, 7 of Swords - Queen of Cups

My queens are going through it in a very interesting way. There's some sort of conflict or disagreements going on. They're all adults, so it's being handled with emotional security. But they're all trying to find a compromise that's fair for all involved. This could be creative differences, or even personality differences between the members personalities. Either way, they're working on it and handling it maturely like the queens they are 🥰


Page of Swords - The Moon

There's something going on with the girls. I think one or two of them are going through something emotionally and it's affecting the others. They're questioning their ability to perform or their confidence or whatever the case may be. Which in turn is making the other girls question if they can trust her when push comes to shove. I hope they're able to resolve whatever this is 😔

• Blackpink

Page of Pentacles - The World

They're enjoying being able to get back into the world and interact with others. The income they're receiving from the comeback is just a bonus. They've been very stagnant while waiting for the world to resume, so this is a blessing in a way for them. The girls are enjoying learning new things about how to interact with others better during this pandemic.

• Red Velvet

Knight of Wands, 4 of Cups - Knight of Swords

The girls have just been given news about something and it's far from good news. This isn't necessarily bad news, but it brings conflicted feelings to the members. Should they be grateful? Should they be fighting for something better? It's an interesting predicament. They don't have long to dwell on it either because it's happening very quickly, whatever it may be. It feels like a comeback, if they haven't already had one, so perhaps there's a component they don't like in the concept.

• Wonho

The Heirophant - King of Swords

@noirnunu has been keeping us updated on the progress of Monsta X and Wonho reuniting and that's kinda what this is pointing to. It feels like Wonho has gotten some clarity on his situation, that this solo artist life was fun but ultimately not what he thought it would be. The Heirophant points to something serious taking place, within legal cases and lots of paperwork. So it's possible he's looking into rejoining his brothers soon.

I would just like to say that this thing with Jae from Day6 is something I knew last year. Ironically, or unironically, depending how you see it, around this exact time.

I’m still on hiatus, but I thought I’d bring this back considering what’s been happening. It’s clear Jae needs all the love and support he can get, so let’s be there for him, MyDays 💜


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Date read and posted:April 13th, 2021

*DISCLAIMER: readings concerning kpop/celebrities/YouTubers are just for fun and hold no fact.*

Keep reading

All readings, kpop and celebrity included, are now dated 🤗💜 In the future when I return, I’ll add dates to the newer readings as well

I haven’t forgotten about my moonbeams 💜 I’m just in a very stressful point in my life and don’t want to bring that energy into this space.

But I want to thank you for the new milestone and all the love you keep showing me 🤗💜 I miss you and I hope you’re all doing as well as you can during these stressful months


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I can’t believe I’ve been here a year 🥺

Albeit, not a full year with all the breaks I keep taking 😅 But I made this account late July last year and it’s already September 🤗💜

With my birthday just over, it’s amazing how much a year’s time changes things. My last birthday I spent with my moonbeams 🥰

I wonder what this next year will bring 💜


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We’ll miss you smiling bear 😔🥺

To the moonbeam who just sent me a very detailed list of the new tarot blogs 🥺💜 I love you and thank you for sharing with me

If things can settle down, I’ll update the lists this weekend 🤗💜


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TW: Hospital mention in tags

Stepping away moonbeams 🤗💜 I might be back in later, but idk how today will go so no promises 💜


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Anonymous asked:

What element is in my future spouses sign? Have I already met them? Is it A? Sorry for so many questions answer what you can. 💕

Met them: No

Is it A: No

Intuitive yes or no readings are based off my intuition using the current energy of the asker and those connected. They are not fact and should not be treated as such. You are in charge of your choices and decisions 💜

Anonymous asked:

Is my soulmate the person I’m currently involved with?

Yes 💜

Intuitive yes or no readings are based off my intuition using the current energy of the asker and those connected. They are not fact and should not be treated as such. You are in charge of your choices and decisions 💜

Anonymous asked:

Hi, can I please ask you if my future spouse is going to be british, irish, canadian, asian or north african ? - a.c ♉

British: Yes

Irish: No

Canadian: No

Asian: Yes

North African: No

Ooo a mixed baby 😍 we love to see 🤗💜 sorry, I had this open for twenty minutes just jamming to kpop 😅

Intuitive yes or no readings are based off my intuition using the current energy of the asker and those connected. They are not fact and should not be treated as such. You are in charge of your choices and decisions 💜

Sours: https://moonprincessdiviniation.tumblr.com/post/628828923879424000/could-you-please-do-soulmate-reading-for-jungkook

SecretMessageTarot — BTS Jungkook soulmate TAROT Reading✨ Jungkook...

BTS Jungkook soulmate TAROT Reading✨

Jungkook soulmate appearance wise✨

•Very classy type of style

•”Their hair color is naturally black, but dies their hair light colors often”

•Medium body frame(a bit curvy)

•”Dark eye color”

•Sophisticated & Elegant looks

•Soft & Fragile looking

•Smooth skin(takes really good of their appearance)

•”This person may not fit the standards ideal type perfectly” but beautiful to him

How will his soulmate feel towards him?✨

•Wants to build a family with him🥰

•100% trust in him (They will feel different being with him, something they never felt before(?)

