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Jonghyun's secret love life and his battle for perfection: SHINee fans reveal private struggles of talented singer

Jonghyun battled cruel taunts about his love life and was desperate to achieve perfection, fans have revealed in the aftermath of his suicide.

The lead singer of Korean K-pop boyband SHINee was just 27 when he took his own life on December 18, leaving millions of fans devastated.

While the manufactured band's management kept strict control of their young charges' careers, little snippets of Jonghyun's life cast light on what he may have been going through.

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Jonghyun - real name Kim Jong-Hyun - was a founding member of SHINee in 2008 and became one of the most enduring artists within the industry.

But the pressure to be seen as perfect while living life as a normal twenty-something took its toll on the star.

Inside the brutal world of K-pop

Korean pop is one of the most influential music industries in the world, boasting hundreds of young and hungry artists who not only sing, but must also dance and act to jet themselves into the entertainment world.

A handful of record companies are responsible for the careers of scores of bands, and will work with them on breaking into the Japanese and Chinese markets by learning the local languages and better sell records across national borders.

Young teens idolise K-pop artists and bands, whose members can often run into the double figures, and talent shows spit out new combinations of talented singers every cycle. Fans are encouraged to vote out singers of popular groups if they no longer believe the singer deserves a spot.

K-pop artists withstand a brutal turnaround time with their new releases. Radio play tends to last for around a month for big singles (in comparison with the UK and US, where popular artists can dominate the charts for weeks at a time), and Buzzfeed reports how Korean popstars must put out new music every three months, or else risk being forgotten about

In addition, young and talented wannabes are put through extensive training programmes run by labels to turn them into stars in the shortest time possible.

Once they've been signed up, musicians may find themselves under strict contracts governing their public and private behaviour, their weight, diet and workout regimes, and even who they can and cannot date. Many would-be singers have been offered loans for plastic surgery to correct minor faults before they're allowed to be pushed into the limelight.

Concerns have been raised over the exploitation of K-pop stars in the not-too-distant past - with girlband Nine Muses claiming in 2012 that they had to stick to the 'paper cup diet' - in which all their meals must fit inside a disposable cup - in order to keep their slim figures.

Jonghyun's love life

As with the majority of his famous peers, Kim's love life was closely monitored and shaped by his management.

He was first linked to Korean singer Yu Ra after gushing over her music in a radio interview, but heartbroken fans reacted angrily to his comments. He later apologised for upsetting the fans and said he'd only been praising her as an artist.

Jonghyun was also rumoured to be dating the TV star Lee yuBi, who had appeared in 2011's Vampire Idol when papped pictures of them holding hands emerged in Korean media.

But both of their agents denied the claims, insisting they were just friends.

Jonghyun's first serious relationship was in 2010 with the actress Shin Se Kyung, who he was with for nine perfectly orchestrated months before their split the following year over their busy schedules.

But fans were convinced the two belonged together and have campaigned ever since for them to have their happily ever after.

Horrific trolling over Jonghyun's LGBT rights stance

In 2013 Kim faced a wave of anger from far-right trolls who blasted his liberal views towards 'sexual minorities', as LGBT people are called in Korea.

He had publicly supported a bisexual trans student by using one of the student's handwritten posters as his Twitter profile picture, but quickly found himself under fire from ultra-conservative trolls.

But that didn't stop him from voicing his support for gay rights whenever he had the opportunity.

His battle with depression

Jonghyuan was open about his mental health, regularly talking with fans of his radio show Blue Night about sadness.

"I think it's okay to feel lost in your life," he once said, according to Yahoo .

"I think it's okay not to reach that final goal. You may earn things while being lost or could make something out of it through the emotions you feel. I think it should be your judgment. You don't have to make someone else judge the satisfaction of your life. I hope that you don't feel too anxious about feeling lost in your life."

He had also penned dark lyrics about depression in his song Lonely, which was released seven months before his death.

How Jonghyun's strict self-control led to so much pressure

According to a fan's fact file on the singer, Jonghyun grew up with a very strict father who owned the record shop where the young boy spent much of his time.

He was pushed to do his best by his parents, who would withhold his pocket money unless he got excellent school reports.

He was plucked from obscurity by SM Entertainment at a high school concert while playing the bass guitar and was put into their high-intensity training programme before he had a chance to finish his education.

He once spoke of the pressure to perform well in front of music industry bods, telling one interviewer that when he didn't sing well at training camp, he would go upstairs to the deserted floors and cry out his frustration alone.

