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Introduction: Installing Your Own Mexican Sink

I've always loved the handpainted sinks we've seen while on holiday in Mexico. I swore that when I owned my own home, I'd have one in a bathroom to enjoy daily! Here I am with our sink Instructable.

We aren't complete newbies when it comes to renovating (we've laid a bit of flooring and done lots of painting, some drywall) but we aren't intimidated though, and if we want to try something, we think it through and go for it! This project, though, is not out of reach for someone with little experience. Why live day in and day out with a white porcelain sink if you could have a beauty like this for roughly $200-300 not including time spent.

Step 1: Find a Sink You Love.

We were north of Puerto Vallarta in Rincon de Guayabitos in November last year. I planned on finding a sink at a local market, but we were disappointed that much of the goods at the market were China imports. We came home from our holiday and bought this sink for $54 on a large auction website.

Step 2: Build or Buy a Vanity to Hold Your Sink.

We have a small bathroom and needed a specific size of vanity so the door would be able to open past it. My dad built us one to our specifications. If you are handy, you can do this. Other options would be to find an antique washstand or a dresser that you like. Most large hardware chains also sell vanities. Scour the thrift stores or hit up a few garage sales and you could find the perfect piece there too, for cheap!

Our vanity had a shelf underneath with an open back to allow for plumbing to enter. My dad delivered it primed and the photo shows it painted with the first coat of our chosen colour.

Step 3: Paint or Otherwise Prepare Your Vanity.

We gave this three coats of acrylic (water based) paint. Staining a wood piece would be nice too. We picked a blue to match a colour in our sink.

Step 4: Prepare Your Countertop.

We wanted a tiled countertop. We thought it would best set off the colours in the sink and add to the 'hacienda rustico' feel we wanted in our bathroom. Note: I don't speak Spanish.

Again, my dad made a simple plywood top. It had a backsplash and a small border around the edge. It would all be tiled. We made a template for the sink and cut the hole out. This took a bit of fine-tuning, as store-bought sinks come with a cardboard template. Mexican sinks don't. It took two or three cuts to get the shape of the overflow correct. We also cut holes for the faucet. Be certain that the lip of the sink won't overlap the holes you need for the faucet. Very important!

The trim around the edge was narrow, just wide enough for our 1" tile. The backsplash had to fit under some wood trim in our bathroom that was not coming out. If you are handy with a table saw, these customizable things are a better option than buying a vanity in a store, where you are stuck with just what they have.

The guy at the tile store will help you buy enough tile. We ordered 1 full square less than what he recommended and still ended up with a full piece leftover. We were taking into account the void left from the sink, but we didn't want to be left short either.

Step 5: Dry Fit Your Sink!

This is an important step. Be sure your sink fits with no rocking or weird movements and that your faucet fits as well.

Step 6: Cut and Dry Fit Your Tiles.

Just that. Cut and dry fit your tiles. We were using 1" tiles in a one foot square attached at the back by mesh. Some of them were cut in half or on the diagonal to go around the edge of the sink as well as around the quirky area by the overflow (in front). My dad cut these ones with a glass cutter and said they snapped easily. It's easy to shatter them, especially when working with such a small tile, so remember to always wear safety glasses!

We didn't want to look at the finished countertop and be able to easily see the one foot sections, so we cut the mesh in places and when gluing, slid them around just the slightest bit so that they looked 'handplaced'. We didn't want it to look like it rolled off an assembly line in a factory, but we also didn't want it to be sloppily made, somewhere in between.

One trick: we took a pic with our digital camera to reference where all the bits and pieces went. After each section is laid out, then you remove them to put glue down, it's tricky to remember just where this triangular piece and those three single tiles go back on. This worked pretty well.

Remove the tiles where your faucet will go. We also butted our tiles right up to the backsplash, then tiled up the backsplash.

We placed our tiles so that there was a smidge of an overhang, so that when we tiled the trim around the edge of the vanity, they'd be butted up as well and make for a neat edge.

