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If you’ve ever had a friend brag about how great their FORScan is in their Ford F-150 and had to pretend you know what they’re talking about, then this quick guide is for you. It contains all the basics that I have researched about FORScan, what it does, and my own experiences of using it in a Ford F-150 truck.

What is FORScan (F-150 specific)?

FORScan is 3rd party software that acts as an onboard diagnostics II (OBD2) scanner, allowing the user to diagnose error codes in their Ford F-150. It can also allow the user to make various modifications to their F-150 factory settings by modifying the computer module.

While OBD2 scanners are common, FORScan is designed specifically for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda vehicles. With that specific focus, it can detect modules not identified by other scanners.

Since it can access those modules, FORScan allows the user to make changes to how the vehicle works.  Want to run your fog lights with your brights? FORScan can do that. If there is a module that runs it, there is a good chance there is a way to change it.

FORScan is installed onto your laptop or mobile device.  With the use of a connector placed in the OBD under the dash of the F-150, you can download the computer modules into the software.  You can then select the module that goes with the problem or modification you want to make.

How to use FORScan in a Ford F-150

Using your FORScan to diagnose errors is as easy as plugging your phone or laptop into your OBD2 receptacle and allowing the software to run.  Your F-150 FORScan will run a diagnostic on all modules in your vehicle and give you a diagnosis code for any issues found.

That sounds straightforward.  Plug it in and turn it on. However, as with anything technical, there is a little more to it than that. This guide will help you make the most of your FORScan.

Using FORScan for F-150 diagnostics

Your FORScan can run diagnostic codes on almost any module in your vehicle. lists 180 different covered modules, including:

  • Powertrain control module.
  • 4×4 control module.
  • Battery charger module.
  • Security module.
  • Climate control module.
  • Fuel injection control module .

Attach your laptop or mobile device to the OBD2 port using a connector. This port is usually found under the dash, on the driver’s side of the car.  If you’re using your laptop, you’ll need a USB adapter. OBDLink EX is recommended.

If you’re using your mobile device, you’ll want to go with a Bluetooth linked adapter like OBDLink MX+ for iOS or Android.

You’ll also want a connector that offers an MS/HS CAN switch to make sure you can access all your modules.

Once you open up the software, it will automatically run a diagnostic on your F-150 using FORScan.

If a problem with a module is detected by the software, it will generate a diagnosis code. Not just a code, however. FORScan will also give you a short explanation of the problem which is where it gets very powerful.

For example, Code B1262 identifies a Servo motor defrost circuit failure. FORScan then continues, letting you know that the malfunction is the indicator lamp is OFF. Use FORScan to access the module and change the setting to ON, and the problem is fixed.

If the issue is more complicated, you can access the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) details.  Here, a list of possible issues is given. The list goes through every system and the components that could be causing the error code.

You can then begin your troubleshooting on your Forf F-150 using FORScan.

If the DTC doesn’t provide enough information, check the owner’s manual.  There are also many online forums regarding the use of FORScan diagnostics and troubleshooting the problem.

You can also clear the code(s) from the system.  You probably don’t want to do that until the problem is fixed.

Your F-150 FORScan profile

Assuming there are no issues when you initially set up your FORScan software, it’s a good idea to save the profile as a “factory setting” or “original” profile.  That way, if you have any problem in the future with changes you’ve made, you have the original to go back to.

On the same topic, keep a copy of your most current profile saved, as well.  Then, if you make a modification that doesn’t work, you have your most recent version, minus that specific change, to work with until you can figure out what went wrong in your modification.  Backup profiles are smart and easy enough to set-up

Using FORScan to make modifications to F-150 factory settings

This is where things get very cool.  Honestly, almost any OBD2 scanner can provide you with diagnostic codes. But not all can give you direct access to your modules and allow you to customize the settings in a way that makes you, well, you.

Want the “Bambi” effect?  You know, running your fog lights at the same time as your high beams to really light up the road?  You can do that with FORScan and an F-150.

