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After Noah's death, what greeted him was an AI system calling itself Black, offering him a job working for the World and Soul Management Bureau.

He has to travel to many different worlds, taking over an identity of some unfortunate soon-to-be-dead dude, and live out the remainder of his new life there however he wanted.



Ok, sure, there are a few small kinks here and there such as terrorist attacks, murder plots, zombie apocalypses, hostile alien invasions, and the like but one should always look at the bright side!

Noah: "Blackie, is it just me, or is this good brother of mine looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a juicy piece of meat?" (�?�|||)

Black: "Don't worry, host. He is just a bit excited due to nearly losing his life back there. You know, adrenaline." (�?�)

Noah: "?are you sure that's what's really going on here?" (? �? �;)?

Black: "Absolutely!" (???)

~ Many worlds later ~

Noah: "This secret mission that you can't tell me about? it can't possibly be to get fucked by the least appropriate target?!" (�?�?)

Black: "Of-of course not! Ho-how could that possibly be, eh?" (; ? 3? )~?

ML: Right, right, that's just a very (not so) coincidental bonus. ?(??? )?

?? Author Note ??

? If you are seeing a bunch of gibberish text while trying to read the chapters, it's a bug in the app. Report it so they fix it sooner and then head over online to to read it properly.

? Don't let the summary (or the cover) fool you! While SSC does have an occasional explicit smut, it is primarily a fluffy and hilarious romance!

? The story will have many different volumes, in each volume, MC lives a new life in a new world with magic elements and a mystery that needs to be solved.

? The volumes/arcs are long, practically fully-fledged novels that can be read standalone, or skipped if that particular one isn't your cup of tea. Due to the length of the volumes, SSC is "world-hopping" but isn't technically a "Quick Transmigration" novel.

? The emphasis of the novel is on the romance, which means that the concentration of sugar, fluff, and smut is higher than the concentration of mystery & adventure.

? Pairings are one-on-one and taboo-ish. (E.g. hired assassin and his target, monster tamer and his tamed beast, master and disciple, siblings, brothers-in-law, etc.) MC is the bottom, ML is the top. No messy love triangles. No cheating.

? Neither ML nor MC retain memories of past lives, so they are always falling in love anew.

? In all arcs in which ML possesses a superpower, if it can be used for sex - it most definitely will be used for sex. ;)

? ML is possessive, obsessive, and prone to jealousy with yandere-ish tendencies, however, he dotes on MC and pampers him into the heavens, always putting him first. Not an abusive domineering asshole.

? Always a Happy Ending

?? Links ??

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?? Release Rate ??

? a guaranteed new chapter every 1 to 2 days at a random time unless stated otherwise by the author

? bonus chapter releases for reviews, gifts, and votes. (?*^o^)?*


Dark BL System

Yu Liang is an SSS rank worker in the system world, long ago he lost his original memories of when he lived in the main world, the only thing left is the strong thought that he must do everything to return to the main world, there was someone important waiting for him and this he was sure. One day the Lord God offers him a unique opportunity to be able to return to the main world, he would only have to cleanse an old system of worlds that had been corrupted by darkness. Yu Liang quickly accepts such an offer, he has the experience, is rich, and very intelligent, but he feels he was deceived by the Lord God, as the world system belonged to the Dark BLs Worlds. Dark BLs are worlds full of anguish, pain, suffering, distorted plots, physical or mental abuse, and rarely with happy endings, both for the protagonists and for the other characters, at best there was an ambiguous ending that could be a BE or HE depending on the perspective since the protagonist ends up with the abuser or the protagonist dies to protect the beloved could not be considered a truly happy ending. Yu Liang's main mission is to ensure that Dark BLs worlds have happy and decent endings, so along with the Xiao Yao system, he has to make the protagonists walk towards the healthy HE and not kill the scum characters on the way, otherwise, he will die himself. In the midst of his missions Yu Liang meets a special man who will accompany him throughout his journey across all worlds, can he really find love amidst so much chaos and distorted plots?

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20 Chinese BL Novel List: The Place Where It All Begins


Do you like BL? Do you like Chinese aesthetics and its flowing vibe? Are you feeling stuck in modern concrete and want to escape to romantic land with Frivelent BL and crossing swords? Look no further. We have brought to you 20 Chinese BL Novels that quenches your thirst. These fantastic novels with an extravagant plot give you a more than satisfying experience and leave you wanting more. The digital screens might replace the papers, and burning electronics might replace the subtle smell of used paper. However, the excitement and thrill of reading a novel are preserved perfectly well.

Top 15+ BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons: A Guide for ALL!