Jonghyun also admitted he was something of a hypochondriac and frequently worried about his health, making sure he got plenty of exercise and carefully watched his diet.

His worries were echoed in the final texts he sent his older sister, while begging her to 'let him go'.

"It's been really hard up until now. Send me off please," he told her. "Tell everyone I've suffered. This is my last greeting."

Jonghyun had mentioned his fears of letting people down in his suicide letter, which he sent best friend Nine9 - the singer of Korean band Dear Cloud - days before his last solo concert.

In it, he had spilled his heart out, telling her he felt "worthless" and "at fault" for his inner turmoil.

"What other words are there. Just say 'you've done well'," he said.

"Just that much is good. Tell me I've done well."

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article you can freephone the Samaritans on 116123 at any time of the day or night.


Is Key Gay? *theories*

I've heard rumors that Shinee key was gay a lot and I wanted to know if it was true. Not that there's anything wrong with that lol but it was extremely hard to tell but I finally found a forum that has the BEST evidence to date.

user uploaded image

Points this commenter on onehallyu made that seem very logical:

1. He never shows interest in girls. Often changes his ideal type, then switches and says he doesn't have one?

(He also said he hates getting asked "what's your ideal type?" question all the time). Plus he said he's attracted to a girl like Chloe Savingey and she doesn't seem like someone a straight guy would like. Well, an interviewer asked him about this and he said he's more interested in a woman with fashion rather than good looks. Then he said he saw a t shirt of her naked and made a disgusting face at the thought of himself wearing it? He's really confusing sometimes.

2. Interactions that show serious attraction to men

3. His feelings for Jonghyun(edit: turns out yo be untrue) & his rumored boyfriend Hyeongseop

(KeySeop Timeline)(Hyeongseop also calls key "honey" & his voice "sexy". I find that a bit strange. Plus they were wearing couple clothing one time. And Keyseop were caught wearing same necklace. Coincidence? I don't think so. They both said that they were childhood friends though.) (Keyseop Oct.22 2012-2014)

4. To Jonghyun, Jongkey was just fan service and really didn't think anything of it. But to Key, he would be confused and develop feelings for Jonghyun because he assumes he really cares (assuming he's gay ofc, he wouldn't see it as fanservice). Notice how after Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung relationship was announced,Key began to distance himself from Jonghyun. (edit: untrue)

5. Self-expression indicating openness towards other sexualities (wearing LGBT jewelry & gay icons on his clothes)

6. His obsession with Lady Gaga XD and covering "girly" songs

7. Rumors of him going to gay bars late at night (he once said, "if I get caught. I have nothing to lose but is also afraid of ridicule"?)

8. Spending time in America as a kid may have led him to be more open and he thought it was okay to be different.

9. Here's a quote he lives by ,"So my dream isn't to become the "Best", it is someone who I am not ashamed to be."

10. It is well known that gay Koreans go to gay bars and often see Key there. In a interview, Minho said Key had been out drunk many times and had to pick him up. If Key had been drunk many times in a public place, I'd think we'd hear about it, wouldn't we? But we don't. Which leads me to believe he's getting drunk in private underground gay bars.

11. Taemin mentioned that Key brings strangers to their dorm (random hookups from bars? Not confirmed if strangers are male or female)

12. Key was chosen as the member who's the most secretive

13. During Weekly Idol, members were going down the line asking each other tough questions (i.e. Where a member was going late at night putting on cologne). Key abruptly got nervous when it was his turn and suddenly said "Wait....I don't want to come on this show next time, really. I don't want to come anymore." (What's odd about this is the fact that everyone else's answers were aired except for Key's. Like he revealed something that needed to be edited out.) (Keep in mind that the last time they were on weekly idol was in 2013. They just came back this year.)

14. An ex-SM makeup artist said that Key is obviously gay but plays the bisexual card because that's somehow better? (Idk about how this one. Could easily be something someone made up)

15. His ideal type includes someone sort of manly or tomboy-ish (He said Minho is the member he'll date if he was a girl. Keep in mind that Minho is the manliest member). But he also calls Minho ugly 98% of the time so I'm not so sure about this one :joy: .

16. He's friends with a lot of female idols, more so than male idols (this doesn't really mean anything. Just wanted to take note of that.)

