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Publix is passionately focused on delivering premier customer service. If you share that passion, consider applying at Publix, a company widely recognized as a leader in the supermarket industry. You’ll find it rewarding to be part of an organization with such a great reputation. Check out some of the reasons our associates say they love working at Publix: 9 Reasons to Work at Publix .

Publix is the largest employee-owned company in the nation. Our more than , associates are proud to have a stake in a company that has little debt, a layoff-free history, over 1, retail store locations, 1, pharmacies, 24 warehouses, 11 manufacturing plants, and corporate and divisional offices across seven states.

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This website only includes openings for corporate, I/S, manufacturing, distribution, and select pharmacy positions. If you are interested in joining the team at one of our stores, please apply online using our Talent Application Gateway. You can even read our 6 Tips for Getting a Job at Publix blog to learn about ways to increase your chances of being selected for an interview at one of our store locations.

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Publix is continually recognized as one of the best places in America to work. Expect the best for your career – come discover a workplace that can meet your high ideals and desire to make a difference.

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It's very satisfying to work for – and to be an owner in – a company that is passionately devoted to customers, to associates, to the environment, and to the communities we serve. It's equally rewarding to be part of a company widely recognized as a leader in the supermarket industry. We maintain that reputation by hiring people who have their own passion for excellence.

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Instacart Shoppers in store shopper at Publix grocery store Review - Worst company ethics , morals, and standards

in store shopper at Publix grocery store (Former Employee) - Port Orange, FL - August 12, 2020

in store shoppers have managers that are constantly watching you shop, reading your chat with customers , monitoring your time and grading you on your speed, customer chat , replacing items, refunding items , therfor if a item is left behind from a delivery person ( bc we don't deliver ) we are accountable for their error and get points taken from out grade . If the customer ask for a refund but does not approve it when we do it then we get points taken off . the customers also think we take their groceries to their car and deliver them and therfore hands the tip to that person ,and they pocket our tips , "Publix customer service " Do you really feel good taking our tips when you have done nothing to earn it ??? Shame on all of you for taking our tips when the customer thinks their giving to their shopper @!!!!


They pick your break time, your timed and accountable for things out of your control

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