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K-pop’s Trending Colored Contact Lenses – Revealed

The trend of colored contact lenses has taken off worldwide and the stars of K-pop are right at the forefront. With bands like BTS and BLACKPINK sporting the beautiful doll-like circle lens trend they are a definite must have to complement your look

Let’s have a look at some famous K-pop stars and which circle lenses you need to match their look!

K-pop's trending colored contact lenses are available on

Jennie from BLACKPINK

Jennie’s beautiful brown eyes are already adored but she really shook the headlines when she made her 2018 comeback featuring dazzling grey eyes. FreshKon Colors Fusion Misty Gray are the perfect pair of circle lenses to help you achieve Jennie’s look. These lenses are available in a monthly pack of 2 lenses (1 pair) or in a daily pack of 10 lenses (5 pairs).

Jungkook from BTS

Jungkook’s stunning semi-circle shaped eyes already had the hearts of his fans but when he appeared with his bright blue eyes, they couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more! FreshKon Colors Fusion Baby Aqua circle lenses are a beautiful bright blue which will give you a mesmerizing and youthful look to mirror Jungkooks!

Yerin from GFriend

So natural and doll-like already, Yerin complements her angelic face with black circle lenses to make her even more of a K-pop sweetheart. Our top-selling FreshKon Alluring Eyes Mystical Black lenses are the perfect lenses to help you achieve this GFriend member’s beauty.

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J-Hope from BTS

A loved favorite color from this K-pop heartthrob, J-Hope is often seen sporting gorgeous green eyes. The newest collection from Freshkon features the perfect color to replicate this look. FreshKon Moondust Green is both dazzling and fascinating, utilizing the FreshKon Moondust collection’s 3-tone coloring, this green lens offers stunning natural depth and dimension to the eye.

Even if you’re after pink, violet or hazel eyes then we will have the perfect circle lenses for you. View our popular FreshKon circle lenses here and transform your look into a Kpop celebrity!


OLens Scandi: Blackpink Coloured Contact Lenses

I've been a contact lens user for half my life. Yes, HALF! I started off with non-coloured contact lenses as coloured contacts were prohibited in school and then I went on a hunt for coloured contacts when I was in university but gave up shortly. I tried various brands and really didn't like coloured contacts as I felt that the ring of colour around my pupils greatly hindered my vision.

It was only until recently that I started wearing coloured contact lenses after finding out about OLens!

More About OLens

OLens Global, headquartered in South Korea, is the first contact lens specialty brand worldwide and has been growing as the leading contact lenses brand. Given that they have worked with Blackpink, a worldwide K-pop girl group sensation, beautifying their eyes and making their eyes pop on stage and on shoots, you can somehow guess how successful OLens is!

Contact lens wearers would know how important it is for your contacts to have a high oxygen permeability and water content so that your eyes can "breathe" and that it feels comfortable even after a whole day of wearing. That was something that was extremely important for me because even though I was wearing non-coloured contacts for a long time, those two factors were a major consideration when choosing my brand of contacts.

As such, OLens' one-day contacts are manufactured with Puscon, a material they engineered for sensitive eyes. Their monthly contacts contains Hema with 40% water content. I've been using their monthly coloured contacts, and daily coloured ones for a change of colour every now and then, for almost three months now and I've only got good things to say.

How About OLens Scandi?

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Coloured Contact Lens

Scandi is the new and improved range of coloured contacts by OLens that has Black Pink as its brand ambassador. Hooked onto Ice Cream by Black Pink and Selena Gomez? Did you know that Jisoo and Lisa wore them for their Music Video?

It comes in 5 brilliant colours, suited for all occasions - Hazel, Light Gray, Gray, Olive, Aqua. All colours come in a box of two for the monthly contacts. Hazel (20 pieces), Gray (20 pieces) and Olive (10 pieces) also come in the 1Day versions. We'll go into the details of each colour later but let's talk about why I really REALLY love Scandi!