Step 7: Start Slapping Down Some Glue.

We used a thin set mortar called Versabond. It has anti-mold properties (they probably all do). Mix it with water, don't inhale the dust and use rubber gloves. You will need a specific trowel with notches cut out depending on what size tile you choose. I think it's the smaller the tile, the smaller the notch (for example, 1/16th"), if you're laying 12" tiles on a floor, you'd probably need a deeper notch (more glue).

You had to work fairly quickly, as the open time (the time before it sets) was around 15 minutes. We did this in sections. Glue (thin set) on one quarter of the counter top, then with clean hands, place the tiles. Then more thin set and more tiles. Working quickly, we placed the tiles, then had just enough time left to work them around, wiggle them into place so that it wouldn't have that 'factory made' look. Again, we didn't want people to look at it and be able to clearly make out the foot sections of tile.

Following the directions on the label, leave to dry 24 hours.

Step 8: Time to Grout.

We were boring and went with a white grout. We thought it would look best with the light blue tiles and the white in the background of the sink. It's also in a bathroom, so we wanted a fresh, clean look. There are all kinds of colours of grout though, so don't be limited in your imagination!

Following the directions, we mixed up a bucket according to weight. (Weighing is a more accurate measure than by cups, ask any baker) Again, this stuff is kind of toxic, so use gloves and don't breath in any of the dust.

We mixed a bucket only to find that we didn't have enough. Mixing up more was really no problem. I was worried that the second batch might not match the first, but there's no difference at all.

You need a special grout squeegie (can't remember the name...trowel?) that has rubber on the bottom. It's flexible so that it can squish the grout in the cracks but it's not hard enough to scratch the tile. Always grout on the diagonal, so that you aren't inadvertently dragging grout out the cracks. Work the grout into all the nooks, up the backsplash and around the trim.

Step 9: Wipe Off the Grout.

Using a big, soft, wet sponge, wipe the excess grout from your countertop. Do this after you have finished grouting. Leaving this step too long (like overnight, don't do that!) will allow the grout to set up and it's like concrete. Work in circles and change your water often, making sure to rinse your sponge well. Your tiles might still look dull, but each swipe should get them looking more like the finished product! It's coming together!

This is really your last chance to leave this grout looking like how it will look on your vanity forever. If there are any goopy danglers, wipe them off now. Leave a nice, neat edge around the top of the backsplash and where your top meets the edge and trim. Tidy up the holes where the faucet and drain stopper will go through. Clean up the overflow divet and the hole where the sink will sit.

Again, follow the directions on the lable for the grout and leave to dry overnight. You want a gradual dry so that the grout doesn't crack and separate anywhere, so frequent misting with water in a squirt bottle allows it to ever-so-slowly dry out.

After it has dried completely (and no cracks, yay!) seal the grout with a...grout sealer. This is a clear, runny liquid that I used a thin paintbrush to apply. I imagine if you had a large surface to cover, you could probably just sponge it on and wipe off the excess, but I used a paintbrush to apply. That way, I knew I hadn't missed a corner.

Step 10: This Photo Isn't Really a Step...

We were just so thrilled to see it coming together at this point!

If you made it this far, you are ready to take this pretty sink to your bathroom and install it!

We first brought in the vanity, then the countertop. If you are halfway handy, or have a handy friend, this should all be within your grasp. Don't be intimidated! The sink is held into place by its own weight and by the plumbing alone. The drain plumbing (the elbow) comes in from behind (again, the vanity has no back) and hooking up the supply lines to the new faucet is fairly straightforward, especially if you were the one who unhooked the old sink.

We attached the countertop to the vanity using four small 'L' brackets from the hardware store. I'm sure there are numerous other configurations that would have worked too. The vanity is freestanding from the wall; the only way it's attached is by the plumbing.

Step 11: Place a Bead of Caulk.

