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11 Constellation Piercings That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Ear Game

There’s a new trend in the world of piercing, and it is definitely out of this world. Constellation piercings are a thing, and we gotta say, we love it. This galaxy-inspired style is glamming up the lobes of fashion darlings from coast to coast. As the name would suggest, this starry trend takes shape as a group of piercings — typically three or more — consisting of sparkly studs, huggies, dainty drops or ear jackets scattered throughout your ear. From eye-catching clusters to linear formations, we simply can’t get enough. So we turned to Instagram — the mothership of all things au courant — for some inspo on this season’s most stellar trend. Scroll down for 11 constellation ear piercings that will upgrade your ear game in an instant.

1. Mix and Match:Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and sizes. Case in point — these large and small diamonds pair perfectly with a sparkling triangle and studded cartilage ring. In fact, constellation earrings are a fab way to use all your fave studs that are missing their other half.

2. Northern Lights: Tiny studs and simple hoops are the best way to display this Insta-trend in its full glory. Cluster your wee jewels at the top of your ear and then keep it linear along your lobe.

3. The Little Dipper: When in doubt, go dainty for your starry design. Incorporate a row of micro hoops with touches of tiny diamonds and symbolic studs.

4. Lyra, the Harp: Keep your blingier baubles — like hoops and front-back drops— on your lobe. Then play with a cool constellation pattern on your cartilage.

5. Starbursts:Not ready to commit to a cluster of piercings? No problem. Fake it ’til you make it by opting for a sparkling pair of triple starburst studs.

6. Stellar Sparklers: If we wished upon a star, we couldn’t come up with a more mesmerizing mix. Sparkling huggies, ear cuffs and studs collide for a look that is pure elegance.

7. Celestial Coordinates: Go bold and geometric with your bling. Diamond ear jackets and crawlers create a dazzling, over-the-top glam effect that is best if you only have a few piercings.

8. Glam Galaxy:To infinity and beyond!No matter if you’re in a galaxy far far away or here on planet Earth, this pairing of tanzanite, opal and gold studs — plus a micro hoop — is utter perfection.

9. Virgo: It’s written in the stars — or with diamonds, in this case. Zodiac constellation crawlers line the lower and upper ear — separated by a huggie at the conque (seriously, that’s what it’s called).

Starry Night: Who says you have to rock the same bling in both ears? Asymmetry is A-OK in our book. Shoot for the stars on your right and the moon on your left.

Orion’s Belt:Express your personal style with a trio of shimmering turquoise studs. A sparkly daith piercing is the final twinkling touch.

What are your fave star-studded combos? Share in the comments section below. And for more style inspo, follow us on Pinterest.


It’s no secret that we’re loyal fans of L.A.'s piercer-to-the-stars Brian Keith Thompson. He’s pierced us, he’s pierced our friends, hell, he’s pierced Beyoncé — all with a swift, delicate hand and artful precision. Suffice it to say, when he talks best practices, we listen; when he recommends jewelry combinations, we update our shopping carts; and when he spits trends? We write down every last word. This time around, he’s ushering in the raddest (and most practical) piercing trend we’ve seen on celebs, L.A. cool girls, and even on the lobes of our favorite Riverdale sweetheart: Constellation piercings.

Constellation piercings are exactly what they sound like: an artful grouping of piercings, normally three or more, that are as unique as the star clusters they're named after. While the technique has been around for years, it's especially picking up traction in L.A. now. Why? For starters, it’s fresh and modern, completely unique to the individual, and it falls on the less intimidating end of the piercing spectrum because it can be done on just the lobes — which is appealing for those not into cartilage piercings. These piercings also tend to be incredibly dainty and minimal, perfect for girls who prefer their jewelry to be more Catbird, less costume.

But the best part? They're wildly practical, which you'll see ahead. To get the inspiration flowing, Thompson walked us through some of his recent constellation piercings, sharing tips on jewelry choice and arrangement. Check 'em out ahead.

This story was originally published on October 17,

Sours: https://www.refinerycom/en-us//10//body-piercing-constellation-la-trend-photos
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This is what body piercing you should get based on your zodiac sign

Real talk: Sometimes we just need to change our look. Maybe our aesthetic is getting a little tired, or we just want to mark a special occasion by doing something different. A new year calls for something fresh, and what better way to scream new year, new you than a brand-new body piercing? The hardest part (aside from the pain) is often deciding what piercing to get. That&#x;s why we&#x;ve picked the best body piercing for each zodiac sign, so the stars can help guide you.

