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We know that lots of people like sports. Whether they enjoy playing a sport or just watching sports, there is a sport for everyone. This is why we have such a big collection of sports themed bobble head dolls. It means that you will be able to find a doll to represent the sport that you like the best. Of course, you can also choose a doll for a gift for someone that loves sport too. There are many sports to choose from including golf, baseball, soccer, football, cycling, ice hockey, Taekwondo, basketball, bowling, fishing, snowboarding, running, athletics, body building, skiing, volleyball, lacrosse, water skiing, car racing, horse riding, surfing, tennis, wrestling, cricket, cheer leading, karate, yoga,聽 hip hop, poker, fencing, hunting, skydiving, gymnastics, mountaineering, swimming, ice skating, boxing and even a fan with a foam finger, a coach and a referee. You can therefore choose the appropriate sport and then pick a doll which most resembles the person you want it to look like.聽 You will be able to choose skin tone, eye color and hair color and have the face sculpted to match a photo that you send in. You will then end up with a little replica of a person doing a sport of your choice. We also can change the color of the uniforms.

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Custom bobble head doll proofing

What do we mean by custom bobble head proofing? Custom bobblehead doll proofing means that during the production of your custom bobblehead personal creation, we will email you photos of the work in progress for your approval or request for modification. The proofing of our custom bobblehead dolls will allow you to visually see the personalized bobblehead doll. During the proof stage, feel free to approve our bobble clay mold or make any changes that you feel could enhance the outcome of your custom bobblehead doll.

Why do I want bobblehead doll proofing? When you place your order on our gift shop website, you will provide a photo of the subject for us to create your custom bobblehead doll. Keeping in mind that we do not know the person in your photo/s, providing feedback is a great help for our artists to capture the best likeness of the custom bobblehead subject. We can provide superb bobbles with amazing results but we are only as good as the photo you provide to us and the feedback during the proofs.

What type of proofs will I see? Depending on the production time selected on the order form, we can provide either a bobble head proof, bobble body proof (if the full custom bobblehead option is utilized) and the full color bobble completed proof. Each step can be approved or modified while in that specific stage of proof only. If a modification of a bobble proof will be requested, we will modify the custom bobble and provide the revision proof shortly after for review. It is important to read our emails when proofs are sent for full direction and guidance of the bobblehead proof you will receive. Once you make your final approval of the custom bobble completed stage, we will perform a slow final bake the bobble mold.

Important notice: some of our faster production options include 1 week or 1-2 weeks. During these orders, we provide internal proofing only. We make and send the bobble dolls with no proofs to you. If your custom bobble timeline permits, we suggest a 2-3 week or longer so you can see our custom bobble proofs and then provide the proper approval.

Once we receive a clay proof approval from you, we will bake the bobblehead doll. At that time, no structure changes can be made to the mold. To make a structure change after the custom bobble has been approved we will need to resculpt a new bobble head or bobblehead body which will result in resculpting fee of $55.00.

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Sports Bobbleheads

 We can make all style Sports Bobbleheads as you want.If you do not like our pre-made model display on our website,it doesn't matter, you can click "", you only need to send your facial picture、action picture 、clothes picture or drawing picture, then you can get your customized bobbleheads realizing your best likeness.You can also send the information to our email [email protected] 

Bobbleheads  100% Custom Head-To-Toe :If you need to change the body pose and cloting,We can do this for your for free,If you need these change, When you place the order,please leave the message.

all the bobble head we can custom for you, you only need to tell us your requirement and  provide the useful photo for us.

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Baseball bobblehead custom

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