We caulked around the edge of the sink to give it a neater look. It tidied up the places where we didn't cut and glue a smidge of a tile. We really like how it turned out, I don't think we'd have done it differently.

Not shown in this photo, but we placed a small piece of trim along the top of the backsplash. We didn't have enough space to tile it, but we did make a skinny trim that just wedged in there nice and neat. We painted it blue the same as the vanity.

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Mexican Talavera Sinks

Talavera Sinks from Mexico
Add a Talavera sink to your bathroom or powder room and watch the room come alive with the splendor of Colonial Mexican style. Our colorful drop-in Mexican sinks or wash basins come in three sizes with a variety of traditional designs and colors. We never know which designs we're going to have in stock, so we cannot guarantee which design you'll receive. We are sure that the sink we send you will exceed your expectations. All of our Mexican Talavera sinks and wash basins are handmade and hand painted by Mexico's talented potters. Rest assured that Direct From Mexico will carefully pack your order to ensure it arrives to you safely.

Our Talavera sinks are all drop-in sinks, also called self-rimming or surface mounted sinks. Just cut the appropriate size hole in the counter top and drop it in.


Traditional Assortment: (except for Blue & White and Sun and Moon Sinks)The designs shown on this page are representative of the Traditional Talavera style. Ordered items will be chosen from our current assortment of available colors and designs. The item you receive will likely be different than the picture on our web site.

Click on the Talavera sinks below for details and ordering.


Remodeling your Bathroom? Shop a Gorgeous Sink Today... Your Online Source for Mexican Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks can help you achieve the complete look you are after for your next bathroom or powder room remodel. Discover our selection of hand painted ceramic bathroom Mexican sinks and hammered copper sinks designed to synchronize elegantly with our handpainted Mexican ceramic talavera tile ad hammerd copper tiles.

We carry more than just tiles! We also have handpainted Mexican ceramic sinks and hammerd copper sinks that complement our existing line of Talavera Mexican tile and copper tiles. We welcome you to experience our large selection of Mexican ceramic hand painted sinks, we have all the following designs and styles to select from: self-rimming or oval drop-in sink, round drop-in sink, rectangular drop-in sink, console or pedestal sink, rectangular vessel sink, round vessel sink, conical vessel sink, and recessed vessel sink. We invite you to browse through our web site and experience for yourself our large selection of handcrafted and handpainted Mexican Talavera and hand hammered copper sinks. We are committed to quality and service.

You can purchase handcrafted bathroom sinks at with confidence. All sinks sold at are of contractor quality and are shipped directly from our warehouse in San Diego, California within 1 to 2 business days. We can custom make any sink with the tile design of your choice, to inquiry just call TOLL FREE (888) 780-3884 or Contact Us By Email.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our bathroom sinks are durable, unique, and practical. But if you're not satisfied, will refund your money within 30 days. If customer returns any items from an order that received FREE GROUND SHIPPING, the original shipping savings associated with the returned item(s) will be deducted from the refund amount. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this free shipping offer at any time. is a unique company that specializes in hand painted bathroom Mexican Talavera ceramic sinks and handcrafted Mexican Talavera ceramic tile. Our dedicated focus allows us to offer you an extensive and unparalleled selection of bathroom sinks and ceramic tile. By specializing in hand painted bathroom sinks and vessels, and in handcrafted tile we not only offer the best quality product but the best service. We keep most items in stock, which means that all orders placed at ship within 2 business days.

A Mexican Bathroom sink, commonly referred to as a lavatory sink, is a bowl-shaped fixture that is used for washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving, and similar bathroom activities. Aside from standard function, the form of today's bathroom Mexican sinks can help you to define the bathroom design space as contemporary, traditional, or transitional. Your individual design tastes are highlighted through selection of the appropriate Mexican bathroom sink. If you scrub and polish-or use acid-based or abrasive products on them, it will damage the patina finish.