17. Key tells a fan to stop cutting herself and mentions he used to self-harm.

18. Keys pretty much outed by hardcore Korean shawols (they say he went out w a guy pre-debut)

19. Recently, a gay male idol is in the industry (let's call him "A"). A is known for his large network in the industry. He's charmed his way in & out of small & big screens and his phone is filled with thousands of numbers. He has an outgoing personality loved by all. He's the #1 most scouted personality on variety shows for his ruthless way of words. He's also known for his unique fashion sense. Recently, A's friend "B" went to his house & found A's cell phone (A apparently left it in a hurry). A gay app notif flashed "cute gay OOO is 100m away from you!". B had no idea A was gay. Even A's friends & agency had no idea whenever he didn't have schedule he'd be at gay clubs but made sure to cover up to be unrecognizable. His ideal type is actor "C". The fact that A hit on C is a well known story. The two even mentioned each other in public events. (I found this on Pann, a Korean forum website. This does sound like Key, but it could also be Heechul. Comments in the forum think it's Kwanghee from Z:EA). (I don't think it's about Heechul, unlike Key, Heechul does show interest in women & despite what people say I don't think he's gay. Maybe bi? But definitely not gay.)

20. Key was also on WGM. As we all know, WGM is rumored to put possibly gay/bi idols on there to distract fans (I.e Jokwon, Taeyeon, yonghwa, Kwanghee)

21. I tried finding something, anything that'll show Key possibly has an attraction to women but I couldn't find anything. Let's just say, evidence of Key being gay far outweighs any of him being straight

22. A female fan at a Japanese fan meeting told him "let's be friends". Key replied "why can't I be your boyfriend?" (Could easily be fanservice? Idk)

23. Kissing scene in musicals where he co-starred with female leads (Him & his costar both agreed to "no tongue" for their kiss scene. But they said it was because they were friends & it'll be weird if they just French kissed like that).

24. Doesn't really show any interest in girls. One time, a pretty model in a bikini next to him and all he had to say was "aren't you embarrassed to wear something like that?."

25. Key once said he wants to get married and "try his best to have kids". (He makes it sound like its hard work to conceive a child).

26. Key quote "I can't hide who I am. I can't say things I don't mean, say things I like things I hate, or hate things I like. And more than anything, I can't lie to myself."

27. He once told Nicole from KARA she needed to lose weight. (Lol I dont think a straight guy would say this. But Key's very blunt. Who knows?).

28. On a show, key was given a dog that resembles him & key had to guess if it was a female or male dog. He said "dogs sexuality is confusing! It's gender-ish?" (He could actually be confused about the dogs gender or refer to himself bcuz the dog is supposed to be him. So idk....)

29. There was this moment where Key looked like he was stroking an award :smirk:

30. He had to list 5 celebrities he wants to go on WGM with, here's what he listed down: 1. Nicole (Kara), 2. BoA, 3. Nana (after school), 4. Jonghyun (Shinee), 5. woohyun (infinite). Funny how he listed 3 of his best friends and BoA & Nana who seem to be quite open minded when it comes to LGBT community. (My Bad guys, apparently a fan asked him this question and the fan gave him these names as choices to put them in order. Sorry about that lol).

31. If key wasn't gay wouldn't you think he would've confirmed the rumors by now and set the record straight? After all, He did say he was an honest guy. What if he doesn't care people think he's gay bcuz....well, he is? It's kind of like, we already know, so he doesn't have to confirm anything.

32. Key did confirm rumors about him dating Woohyun & Shinee members, quote "I heard rumors like that. Things like 'two members kissed' or 'they are in love with each other'. There was a rumor claiming we kissed in a car but that's not true. Every time I'm promoting I hear things like that. I just took them as jokes." He asks MC, "what do you do when rumors like that come up?".

33. One of his favorite artists is Mika, who's openly bisexual.

34. "Singer C is said to have fallen in love with model D while attending an overseas schedule together. C went overseas with several other male & female celebrities but he showed the most interest in D. D reciprocated C's advances, showing interest in his gentle & caring personality. A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on next days agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face." ~ Pann

(Here's a point a commenter made on it: "This rumor is always being used as evidence for Keyseop. Don't you think the rumor would've mentioned that they were both male? It could've Been anyone else ya know. If it was about key, wouldn't they say "idol member" like they usually do? This rumor seems to talk about a solo singer. Then again, it was suspicious how a lot of Hyeongseops tweets were deleted within a week of the rumor. Even if it wasn't about them, a lot of people might've tweeted Hyeongseop about it. So he may have deleted them bcuz of it. He even changed his icon to black).

35. Key has used Naver to search people's names before. He mentioned that he reads internet comments about him before. One of the top related searches for key is 키 게이 ("key gay"). He probably searched his name before & saw this. So key knows people think he's gay, yet he doesn't try to hide it. Sometimes he makes it more apparent. He just doesn't care what other people think.