OLens Scandi Brightens and Wakens Your Eyes

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Coloured Contact Lens

Since I'm not a person who likes minimal to zero make-up on a day to day basis, I love how the OLens Scandi really brightens and wakens up my eyes. You can also see how it draws in light a little bit more. It is the perfect coloured contacts for dark eyes!

Though I've also tried other OLens' range like Spanish and Russian Velvet, I think that SCANDI has more of a natural look. All Scandi Coloured Contacts have a graphic diameter of 11.9 mm which you can see how it envelops and blends with my pupils. The Basic Curve is at 8.6 the number which indicates the steepness or flatness of the curvature of the contact lenses. For most people, 8.6 is the BC number that they use so you'll be glad to know that Scandi will fit your eyes!

I even had friends staring at my eyes for awhile and then asking, "are you wearing coloured contacts" as they were so confused.

Scandi Hazel

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Hazel

Scandi Hazel is an upgrade version of the same colour of the Spanish range and I must say, this is one of my favourite colour of the Scandi range as it adds a subtle colour to my naturally darkish brown eyes.

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Hazel

When I first opened the contact lenses, I noticed how the lenses are extremely lightly pigmented as compared to the coloured contacts that I was used to. Most of the coloured contacts that I have tried in the past have tended to have strong pigmentation for the lenses itself. Also, those lenses tend to have patterns that are similar throughout. Scandi's contact lenses instead have dark and light pigmentation and as a result, Scandi Hazel naturally blends with my original eye colour such that it looks like I'm not every wearing coloured contacts at all!

The 1Day premium Puscon material is also very hydrating for the eyes and is a contact lens for everyday wear. Blackpink lovers may also want to note that Jisoo wore this shade in the Ice Cream MV!

Scandi Gray

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Gray

Scandi Gray is my next favourite as there is just something alluring about gray eyes. It also make me look chic and that I've done quite a bit of making up even though I may not have done much to my face. Especially when everyone's wearing face masks now, I find that the Scandi Gray pairs well with my black mask, together with my naturally black hair and brows. Even though it is called Gray, the pigmentation is still light and there are no unnatural edge lines thanks to the blendable pattern of the lens.

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Gray

Again it is another upgrade of the Spanish range and I must say I love this upgrade! The Scandi Gray is slightly more natural looking than the Spanish range and the lightly gray tinge blends well into your natural eye colour. If you're looking for natural contacts, don't miss this!

Scandi Light Gray

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Light Gray

Scandi Light Gray is a lighter version of its Gray counterpart and is similar to Russian Silver. This colour is the 2nd most-searched colour on the OLens website and I can see why. Personally, I have already bought two monthly boxes of Scandi Light Gray over the Circuit Breaker period.

Long-term contact lens users can be glad to find out that all monthly contacts have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on the monthly contacts, which means your monthly cost is at $14.50 USD.

Scandi Olive

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Olive

Of all the colours, I must say that the Scandi Olive is a surprising colour. I initially thought that Olive, like green, will be an extremely strong colour for my eyes and especially if I don't put on extravagant make-up!

But I was pleasantly surprised that the colour was not strong at all! In fact, it gave a nice olive hue to my eyes and looked even better in the sun.

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Olive

This would be a great colour for those special days you have, perhaps for a date or a special occasion. The 1Day lenses that costs $21 USD for 10 pieces then come in handy especially when you're not sure if you would like to commit to green for an entire month.

Although olive is usually not a colour that I would choose for an everyday coloured contacts, I must say that trying these Scandi Olive lenses have made me more open to trying new colours!

Scandi Aqua

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Aqua

Finally, I can't think of anyone who hates blue eyes. Scandi Aqua provides Asians with dark eyes a chance of having blue eyes! Especially if you have recently highlighted and dyed your hair a lighter shade, aqua really helps to brighten your entire look.

The Munching Traveller OLens Scandi Aqua

Lisa and Jisoo wore them on their Ice Cream MV and it helped them channel that chic look. Pair these with blue or silver eye-shadow and be ready to dazzle your date!

First-Timer to OLens Global?