We enlisted the help of astrologer extraordinaire and horoscope queen for Coveteur,Amelia Quint, to really make sure we give each sign the proper piercing prescription. So if you&#x;ve been craving a second hole piercing or have been thinking about getting your nipple pierced, this is the time and this is the hour. Just make sure to go to a reputable piercing studio to get it done. They&#x;ll be able to educate you about aftercare so your piercing can heal well, no stress necessary.

1Capricorn (December January 19)

Second hole

Capricorn, you like a posh appearance without too much fuss. This is why a second lobe piercing is perfect for you. Not only will it effortlessly add another dimension to your look, but it also won&#x;t be too much trouble to keep up. Plus, think of how cute double gold hoops would be!

2Aquarius (January February 18)


We know you&#x;re freaky, Aquarius, which is why you ended up with the wild card of piercings&#x;the nipple. Whether you&#x;re getting one nipple pierced or both, you&#x;ll love the mystique it gives you. Not only do you like a dirty little secret, you also love anything unconventional. This makes you and a nipple piercing a match made in heaven.

3Pisces (February March 20)


You may be the dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces, but that doesn&#x;t mean you don&#x;t have an edge. You love to be your own person, which is why you&#x;d rock a septum piercing like no one else. Pick one with jewels for some extra glamour and you&#x;ll be feeling yourself in no time.

4Aries (March April 19)

Upper lobe

The upper lobe (where the fourth, fifth or sixth hole would be) is the unexpected piercing of choice for you, dear Aries. Besides the fact you can layer up your piercings by getting more than one, the delicate but daring look of earrings in the upper lobe is sure to draw you in. Get your piercings staggered and asymmetrical for an even more striking aesthetic.

5Taurus (April May 20)


You&#x;re a luxurious sort, Taurus, and you need a piercing that is equal parts fabulous and practical. So why not try a rook? The surprising placement is sure to excite you, and paired with a diamond or something equally as attention-getting, you&#x;ll be sold.

6Gemini (May June 20)


There&#x;s an edge about you, Gemini, that calls for a piercing just as rebellious. Who better to try an industrial than you? This piercing makes a big statement, and it takes someone who can pull it off to make it shine. This isn&#x;t for the faint of heart, but we have a feeling that won&#x;t be a problem for you.

7Cancer (June July 22)


A tragus piercing is both delicate and tough, kind of like you, Cancer. You&#x;d look fabulous with this sophisticated piercing, especially if done in a delicate gold. Pair with some matching earrings to really hone in on the look.

8Leo (July Aug 22)


You like being the center of attention, Leo, and nothing is quite as eye-catching as a navel piercing. The element of surprise with this is sure to fascinate you, and since you have free reign over the piercing itself, you can get something that really fits your style.

9Virgo (August September 22)


You&#x;re not fond of cheap thrills, Virgo, and you need a piercing that is cool without being too over-the-top. This is why we&#x;ve picked the classic cartilage piercing for you. If you want to spice it up, you can get two or three piercings in a row, or simply pick a sparkling diamond or hoop to shake things up.

10Libra (September October 22)


There&#x;s something special about a nose piercing. A little more obvious than its ear counterpart, a nose piercing takes commitment. It&#x;s perfect for being sweet and soft, or cool and edgy, like you, Libra, which makes it your perfect match. Whether you want a small diamond or a cool glyph, this is sure to be the change you need this new year.

11Scorpio (October November 21)


Oh, Scorpio, you need something as sharp and striking as you are. We know you&#x;re not the most patient when it comes to healing, which is why the daith is perfect for you. The unusual ear piercing can only be pulled off by someone like you, so go ahead. Indulge yourself.

12Sagittarius (November December 21)

Double Nostril

Why get one piercing when you can get two? We picked the double nostril piercing for you, Sagittarius, because you&#x;re fiery and unique enough to work it. Get a piercing on each nostril or both on one side, depending on how you feel.

No matter what piercing you get, we hope it gives you the pep in your step you need.


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Leo constellation piercing

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My Curated Ear Piercing Experience \u0026 Pain (Tragus, Conch, Rook \u0026 Helix)

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