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100% produk original store di jakarta Converts easily from robot mode to vehicle mode and back Kid-sized Rescue Bots figure looks like the Transformer character Easy 2 Do conversion Approx. 4.5" Tall Imagine helping the Transformers rescue Bots save the day! Here, kids are invited to join the adventure with iconic characters and new favorites from the Transformers rescue Bots Academy entertainment. Playskool heroes Transformers rescue Bots Academy offers little ones their first step into the exciting world of adventure. From figures to playsets, everything is sized right for small hands. Younger heroes can bring their favorite characters to life as they explore teamwork, integrity, and adventure -- all while discovering what it means to be a hero! Ages 3 to 7. Playskool Heroes is the big boy brand for little hands, and the popular Rescue Bots figures are always ready for action! You can let your imagination go wild and create lots of exciting rescue scenarios in which you become the hero. Now you can dream up an action-packed world with Optimus Prime as a rescue hero! The Rescue Bots show and toys are geared towards young kids and don't come with weapon accessories. Collect the entire line of Your little hero will save the day with this Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots action figures: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Chase the Police Bot to Police Car, Brushfire, HeatWave, Morbot, Hot Shot, Wedge, Bumblebee to Raptor, Blades, Blurr, Medix, Salvage, Boulder, Hoist & Quickshadow. (Each Sold Separately)


Transformers: Rescue Bots

Title Release Date Episodes Roll To The Rescue[13]October 2, 2012
  • "Family of Heroes" (season 1, episode 1)
  • "Under Pressure" (season 1, episode 2)
  • "Hotshots" (season 1, episode 3)
  • "Flobsters on Parade" (season 1, episodes 4)
  • "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock" (season 1, episode 5)
  • "Four Bots and a Baby" (season 1, episode 7)
Energize[14]June 11, 2013
  • "Cody on Patrol" (season 1, episode 6)
  • "Walk on the Wild Side" (season 1, episode 8)
  • "Christmas in July"(season 1, episode 9)
  • "Deep Trouble" (season 1, episode 10)
  • "Return of the Dinobot" (season 1, episode 11)
Griffin Rock Rescue[15]October 22, 2013
  • "The Other Doctor" (season 1, episode 12)
  • "The Reign of Morocco" (season 1, episode 13)
  • "Small Blessings" (season 1, episode 14)
  • "The Griffin Rock Triangle" (season 1, episode 15)
  • "Rules and Regulations" (season 1, episode 16)
Heroes on the Scene[16]March 18, 2014
  • "The Lost Bell" (season 1, episode 17)
  • "You've Been Squilshed" (season 1, episode 19)
  • "Little White Lies" (season 1, episode 22)
  • "Shake Up" (season 1, episode 23)
  • "Rescue Boy" (season 1, episode 24)
Mystery Rescue[17]September 2, 2014
  • "Countdown" (season 1, episode 20)
  • "The Haunting of Griffin Rock" (season 1, episode 21)
  • "Spellbound" (season 2, episode 5)
  • "Blame the Gremlins" (season 2, episode 8)
  • "Feed the Beast" (season 2, episode 9)
Jurassic Adventure[18]February 10, 2015
  • "Family of Heroes" (season 1, episode 1)
  • "Return of the Dinobot" (season 1, episode 11)
  • "What Lies Below" (season 2, episode 10)
  • "What Rises Above" (season 2, episode 11)
  • "In Search of the Griffin's Nest" (season 2, episode 16)
  • "Movers and Shakers" (season 2, episode 20)
Return of the Heroes[19]May 12, 2015
  • "Bumblebee to the Rescue" (season 1, episode 18)
  • "Bot to the Future" (season 1, episode 26)
  • "A Virtual Disaster" (season 2, episode 6)
  • "Changes" (season 2, episode 19)
  • "Rise of the Heroes" (season 2, episode 24)
Dinobots[20]August 25, 2015
  • "Land Before Prime" (season 3, episode 1)
  • "Big Game" (season 3, episode 2)
  • "Quarry vs. Quarry" (season 3, episode 11)
  • "Did You See What I Thaw?" (season 3, episode 13)
  • "The Attack of Humungado" (season 3, episode 14)
Adventures in Time and Space[21]February 23, 2016
  • "It's a Bot Time" (season 1, episode 25)
  • "Unfinished Business" (season 3, episode 5)
  • "Switcheroo" (season 3, episode 8)
  • "Time After Time" (season 3, episode 16)
  • "The Last of Morocco" (season 3, episode 19)
Heroes of Tech[22]June 21, 2016
  • "One For The Ages" (season 2, episode 3)
  • "Space Bots" (season 2, episode 12)
  • "The Island Of Misfit Tech" (season 2, episode 13)
  • "Too Many Kades" (season 3, episode 3)
  • "I Have Heard The Robots Singing" (season 3, episode 26)
Battle for Justice[23]October 25, 2016
  • "Rescue Dog" (season 2, episode 18)
  • "The Griffin Rock Express" (season 2, episode 22)
  • "Double Villainy" (season 2, episode 23)
  • "Bugs In The System" (season 3, episode 7)
  • "Pirates Ahoy" (season 3, episode 17)
Protect and Explore[24]February 21, 2017
  • "Tip Of The Iceberg" (season 2, episode 4)
  • "Buddy System" (season 2, episode 15)
  • "No Place Like Dome" (season 3, episode 6)
  • "Thieves Like Us" (season 3, episode 15)
  • "The New Recruits" (season 3, episode 20)
Rescue Family[25]June 20, 2017
  • "Road Trip" (season 2, episode 1)
  • "Odd Bot Out" (season 2, episode 21)
  • "Chief Woodrow" (season 3, episode 12)
  • "More Than Meets the Eye" (season 3, episode 25)
  • "Prescott's Bots" (season 2, episode 7)
Outdoor Adventures[26]January 30, 2018
  • "The Riders Of Midwinter" (season 3, episode 9)
  • "Phantom Of The Sea" (season 3, episode 4)
  • "Turning The Tide" (season 3, episode 18)
  • "A New Hero" (season 3, episode 22)
  • "Endangered Species" (season 3, episode 24)
Team Rescue Bots![27]May 22, 2018
  • "Sky Forest" (season 2, episode 2)
  • "The Vigilant Town" (season 2, episode 14)
  • "Bots and Robbers" (season 2, episode 17)
  • "Rescue Bots Academy" (season 3, episode 21)
  • "A New Hero" (season 3, episode 22)
  • "Four-Legged Hero" (season 3, episode 23)
  • "Bot-Tastic Voyage" (season 3, episode 10)
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Rocket USA 'Rescue Robot' R-1 Battery Operated
Rocket USA 'Rescue Robot' R-1 Battery Operated

