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Ombré wedding details have been trending for a while now (we've seen ombré cakes, bouquets, invitations, and even wedding dresses), but now the colorful look has reached new heights: Brides are forgoing traditional white white veils in favor of dip-dyed ones.

"More and more brides want to customize their look and show more of their personality," Dayna Isom Johnson, a trend expert at Etsy, tells "The ombré veil is a great way for brides to incorporate a soft tone of color into their wedding day style. Brides are seeking this trend through traditional veils, bird cages and even in the newest trend, juliet cap veils."

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Kerry Ann Stokes, who designs and sells the ombré veils pictured here on Etsy, says she was inspired to create these stunning pieces when she realized there was a need for something more unique. "When I first got into making bridal accessories I wasn't all that excited about getting into the world of veils," she tells "I felt like they had to look a certain way and that people were only looking for limited styles."

That's when Kerry started experimenting with adding bright colors and metallic shades to her wedding pieces. It wasn't long before she realized that there were brides out there looking for something different to wear on their wedding days.

"I'd say my customers have mostly been brides who are looking for a subtle way to have some fun with their bridal look," says Kerry. "They're not looking for anything crazy, but they are willing to try something a little different. The majority of the veils I have made are subtle and soft colors."

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Kerry works with mostly silk tulle and nylon and spends a lot of time trying to nail the right blend of colors. "These fabrics take color and paint very differently, so if I am doing a custom color I have to test out what mixture of dyes will work best," she says.Each veil can take up to half a day to make.

While it's not a look for those who are drawn to traditionalists, Kerry says she's received a lot of positive feedback in the bridal world. "A veil is a great place to do something on the bolder side [since] it's a piece that you'll likely only wear for part of your big day, so why not have fun with it and make it something unique?" she says.

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The Melideos

See more of Kerry's customized designs on Etsy.

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12 Breathtakingly Beautiful Ombré Veils To Say “I Do” In!

Ombré wedding details have reached new heights as modern brides are seeking this trend through wedding veils.  The ombré veil is a beautiful way for brides to add a touch of color into their traditional bridal look, and the visual effect is both romantic and breathtaking. This whimsically colorful look is available in a cathedral, blusher, elbow or finger tip style. Here are some of our handpicked, favorite designs from Veiled Beauty! Get ready to fall in love, and check out their shop for more gorgeous options!




Hand Dyed Ombre Veils

Veiled Beauty: Our ombre hand dyed wedding veil is offered in pink, purple, gray or blue. Available in all the traditional bridal veil lengths from finger tip to cathedral length. Offered in a double layer drop veil with no gather at the comb for a soft, minimal look.

– 100% handmade to order in USA
– Cut from soft bridal illusion tulle
– Raw cut simplistic edge
– Drop double layer veil
– One hand-sewn 3″ silver comb for secure placement



About the Designer

Kathy Banner: From the age of six, I have been winding bobbins and designing in my dreams. I received my Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design Degree from George Fox University in Oregon.

I was pushed into the Bridal business in 2005 when I landed my first job after college at Santa Barbara Bridal. I worked on the sales floor and running my own successful Bridal Alteration business. I first began designing veils because the lead-time is so outrageously long and the veils are so poorly marketed that I was intrigued by the challenge of offering something more accessible to the procrastinating bride.

I stumbled upon my first veil creation when I was working for a wedding dress shop in Santa Barbara California. I made some mock veils for the mannequins as displays when, lo and behold, my veils kept selling!
Now, I am dedicated to nurturing and handcrafting veils and bridal accessories for every bride. My mission is to please every bride with a tear-inducing, breathtaking, mother-in-law gasping VEIL!



Veiled Beauty Shop



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Veil ombre wedding

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Wedding Veil Length Guide

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