First, turn on your F-150 and then open FORScan on your computer or phone.  Connect your device to the OBD2 port, using your connector.

Once you’re connected, select configure/programming on the left of the screen.

Hit “play” at the bottom of the screen to pull in all your HS modules.  Then, flip the switch to MS-CAN to pull in your MS modules, as well.

Handy Hint: You should always save your current settings before you make any changes to your Ford F-150 FORScan.

Look at your spreadsheet and identify which module you will use to get the “Bambi” effect.

The spreadsheet identifies that module as 726-27-01. Find that module in your FORScan and click on it.  The settings look something like 0100 0001 0057.

Go to your spreadsheet, which says the settings for the Bambi effect should be xxxx xxx0 01xx. Don’t change anything with an “x”.  Just change the numbers in your module to match those on your spreadsheet.

After the changes are done, hit “write” at the bottom of the screen or “write all” if you have changed multiple modules.

Follow the directions to turn off and restart your F-150.  Check if the fog lights and high beams come on together.  Success!

This is how your modification options work.  You can see this video and others here. Seriously, this is a 10-minute operation, at most. ALWAYS back up your system before making a change.  That way, if there is a problem, you still have a working copy to go back to.

Other modifications can include things like showing engine and transmission temperatures, adding controls for heated/cooled seats to your home screen, disabling the double horn honk, auto-fold mirrors and others.

YouTube has some great videos on the “how-to” of these and many other modifications available to you. Just Google “FORScan modifications” and prepare to be inspired.

Where do you find the spreadsheets?  Check in the local forums for your vehicle make, model and year. The other users are informative and very open to help.

Now for the big question…. how do these modifications affect your warranty?

How does using FORScan impact your Ford F-150 warranty?

According to the FTC, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that manufacturers or dealers can’t deny your claim simply because someone other than themselves did the work.

However, if the manufacturer or dealer can show that the change made caused the covered failure, the warranty could, in fact, be void on that item. Also, this is specific to routine repairs and maintenance.

  • Obviously, this issue is pretty gray. Many F150 FORScan users recommend changing everything back to your original settings (which you saved, remember?) before taking your vehicle in for warranty work.

If that’s your choice, simply save your current profile, with all those cool modifications you’ve made and reinstall your factory profile.  After the work is complete, go back and reinstall your cool, current profile and, like magic, problem solved.

FORScan offers the straight-forward utility of the OBD2 scanner, improved with the addition of the code explanation, dysfunctional module identification, and troubleshooting information.

It then ramps it up by giving the user the opportunity to directly access those modules and customize his/her ride to make it uniquely theirs.

It truly, an impressive tool when you can use it to its full potential in a Ford F-150.

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I've used this technique to stop the horn beeping when I double-press the key fob lock button, show exact temperatures above the dashboard gauges for increase peace of mind when towing, turn the tail lights on whenever driving so our trailer's backup camera has power, and many more things!

All you need is a cheap OBD2 Adapter and a laptop! Read on to find out how you can do all this in under an hour!

Why we love our Ford F-150

It's hard to find a vehicle that's a comfortable daily driver, performs well off-road and is able to safely (and legally) tow our trailer. Our Ford F-150 manages it all and we love it!


OK, let's back up for a second. What is OBD-II, and what are these new features we're talking about?

Well, despite the jargon, it's actually very simple. Since January 1st 1996, every new car and light truck sold in the US was required to have an Onboard Diagnostic Port that adheres to the version 2 standard - also known as OBD-II (as in, OBD-2). In simple terms, this means there must be an OBD-II connector within a short distance of the driver's seat - usually somewhere under the steering wheel.

Have you ever had a warning light on your car, and taken it into a garage for service? Odds are, the first thing they did was plug a tool into that port. Same if you have new tires installed - they use that port to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the new tire.

But why do we care? Well, in addition to reading error codes (which can be very useful), some vehicles also allow you to modify lots of hidden settings with it. Ford vehicles in particular use this a lot - and free software called FORScan makes this accessible to anyone!