20 Chinese BL Novels

Grandmaster of demonic cultivation/ Mo Dao Zu Shi

Status: Translation Completed, Link

This novel is written by the author Mo Xiang Tongxiu. This chapters long novel with 13 extra chapters is one of the most popular Xianxia of all time. The fantasy plot and progress of this novel is extraordinarily elaborate and intricate at the same time. It has well-thought-out characters, and their three-dimensional personality makes you easily connect with them emotionally. Brotherhood, romance, and betrayal in the novel have exceptional and raw qualities without any unwanted scenarios. The true essence of the novel, everyone has their own story, is relatable and extremely thought inducing. Wei Wuxian, the main lead of the novel and his love interest Lan Wangji, are the typical opposites. However, they tie up their romance strongly and endearingly to the plot. This novel is adapted into a manga, anime, and drama named Untamed, all for a good reason. 

Heaven Official&#;s Blessing

Status: Translation Completed, Link

This novel Heaven Official&#;s Blessing or Tian Guan Ci Fu is my personal favorite under the Xianxia tag. The leads Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are god and ghost, respectively. Author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu does not hold back on making the protagonist suffer. The three times fallen and scrap collecting god is just the tip of the iceberg in Xie Lian&#;s life. His endurance and patience are tested continuously again and again. The devoted love interest Hua Cheng increases our standards on men to alarming heights. Elaborate plot and breathtaking scenes make it a grand story to read. Pain and Tragedy play a key role, and it makes you tear up at 2 am. This novel also is being adapted into manhua, anime, and drama. Watching our loved ones suffer, and being helpless is a cruel thing; this plot highlights it most beautifully and sadly as possible.

Husky and His White Cat Shizun

Status: Translation Completed, Link

Husky and his white cat Shizun is a Xianxia romance with a comedic undertone. The romance in this drama is between a teacher (Shizun) Chu Wanning and his disciple Mo Ran. Meat Ball doesn&#;t eat meat is the author of this novel and has done a great job in progressing the relationship between the two at a natural pace. As the title suggests, Chu Wanning is a loving teacher who cannot express his affections adequately. Mo ran time-travels unexpectedly back only to find out that his teacher, who he has been sexually harassing, was a caring person. Would this new understanding bring fresh changes to their relationship? Who was the mastermind behind this? Betrayal of people you love and the blindness innocent love causes are beautifully explained here. The Historic backdrop and Magical essence bring great pleasure and enjoyable experience. 

The Guardian

Status: Translation Completed, Link

Requiem of Souls is a Shounen Ai BL Chinese novel with supernatural elements written by a priest. This famous author has done a great job in portraying the timeless love and action in a detailed manner. The characters in the novel are all incredibly charming and well developed. This novel, unlike others, is set in the modern era. The Special Investigation Unit, which deals with supernatural cases and usage of new technologies are unique and easily relatable. The novel also uses numerous fantasy elements such as ghosts, gods, and alternate universes along with reincarnations. Romance takes the front seat thanks to the straightforward and honest lead chief Zhao Yunlan. The innocent and shy demeanor of the professor Shen Wei develops into a complicated character when his identity unveils. The complicated story has many mysteries with quality humor. It is also adopted into a drama of the same name.

Scum Villain Self Saving System

Status: Translation Ongoing, Link

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu wrote the Xuanhuan novel in This Yaoi embeds a comedic factor seamlessly into the typical action and fantasy plot. The novels start when the protagonist, Shen Yuan, transmigrates into a stallion novel which he grows to hate. After Transmigrating into the character that is most hated by the protagonist, he needs to find ways to save himself. Although monitored continuously by the &#;system&#;, he uses his avid reader experiences and talents to his advantage. He successfully manages to keep surviving only to find out that the stallion novel has now become a Yaoi. The plot is understandable and keeps the reader engaged. The Masochistic character of the protagonist and the helpless lead makes up for a humorous pairing. Also, being adapted into manhua, the extras gifts us a unique experience of the protagonist coming into a modern setting.

Sha Po Lang

Status: Translation Complete, Link

This BL Chinese novel also was written by a priest and is set in the steampunk era. The Wuxia novel has the correct amount of action and comedy mixed with the supernatural element. The relationship between the adopted son and father completely shatters when the protagonist discovers his true identity. The complex relationships and in-depth war strategies give the novel an exquisite outlook. This Shounen Ai plot carries very substantial progress with vulnerable characters. The almost blind and deaf state of the protagonist still holds a stronghold of his power. While it is very admirable, it also serves as the foundation for comedic undertones. Even without the smut, it is a good read for action and romance enthusiasts. This novel already has an audio drama with subtitles in English.

