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[first lines] 

Molly Jensen : [when Sam was making a hole when Carl and Molly appear]  Oh, this is great!

Sam Wheat : Wow!

Molly Jensen : Oh, that's incredible. There's got to be seven or eight feet up there.

Sam Wheat : And eighty years of dust. We could put our bedroom upstairs, and get all this space.

Molly Jensen : Oh, look at all this height.

Sam Wheat : For what?


Molly Jensen : Just space.

Molly Jensen : [they started smashing on the walls]  One! Two! Three!

Carl Bruner : [excited]  And four?

Sam Wheat : Come on.

[started banging on the wall again] 

Carl Bruner : And five?

[the wall falls off and pipes swinging in] 

Sam Wheat : Watch, watch!

[grabs the pipes and let go] 

Carl Bruner : God, this place is huge.

[then coughs] 

Molly Jensen : It's beautiful.

Carl Bruner : God!

Molly Jensen : You guys, it's absolutely incredible.

Sam Wheat : Incredible.

Sam Wheat : [continues coughing]  A little paint.

Carl Bruner : Sell it tomorrow, double your money.

Molly Jensen : Carl, you're obsessed.

Carl Bruner : A little bit.

Sam Wheat : [looks at the coin inside the jar]  Wow, look!

Sam Wheat : [opens up the jar and put a coin in his hand]  Hey, it's an lndian Head penny. 1898.

Sam Wheat : [puts down the jar]  It's a good omen.

Molly Jensen : You're the good omen.

[kisses him] 

Sam Wheat : [grabs Molly and gives him a hug and kisses him in the cheek] 

Molly Jensen : Oh, it's so great!


Ghost (1990 film)

Ghost (1990) is a supernatural romance film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed by Jerry Zucker.

Sam Wheat[edit]

  • [to Carl] Now do you believe in ghosts?
  • It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See ya.

Oda Mae Brown[edit]

  • [possessed by Orlando; stares at his wife Ortisha] Damn, baby! What you do to yo' hair?!
  • Molly, you in danger, girl.
  • I know you don't think I'm givin' this $4,000,000 to a bunch of nuns!


Oda Mae: I don't know you. I don't know Sam, but let me tell you what he did to me. He kept me up all night singing I'm Henry the Eighth I Am.
Molly: That's how he got me to go out with him.

Sam: How long have you been here?
Subway ghost: Since they pushed me.
Sam: Someone pushed you?
Subway ghost: Yeah, someone pushed me.
Sam: Who?
Subway ghost: What? You don't believe me? You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well, fuck you! It wasn't my time! I wasn't supposed to go! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!
[he kicks the glass window of a vending machine, and boxes of cigarettes fall out; the ghost groans in desperation]
Subway ghost: Oh, I'd give anything for a drag. Just one drag!


  • A love that will last forever.
  • Before Sam was murdered he told Molly he'd love and protect her forever.
  • You will believe.

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(MOLLY) Hello?


Shh! She can’t hear you. Hi, I’m
Oda Mae. I called you about your
friend Sam Wheat?

–Do you love me, Sam?
–What do you think?
–How come you never say it?
–I say it all the time.
–You say ‘ditto’. It’s not the same.

–I love you.

1) 303 prospect place?


3) That’s my neighborhood.

1) All right. What do I have to do?
What exactly do I have to do?

You got a nice dress?

1) Damn baby, what you do to your hair?
2) Orlando you like it? It’s Autumn Sunrise.

1) Do you have any, like, some pepto
bismol or something?


1) Excuse me. Can you hurry this up?

Oh, chill out. Chill out.

1) Hey, you hear me talking to you?

I hear you!

Shut up. Nobody’s talking to you.

Ever hear of a phone?

Want to kiss my butt?

1) Hi, I’m here to see Lyle Ferguson,

Do you have an appointment?

No, I’m here for my health.

1) I know the man who killed me.

He knows who killed him.

He’s name’s Willy Lopez. I know
where he lives.

4) He says his name is Willy Lopez and he knows where he lives.
Write it down.

6) He wants you to write it down.

7) YOU write it down.
8) I ain’t no damn secretary!

Just do it! Argh!

1) I swear, no more cheating. I’ll do
anything. I’ll do penance, but make that guy
go away!

No way.


1) I’m feeling something Did he know
some one by the name of Anna?

Lucita? Julietta? Josefina? Linda?