36. Rumors that he's secretly dating Kara Nicole. (Not sure about this one. They look like close friends to me. But why would he keep this a secret? Oh well, I'm sure he has his reasons. Also, remember #30 of this list? Notice how he listed her as #1? Hmm...pretty suspicious but not quite🤔). There was this rumor that they were spotted at a mall buying iPhones for each other for their 100 day anniversary but that was just a rumor though.

37. He did say he was an honest person and can't lie if he really doesn't like something. So maybe he actually does like his ideal types? And isn't lying at all? Idk.

--Notice the man behind key in this gif is VERY manly and muscular. Also notice Key's "little friend" :smirk: gee, I wonder where that came from?--

user uploaded image

(Bonus: I think the rest of Shinee are straight but Taemin(been suspicious of him since that album cover) & Jonghyun could possibly be bisexual (posted pic supporting LGBT but doesn't necessarily mean anything though). TBH, I think Taemin, Key, and Jonghyun all gave us little hints about their sexuality but I'm not 100% sure on this. I did see an old video once of Shinee & 2pm members playing a game. I think they had to wrestle or something? I don't remember but their bodies were basically hugging and Jonghyun ended up with a boner.....yeah.

090312 Idol Army Ep. 15 w_/SHINee [ENG] 3/5

Also, let's not forget Jonghyun's reaction when BTS Jimin ripped his shirt off at the 2014 mamas.

user uploaded image

Woohyun (key's bff) is straight also bcuz they said they both have same ideal type but a bit difference. (Could Keys ideal type refer to a man? But Woohyuns refer to a woman?)

He kind of reminds me of Chris oflying a youtuber who was constantly accused of being gay until he made this video:


I'm A Straight Male And I Wear Makeup.
user uploaded image

Click link! It has so much proof! :point_down: 🏽 :point_down: 🏽

Key Forum

Just scroll down past random comments and you'll eventually find the one with tons of theories. I'll have to admit, after reading this, I can maybe say Key is either gay or maybe pansexual? Maybe genderqueer? Bi? idk lol he's still very confusing. Sometimes he's girly, sometimes he's manly). I did notice that the ring he was wearing had an extra female symbol, I'm not sure what that means. Maybe it means he's nonbinary? Idk. Maybe he's just really picky and Hyeongseop did fit his ideal type description. I just hope he moves somewhere where he can be happy and open about his life. All in all, I wish him the best :heart: .

P.S. I don't mean to expose him or anything. Please don't take this post the wrong way. I posted here on KA in case anyone was curious on the matter too. I mean no harm :angel: 🏻.

Also this pic...... :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: lol

user uploaded image

Other interesting pics:

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
Really shoving it in our face there XD
user uploaded image

(It looks like he had that ring specially made. Not sure on this).

I was leaning toward metrosexual but after I saw these pics, I was like nope. Key obviously likes dick. Especially that "princes & hot dogs" shirt.

You can clearly tell he's trying so hard to come out. He's giving us hints here and there. He wants us to know who he really is. I think he's tired of hiding. Guess that's why he's so flamboyant. I feel like if anyone, Key will be the first idol to come out. If not, he'll most likely move somewhere where he's accepted (which is why I think he learned English in the first place, he's ready to hop on that plane lol) . But if he was to come out, it'll really hurt his career. Since he was raised by his grandmother, he'll probably end up getting married and having children with a woman in Korea but still remain in the closet. Key seems very traditional, that's why I think that will probably happen. I love Key no matter what. He's absolutely fantastic (and fabulous). His sexuality changes nothing about how great he is :blue_heart: . He deserves to be free and do whatever he wants to. As long as he's happy with his life and his choices, then I'm happy too :blush: .

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Who is Key’s girlfriend now?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Key (Real name:Kim Ki-bum / Hanglu:김기범, born September 23, 1991) is a South Korean singer and actor. He was born and raised in Daegu, South Korea.   
Key made his debut as a member of the group SHINee in 2008 and also started his acting career through his performance in Moon Night ’90(2011).


Nicole of KARA

Nicole, an ex-member of the girl group KARA, is often said to be Key’s girlfriend. They are so close beause they have a lot something in common. For example, they are the same age (born in 1991) and are members of ’91 line’, the private group of the pop idols born in 1991. Also both can speak English, so they sometimes talk in English instead of Korean.
Some fans say that they spotted the two having dates. Key often posts pictures with Nicole on his SNS sites. Both say that they are just best friends, but there is the possibility that they are actually in a romantic relationship.