Thousand Autumn

Status: Translation Ongoing, Link

A thousand autumns is a Shounen Ai novel with martial arts. This novel follows the male lead Shen Qiao who falls down a peak and becomes blind and amnesiac. The all famous Yan Wushi, master of a demonic sect, stumbles across him who is in a critical state. He tests Shen Qiao, again and again for his good nature and mild temperament. The bickering and the caring bond between the couple give the plot a comedic and light tone. Power and politics play a vital role in the progress of the plot helps us understand the characters and their dimensions better. Even though the romance is slow brewing, the many events and dense plot make up for it. The especially downplayed romance makes the story even more compelling to read. It is a bizarre pairing, and realistic bond development makes the MC and ML more charming.

Retirement Life

Status: Translation Complete, Link

Transmigrated into a world after the world ends, Lin Mo finally begins to spend his life in leisure. This novel is straightforward for readers and can be classified as a slice of life. The numerous elements in the story come together wonderfully without any exaggerated plots and misunderstanding. The primary aspect of this drama is romance, and it happens at a natural pace without any glitz. Numerous new elements pops-up in the later stages of the story gives the plot a fantasy tag; The interactions between the main character and his family showcase familial love. Its characters have a very defined and three-dimensional persona, which makes them relatable too. The novel in itself has a very mature plot in it without any smut and unnecessary drama. It is a must-read if you only wanted a good, and calm, slice of life novel.

Are You Addicted

Status: Translation Completed, Link

Are you Addicted is an excellent C-novel with a beautiful plot. This two seasons novel takes place in a school setting between Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai. The story conducts a superb character development and plot progression events throughout the length in a collected and orderly manner. Nothing in the plot is in a rush. Each character has their fair share of limelight for readers to connect with them. The character arch of Gu Hai is indeed the most highlighted and well-deserving among all the characters. The bond between the step-siblings grows more on a romantic level with initially triggering a questionable manner. However, it eventually becomes a charming and unique bond with the lovely essence of its own. The side characters in the novel are all well-defined and fully have their progress and side-plots. The story gradually gets better and more compelling, the more you read.

The Reader and The Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Status: Translations Completed, Link

This novel is full-on Fantasy with many mystical creatures under its belt; Dragons, Angels, Dwarfs, Beastkin, Elves, Fairies, etc. The intense plot and its fast progression have the readers on edge the whole time. Our protagonist takes different forms throughout the story and manages his unique quirks in endearing to read way. The comedic undertone in this novel comes as a great relief to the ever-progressing plot. The story starts with the main character Du Ze. He transmigrates into his favorite novel. Du Ze, who finds it difficult to express his emotions, cannot fully appreciate his favorite novel and author, somehow ends up sabotaging it. After transmigration, he fully dedicates himself in serving and helping the protagonist in becoming a god. However, he unconsciously unlocks the primal romantic nature of the protagonist, thus embarking on a mature adventure.

Love is More Than a Word

Status: Translations Ongoing, Link

Set in historical background, this romance Yaoi is a must-read. Without any fantasy elements, this novel still perfectly captures a magical detail in its plot. This BL Chinese novel follows Gu She and Tao Mo through various crime-solving adventures. They unveil various aspects and shades of themselves while also doing their job as a Lawyer and Magistrate. The novel is extremely natural and has a great flow to it. Su Youbing, the author, takes the storyline in a gradual and great mystery filled path. The cold-hearted nature of Gu She and the kind and naïve character of Tao Mo is a contrast, yet it fits perfectly together. Love is more than a word is romantic and innocent in a tragic way, with politics playing a vital role.

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Status: Translation Ongoing, Link

Also known as the Face of Devil (FOD), this novel is a sci-fi based. The talented hacker transmigrates into various worlds to enact as a villain forcefully. However, he has had enough of this tragic repetition and decides to rebel. The novel is famous among BL readers for its couple dynamics and humor. Different worlds vary widely from outer space to omega verse. This diverse story and the character arch in each story have their unique charms. The action and adventure aspect of the novel is perfect in its execution. The many plotlines hit the spot at least once for everybody. The amount of savage in the story is also extraordinarily elevated and satisfying. With the release of new chapters, it leaves you wanting more each time. This novel is a must-read for all quick-transmigration enthusiasts.

The Legendary Master&#;s Wife

Status: Translation Completed, Link

This BL Chinese novel follows You Xiaomo, who is being transmigrated into a world after an explosion. He finds himself in the body of a disciple. He soon embarks on an adventure to get a higher position along with Ling Xiao, who is not a human being at all. This novel is languid on romance and takes the stride at a very natural pace. The humor in the story is a refreshing break among the action and adventure laden plot. General aesthetics of the plot are very mature and filled with martial arts too. Multiple realms and alchemy make the novel appealing to all sorts of preferences and enthusiasts. Even though the romance is slow, it also takes a natural course that doesn&#;t make it forced or uncomfortable. This is a perfect novel for beginners who have not yet started with their BL adventure.