About Mexican Talavera Sinks

Mexican Talavera sinks are made of ceramic fired clay. Fireclay sinks are similar to vitreous china in that they are susceptible to damage from heavy impact. Our sinks are very durable and with normal use they last a lifetime. Mexican Talavera sinks will not fade, rust, or discolor. A Mexican Talavera sink is easy to maintain and clean. Just rinse your sink with water after each use, give it a thorough cleaning with mild soap from time to time and it will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Do not scrub, or use any acid-based or abrasive products on them!

Ideas For Decorating with a Mexican Talavera Sink

Make your Mexican style bathroom vanity. Find an old dresser or buy a Mexican rustic hand forged wrought iron stand from our stand collection for the sink. Use a hand decorated Mexican talavera pottery sink and match it with with some of our Talavera Mexican tile patterns. Or buy a solid or swirling cobalt blue, sunflower yellow, aqua or rust sink. Use bright solid or patterned Mexican tile on you vanity top. Decorating your bathroom in Mexican style, will make your bathroom inviting, joyful and beautiful.

Installing a Mexican Bathroom Countertop Sink

  1. Since no template is provided with this sink, set the bowl upside down on the countertop and trace the outline, then draw a second line about 3/4 inch inside that line to serve as your cut line.
  2. Carefully drill a 3/8-inch starter hole inside the cut line. Using a saber saw, begin cutting along the line. After you have completed the cutting the hole, insert the sink into the hole in the countertop to test the fit. Make any adjustments if necessary.
  3. Place a bead of plumber's putty around the bottom edge of the drain-assembly housing's lip, then press the housing into the drain hole. Attach the gasket and washer, then tighten the locknut. Be careful not to apply to much pressure because the drain hole may break. Remove any excess plumber's putty. Attach the tailpiece to the housing with the slip nut and washer.
  4. If you haven't already done so, install the faucet. When the faucet is in place, turn the sink upside down and run a bead of silicone adhesive along the underside of the molded lip. Turn the sink over and carefully align it with the countertop's front edge. Press firmly around the lip to form a tight seal. After the adhesive has set, apply a bead of latex caulk around the edge, then smooth it with a wet finger.
  5. Set the sink in place, firmly pressing down all edges to assure a secure seal.
  6. These tips are meant as a helpful resource. is not responsible for any wrong installation, misuse, or damaged caused by the direct or indirect use of the content in this article. strongly suggests consulting a licensed contractor.

* offers FREE GROUND SHIPPING on regular priced sinks. Our standard shipping option is Ground UPS, and is available within the 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada. All other states, countries, and/or shipping methods will incur regular shipping costs, and will be charged separately. Not valid on previous purchases, sale items, exchanges, or special orders. If customer returns any items from an order that received FREE GROUND SHIPPING, the original shipping savings associated with the returned item(s) will be deducted from the refund amount. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this free shipping offer at any time.


Sink mexican style

Mexican Talavera Vessel Sink VS15

Beautiful hand painted talavera sink in a unique design. The artisan's work is truly a master piece with long, patient hours of detailed painting, inspiration and passion the end result will surely amaze you and beautify your bathroom in a very unique way, not to forget the impression your guests will have: a big whaoooo... where did you get that?..

Sink Type: : Vessel - Top mounting

  • External Size: 17" Diameter x 6" Height

Material: Clay pottery ceramic hand painted with lead free paint, hard glazed at high temp ovens following the tradition of Talavera process.


Care and Maintanance:

Our talavera glazed sinks are hygienic, easy-to-clean, odor/stain resistant, low maintenance. Just follow the normal cleaning process as such:

To clean:

  • Use a sponge or damp mop with an ordinary non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse and dry with cloth.
  • If white grout is used, you can occasionally whiten the grout with liquid bleach. Be careful to rinse afterwards.

Note: Due to different monitor color resolutions what you see may differ a bit for what you get.
If you need a better color match, or want to make sure you get what you need, please contact us. We can arrange for samples or other ways to help you.