Ex Girlfriend

EunJi of APink

Key was said that he was dating with EunJi, a member of the girl group APINK. Key performed with EunJi as a couple in the TV variety show We Got Married (2013). Their performance as a couple was so good and natural, and this caused many viewers to think they were actually dating.
In the magazine interview, Key commented that EunJi was his ideal type of woman. Both of them admitted that they kept in touch after the show.

His Ideal type of woman

When he appeared as a guest on the radio program, Key talked about his ideal type of woman. He said “I like a woman who values her own individuality, not only in appearance but in her way of thinking, too.” 
Then the DJ asked Key if he had his ideal woman in the Koeran entertainment world, he answered, ” You might be surprised, but I found Park Bo-young very attractive when I saw her performance in a TV drama series.”
He also mentioned that his ideal type of woman was EunJi, a member of the girl group APINK, whom he co-acted with in the TV variety show We Got Married(2013).

Marriage Views

Key was raised by his grandmother from his birth because his mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with work. So he seems that he has stronger feeling for his family than the other members.
When he talked about his grandmother in a TV variety show, he was almost crying while remembering the days he had rebellious attitudes to her.
He has never shared his actual thoughts about marriage, but he definitely wants to get married to someone who will take care of his family.

His Ideal situation of dating

Key talked about his ideal dating on a radio program. He said that he wanted to enjoy meals with his girlfriend not at an exclusive restaurant but at home. “I want to make a lot of elaborate dishes together, like those you often see in TV dramas.”
He also said, “It would be awesome if we could enjoy beautiful fireworks out of the window while having a meal.” Key likes both cooking and eating, so this plan is something that only he can think of.

How his fan think about his lover

Most of Key’s fans don’t believe that Key and Nicole are dating now.
Thanks to her frankness, they take Nicole as one of his closest friends and have positive feelings for her.
At the same time, Key doesn’t admit their romantic relationship. His agency SM Entertainment denied it as well.
His fans seem to be more concerned about his bitter relationship with bandmate Minho. It is said that Key has been bad terms with Minho since they were trainees of SM Entertainment.

List of Love Songs He Sings

Album: Korean version

・The Shinee World (2008)/SHINee
・Lucifer (2010)/SHINee
・Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You (2013)/SHINee
・Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me (2013)/SHINee
・Odd (2015)/SHINee

Album: Japanese version

・The First (2011)/SHINee
・Boys Meet U (2013)/SHINee
・I’m Your Boy (2014)/SHINee
・D×D×D (2016)/SHINee

Song: Solo

・Born to Shine / Key


Table of Contents

Who is dating in SHINee?

1. SHINee Choi MinHo Girlfriend. Choi Min Ho (최민호) and people usually call him as Minho (민호), is member of South Korea boyband SHINee.

Who is SHINee’s leader?

Onew, who is known as the leader of SHINee, began his military service in December 2018. Two other SHINee members, Minho and Key, are still serving in the military while member Taemin has not been enlisted.

Why did SHINee break up?

In 2018, SHINee had reigned for a decade, overcoming the seven-year curse – where bands often split at the end of their contracts – but were forced to go on hiatus due South Korea’s mandatory military service. As the year ended, Onew enlisted, and Key and Minho followed shortly months after.

How long has SHINee been together?

Years active2008–present
LabelsSM Virgin EMI
Associated actsSM Town SuperM
WebsiteOfficial website

Do SHINee have girlfriends?

Shinee best answer Jonghyun is the only member who has a girlfriend. It’s been even said that the other 4 members never actually dated. And I don’t think would be the member after Jonghyun to get a girlfriend 🙂 And if he had a girlfriend we would know 😀 I don’t think he wants a girlfriend :D.

Who is SHINee Taemin girlfriend?

While Taemin has never gone public with a girlfriend, there were rumours that he dated Sulli of f(x) while they were trainees. And Taemin has discussed romance in general while appearing on the reality star We Got Married, in which he pretended to be in a married couple with Apink star Son Na-eun.

Is SHINee still active in 2020?

Shawols have a big reason to get excited as SHINee has started a countdown to their return! On April 11, the group surprised with a revamped website that now counts down to Onew, Key, and Minho each finishing their mandatory military service.

Is SHINee second generation?

This survey included the following artists: The Second generation – TVXQ (@TVXQ), Super Junior (@SJofficial), Girls’ Generation (@GirlsGeneration), SHINee (@SHINee), 2PM (@follow_2PM) etc. Since most of the first generation groups, like HOT, Sechs Kies, SES, and Fin.