I've written this guide with our 2016 Ford F-150 Platinum in mind, but the same techniques work on almost any relatively new Ford vehicle. Depending on your vehicle's features, some of these may not be available to you, but plenty more should be!

Is it safe?

Yes, if done properly. But modifying settings via the OBD-II port needs to be done very carefully - making mistakes can potentially cause damage to the vehicle.

Although the process is straightforward, take your time to read the instructions carefully - don't be tempted to skip steps.

Also, some people like to "undo" these changes before taking their vehicle to a dealer for service or repair work. Whether these impact your warranty is a grey area. From my perspective, I've had the truck in for service and repair work at several different dealers and have never bothered to undo them - even the very obvious ones. Nobody has ever said anything about it.

What equipment do I need?

There are just 3 things you need in order to update these settings:

OBD-II Adapter

This might sound complicated, but it's very simple - it lets your computer (or phone) communicate with your vehicle via its Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) port. I've owned several over the years - some use WiFi, some use Bluetooth, and some are just connect via USB.

The WiFi and Bluetooth versions are great if you want to monitor vehicle performance or read error codes via your phone (fun, but outside the scope of this post), but they can be more expensive than the simple USB versions. Furthermore, the last thing you want while updating these settings is for the connection to drop - so I use my wireless dongles for quickly checking things, but use the USB connector with FORScan to update settings.

I'd recommend this OHP ELMconfig Forscan OBD2 USB Adapter from Amazon. Not only is it much cheaper than WiFi or Bluetooth versions, but it works really well and even has a switch to read both MS-CAN and HS-CAN - this gives you access to more settings.

If your laptop only has USB-C ports, then you'll need a USB-C adapter or a USB-C hub to connect the OBD2 adapter with.


FORScan is the software that we'll use to update these settings. There are Lite versions for Android and iOS that let you read basic vehicle information but don't let you update the settings we want to change. We need to use the desktop software which is unfortunately only available for Windows - if you're a Mac user, then it should work using Parallels or similar!

You will also need to obtain an Extended License for it, since the features we want are not available in the Standard License. Fortunately, they offer a free 2-month trial (and you can repeat the trial as often as you like), but if you want to support the development of the software then you can buy a license from $10 upwards.

So, to get started, you'll need to download FORScan for Windows from the Download page. At the time of writing, the latest version is 2.3.21 beta, but just download the latest.

Once you've downloaded FORScan, follow the instructions in this Google Doc. As I said before, don't be tempted to skip steps - it's important to get it right. In particular, make sure to backup the modules - they could be your only chance at recovery if you make a mistake!

Disclaimer: If you choose to carry out any of the hacks in this blog post, you do so entirely at your own risk. I highly encourage you to thoroughly read and understand all the FORScan tutorials.

My Mods

If you've followed the instructions above, you should now understand how to connect to your vehicle and update settings. But how do you know what to change?

I've been referring to this Google Sheet as a master document listing all known FORScan settings for 2015-2019 Ford F-150s. If you drive a Ford Super Duty, then this document might help you - but a quick Google search should pull up the relevant for whichever Ford vehicle you drive.

So, with that said, here are the settings we've changed on our 2016 Ford F-150 - some are functional, others just for fun! For each one, I'll share why we did it and which addresses / values to change - I use the Advanced Mode from the instructions linked above for all these.

Disable Double Horn Honk

If you've followed the instructions above, you may have already done this as one of the examples.

Back in the UK, it was common on Ford vehicles that pressing the lock button once would lock the vehicle and the second press would double lock the vehicle - locking the doors so they couldn't be opened from inside, preventing someone smashing a window and opening the door. But on my truck, it just honks the horn - very annoying! Fortunately, it's also easy to disable!