Rocket USA ‘Rescue Robot’ R-1 Battery Operated

Extremely nice and mint in the box is this Rescue Robot R-1 from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot first came to my attention years ago when it was featured in a Duracell Battery commercial and I knew right then I had to have one. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two ‘AA’ size batteries.

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Category: Robots


Rescue Robot

Extremely nice and mint in the box is this Rescue Robot R-1 from Rocket USA and made in China. This robot first came to my attention years ago when it was featured in a Duracell Battery commercial and I knew right then I had to have one. This version is quite a bit harder to find than the subsequent R-1 robots to hit the market. Very simple battery toy which features Bump n Go action, flashing top light and eyes and clasping hands. R-1 operates on two ‘AA’ size batteries.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 in

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Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Mini Bot Racers Converting Robot Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Mini Bot Racers Converting Robot Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Item E6429



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Product Warning IconWarning:

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.

Adult assembly required.

School is in session at the Transformers Rescue Bots Academy! Rescue Bots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Hoist, Whirl, and Hot Shot are always ready to work as a team and race to the rescue!

Little heroes ages 3 and up can imagine going on daring mission with one of their favorite Transformers Rescue Bots Academy characters! Designed with Easy 2 Do conversion and sized right for small hands, the Mini Bot Racers toy converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back again in 1 simple step. Boys and girls will love pretending to race to the rescue with mini 2-inch collectible Transformers toy robots! Purchasers will randomly receive 1 of 6 available figures: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Hoist, Whirl the Flight-Bot, or Hot Shot. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd.
Transformers Rescue Bots is a trademark and copyright of Hasbro.

• Includes figure.

• 2-IN-1 RESCUE BOTS ACADEMY TOY: Little heroes can enjoy twice the fun with 2 modes of play, converting this Mini Bot Racer action figure from a car to a robot and back again
• 2-INCH COLLECTIBLE TOYS: Look for all 6 Mini Bot Racers to assemble a rescue team (Purchasers will randomly receive 1 of 6 available figures. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
• RACING FUN WITH FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Imagine high-speed rescues with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Hoist, Whirl the Flight-Bot, or Hot Shot (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
• EASY TO DO: Designed with Easy 2 Do conversion preschoolers can do, this figure makes a great gift. With 1 easy step, kids ages 3 and up can convert this Rescue Bots Academy toy from robot to vehicle
• INSPIRED BY THE TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS ACADEMY TV SERIES: Kids can imagine racing to the rescue with this Mini Bot Racer toy, inspired by the Transformers Rescue Bots Academy show

• Figure scale: 2 inches

• Ages 3 and up
• WARNING: Small parts may be generated.
• NOTE: Adult should remove and discard fasteners.


Robot toy rescue

Transformers: Rescue Bots (toyline)

The Transformers: Rescue Bots toyline is released under Hasbro's Playskool Heroes brand, the latest of many Transformers lines to be aimed at the preschool demographic.

Beginning in late 2011, the Rescue Bots toyline's initial offerings are noticeably divergent from the cartoon that they inspired, featuring different robot stylings and a mostly different human cast. By year two (the line's Energize refresh), the line began to line up more stylistically with the cartoon, eventually adding toys based directly on in-show characters.

The line was later succeeded by the Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy toyline.

Standard retail toys

Rescue Bots

  • Released from 2011–2013, 2018.

The original Rescue Bots assortment consists of autotransforming figures, which can hold Rescue Gear in robot mode. These figures are larger than the later "mainline" toys. For the Energizesubline imprint, the original toys were partially redecoed in clear blue plastic, and retooled to include new rescue tools and additional 5mm ports to hold them in vehicle mode.

