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Animated Sticker Creation Guidelines

These guidelines will help you create the images necessary for animated stickers.


Frame Rate for APNG Files

  • Use the following steps to determine the frame rate for your APNG.
  • 1. Set the order for each PNG file that makes up each animated sticker.
  • 2. Choose a playback time that matches your number of PNG frames.
  • 3. Determine the number of loops for the sticker taking into consideration the playback time.
    • The playback time multiplied by the number of loops cannot be more than 4 seconds total.
    • If your sticker's playback time exceeds 4 seconds, reduce the sticker's number of loops.
  • 4. Specify the APNG file and save it.
  • If you exceed the filesize limits, use a PNG compression tool, such as Pngyu, to compress your image files.

PNG Frame Sequence for APNG Files

  • Arrange your frame order so that the sticker's still image in the first frame expresses your sticker's main feeling or idea.
  • Animated stickers begin playing as soon as their chat is opened or when the stickers are tapped. However, their first frame is displayed as a still image in the following cases.
  • · In chats when their animation is not playing
  • · In chats on versions of LINE or devices that do not support animated stickers
  • · On their in-app Sticker Shop and LINE STORE preview pages
  • Once your frame sequence has been determined, use an APNG creation tool to generate your APNG file.
  • Note: LINE does not provide APNG creation tools.

An Important Message About Frame Order for Animated Stickers

  • Animated stickers must be able to convey feelings or ideas not just through their animations, but through their still images as well.
  • Please ensure that the first frame of each of your stickers, used as the sticker's still image, suitably describes the feeling you want each sticker to express.

  • For example, in an animated story where a character's expression changes to one of gratitude by the last frame, please use the same image in the first frame as that of the last frame in order to express the character's emotion accurately.
  • Even though the "02.png" frame is the first frame of the animated story, because it does not describe the emotion we want to capture in this sticker's still image (01.png), a different image is used in "01.png" instead.
  • Frame 01.png instead uses the illustration from the final frame, because it better expresses the sticker's main theme.
  • "01.png" is displayed as the sticker's still image when it is not playing and on the sticker selection screen.

Frame and Loop Limits per Sticker

  • · The maximum playback time for an individual sticker is 4 seconds. Playback time options are limited to 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds. Non-whole number playback times, such as 1.5 seconds, are not permitted.
  • · PNG frame limits per APNG: Between 5 and 20 frames.
    * When creating APNG files with a creation tool such as APNG Assembler, repeated identical images may become combined as a single frame.
    * Files that use the same data for all frames will fail to function properly as animated stickers and will result in an upload error.
  • · The total playback time for an APNG cannot exceed 4 seconds.

1 second (20 frames) x 4 loops = 4 seconds 1 second = 20 frames

4 seconds (20 frames) x 1 loop = 4 seconds 4 seconds = 20 frames

1 second (50 frames) x 1 loop = 1 second (Exceeds maximum frames allowed) 1 second = 50 frames

3 seconds (20 frames) x 2 loops = 6 seconds (exceeds 4 second playback time limit) 3 seconds = 20 frames

Images Likely to Exceed Size Limits when Converted to APNG

Stickers that make heavy use of gradations instead of flat colors

Stickers in which large parts of the background is animated

Detailed flame, motion lines, or sparkle animations drawn over a large area

Images Unlikely to Exceed Size Limits when Converted to APNG

Flat colors with a restricted palette

Animations that use recycled frames (Marked frames are recycled.)


Recommended Stickers

  • · Stickers that are easy to use in daily conversation and communication.
  • · Stickers that consist of easily understandable expressions, messages, and illustrations.

Non-Recommended Stickers

  • · Stickers that are difficult to use in daily conversation, such as objects and scenery.
  • · Stickers that have poor visibility, such as pictures that are too long or full-length illustrations of tall characters.
  • · Sets that significantly lack variety, such as stickers made up purely of pale colors or strings of numbers.
  • · Content that offends public order and morality, is suggestive of under-age drinking or smoking, contain sexual or violent imagery, or may fuel nationalism.

Other Notes

  • · Paid animated stickers should not be used for advertisement purposes. Accordingly, animated sticker graphics, titles, and text cannot act as advertisements (including announcing sales or release dates) or feature superfluous or unnecessary corporate logos.
  • · Requiring a user's personal information or ID in order to purchase animated stickers is strictly forbidden.
    Content that mentions any internet service, messenger app, or similar services, or consists of any characters related to such services may not be sold in the Creators Market.
  • · For more details, please see the sticker review guidelines.

Do you have a favorite sticker on LINE? In fact, LINE stickers are nice, funny and interesting. You might also want to have the image files in high resolution quality. Moreover, you may want to know about how to use LINE sticker on WhatsApp.

How to get high-resolution image files on LINE sticker?

Before deciding to grab it, please note that at this time, stickers on LINE have several types, including Static stickers, Animation stickers, Sound stickersand Pop-up stickers(animation with larger display).
Just take an example of this sticker:

  • Type: Animation & Sound
  • ID: 12933

Use a link with format as below if you want to get the sticker with STATIC type:

First format URL:

However, if the sticker you want is non-static (Animation, Sound or Pop-up), you can use format like this:

Second format URL:

Note: Replace “StickerID” with the ID number of each sticker. If you don’t know how to find an sticker ID, read this article >> How to Get the ID or Link URL from LINE Sticker?

