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How long does Snappa’s free trial last?

You can use Snappa for as long as you like without paying a dime. You have access to thousands of photos and graphics, professionally designed banner templates, and 3 downloads per month. Even our most powerful time-saving features such as automatic image resizing are yours on the free plan. We only want you to consider a paid account when Snappa becomes an important tool that saves you a ton of time and headache each month.

Is Snappa only for making banners?

No. In addition to making it easy for non-designers to create banners, you can use Snappa to design:

Are your photos licensed for commercial use?

They sure are! All photos and graphics included in Snappa are 100% royalty-free. They can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and you are not required to provide attribution.

Does Snappa offer customer support?

All members have access to video tutorials, detailed help docs categorized by topic, answers to FAQs, and email support.


10 Best Free Online Banner Makers

There are many ways a business can market itself better. However, in this day and age, each customer is directed to the website of the said business at one stage or the other. Therefore, the look and feel of the website is very important. To a prospective client, it may be the fine line between choosing or avoiding a partnership. You can launch your website with the help of the best website builders and then create a banner with the help of online banner makers. Here is a list of some of the best free online banners maker tools for websites.



Piktochart is essentially an infographic design website. The website’s interface and design allow anyone with an idea to create brilliant infographics. The reason Piktochart makes this list is the availability of many perks even with the free subscription. For example, you will have access to all the icons and images the website has to offer. You can create an unlimited number of designs and even download your designs for free.

The website offers over 600 professional templates that you can use for your designs. You can add your own touch to these templates by adding charts, animated icons, images and even videos. You can add your own colors and edit fonts and after you are satisfied with your work, download and upload for the world to see.

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Fotor is an up and coming online banner designer. It is a design platform available for use even on the mobile platform. It also offers a unique tool called ‘One-Tap Enhance’. This tool was designed to help fix any creative blocks that designers might have. With cloning options and a plethora of templates to choose from, Fotor is a go-to place for quick banner design options.

Its photo editing tools are similar to that of Photoshop. Think of it Fotor as the online version of Photoshop. You can easily adjust the color, size, light and other attributes in the design and make it look professional. You can also find HDR effects for advanced editing. Apart from this, you get access to hundreds of fonts, choose from a wide range of icons, clip arts all under different themes and styles, to create better designs. The website also offers tutorials to help you design better and make professional banners.

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Easy and efficient, Postermywall is a great online tool to make quality banners. Apart from several templates to choose from, the design customization options are so easy to understand that you wouldn’t mind creating your own designs from scratch. It also gives you the option of adding videos to designs and save them as GIFs. Other editing options include the addition of shadows and making the image background transparent. Unique fonts are available, to make editing fun.

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FotoJetis the ideal free banner maker for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other platforms. The templates are topic oriented, meaning you have specific banners for your specific requests. The website has easy to use editing options that give its user complete control over their design projects. Making a banner here is a simple three-step process.

First, you choose a template. Second, you edit the template to your required needs by adding photos and customizing the banner freely. And third, you save your banner or share it online. FotoJet offers you over 700+ templates that you can make full use of. With an abundance of resources, you can be sure that you will always find what you’re looking for.

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My Banner Maker

My Banner Maker

My Banner Maker is one of the best free banner makers out there, and useful for everyone. You can create banners for social media, for ads, and for games, among other things. The website is useful even if you don’t have a particular idea in mind for your banner. It’s plethora of templates and professionally designed photos will give you the perfect start. You can use their stock images or you could design your own banner based on a template.

Whatever you choose to do, My Banner Maker will support you. The editing options are good and this website ensures that the size of the banner is appropriate for the platform you picked. So, you will not have to struggle to get the size right. This makes My Banner Maker the go-to tool when you’re hard pressed for time, and require well-designed banners in a jiffy.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a web-based apps suite that lets you create amazing banners. With this free banner maker, you can be sure that all your requirement will be met effortlessly. The suite offers a wide range of preset image sizes for almost all the popular banner formats. This will save you the effort of searching through the upload requirements of different sites where you might want to post your banner.

Adobe Spark is very easy to use and ensures top quality designs. You can bring together unique text fonts and images of your choice to make professional banners. With Adobe Spark, you can create and customize your banners so that they look good on every platform you upload them on. For example, a banner ad and a Facebook banner are two different designs, and they need to look different. With Adobe Spark, managing these nuances is a walk in the park.

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BeFunky is all about helping you gain recognition. You can create Facebook ads that draw the viewer to your website and also use the various banner formats to the best of their capacities. The banners coming out of these websites are highly compatible with Facebook’s targeting options. Creating a banner is an extremely simple process with Befunky.

All you have to do is select one of their highly impressive banner templates. Once you have decided on an image, all you have to do is transfer it to BeFunky photo editor where you can customize it to your liking. Add text, apply filters, add shapes – you’re done. Edit the font and color and preview your design. Your banner is ready to use.

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Crello is a free graphic design tool, perfect for web designers, marketers, and bloggers who need original, professionally-looking visual content. Here you’ll find thousands of pre-designed customizable templates and can adjust any of them for your needs via Crello’s intuitive, easy-to-use online editor.