  • [BCM] 726-41-02: xxx0 xxxx xxxx

Auto-Fold Mirrors

This will automatically fold the mirrors in when you lock the truck. Not only was it something I was used to from previous vehicles, but it helps if you've parked in a small parking space. Also, it's a great way to know at a glance if the truck is locked or not.

If you have the tow mirrors, you may also need to swap some pins around on the mirror connector - I didn't have to, but if you do, there's lots more information here about how to do it.


  • [DDM] 740-03-01: x8xx xx
  • [DDM] 740-12-01: Fxxx
  • [PDM] 741-03-01: x8xx xx
  • [PDM] 741-12-01: Fxxx

Daytime Running Lights - Enable Low Beam

Our truck has automatic lights - they turn on when it gets dark outside. We have a rear observation camera on our trailer, and it's powered by the tail-lights on the trailer. This means that I have to manually turn the truck lights on during the daytime to enable the camera.

Not any more! This setting changes the behavior of the daytime running lights so that the low beam headlights and rear tail lights are on whenever the truck is in gear. So now I can leave my headlights on automatic, and the trailer's rear observation camera will still get power.

It's worth noting that when you put the truck in park, the headlights turn off again - they're only on when the truck is in gear. If you need the camera when your vehicle is in park, just manually turn your lights on.


  • [BCM] 726-26-02: x1xx xxxx xxxx
  • [BCM] 726-50-01: 02xx

Bambi Mode

While we're on the subject of lights, here's another great hack - and it has my favorite name, Bambi Mode! Normally, when you turn on your high beam, your fog lights turn off. This is generally a good thing in normal driving, since the glare from your high beam would be counterproductive in fog. However, for off-road driving in the dark, sometimes you just want as much light as possible, including fog lights to illuminate the sides of the trail.

Essential Off-Road Gear

Before you hit the trails for some off-road fun this summer, make sure you have the right gear.

This mod allows exactly that. It lets you turn on your high beam headlamps and fog lights at the same time. Plus, because I have off-road lights too, I can turn these on. This mod is designed for off-road only, and shouldn't be used in foggy conditions on roads.


  • [BCM] 726-27-01: xxxx xxx0 01xx (remembered after ignition cycle)

Show Engine & Transmission Temperatures

By default, the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) and Transmission Temperature are just shown on gauges on the dashboard. Normally, this is fine, but when towing (especially in hot weather up steep grades), we like to keep a closer eye on the temperatures.

With this hack, the dashboard will show the actual numerical temperature above each of the gauges. This only works on the 8" digital dashboard clusters.


  • [IPC] 720-07-01: xxxx xE5x xxxx (use this if you have a Trailer Brake Controller and turbos)
  • [IPC] 720-07-01: xxxx x65x xxxx (use this if you don't have Trailer Brake Controller but have turbos)
  • [IPC] 720-07-01: xxxx xA5x xxxx (use this if you have TBC but don't have turbos)
  • [IPC] 720-07-01: xxxx x25x xxxx (use this if you don't have TBC or turbos)

Set & Display TPMS Specified Value

Our truck has a built-in Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the truck tires. I often forget what pressure my tires are supposed to be at, and this hack lets you set the tire pressure of your choice and have that displayed on the TPMS screen.


  • [IPC] 720-04-01: xx*x xxxx xxxx

For this mod, you'll need to set the * value above depending on the chart below. To find out if you have the Trailer Brake Controller Gain enabled, check the current value in that position. If it's a 0, then change it to an 8, and if it's a 4 then change it to a C.

0 = TBC Gain disabled & TPMS Specified Value disabled 4 = TBC Gain enabled & TPMS Specified Value disabled 8 = TBC Gain disabled & TPMS Specified Value enabled C = TBC Gain enabled & TPMS Specified Value enabled

The specified value it will show should be saved in the following location:

  • [BCM] 726-40-01: xxxx **xx xxxx (front - convert PSI from decimal to hex)
  • [BCM] 726-40-01: xxxx xx** xxxx (rear - convert PSI from decimal to hex)

Add Heated Steering Wheel, Heated & Cooled Seat Icons to Home Screen

If your truck has heated and cooled seats, then it should have physical buttons below the radio to control them. But the heated steering wheel (if equipped) can only be turned on by going into the Sync Climate screen. This hack adds icons to the main Sync home screen for the heated steering wheel, plus the heated and cooled seats.