•Will take time at the beginning to open up to him, but as time goes on. (The walls will be broken down)

•Having strong bonds with him

How will people sees his soulmate like?

•”Someone who is very stable & well balanced”


•Respectful to friends & family but outside forces too

•Has function around themselves

•Maturity is on point, like really on point

•”The CeleBration Type”🎉

•”Center of attention”

Is Jungkook soulmate an idol?✨

No they aren’t an idol, not the famous type. They are just an average person who has no fame around them.✨


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Enhypen Jungwon Personality Reading


Enhypen Jungwon Personality Reading🔮

(Nine of swords, The chariot, The world and Nine of wands)

Jungwon holds a lot of traits of someone who always ready to experience a growth in life that will bring new changes and better accomplishments into different cycles he takes on. He’s really taking his current success seriously and ready to build off of it in order to achieve more. There’s always something Jungwon feel like he needs to do more of in order to receive an outcome he desires. He’s a highly talented individual who wants to be known around the world for his skills and hard work. “Keyword is around the world, he doesn’t want limits on how far his recognition can go”. Now on to the more serious side of things, Jungwon worries and stresses out a lot which isn’t good for someone his age because it’s like how does he manage that? Is that healthy? Well first he tends to have a sensitive side to him which makes it easy for things to affect him like that. But guess what he tends to hide that so others can’t see it. You know that motto “fake it til you make it” Yeah that’s Jungwon because he’s so driven to succeed that he has to put up an image that everything is fine to achieve what he sets out. Especially since enhypen has been this year, Jungwon seems to have issues with sleeping/getting overwhelmed about many things.(a lot of this goes on in his own head, experiencing heavy & dark thoughts) But he tends to control what he puts out their due to him being so self aware and strong willed. But he typically leave certain issues behind his guarded wall that only he can know and have real access to. I can see that Jungwon has been through many ups and downs, a lot of which many fans wouldn’t know about due to not sharing them openly for real on a deep standpoint like personal, but he had to understand that life has obstacles that you have to learn how to handle regardless if it’s hard or not. Jungwon rather keep his more difficult problems behind the scenes. But as he continues to grow he will get better at handle more and more tough situations, it’s all a learning process for him. Jungwon is very optimistic about his future, once he has his mind set on something don’t expect him to give up easily even if it may take a long time. He’s willing to work very hard to achieve his goals and become more successful over time.

Aespa In 2022 Reading🔮


Aespa in 2022 Reading? What can we expect?

(Death, Ace of wands, five of coins rv, page of wands, page of cups, nine of wands)

In the year 2022, Aespa will experience an ending which will be 2021 coming to an end and having a fresh start in the beginning on 2022. This will be a great time for them to bring out more of their new ideas and plans that will open the door to new opportunities for them. The words standing out is “new growth and high potential”. There’s many new ideas that is being prepared for aespa and will come out to play more next year. A whole new world of possibilities will be available to them. There could be certain things they want to experiment on to see what happens because there’s a strong need to go for it and do anything that could lead to an expansion in success! There was many worries they had before but in 2022 they will start to fade away when they realized the “real progress” that will be made in their career. I’m getting there could be a member who is praised heavily and stands out a lot next year. Aespa will have to protect and keep a strong grasp of everything as they get more recognition and success because problems will come into play; but they will have people who support them overshadow that other side.

There will be some other opportunities for aespa in the upcoming years; even on a individual level because there’s some good moments coming!

Personal Paid Tarot and Oracle Readings


DM me if you are interested in a personal paid tarot/oracle reading✨

Nct 127 Mark Lee feelings towards Nct 127 ”Sticker” Comeback


Originally posted by youallneedjisoos

Nct 127 Mark Lee thoughts on Nct 127 “Sticker” Comeback Reading🔮

Let’s start that Mark Lee really invested a lot of his energy and time into this comeback, so he expects good achievements to come from this comeback. It seem a lot of planning went into this concept or comeback that actually took some time. During the planning process there was a reevaluation that took place to look back in the past to see what worked for Nct 127 and what didn’t work. He definitely gained some wisdom during this comeback whatever that may exactly be. Like I said earlier on, there was a pause that happened with this comeback, it’s like it was meant to happen earlier than now. But anyways Mark is expecting a good outcome with achievements like he has with “Hot Sauce” and “Hello Future” in Nct Dream. He has experience so much positive moments and he expects the same for this one. Mark Lee really held up with his part in this comeback with his group, he worked super hard and heavily payed attention to detail so that’s why he expects a good recognition to happen which makes sense. He wants the good celebration streak to continue on.