In 2018, long after being replaced by smaller "Rescan" figures (see below), this pricepoint made a limited comeback (under the same Hasbro assortment number, no less), with the four core characters being re-released in new, more cartoon-inspired decoes. These releases retained the new accessories and other tooling from the Energize versions, and, curiously, the same individual product numbers too.

Rescan Series

Premiering in 2014, the smaller Rescan figures replaced the Rescue Bot assortment as the core product for the line. The assortment's name derives from the fact that the 2014 line-up gave the Rescue Bots cast new alternate modes for the first time, although new figures of their original forms were eventually introduced over the years.

Waves 10, 13, 24 and 25 contained no new figures. In particular, wave 24 consisted of four different Bumblebee figures and a single racing truck Optimus Prime, to tie into the release of the Bumblebee film.

Rescue Rigs (2016)

These sets combine a Rescan bot toy with a towable trailer, which itself converts into a role-play gauntlet toy with action features for kids to wear.

Superchargers (2016)

These barely-larger-than-Rescan toys of special guest bots have pull-back motor action, launching them forward.

Griffin Rock Rescue Team (2016)

A four-pack of the main four Rescue Bots in their Rescan-scale show-forms, all nice and neat.

Rescue Teams (2017)

These multi-packs include one Rescan-sized Rescue Bot, a human partner, and rescue gear which can combine and form robots.

Figure Packs

Figures w/ Rescue Gear

In the first year of the line (2011), the Figures assortment consisted of individual soft-plastic human figures with basic articulation, and a piece of Rescue Gear each.

Figure 2-Packs

Figure 2-Packs include a PVC Rescue Bot with basic articulation and a static human partner figure. Unlike previous merchandise, the robots and humans are based on the models of the Rescue Bots cartoon.

Singles Packs

Released in 2013, Singles Packs are the same Rescue Bot figures from the 2-Pack assortment, only without their human partner and in small plastic baggies with a nice big window showing who's inside.

Featured Bots

Similar in style to the Figure 2-Pack toys, Featured Bots are non-transforming figures with a rescue tool action feature on one arm. They were released in 2015.

Mini Scene Packs
Shark Sub Capture (Blades not pictured)

These 2015 sets pack in Figure 2-pack bots and humans along with a larger vehicle with gear-driven action gimmicks.

Mini Dinos & Mini-Cons

Mini Dinos (2014)

The tiny Mini Dino toys, released in 2014, are small autotransforming figures of the main four Rescue Bots with dinosaur alternate modes.

Mini-Cons (2016 onwards)

This assortment initially consisted entirely of animal-bots with 5mm rescue tool alternate modes, although would loosen up over time with the use of molds originating in other assortments, including the predecessor Mini Dino range.


High Tide Rescue Rig

Available at a number of pricepoints, playsets typically include at least one human figure or smaller version of a bot.

Large figures

A variety of large figures serve as flagship pieces, many of which are non-transforming, and/or feature lights and sounds. While the first year's assortment included a human partner figure, later waves dropped them.

Flip Changers

Flip Changer Heatwave

Released in 2013, Flip Changers are larger semi-motorized figures, sporting a gimmick whereby pulling a lever causes the toy to roll forward briefly before flipping over into robot mode.


Though the pricepoint was introduced in 2015, it didn't become an ongoing assortment until 2016. These massive bots, while roughly the same size as the Epic Figures (see below), are fully transformable toys. There was a 2-year gap between waves 3 and 4.

Epic Figures

The Epic Figure assortment consists of 12-inch tall non-transforming figures with basic articulation. Their chests open up to fit a 2-Pack human figure, and they feature 5mm ports to interact with Energize rescue tools or similar accessories.

Flip Racers

Flip Racer Salvage

Flip Racers are simplified Bot Shot-scale figures with automatic gravity-powered transformations activated by flipping the figure up or down. Figures were available individually, in packs of 3, and were included with larger playsets.

Main article: Flip Racers

Beam Box Game System

Released in 2013, the Beam Box Game System is a basic video games console, inspired by the popular Skylanders model. The player places a static Rescue Bots figure into the eponymous "Box" and pushes a button, "transporting" the character into the video game. The "Expandable Starter Pack" includes the Optimus Prime figure.

Individual Figures

Mixable, Mashable Heroes!

Branded as Rescue Bots, presumably due to the Playskool connection, this line of Transformers-themed Mr. Potato Head toys is entirely unrelated to the rest of the line. Lotsa figures of Mr. Potato Head in different scales, dressing up as... Generation 1 characters, with Rescue Bots characters finally getting into the mix late into the line (and barely hitting US retail).

Single Figures
Figure 2-Packs

"2-Packs" in this context means that Mr. Potato Head has two different costumes to put on: a robot-mode outfit and a vehicle-mode one!


Double your potatoes, double your fun! One small tater, one huge!



  • By 2014, Rescue Bots had been rolled into the overall Playskool Heroes packaging format and price points, joining the licensed Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes toylines.
Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Tools Griffin Rock Rescue Squad

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