Who Touched My Tail

Status: Translation Completed, Link

Who touched my tail is about a fox who has lost its tail. He now has to transmigrate into different worlds to gain some luck from other protagonists. This novel takes place in a futuristic world with improved technologies. The main character is a tsundere who cannot show his love and feelings freely. This fast transmigration novel is hugely entertaining with its funny and episodic contents. This BL Chinese Xianxia novel mainly focuses on the romance between the two leads in each story&#;s arches. The novel also has smutty content and teases in chapters for extra fires. The different worlds and their development is intricate and comfortable for the readers to understand. The charm of the MC, who is a fox, is that he stays true to his foxy personality. However, the overall repetitive content in the story gets used very quickly.

Banished to Another World

Status: Translation completed, Link

The BL Chinese novel follows the medicine god Yan Mo who is banished to a primitive tribe setting. There he has to survive the brutal and primal conditions of the tribe and mindsets. This novel takes us through a vastly different transmigration plotline with the sole purpose of MC being accelerating civilization. The story is unique as not to show any of its characters in pure and divine light. Each of the characters, including the MC and ML, has their shortcomings, which makes the story very believable and real. The action fantasy also ties in various aspects regarding power, politics, brutality, and romance seamlessly. The main icing on the cake is the Mpreg that adds the presence of children. This brings a refreshing twist to an otherwise primal and cruel plot. This Shounen Ai is a good read for realistic and romantic transmigration fans.

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from turning to the Dark Side

Status: Translation completed, Link: Chap & Chap

This novel is a Xianxia shounen Ai with comedy ingrained. The MC of the novel is Mu Chen, who is the number one alchemist. His disciple turns into the demon side after some brainwashing from the demons, and Mu Chen takes the sole blame for it. He reincarnates and decides to teach his disciple properly this time only to find out the disciple has very different plans. This BL Chinese novel has a particular right amount of action and romance balanced perfectly to give good entertainment and emotions throughout. Possessives characters and tsundere personalities are the charms of the couple&#;s dynamics. The mature content in the novels is also slightly triggering with its initial abuse. However, the duo quickly becomes romantically comfortable and fit better as the plot progresses. The story arch and the development of characters are great without any unwanted dramas. 

I&#;ve Led The Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Status: Translation Ongoing, Link: Cap & Chap

The BL Chinese novel is another transmigration plot with not many action scenes. This novel, contrary to the others, solely focuses on the relationship between the MC and ML. The bond is not incest since the ML was the child of an affair. With the cultivation as its core, the story addresses familial love, brotherly bond, trust, and clever maneuvering. The novel is still in the initial stages of its translation and has exceedingly high potential to it. Even though the manipulative characteristic of ML is prevalent, it hints on a more magnificent character arch and development on later stages of the story. The author Yan Ye has done an incredible job in balancing concern with phobia and made sure that no one finds the plot offensive. The translators are also doing a great job of getting out of the plot without losing its essence.

Earth is Online

Status: Translation Completed, Link

This new-age gaming novel is undoubtedly different from other novels with BL romance tags. The plot is extremely good with fantastic action and horror. The MC and ML share a very realistic bond based on the trivial situation they are in. The psychological novel is the one if you are not into BL Chinese novel so much but still want to enjoy some great action. The Apocalyptic world and witty protagonist make up for a grand survival game. This novel is a sci-fi and takes place in a modern setting. Even though there is more killing than romance, the author has made an incredibly unique power couple like dynamics going on between the duos. The novel has excellent story arcs and character developments. It is a fine-tuned supernatural with gaming essence to it. This novel is remarkable for starters who are more into survival in an apocalyptic world.

Transmigrated into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain

Status: Translation Completed, Link

The novel follows a character who transmigrated into a web novel. He purely wants to change the villain at first but later realizes it was not possible. He ran away but soon got caught and imprisoned. What follows next? You know what follows next.  It follows the usual cliché of saint man saving a villain only to realize he got himself into trouble&#;s way. However, the delivery of the plot is admirable. The BL Chinese novel is slightly extended with four volumes and 14 extra chapters, but it doesn&#;t feel dragged and pushed. It also packs in amnesia, and time slips into its story, which adds much more drama to the plot.