Who left SHINee?

Kim Jong-hyun
The singer passed away on December 18, 2017. Read further to know more. Kim Jong-hyun, popularly known as Jonghyun, was a renowned singer-songwriter, record producer and author under the SM Entertainment company. He was the main vocalist of the Korean boy band SHINee for nine years.

Who Is Key SHINee girlfriend?

Nicole of KARA Nicole, an ex-member of the girl group KARA, is often said to be Key’s girlfriend. They are so close beause they have a lot something in common. For example, they are the same age (born in 1991) and are members of ’91 line’, the private group of the pop idols born in 1991.

Is SHINee going to make a comeback?

K-pop legends SHINee have revealed that they will be making their long-awaited comeback as a group later this month. During the group’s special livestream concert via YouTube and Naver Vlive last Sunday (January 31) the group announced that their seventh album entitled ‘Don’t Call Me’ will be released on February 22.

Is 2PM second generation?

Fueled by the success of the early second generation idol groups, Generation 2.5 groups like SHINee, 2PM, INFINITE, f(x), 2NE1, Miss A, SISTAR, and more came flooding. More multifaceted idols began debuting — as fans began to expect more than singing and dancing abilities from these groups.

Who died in Kpop 2020?

June 2020: K-Pop star Yohan passed away at the age of 28. The South Korean star, whose real name was Kim Jeong-hwan, died on Tuesday, June 16 but cause of death has not been released. Yohan was a member of the boy band TST (formerly known as Top Secret), who released their most recent single in January.


Shinee girlfriend key

Key dating 2021 profile

South Korean Pop Singer
30 years old

Full Name
Kim Kibum
Birth date
September 23, 1991
Birth Place
Daegu, South Korea
Pop Singer
Net Worth
$131 million
Martial Status
5′ 10″
South Korean
130 lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Dark Brown

Ahead, we take a look at who is Key dating now, who has he dated, Key’s girlfriend, past relationships and dating history. We will also look at Key’s biography, facts, net worth, and much more.

Who is Key dating?

Key is currently single, according to our records.

The South Korean Pop Singer was born in Daegu, South Korea on September 23, 1991. South Korean entertainer who sings, raps, dances, hosts and is a member of the band Shinee.

Relationship status

As of 2021, Key’s is not dating anyone. Key is 30 years old. According to CelebsCouples, Key had at least 1 relationship previously. He has not been previously engaged.

Fact: Key is turning 31 years old in . Be sure to check out top 10 facts about Key at FamousDetails.

About Key’s girlfriend

Key doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.

All dating histories are fact-checked and confirmed by our users. We use publicly available data and resources to ensure that our dating stats and biographies are accurate.

Who has Key dated?

Like most celebrities, Key tries to keep his personal and love life private, so check back often as we will continue to update this page with new dating news and rumors.

Key girlfriends: He had at least 1 relationship previously. Key has not been previously engaged. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.

Online rumors of Keys’s dating past may vary. While it’s relatively simple to find out who’s dating Key, it’s harder to keep track of all his flings, hookups and breakups. It’s even harder to keep every celebrity dating page and relationship timeline up to date. If you see any information about Key is dated, please let us know.

Relationship Statistics of Key

What is Key marital status?
Key is single.

How many relationships did Key have?
Key had at least 1 relationship in the past.

How many children does Key have?
He has no children.

Is Key having any relationship affair?
This information is not available.

Key Biography

Key was born on a Monday, September 23, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea. His birth name is Kim Kibum and he is currently 30 years old. People born on September 23 fall under the zodiac sign of Libra. His zodiac animal is Goat.

Kim Ki-bum, better known by his stage name Key, is a South Korean singer and actor. Debuted as a member of the group SHINee in May 2008, and began his acting career in 2011 in the Mnet’s series Moon Night ’90, playing Lee Hyun Do. In 2014 Key and Nam Woo-hyun formed the duo Toheart with duos successful debut song ‘Delicious’.

Since his mother was sick and his father worked often, Key mostly raised himself.

Continue to the next page to see Key net worth, popularity trend, new videos and more.

Last update: October 2021

KEY's reaction when the kid told he has 2 girlfriends...he was so shocked 😂😂

Key (Kim Ki-bum)

Posted by @Simon | In Singer


Inside Article

The famous Korean POP band ‘SHINee’ has another talented singer named Kim Ki-bum, 26, who is best known a Key. Know all facts about him on this wiki!