By using the second format link, you will get a ZIP file with a complete package consisting of static image files, animation and audio (depending on the type of sticker). Those procedures are helpful to get LINE sticker for WhatsApp.
For your information, the file stickers are packaged in ZIP format. Well, the steps above is related to convert LINE sticker to WhatsApp.

How do I get the GIF of animated LINE sticker format?

To get animated sticker LINE, you should ensure that the sticker LINE is the type of Animation or Pop up. Both types can be converted into GIFs animated LINE sticker. Use second URL format:

When you get sticker using the second URL format, then in the ZIP package, it will contain a list of static and additional folder type image files (animation, popup or sound).
This additional folder (animation/popup) can be converted to GIF of animated LINE sticker. As information, the files in animation folder are with APNG ( Animation PNG) extensions. Therefore, to change or convert APNG to GIF, you can use free software, or it can be done through online converter web such as Animizer icons8. com/animizer.

How do I get LINE sticker that has a transparent background and PNG format for free?

To get transparent PNG LINE sticker, you don’t need to sort out the sticker type because all the stickers on LINE have a transparent background with PNG extensions. Use first URL format to get PNG (no background) image:

  1. 37x12 50 tires
  2. Display board lettering
  3. Level 3 twitter
  4. 5000 spanish words

Creation Guidelines

  • You can now submit your LINE creators' message stickers for review.
    You can release your stickers for sale as soon as they pass review.

    What's special about message stickers?
    - Message stickers allow users to enter a message of their choice in a preset caption before sending the stickers in chats.
    - Users can send long text phrases (up to 100 characters per sticker).
    - Users can enjoy new ways to communicate by sending their messages as stickers.
    - Users can change their custom message as many times as they like after buying the sticker set.
  • You can now create and sell your own pop-up stickers and effect stickers on Creators Market.
    We look forward to seeing what pop-up stickers and effect stickers our creators will make.
    - Animations for pop-up stickers play across the whole chat screen.
    - Animations for effect stickers play in the chat screen background.



QuantityResolutionFile Format
Main Image1240 x 240.png(APNG)
Animated Sticker ImagesEither 8, 16,
or 24
Up to 320 x 270.png(APNG)
Chat Thumbnail Icon196 x 74.png
  • Select your number of animated stickers from the Manage Stickers page. You can change this number freely before submission.
  • Generate your animated sticker images with an APNG creation tool such as APNG Assembler. Use ".png" for the filename extension.
  • Animated stickers' image files must adhere to the two following criteria.
    - Their dimensions must be within 320 x 270.
    - Either the width or height of the image must be at least 270 pixels.
    * If you choose to make the height the longer side, it should be exactly 270 pixels.
  • Loops: 1 – 4 loops per sticker whose combined length does not exceed 4 seconds.
  • Playback time: Up to 4 seconds per sticker.
  • PNG frame limits per APNG: Between 5 and 20 frames.
    * When creating APNG files with a creation tool such as APNG Assembler, repeated identical images may become combined as a single frame.
    * Files that use the same data for all frames will fail to function properly as animated stickers and will result in an upload error.
  • Please ensure that your files are in RGB color space.
  • The maximum file size for each image is 300 KB. If submitting all images in a single ZIP file, make sure the ZIP file is 20 MB or less.
  • When creating stickers, please keep in mind that the first image of the APNG will be displayed as a static image on LINE STORE and the LINE Sticker Shop.
  • We recommend using Firefox to test out your APNG files. Please be sure to use the latest version of the browser to preview your sticker animations.
  • Image backgrounds must be transparent.
  • The small play symbol found in the top-right corner of the chat thumbnail icon is added automatically. Please do not add it yourself.

Animated Sticker Creation Guidelines


CreatorSticker TitleSticker DescriptionCopyright
Up to 50 charactersUp to 40 charactersUp to 160 charactersUp to 50 characters
  • Asian language characters and some symbols count as 2 characters each.

Sample Images

Main Image

Creator, Sticker Title, and Sticker Description

Chat Thumbnail Icon

Animated Sticker Images

PNG File (Frame) Creation

  • · Make graphics within the maximum animated sticker image dimensions (320 x 270).
  • · Make sure that all frames in the APNG do not exceed the maximum animated sticker image dimensions.
  • - Please do not add margins.

Up to 320 x 270

1. Create the PNG file
Make sure the PNG files fit the designated dimensions.

2. Delete the margins
Delete all non-animated parts of the file.

Animated Sticker Creation Tips

1. Animation

This section covers how to use Adobe Creative Cloud when creating animated stickers.

- Links go to external Adobe Creative Station site

- Japanese language only

2. APNG File Creation

This 90 second overview covers APNG file creation in five simple steps.

  • Step 1: Trim margins
  • Step 2: Arrange frame order
  • Step 3: Adjust file sizes
  • Step 4: Create APNG file
  • Step 5: Check APNG


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