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Theater Made Military Knives of World War II by Bill &#; Debbie Wright


An excellent book on those interesting knives made for and by the soldiers and sailors of WWII, as well as the issue and factory knives modified by those same troops. Hundreds of knives pictured in beautiful color. A must.

reviewed by Frank Trzaska

Filled with wonderful color photography of knives, this book is a delight for the eyes! Between the author’s personal collection and the collection of Roger Ballard, it contains more custom made, military carried, knives than I have possibly seen in years of looking for them! Yikes, it is packed with them!

Following the winning practice of minimal text and wonderful photography, this book covers an area not before seen by the collectors of this genre. The book consists of high quality paper pages in an /2 x 11 hardback format. If you think this is just a big picture book don’t believe it, the historical significance is just beginning to be placed on this interesting subgroup. As individual as the men that made them, these knives can tell a story if we would just slow down a bit and listen. Equally important and just as individual are the men that carried them in the jungles, deserts and cities around the globe. Studying these sub groups of secondary knives can be an enjoyable pastime that will continue to intrigue you for the rest of your life. Don’t expect to ever know the answers on all of them, just be happy if you get to know a few.

Most of you should know me by now, I feel that you can never have enough books. This book is another one the military knife aficionado needs to place on their book shelf&#; if that’s you, you simply need to have it!

Double Edge, Dagger, and Spear Point Knives
Knuckle Knives
Bowie Knives
Identified Knife Makers
Personally Identified and Presentation Knives
Sword Knives
Bayonet Knives
Modified Factory and Issue Knives
Other Styles and Patterns
Philippine Victory Knives

Hardcover, pp.

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WW2 era large American &#;theater-made&#; fighting knife, huge 11&#; blade, original leather scabbard


WW2 American theater-made fighting knife with huge 11&#; fullered blade, original custom-made leather scabbard included. Great overall condition, considering the age.

Original WW2 era (and certainly one of a kind) American fighting knife &#; a so-called &#;theater knife&#; expertly made by an unknown soldier or a sailor from whatever materials were available at hand. The handle is made from some exotic wood, stacked aircraft plexiglass spacers, leather washers, and aluminum. The pommel is a solid chunk of aluminum, expertly fitted and file-worked to the final &#;scull crusher&#; shape. The guard is polished bronze, expertly brazed to the blade at ricasso. The enormous fully fullered 11&#; long blade was made from what looks like tool-grade carbon steel. The quality of work is excellent; all parts have a perfect fit with no play whatsoever &#; this knife was definitely made by a very skilled and talented knifemaker.

This big boy is about /8&#; / cm overall; the clip-point blade is about 11&#; / cm; the blade is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact. A few minor surface rust spots are noted for accuracy. Original leather scabbard with original leather tie &#;stitching&#; is intact with only minor &#;stitching&#; damage at the tip; the leather is soft and supple still. The scabbard&#;s back panel is faintly stamped with number 3. The scabbard&#;s materials, knife fit, and overall quality of work are excellent; it is in great overall condition, considering the age. This WW2 era fighting knife and its original scabbard are in % serviceable condition still, even 80 plus years later. Don&#;t miss your chance to add this unique WW2 American theater-made fighting knife to your collection!

This original WW2 American theater-made fighting knife and its hand-made leather scabbard have not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, it&#;s in % original &#;as is&#; condition. These are the actual photos; spent brass is not included with the lot 😉 We have a few more American WW2 era combat knives and bayonets, as well as several scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives from other countries available for sale &#; please take a look in our Militaria section.

We have a few more American fighting knives, as well as some scarce European WW2 and WW1 fighting knives, daggers, trench knives and bayonets available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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WW2 US Theatre Made Knife . DWU51

U.S. WW2 Theater made fighting knife. Stacked plastic handle. Leather sheath.

Additional Notes: &#;Theatre&#; spelled as in &#;Theatre or War&#; not theater like in stage acting. The Theatre made knives are a form of Trench Art made or modified by combatants or others within a Theatre of Operation during combat or war. Typically, these most often found form WW2, however, they also show up from as early as the American Civil War and through Vietnam and Desert Storm. Furthermore, this was not just an American GI thing, but also soldiers from England, Germany, Japan, and others have been linked to theatre knives and trench art. Typically, ww2 theatre knife versions are known for stacked plastics and metals handles, however, there were other designs and materials utilized including, but not limited to, cast Aluminum handles, stacked handles in the style of other famous knives, custom &#;sweatheart&#; designs, shell casings, other other battlefield type materials. These knives are interesting in their varying quality of craftsmanship and design.


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Theater Knife Circa WW2

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This is one of the more interesting theater knives I’ve come across. While the knife is a clip point profile, the original grind was a symmetrical dagger. You can see how the light plays off of the center line of the blade evenly. Many bayonets in WW2 were cut down in length (some originals being up to 16” in total blade length); and knives were made of the old blades. This knife is to wide to be a bayonet cut down and would have been a massive dagger given the blade width, so I believe this knife to be made of another custom (possibly theater) knife, with a tang welded to the hilt and blade secured by a brass locking nut. You can see through the clear acrylic handle with steel spacers. While the tang may not be lined up evenly, the knife is still quite stout and full of character. ” blade, ” handle, ” over all length, no sheath.

Theater knives are knives made by military personnel in the various theaters of war. Each knife is unique in it’s own way due to the makers style, preferences and materials available. Most theater knives were made from spare parts, wreckage and tools.

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Theater knife ww2


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