The Munching Traveller OLens Welcome Kit

If you're new to OLens will get a New member Sign Up Bonus where you'll get to save up to 15% your first order. Besides that, don't miss out on this Welcome Kit (pictured above). Aside from coming in a beautiful box, you'll get three pairs of 1 Day contact lenses for free! They'll usually provide other colours and other range of contacts for you to try.

Why OLens?

Besides OLens, during my hunt for contact lenses, I also found some of their competitors like Solotica and TTDEYE but ended up choosing OLens because they are priced cheaper and their worldwide shipping is fast! DHL Shipping took about a week to reach me all the way from South Korea!

If you have friends who would love to try coloured contacts, all the better. Spend $100 and above to get free shipping and $150 above for free express shipping (3 days).

To see the full range of coloured and non-coloured contact lenses, head over to OLENS Global!

Disclaimer: I’m a new OLens convert and have tried them for about 3 months prior to this post. OLens have kindly sent me the full Scandi range to review. This post however is not sponsored and all thoughts and comments are my own.

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eyestyling blackpink choosing colored contact lens

KAvenyou Beauty Carnival 2019 – BLINKS around the world has been mesmerized by the gorgeousness of BLACKPINK, and will probably show support to the 4 fine ladies by buying up whatever they “supposedly” use. Rather then following trends blindly, do you ladies really know how to go about choosing the right products that will bring out the best in you?

By now, BLINKS or not alike will probably know where we are headed, and the people responsible for Eye styling BLACKPINK will obviously be mentioned. I personally believe that beauty is a very subjective topic, and every one of you will bound to find someone who will be attracted to you eventually. So don’t expect a one-size fit all answer (or could there really be one) here.

In this coverage, we have miraculously grabbed the experts over at O-Lens by their collar, to force some secret tips out of them (kidding obviously). Hopefully at the end of reading this, you will have a better idea on what color will suit your eyes best for any occasions. 

Bring on the colored contact for the generalists

As we were told, there is no miracle color that will make everyone look like BLACKPINK, but there are indeed more generic colors that will go well with almost anyone and any occasions. The “magic” colors are BROWN, CHOCO, and GRAY. In O-Lens terms, these are the colors that fall within the “Spanish Real Collection”.

Hair, makeup and skin tones

So when we try to go all “matchy” in design and colors, what do we actually match to? Perhaps the hair color and the makeup you have for the day. 

Light hair shades with eyeliner / shadows: Such a combination will be better complemented by more splendid colored contact lenses, best represented by the Symphony 3con, Secriss 3con Coral, and BlingSome series; and BLINKS will better relate these to the Lisa and Rose lenses.

Dark hair shades with natural makeup: Such a natural mood combination will benefit from more neutral tones contacts. Some colors to consider will include the Natural Someday Choco, Spanish Real colors, and the Falling Brown Choco.

In addition, colorful 3con contacts will not look as good with natural makeup, and natural colored contacts will not harmonize with more colorful makeup. It is advised to always decide on the makeup and overall styling, before fitting the colored contacts with the overall style.

Light and dark skin tones:It was advised that skin tones will be unlikely to make major difference in your choice for eye colors, as skin tones can be adjusted with the use of appropriate makeup styles. However, the experts do have some recommendations based on hair shades.

Generally dark hair colors will probably go well with Brown, Choco or Gray contacts, while light hair colors will be complemented by Light Brown, Brown or Gray contacts.

Living in the trend of the Pantone Color of 2019: Living Coral

It has been announced that the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year is “Living Coral”, and many has said that this color is basically a color made for makeup. So what color contacts will go best with the color of the year as base makeup? Fret not, because our friends at O-Lens have already got it covered here.

Hopefully the above tips were useful in helping you decide the contact lens color that will bring out the best in the style for whatever occasion. We will also like to thank O-Lens for sharing these great tips with us.

Our inaugural KAvenyou Beauty Carnival is currently ongoing, so check out the great promotions and various giveaways by our partners!


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How to Apply Contacts Lenses for Beginners - 4 Tips on Finding the Perfect Color Lenses for My Eyes

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