Secure Idle (aka Police Mode)

Normally it would be unwise to leave your truck engine on and then leave the vehicle - someone could easily jump in and drive off. This mod prevents the transmission being shifted out of Park unless the key fob is in the vehicle. I use this occasionally if I've stopped somewhere briefly and want to leave the engine running so the air conditioning stays on.


  • [BCM] 726-42-01: x1xx xxxx xxxx

Remove SiriusXM

Maybe it's just me, but I don't want SiriusXM in the truck, and seeing the icon there in the audio sources feels like unnecessary marketing. This hack simply removes the SiriusXM icon - and don't worry, you can always reverse the hack to put it back!


  • [APIM] 7D0-01-01: *xxx xxxx xxxx (decrement whatever value you have for the asterisk by 2 - e.g. A becomes 8, 2 becomes 0)


The process to make these changes is a little complicated, but with a little patience to carefully follow the instructions in the FORScan guides, anyone can do it.

Although the hacks themselves are fairly simple, we've found they make the truck more usable on a day-to-day basis. I no longer have to remember to turn my lights on to use the rear observation camera (or forget to turn them off at the end of the drive). I can see exactly what the engine and transmission temperatures are when towing.

Essential Off-Road Gear

Before you hit the trails for some off-road fun this summer, make sure you have the right gear.

There are many (many!) more hacks you can do besides the ones I've listed here, but these are my favorites. Let me know in the comments if you've used FORScan to change some settings I haven't mentioned here - I'd love to know what else I might be missing!

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FORScan, Modifications, and my experience with my 2018 F150

Postby MSgtJoe »

My current truck is a 2018 F-150 3.5 Ecoboost King Ranch. I've owned several F-150's and this one is going to be a keeper. I normally trade every 2-3 years but this truck is awesome when compared to my previous trucks. I decided to do some modifications and will be changing the rims, adding CAI and tunes, etc. So this part of the game was more eliminating annoyances than anything else. Got rid of the annoying beeps and sounds, enabled Lincoln Mirrors, disabled a few things...especially the auto start/stop.

First...a MAJOR THANKS, props, and a "tip of the hat" to Livnitup for the extensive information he has shared with the forum. Without his guide and sage advice in the forum I probably would not have dove into reprogramming my truck. My tools for this job:

Laptop: Windows x64 Dell laptop running Windows 10 Home

ODB-II Adapter: ODBLink MX Bluetooth from Amazon ... UTF8&psc=1

FORScan Application

Setting up the ODBLink connection between my laptop and the truck once the ODB software was installed was very easy and after the initial set-up it would automatically connect.

Setting up FORScan was pretty simple if you read the guides first. Make sure you set up your account for this board so you can obtain the extended license which you will need. Connecting to my ODB-II adapter extremely simple.

Watched the video's created by Livnitup and they helped a lot. I made a back-up of the original configurations, and proceeded to make my modifications. Everything went very well, and so far all of the modifications I made worked. I then did a back-up of the files I made changes to in a new folder on the laptop so I will have versioning history as I make additional changes. So for example I have a folder for Original Module configuration, and a folder for Modified Modules 10212018.

I will be honest...I was sweating about doing this and almost chickened out. But after watching the video's, reading the forum information, and reading the guides I was well armed to complete this. So as we say here in Tennessee..."Don't be askeered", "getcha sum edumacation", and have fun!

Read the following, watch the video's, download the spreadsheet, and dive in:

Configuration & Programming - How to program Central Configuration using FORScan

FORScan tutorial: ... xIqxY/edit

For a complete list of all the changes that can be made:


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F150 forscan 2018

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My 2018 F150 FORScan Changes

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