Si! Si! His mama! She is Maria!

Yes! Praise god, I know he was with
his mama.

1) Listen, Molly. I got to ask you
about something.

Yeah. He needs to borrow $4

1) Listen, what are you and Moll doing

We’re going to the theater to see
Macbeth. She likes the guys in
tights. You want to go?

1) Molly, you’re in danger.
2) Now you just can’t come out and tell her like that. I’ll put it in better terms. Molly, you’re in danger girl!

1) Now tell her make sure it goes up to the third floor because you have a transaction to make.

2) Uh, make sure it goes up to the third
floor because I have a
transfusion to make.

A what?

1) Orticia…where you at…I can’t hardly see…
2) Here…she’s right here.
1) Damn baby, what you do to your hair?!?

1) This chair is ugly.


And it doesn’t go with anything.

It goes with me.

You’re right. It does. We’ll paint

1) Welcome, Mrs. Santiago. You’re
fortunate today. The spirits are

My husband?

Yes! I feel his vibration. Ooh! I
see him!

How is he? How does he look?

Oh, he’s a handsome man.


1) Well, Rita, It looks like you’ll be
withdrawing $4 million from us

$4 million!

1) What are you doing? What do you
think you’re doing to me?

If you think I’m here for my
health, you’re crazy.

Sam’s dead. Ok? He is dead!

1) What’s wrong? Does little Carl have
a tummy ache?

What are you doing?

Now do you believe in ghosts?

1) You the fortuneteller?

Who are you?

That’s an interesting question. Why
don’t you tell me?

1)Sam says he love you. 2)Sam would never say that. 3)Tell her Ditto. 2)What the hell is ditto?!

1. Second verse, same as the first. I’m ‘enry the 8th, I am. ‘Enry the 8th I am, I am. I got married to the widow next (sour note) door
2. Okay, okay. I’ll do it. Just stop singing!

1. Damn baby! What d’ya do to your hair?
2. Orlando you like it? It’s autumn sunrise!

1. I know you don’t think I’m giving this 4 million dollars to a bunch of nuns!
2. Think of it this way, you’ll go to Heaven.
1. I don’t want to go to Heaven, I want to go to the bank and cash a GODDAMN CHECK!

1. Would you relax?
2. No, you relax, you’re the dead guy!

are you white?

Bless you, child. Bless you.

by the way how are Bobby and Snooky doin?

Carl: Sam? Sam: Oh, Carl.

Damn baby, what did you do to yo hair?

Damn, Baby! Wha’d you do to your hair?

Damn, baby, what did you do to your hair? Orlando, do you like it? It’s Autumn Sunrise!


Don’t die on me, Sam!

Excuse me. I’m Orlando. The line’s
over there.

Gas! I Get a little gas from time to
time. That’s all. Gas…… Quit poking

Get off my train!!

Go ahead and search, you’ll never find it.

Have a nice death.

Have a nice life.

He kept me up all night singing I am Henry the eight I am. Molly: That’s how he got me to go out with him.

Molly, I know about the green
underwear that you wrote your name

His name is Willy Lopez, he’s Puerto Rican, he knows where he lives.

I aint not damn secretary.

I don’t care. Stay away from now
on. What is that nun going to do
with $4 million! She can’t even buy underwear!

I don’t know HOW you focus…you just focus!

I hear them in the morning and the
evening. They’re coming into the shower. Did
you tell every spook you met about
me? I got spooks from Jersey coming
in here.

I know you don’t think I’m giving this $4
million to bunch of nuns!

I know you don’t think I’m giving this $4 million dollars to a bunch of nuns!

I’d give anything if I could just touch you.

I’m Arsenio hall. Don’t try to
adjust your television. I’m black.

I’m Henry the 8th, I am.

I’m Henry the Eighth I am, Henry the eight I am, I am.

I’m Henry VIII, I Am.

I’m leaving, I did everything I
said I’d do. And don’t be following
me. I’m finished. I mean it. Have a
nice life. Have a nice death.

It’s amazing Molly, the love inside…you take it with you.

it’s amazing molly. the love…you take it with you

It’s amazing Molly…the love inside…you take it with you.

its amazing Molly, the love inside you take it with you

Its like you’re not really gone. Its like I can still feel you..

Molly, you’re in danger.

Molly…you in danger, girl.