Finding the best talavera tiles Artisans in Mexico is not an easy job,  that's why I'm glad to present you the top best. His quality, reliability, care for the environment and their employees is what you can count on.

I've being working with Mr. Norberto Cortes for several years and together we are bringing these wonderful tiles to the rest of the world. Mr. Cortes specializes in the high relief tiles,ceramic and frost-proof tiles.

Mr. Norberto Cortes

Mr. Cortes reputation of excellent quality and durable tiles is widely known. His work has being recognized with several awards as: "Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality" and the Brazilian "Medalha de Ouro".s. He specializes in the superior frost-proof  and High relief tiles.

Mr. Cortes is the 3rd generation of a family dedicated to the Talavera process since back when the Spanish people came to Mexico. They have focus on improving his methods to achieve higher resistant tiles. Here is Mr. Cortes own words:

"The legacy of deep spanish roots and moorish style blend whith natural talent and colour-acuteness in Mexican Crafsmanship, are ever-present attribute in our Talavera Tiles.

We manufacture the finest glazed titles for creating finishing details of a unique beauty in any building project.

The formula for reaching and maintaining this category consists in using only the best local and imported raw-materials, plus and correct manufacturing process combined whith the natural skills of our craftsmen.

The Manufacturing excelence in Azulejos Talavera Cortés® is a shining example of World Class Craftsmanship."

I'm fortunate to have met Mr. Cortes as I'm sure you will when you receive your package a big whaooo awaits you.

In the name of these two wonderful Artisans, their family and employees, thank you and enjoy a piece of Mexico in your place.

Delivery tIme: 10-15 business days (USA)
                       15-20 business days (Canada)
                       20-25 business days (All other countries)

- All our shipments are covered with insurance for any loss or breakage during transit.
- We use DHL / Fedex and EMS for better service and full tracking on line.
- Customs/import fees may apply for your country, please check with your local agencies for specifics. You are responsible to pay for these fees if any.

Packing Details:

- We use a professional packing company for all our shipments, your art will go very well protected with at least 2" of foam all around, bubble wrapped and when necessary double boxed. Rest assure it will reach you safe and sound. We have a record of minimum broken pieces if any.

How long will it take to have my order delivered?

Please check our shipping information tab for specific timing for your country.

Are these sinks made to American Plumbing Standards?

Yes, Mr. Cortes factory is in compliance with the NOM regulations (Mexican Norms), the NOM are in compliance with the ASME A112.19.2 ( American Standards Regulations for Ceramic plumbing fixtures). You should have not problems installing your sink, all the plumbing holes and attachments are American Standard size.

How do I clean and care for my new talavera sink?

Our talavera glazed sinks are hygienic, easy-to-clean, odor/stain resistant, low maintenance. Just follow the normal cleaning process as such:

To clean:

  • Use a sponge or damp mop with an ordinary non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse and dry with cloth.
  • If white grout is used, you can occasionally whiten the grout with liquid bleach. Be careful to rinse afterwards.

Why can it take long time to deliver my handicraft?

A true handcrafted art is made per order, this allows the Artisan to use fresh materials and take the time to make a wonderful piece, at the same time giving our customers a unique opportunity to specify any requirement they may need or want, so you get a chance to request your unique ideas/designs.

We believe in keeping low to zero inventory helps many ways: Environment, low costs, space, energy, etc, and we are happy to pass those savings to you and give more to the Artisan, that is the beauty of working directly with the handcrafters: You get what you really want.

We appreciate your patience, however if you are in a rush we also can help you by hiring more Artisans or having the family's Artisan work together, so please feel free tocontact usif you need your Mexican Art by an specific date. We most surely can supply your needs.

One picture says more than thousand words, here are some ideas for decorating your home with our wonderful Mexican Arts, Enjoy. Please click here  SHOWROOM


Bathroom Design Ideas - Mexican sinks [TOP]

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