Born on 23rd of September 1991, Key’s real name is Kim Ki-bum (김기범). He was born in Daegu, South Korea but moved to Seoul during S.M. National audition. His primary profession is a singer, but he is also a TV presenter, fashion designer, and an actor. He debuted in the singing field in 2008, joining the group ‘SHINee.’

Quick Wikis

NameKim Ki-bum (김기범)
Known asKey
Birthday23rd September 1991
BirthplaceDaegu, South Korea
ProfessionSinger, Actor, TV personality, Fashion Designer
Associated withSHINee band
Marital StatusSingle
Rumored GirlfriendNicole (KARA)
Net Worthest. $6 million

Key and Jonghyun Relationship

In Jonghyun’s funeral, 21st December 2017, Key wrote a letter to Jonghyun. He shared the handwritten note apologizing for not being there for him.

Key wrote letter to jonghyun

Screenshot of letter Key wrote for Jonghyun

‘To Jonghyun hyung whom I love!’

‘Hyung. This is Ki Bum~ I sent you off today and even saw your face yesterday, but I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry for visiting you so late because of work, and I’m sorry for not being a source of strength to you when you were lonely.’

Key admitted being one of two stubborn boys in the SHINee group including Jonghyun. They were like close friends who loved talking and going on a vacation.

Key shared Jonghyun devastating death on his Twitter

Key shared Jonghyun’s devastating death on his Twitter

Key said:

‘I’m going to try living a better life, too. When I get older and we meet again, tell me I did well! Jonghyun hyung, you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me. ‘You did well, and I love you so much!’

Net Worth

Key has been singing for nine years and has acted on four movies, four TV series, eight variety shows and eight times in the theatre. Having long work life, he has earned good name, fame and increased his net value.

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As of 2017, Key’s annual gross income is $800 thousand. In fact, he ranks top in SHINee band for his salary and net worth. With a luxurious bungalow worth 2 billion won (1.8 million in dollars), Key’s net worth is $6 million as of 2017.


Key, one of the hard-working singer of SHINee, seems to be in a dating relationship. The insider mentioned Key to be in love relationship with KARA group’s ex-member Nicole. The love speculation started as they have something in common like their birth year (1991), being a member of ’91 line and more.

SHINee Key and KARA Nicole

SHINee Key and KARA Nicole

Recently, the news also came out that both were seen close in public place. As both are a social butterfly, adding each other’s pictures on Instagram, they might be dating. Key hasn’t admitted/announced his love life, and SME denied the news.

Before Nicole, he had his name linked with Eunji, an APINK group member. Both worked together on ‘We Got Married’ TV show, in which their act was natural.

SHINee Key and Eunji

SHINee Key and Eunji

As Key mentioned Eunji to be his ideal woman, the rumor came out in the spotlight.

Unknown Facts

  1. Key’s horoscope is Virgo and Sheep is his Chinese zodiac sign.
  2. He loves the bright color, specifically pink.
  3. He loves to go shopping in his spare times and loves doing photo shoots.
  4. His favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants, which helped him grow humor within himself.
  5. Key does not want to go to places in height, as he has Acrophobia.
  6. Among SHINee members, he is the best cook.

Body Statistics

Height1.77 m
Weight59 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Skin ColorWhite

Social Media Profiles

Key is active on social media. He has highest followers on Instagram counting 4.7 million followers. The second comes his Twitter account with 71.3 thousand and third comes Facebook with 64.5 thousand fan followings.

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Dating Rumor of SHINee’s Member

Are you into Korean Dramas and Songs or are you like boy or girl band in Korea ? If yes, then you might be familiar with SHINee as famous boyband from SM entertainment. They are one of the most liked South Korean idol singer. A popular South Korean contemporary boy group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. shawols are name for Shinee fandom.

1. SHINee Choi MinHo Girlfriend

choi minho

Choi Min Ho (최민호) and people usually call him as Minho (민호), is member of South Korea boyband SHINee. He was born in Incheon, South Korea on December 9, 1991. Minho’s father, Choi Yun-Gyeom, is a well known South Korean soccer coach and have a good popularity in sports world in South Korean.

Minho joined at SM Entertainment after he auditioned at the 2006 S.M. in Casting System. when 2008, Minho put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008 Minho with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo. In March 2008, before debuted with Shinee.

Minho was a model for Ha Sang Baek’s Seoul Collection F/W 08-09. In many games show, Minho always show about his ability in sports, cause of his body and talented. Minho have a really good skill in sports.