Molly: Are you all right? Carl: It’s just my stomach. Do you have any Pepto-Bismol or something? Sam: Cyanide?

Molly: Sam, can you feel me? Sam: With all my heart.

Morticia? Is that you? I can hardly see. *Focuses in on her* Damn, baby, what’d you do to your hair?

No. It was real. She knows about a
… A sweater I knitted. And songs
we sang. Our trip to Montago Bay.

Oh, this is you? / Yup./ Cute. White, but cute.

Oops, I signed the wrong name.

People say I love you all the time,
and it doesn’t mean anything.

Rolaids? Molly, what are you doing?

Sam wants you to go to the police.?
Jesus, Molly. Are you out of you’re
mind? What are you going to tell
the police– that some storefront
psychic has been communing with the
dead? Do you know what that sounds
like? You’re talking ghosts here,
for Christ’s sakes!

Sam: I love you Molly. I’ve always loved you. Molly: Ditto.

Sam: I tell her I love her! Oda-Mae: Sam says he loves you. Molly: Sam would never say that… Sam: Tell her DITTO!! Oda-Mae: Ditto? What the hell is ditto?!

Sam: See ya. Molly: See ya…(whispers)bye.

Sam: Tell her it’s for luck. Oda Mae: Sam says it’s for luck.

sam: what a crock of shit.

sam:go ahead just milk her for evey penny.

Sam? They’re waiting for you, Sam.

Say something Anna. SAM WHEAT!

She was talking to nobody that wasn’t there before she even hit her head.

Shot, huh? That’ll do it every
time. Poor bastard. You may as well
get used to it. You could be here
for a long while. Come here. I’ll
tell you a secret. Doors ain’t so
bad. Zip, zip–They ain’t nothing.
You’ll see. You’ll catch on.

Since I Fell For You.

Sister Oda Mae, grant us the gift
of your all-seeing presence. Appear
before us now.

That’s blood money. I was killed for that money.

there going to kill you, Carl. You and Willie! You’re going to be fertilizer. they’re gonna bury you right next to jimmy Hoffa.

There is no file on Willy Lopez. He was probably
some old boyfriend she was trying
to get even with.

Unchained Melody.

Why don’t you go haunt a house? Rattle some chains or something.

You can’t just blurt it out like that! I’ll tell her in my own way. Molly, you’re in danger, girl!

You god damn bastard! Why? Why? You
were my friend! I had a life, god
damn you. I had a life!

You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well fuck you! I wasn’t supposed to die. I’m not supposed to be here! Oh…oh. I’d give anything for a drag. Who are you? Why are you hounding me? Who sent you? WHO SENT YOU?! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!!

You’re dead Willy.

You’re not the one who died.

You’ve gotta take all yer emotion, all yer love, all yer pain and push it way down deep in ta the pit of yer stomach and let it explode like a reactor. Pow !

^He wouldn’t stop singing henry the eighth .^ *Thats how he got me to go out with him*

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ALove That Will Last Forever

It seems like whenever anything good in my life happens, I'm just afraid I'm going to lose it.
~Sam Wheat

Your work is really beautiful. It really is.
It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks, just what I think.
~Sam Wheat

Molly:Do you love me, Sam?
Sam:What do you think?
Molly:Why don't you ever say it?
Sam:What do you mean? I say it all the time.
Molly:You say 'ditto' and that's not the same.
Sam:People say 'I love you' all the time, and it doesn't mean anything.
Molly:Sometimes you need to hear it.
I need to hear it.

Sam:I don't believe this.
Hey you... my name is Sam Wheat. Can you hear me?
Say my name... Sam Wheat.
Oda Mae:Leave me alone.

Oda Mae:I swear, no more cheating.
I'll do anything, just make that guy go away.
Sam, whispering to her:No way.

My mother had it, and her mother. They both had the gift.
They always said I had it, but I never did, I never had it.
They told me all about it, but now that I've got it, I don't think I want it.
Just go away. Find somebody else.
~Oda Mae Brown

Oda Mae:Why me?
Sam:You're going to help me.
There's a woman who called Molly Jensen and she is in a terrible danger.
The man who killed me broke into our apartment, and he's gonna back.
You've got to warn her.
Oda Mae:What makes you think she's gonna listen to me?