Seizing Dreams

Status: Translation Completed, Link

This BL Chinese novel is, without a doubt, unique from the rest of the list. However, the novel is much liked among the BL Novel enthusiasts and a slice of life readers. The novel follows a school student who is at the end of his ropes. He stumbles upon someone in his dreams where the two go on epic adventures and solve riddles. The bond between the two signs of progress and grows much showing the significance of the time and effort needed to build an everlasting relationship. Fei Tian Ye Xiang, the author, did a great job in all aspects of the novel. This plot is also adapted into a drama. The many near-death experiences and grand world buildings in each dream are creative and exciting to imagine. This novel certainly hits the mark with its action and psychological adventure, even though it is slow on romance.

BL Chinese novels can be a little hard to read. Long chapters and words upon words might be a bit hard on people who don&#;t have a drive for stories. Don&#;t you worry! We got options for non-reading enthusiasts too. Here are 45 Best Gay anime worth checking out in We don&#;t discriminate within our readers.


DARK BL SYSTEM (Let’s get a happy ending!)

Yu Liang has no memories of his life when he still lived in the main world, he only has the memories he has acquired over the hundreds of years working for the powerful God of the System. He is an exemplary and stellar worker, who causes envy and admiration for his other comrades in the system.

One day the God of the System makes an irresistible proposal to Yu Liang, that if he managed to complete the missions of an old system that urgently needed an update, Yu Liang couldn"t only recover all his memories, but he could also return to the world principal where he supposedly belonged. The System God was so desperate that he even added that Yu Liang could make more than one extra wish by returning to the main world.

Of course, Yu Liang accepted without thinking too much, he had a lot of experience, a lot of money to buy in the store and he already had items that defied the sky.

The success of this mission could be seen from afar!

At least it should be easy, but when he saw the various worlds covered in a dense aura of darkness and endless anguish, Yu Liang began to think that this could only be a trap from the Lord God System.

Welcome to the world of the DARK BLs system!

They are worlds full of tragedies, anguish, bad endings, humiliation, a good deal of criminality, and characters who either suffer to death or who are crazy to death.

All missions are to transform the DARK BLs worlds into acceptable worlds with a relatively happy ending, remembering that the user cannot kill any shou, gong, slag shou, and slag gongs, or other characters that are part of the central storyline. If one of these important characters dies, the world will automatically restart and you will be expelled from the world.

Good luck!

Xiao Yao system: Let"s work hard and succeed!

Yu Liang: I"m trying my best, but the world xx shou is so sticky and the world xx gong has become a shou, what should I do?

Xiao Yao system: Just make them happy!

ML: Liang-Ge, shall we join hands? * blinking innocently *

Yu Liang: Asking for help from netizens what to do when a cold gong turns into a gentle shou that can be easily intimidated ?! I await the information!

BLComedyFantasyfast transmigrationfasttransmigrationLGBT+Multiple couplesmultiplecouplesRR18RomanceSci-fiscifiSystem TsunderesystemtsundereWest Fantasywestfantasy


System novel bl

find your drug

another Orignal Web-novel

this one PULLS at your heart strings!!! this is not a couple that will instantly be together. despite their attraction being almost instant. first off they both have Big issues, one trying to overcome his past and not die by the hand of the one he loves (though he doesn&#;t know that yet). the other trying find out all of his loved ones secrets while pretending to be some els. anyway this lead to both of them very hurt and misunderstanding one another but helplessly in love. AWWWW (^w^).


SECOND CHANCES,i didn&#;t believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name.

To the General, my father I should never have been born, I was conceived by a mere maid and caused his most beloved wife to never forgive him.

Hidden and forgotten until I was needed to take my sisters place, she was to become the Emperor&#;s Empress but eloped with her lover, A crime that will lead to the death of nine generations of the generals manor, therefore I was made to take her place and if caught I will have to take the blame and say it was due to my GREED.
I wondered why the General&#;s manor will allow a disfigured person like me to pose as my sister but before marrying the Emperor , I was assassinated, I heard my killers say &#; this way the generals manor will never be caught, the empress to be was assassinated before the wedding after all&#; , they never planned on letting me enter the palace, I was their scapegoat to save their necks but I never thought I will get a second chance at life, a second chance to change my fate.

In my past life I was born to never be loved but to be used and discarded but not in this life, I don&#;t care if I am not loved but I won&#;t be used and discarded.

author: iLyna_chAn (wattpad)


Note: these images are not owned by me or the author of these webnovels

《穿书自救指南》【BL Novel】30\

Life is like a candle flickering in the wind until it goes out. Sometimes this life is remembered with joy, sometimes with sadness. Kasyen was a brother and friend to all of us, and we will remember him fondly.

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