Shinee’s Rapper Choi Minho’s Dating History

The sweetheart of millions of girls all over the world, Choi Minho, has been linked to many of his co-stars. Media linked him most to To the Beautiful You actress Sulli. Before Sulli, he also was linked to Yuri (a member of Girls Generation) but none of the singers confirmed the relationship. Until now, many fans didn’t know who a real minho’s girlfriend

2. SHINee Jonghyun Girlfriend


Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) or people generally known as Jonghyun (종현) is member of South Korea boyband SHINee. Jonghyun was born in Seoul, before joined with SM Enternainment, Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in Junior High. He always participated in many festival in his region.

In his band, he became a bassist not a vocalist. Jonghyun joined at SM Entertainment after he won auditioned at the 2005 S.M. Casting System. In 2008, Jonghyun put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008 Jonghyun with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Jonghyun’s Girlfriend

When in radio program, Jonghyun said that he was a big fan of Yu Ra and always enjoyed listening to her songs, especially Jonghyun parts. His comments caused a great stir among many of his fans.

Jonghyun later apologized for making his fans upset and explained that he was just supporting her as a fan. After that,Jonghyun was rumored to be dating Lee YuBi, a Korean actress whose mother is the famous Korean actress, Gyeon Mi-ri.

In August of 2010, Jong-hyun admitted that he was dating with Shin Se Kyung, a Korean actress.Shin became well known nationwide through her performance in the sitcom, High Kick Through the Roof (2009-2010). The couple were the same age and hit it off. The more they spent time together, the deeper they fell in love. even sometimes Jonghyun got hate speech from his fans.

3. SHINee Taemin Girlfriend


Taemin was born in Dongbong-gu, Seoul, South Korea on July 18, 1993. this cutie joined at SM Entertainment after he auditioned at the 2005, more soon from Onew.  Open Weekend Audition Casting,Taemin training in SM Entertainment since she was a first grade in junior high class. In 2008, Taemin put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008 Taemin with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut ‘Replay’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Taemin’s Girlfriend

Taemin made a rummors when he filming for MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, he participated in a photoshoot as a couple with Na Eun. he said that “Actually, I’ve dated before“, contradicting his earlier statement in the beginning of his run on the show where he stated that he’d never dated before.

After that fans shook when again Sulli rummors that she close with Taemin. Because of this, trainees inevitably form a strong bond. It is no wonder Taemin and Sulli shared such a bond. Apparently they broke up before their debut.

4. SHINee Key Girlfriend


Key or other name are Almighty Key, Diva, Fox, Bummie have a real name called Kim Ki Bum. He was born at September 23rd, 1991. Position key in SHINee are Vocalist, Lead Rapper. He is good looking and charming, and key have a good personality.

Key’s Girlfriend

Nicole, as we know an ex-member of the girl group KARA, is often said to be Key’s girlfriend. they are close because they are the same age (born in 1991) and are members of ’91 line’. Also both can speak English, so they sometimes talk in English instead of Korean. some people saw that the two having dates. Key often posts pictures with Nicole on his SNS sites. But they said just friends.

In other moment, Key was said that he was dating with EunJi. A member of the girl group APINK. Key performed with EunJi as a couple in the TV variety show We Got Married (2013) with Japan’s Artist. Many people feels shock when know Key had a we got married.

5. SHINee Onew Girlfriend


Lee Jin Ki (이진기) or his popular name as Onew, was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi on December 14, 1989. Onew joined at SM Entertainment after he won a auditioned at the 2006 S.M Academy casting. When in 2008, Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, former member of project group Banana Girl, for her song “Vanilla Love”.

In 2009 he was also collaborated with his label mate Girls’ Generation Jessica with song “One Year Later (1년 後)” for Girls’ Generation mini album Tell Me Your Wish. Onew and Jessica performed their song on MBC Music Core on August 1st, 2009.

Onew’s Girlfriend

Onew is said to be dating with Jung-Ah an ex member of the girl group After School. In 2010, Onew Said that his ideal type of woman was Jungah in a TV variety show. After that, Onew got issues again. Luna, a member of the girl group f(x), was said to be dating with Onew. They were so close that they often sang duets in music programs.

Onew said that Luna was one of his ideal type of women, which caused many people to think that they were dating. Moreover, at the SM Entertainment concert they co-starred, many people saw Onew and Luna holding hands while singing.

Incidents such as Jungah naming her doll after the real name of Onew after that both of them wearing matching hoodies and jacket. Caused fans to be suspicious, about their “friends” relationship.



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