(patienceand planning, sacrifice and three of coins)

Cravity 2022 Reading


Cravity in 2022 Reading

(Nine of cups, judgement, Queen of cups, the emperor, eight of pentacles and the moon rv)

In the year 2022, it could be a good sign for Cravity because it’s a possibility they could receive more recognition/achievements that will be satisfying for them. Or hit a milestone that will be considered “very good” for their level of status. First this group is finding many ways to improve on their skills so they can work towards the success they have always been wishing for. The year 2022 will be that year for them to start fresh and come out with better energy than in 2021. I can feel that there’s more support coming for this group if they can keep up the hard work. But it seems there will be some problems that takes place behind the scenes within the company when it comes to these boys career.(some misunderstandings and confusion about the path Cravity should actually be on) There’s progress the company does want to make for sure with these boys but isn’t exactly sure how to go about it. But the control is in their hands.

Starship is going to really work hard to find ways for the boys to gain a more growing audience, that’s seems to be a heavy focus for the company.

There could be some more good opportunities coming for Cravity as a group; but also some individual members could have something related to an opportunity

Anonymous asked:

There's something that's been in my head for some time now and I didn't know who to share this with. Since you do personal readings, I was wondering if you'd have some perspective on this- just as someone who's into tarot and spirituality.

Heres the thing- there's an idol I feel immensely drawn to. (Ps- i am not a delulu and I'm not saying I have visions of being their future spouse or something lmao.) It's just this very strong spiritual connection that I feel with them. (I don't wish to reveal their name/age/gender.) I won't lie, I do think 80% of this connection feels kinda romantic??? But idk I just feel like I know them on a very deeper level.

I asked the universe to send me a sign because this whole sense of unknown was killing me. I asked the universe to make this idol post something on social media if they and I have some sort of spiritual connection. I asked for this specific thing because they are not that active on social media.

No kidding a day later they posted a series of things on social media. Now I don't know how to move forward and what to make of it.. I'd like some perspective. Is this just me overthinking or what is it?? I do have this very strong belief that we are meant to cross paths once I heal and work my way through some things. I'm very confused.

I don’t do personal readings for free. But if you would like to purchase one you can.✨

yangchuma asked:

Can you Know Characters of Enhypen's Niki Future Girl !? It's pity weird but also please do it 🥺

I don’t do future spouses and also Niki is a minor so that would be weird.

Anonymous asked:

do you do personal reading for free?

No my personal readings are paid for.

Nct 127 Mark Lee as a boyfriend🌹☀️


Nct 127 Mark Lee as a boyfriend🌹☀️

(The Hierophant, Nine of cups, Venus Virgo, Moon Aries and Mars Scorpio)

•First let’s start with the main point, Mark will be very committed and loyal in a relationship •Mark Lee dates to marry type of thing, like only if he can see a future with a potential partner. HE DOESN’T JUMP INTO RELATIONSHIPS EASILY!!!
•He seeks for the typical traditional type of relationship
•He can be insecure in love so it will be a sensitive matter to him, so having someone that doesn’t judge him is preferred
•He can be uncomfortable and awkward with expressing his emotions due to him often being reserved and shy.(So he won’t be to big on pda like that) Let’s just say he’s a shy lover!!🌸
•He can be a bit fussy and assertive with his partner to be the best or most perfect they can.(a bit of a nagger) It’s due to the high standards he has and him caring a lot about his partner. He can have a reputation for being critical due to his Virgo Venus, it’s really only to help them tbh •He’s very picky about choosing a lover, doesn’t settle for anyone
•His mars in scorpio can make him a bit possessive
•He will express his lover by doing acts of service, so expect him to want to helpful things to show his affection and love towards them(it will mainly be action based)
•He’s a very good listener and will observe their habits so he can have his partner figure out as much as possible

Enhypen Jake in a relationship🌹


Enhypen Jake in a relationship🌹

Sun Scorpio☀️ ➕ Venus Scorpio ♏️

•Let’s start when Jake like someone a lot, expect him to be completely devoted and committed to them
•Will be extremely loyal towards his partner and expects the same in return
•Jake has a thing for people who have a seductive and mysterious vibe about them
•Jake will be very intense in a relationship, can have tendencies to get attached and become obsessed with his partner
•He can have a hard time showing his deeper feelings towards others
•Once he starts to love his partner deeply, that’s when he becomes attached
•Jake definitely prefers deep relationships rather than a casual one, those aren’t for him
•He has a strong sexual intensity!!!
•It’s all in or nothing for him, there’s no in between so choose carefully when dealing with Jake
•He could have a difficult time finding someone who can handle his intensity better yet can match it.
•Expect him to have a jealous and possessive side in a relationship but it’s because he’s completely committed to someone. So he wants them all to himself
•But to certain people his love can be very overwhelming because of the traits he can carry

See this in the appShow more

Sours: https://secretmessagetarot.tumblr.com/post/626136085860433920/bts-jungkook-soulmate-tarot-reading-jungkook

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