I'm not leaving until you help me.
I don't care how long it takes, because I can talk forever.
~Sam Wheat

I just don't believe in this life after death stuff.
~Molly Jensen

I can't see him, I can only hear him.
~Oda Mae Brown

Molly:What I don't understand is, why did he come back?
Sam:I don't know.
Molly:Why's he still here?
Oda Mae:He's stuck, he's in between worlds.
You know what happen sometimes the spirit gets yanked out so quick, 
the essence still feels it has work to do.
Sam:Would you stop rambling?
Oda Mae:I'm not rambling, I'm answering a question.
[to Molly]He's got an attitude.
Sam:No, I don't have an attitude.
Oda Mae:Yes, you do have an attitude.
[to Molly]We're having a little discussion.
[to Sam]If you didn't have an attitude, you wouldn't have raised your voice to me.
Oda Mae:Don't take the Lord's name in vain.
Sam:Would you relax?
Oda Mae:You relax. You're the dead guy.
If you want me to help, you'd better apologize.
[Sam shouting]
Oda Mae:That's it, I'm leaving.
Nobody talks to me like that, you understand me?
Now you'd better apologize.
Sam:I'm sorry. I apologize, okay?
Oda Mae, to her seat, talking to Molly:He's apologize.

Have a nice life, have a nice death, good bye.
~Oda Mae Brown

I've got 4 million dollars stuffed in a goddamn computer.
If I don't get those codes, if that money is not transferred soon, I'm dead.
~Carl Bruner

Subway Ghost:Get off my train!
Subway Ghost:Get Off!!! Get out of here!!!
Show me how you do that.
I want learn and I'm not leaving till you teach me.

[while Sam tying to move the bottle cap]
Subway Ghost:It's all in your mind.
Your problem is that you still think you're real.
You think you're wearing those clothes? You think that you're crouching on that floor?
You ain't got a body no more.
It's all up here now.[point to his forehead]
You wanna move something, you've got to move it with your mind.
You gotta focus!
Sam:How? How do you focus?
Subway Ghost:I don't know how you focus. Just focus![flick the cap easily]
Sam:How did you do that?
Subway Ghost:You take all your emotions, all your anger, all your love, all your hate,
push it way down here into the pit of your stomach, 
and then let it explode, like a reactor.[kick a can]

Sam:Oda Mae, where did these ghosts come from?
You can hear them too?
Oda Mae:Hear them? Can I hear them?
I hear them in the morning and in the evening, they come into the shower.
Sam, what the hell did you do to me?
Did you tell every spook in the world about me?
I got spooks from New Jersey coming here.
There's stuff going on you wouldn't believe. I don't even believe it.

I'm not doing anything else with you, Sam.
Look, you're holding on to a life that doesn't want you anymore. It doesn't want you.
Give up the ghost.
~Oda Mae Brown

Sam, to Oda Mae:Tell her to send it up to the 3rd floor file, you have a transaction to make.
Oda Mae, to the bank officer:Please make sure this goes to the 3rd floor, I have a transfusion to make.
Bank Officer:A what?

Sam:Endorse it.
Oda Mae:No, if I drop it, then somebody will get it.
Sam:It's not your money.
I never said you would get the money.
This is blood money. I was killed for this money.
Now endorse the cheque.

Now do you believe in ghost?
~Sam Wheat, to terrified Carl Bruner

Sam:I'll miss you. Your mother'd be proud.
Oda Mae:I'll miss you too, Sam. You will be all right.

It's amazing, Molly.
The love inside... you take it with you.
 ~Sam Wheat


Movie ghost quotes

Ghost Quotes

  • Oda Mae Brown:You don't think that I am going to give this money to a bunch of nuns! They can't even buy underwear!!

    Oda Mae Brown:You don't think that I am going to give this money to a bunch of nuns! They can't even buy underwear!

  • Sam Wheat:They're going to kill you, Carl. You and Willie! You're going to be fertilizer. They're gonna bury you right next to Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Oda Mae Brown:Why don't you go haunt a house? Rattle some chains or something.

  • Sam Wheat:I'm Henry the 8th I am. Henry the 8th I am I am. I got married to the widow next door. She's been married seven times before.

  • Subway Ghost:[Looking longingly at a pack of cigarettes].. Ahh what I wouldn't give for a drag! Just one drag!

    Subway Ghost:[Looking longingly at a pack of cigarettes] Ahh what I wouldn't give for a drag! Just one drag!

  • Sam Wheat:It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you.

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