What makes Crello different from other banner makers and visual element builders is that it gives you an option to create animated designs and use the premium content from their media library even if you sign up for a free account. (Video and audio files are also here.) Plus, you can upload your own illustrations to the editor and customize them via Crello for creating even more personalized banners for your website.

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How Do I Make My Banners Stand Out?

Before you can go ahead creating a banner, there are certain things you need to keep in mind that will help you make an effective banner.


This is the foremost step. Do your research. You need to know the trends in banner design. Consider your competitors’ banner designs, the style and personality of the platform you’re going to use the banner on, and your audience’s preferences. When you have this information, you can create great banners.

Choose The Right Size

Size of banners may not seem like a big deal initially, but you’ll soon understand its importance. The most commonly used banner size is the Leaderboard. Its size in pixels is 728x90px. This is just an example. Similarly, you will need to understand the banner size requirements of the platform where you’re going to use it on. Take time to explore the different sizes and use them appropriately.

Include A Logo

To make your brand known and to create awareness, your brand’s logo must shine on the banner.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors add to the aesthetic beauty of the banner, if chosen intelligently. Bad choice of colors can completely destroy the banner’s appeal. Add a nice calm color to keep people calm or add a strong color to create a sense of urgency. Whatever you decide, don’t make your banner a rainbow of colors. Adopt a theme, and make sure your color choices complement the theme.

Keep Things Simple

The more complicated you make things, the harder it is going to be to get the point across. You need to remember that the people seeing your banner add will do so just for a few seconds. In that limited time, you need to get your thoughts across. So, keep the banner design simple and choose your words wisely.

Don’t Customize Your Font Too Much

If you use italic fonts, or extremely thin fonts and bold uppercase fonts – all in one design, then it’s unlikely that your banner will retain people’s attention. It just looks cluttered and chaotic, if you use too many font styles. Instead, use good spacing and a single font for the entire banner.

Include a CTA

CTA? A Call to action button. This is very important. Everything you have done to design your banner would be meaningless if a call to action isn’t present. You need to be able to direct your viewers to an action, and a call to action would do just that.

What is The Best Online Banner Maker?

The online tools we’ve covered in this guide will help you design banners quickly and effectively. High quality templates, along with a wide range of customization options – that’s the perfect blend. All of these tools offer you this blend of features. Plus, you get to choose from a large number of layouts, appropriate for specific web platforms such as Facebook and YouTube cover pages, social media posts, website banners, etc. However, remember that these online tools can’t be compared with dedicated web design software such as GIMP or Photoshop. That said, these tools will get the job done for you most of the times.

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  2. Dallas auto craigslist
  3. Uniquely yours bridal
  4. Topstore ios 14
  5. Boise food express
You Tube Banner

Dress up Your YouTube Banner

YouTube banner is another eye-catching part of your channel to impress video viewers and catch more potential subscribers. With Fotor's banner maker, simply select the YouTube banner template and add your stunning images and branding text to the center, giving your YouTube channel art a sleek and professional look in a few clicks.

Make Your Banner Now
You Tube thumbnail

Making Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnail

How to make people scroll down to your video? Stunning YouTube Thumbnail plays a very important role in your channel. As the second search engine, YouTube is a brilliant platform for people to search their topics and check the YouTube thumbnail and video title to choose to view more.

Drag and drop the YouTube thumbnail template to the canvas and change some background and text. Get an outstanding YouTube video thumbnail with Fotor's banner maker in a few minutes.

Make Your Banner Now
You Tube end screen

Custom YouTube End Screen and More Stylish Banners

Fotor is the best online banner maker! Now you can create your own banner ads for your YouTube end screen or other campaigns - absolutely FREE! It's vitally important to design a visual appeal to improve visibility, brand power, and corporate reputation and advertise successfully.

With hundreds of amazing banner templates available, Fotor can help you maximize your next ad campaign with its unparalleled ad designer! Get the competitive advantage with Fotor's amazing banner designer!

Make Your Banner Now
Feature step frams

How to Design Banners in 4 simple steps?

  • Open Fotor Design, choosing a banner template with the wanted size or creating your own from scratch.
  • Choose from preset banner designs, change some background, and add your photos and text.
  • Modify and design, remember to manage your overlays to maximize your cover's visual impact.
  • Preview and save your cover, choosing the format and size you wish.
Make Your Banner Now

Have you ever had trouble creating banner advertisements? Now you can leave those issues behind because Xara Cloud can help you create impressive banner designs for your company, even if you have no design experience. We have a wide choice of banner ad templates which will help you attract more customers to your company website and generate awareness of your brand and product.

Try Xara Cloud and you’ll find that creating your own banner ads has never been so easy and fast. Pick your favourite banner ad template from our library and start the super-easy and fun design process: You can customize your banner ads by choosing different visual elements – colors, shapes, symbols & more. Moreover, you should upload your own logo – the final personalized touch for your display ads. Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done. Finally, you can download and run your banner ad!

Design your own banner ads right now in the free trial of Xara Cloud and impress your customers with your professional designs. Boost your company’s performance regarding brand awareness and lead generation. Be different with Xara Cloud!


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