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Marine flooring is the premium choice for boat deck protection. Boat owners will want to protect their valuable investment with this type of flooring because it is durable and able to withstand a lot of use. Boat deck mats often use recycled tires, which makes many of them an eco-friendly environment, protecting not just boats but the environment as well. Additionally, marine floor mats can help increase the safety of boat passengers, and reduce the risk of injury. Marine flooring is the ultimate protector for many reasons.

First of all, marine flooring is used to protect both the inner and outer decks of boats. These vessels are grand investments that cost a great deal of money to buy and maintain. They require a lot of care and upkeep, and boat owners will want to protect this valuable investment. Boat deck mats are often made from recycled tires, so they take on the properties of the tires’ durability and strength. Like road tires, they are made for outdoor use and are able to withstand changes in temperature and a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic.

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Marine floor mats are resistant to the sun’s harsh UV-rays and to moisture. A lot of boats are exposed to seawater, which has a high salt content. Since salt can be a corrosive material and can damage many things that remain in contact with it, these mats are not impervious to the effects but are more resistant and longer lasting than wood. Marine flooring can also act as a protective layer to help prevent damage to expensive floors, or any other type of flooring. The rubber can absorb the brunt of the damage to help prevent the need for costly repairs. Wood is especially prone to scratches and scrapes and boat deck mats can help reduce the risk of scratching your precious floor. Since marine flooring is often made of recycled material, it is usually eco-friendly.

There is a growing concern for the state of our planet’s ecology. Many people believe that our ecosystems are declining in health. The use of recycled rubber in many of the mats in marine flooring helps the environment because it does not create new waste. Rather than contributing to the overflowing landfills, the eco-friendly flooring contributes to the better health of the environment, due to its use of old waste. Anyone who purchases the environmentally friendly marine floor mats can be proud of what they are buying because they are helping the Earth’s delicate ecology. In addition to protecting the environment, marine flooring can protect people who are riding on the boats.

A lot of people can get injured while being a passenger on a boat because there are many factors in safety to think about. A moment of inattention, or a simple mishap can cause someone to slip and fall. Marine flooring is great for providing protection for boat passengers because of its anti-slip properties. Being out on the water can, of course, lead to water spraying onto the floor of the boat, thus increasing the hazard of slipping. Marine floor mats can help to increase the traction of people standing and walking on them. They are also softer than other surfaces and if you fall on them, you might not get hurt as badly. Some types of boat deck mats have an anti-fatigue surface and can help protect feet and ankles. Many people stand up for hours on end, causing a lot of stress on their joints and feet. You can use some of the types of marine flooring to help lessen the tiring effects of standing for long periods of time.

Many people spend a lot of time and money on their boats, so there are many reasons why they would want to use marine flooring to protect their investment. It is a durable product and it is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is often made from recycled tires and takes on the properties of the tires and their durability. The marine floor mats that are made from recycled rubber are eco-friendly because instead of creating more waste, they use old waste. They can be helpful to the environment instead of harmful. Boat deck mats can help reduce the risk of injury to boat riders because it has a softer surface. If someone falls onto a mat, they may not get hurt as easily. With so many aspects of protection, marine flooring is an outstanding choice to protect your boat and loved ones.


Marine Matting and Flooring BoatsMarine & Boat Matting

Our boat and marine matting products offer the winning combination of drainage, great slip resistance and excellent surface protection to keep people safe and boats and yachts free from danger and damage.

Getting some measures to protect passengers and equipment is crucial in a marine environment, where all slippery surfaces and harsh conditions are part of the course. Our marine flooring products can be used in a wide variety of applications, including compartments, marine and yachts walkways, marine decks and engine rooms. 

Our matting are all manufactured of non-porous base materials, which are resistant to dirt and contamination and are not hard to clean. Our marine matting has a flexible construction that follows the irregular surfaces and spaces of your vessel.

The open grid design allows great drainage and air circulation, and the vinyl structure of the material means the matting remains resistant to chemicals, oils and acids. 

Our marine flooring and matting products can be used in many different environments including: 

  • Outdoor loading jetties and moorings, everywhere a safe access is required
  • Pontoons, where drainage and slip resistance is needed
  • As a compartment liner, when both cushioning and drainage is needed
  • On work boats, where slip resistance, drainage and surface protection is needed
  • In entranceways, to remove moisture from shoes and wheels
  • Temporary walkways, where goods are brought on board and maintenance is carried
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Since ships are meant to be out on the water, it is only natural that the surfaces of your equipment will get wet and slippery. Unfortunately, this increases the chance of a dangerous accident occurring. Boats can be hazardous places if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the proper equipment in place. The danger is made worse because such accidents can lead to people falling overboard. Boat deck mats made of rubber are great safeguards against slips. This is due to rubber’s naturally high level of traction and grip. It helps keep feet gripped safely and securely on the surface of the marine flooring. It retains this level of traction even when water pools and covers the boat deck surface. Having a boat floor covering made of rubber greatly reduces the chance of someone losing his or her footing and suffering an accident. When people are safe, they will be happier and more comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, rubber flooring for boats helps provide plenty of that too. The rubber material in some of our boat deck mats is soft enough and has a high enough level of pliability to relieve the feet and ankles of stress and built-up pressure that can accumulate over prolonged periods of standing. Imagine the amount of work that goes into sailing and navigating a vessel. From moving yardarms to pulling line and steering the helm, the amount of time spent on your feet while boating is far from inconsequential. That is where the comfort and traction of boat deck mats come into play. This anti-fatigue comfort is highly desirable for fishermen who stand on their feet for hours at a time. Beyond that, anti-fatigue comfort is a generally desired quality for any kind of boat flooring, no matter what the boat is used for. This feature of our boat deck mats will help make sure that everyone on the ship is comfortable and happy.

The price of a boat will understandably vary wildly depending on size, application, age, and a surfeit of other factors. But many recreational boaters can expect to pay (as estimated by up to $25,000 on a boat in the first year of ownership. With an investment of this size, it only makes sense to protect your vessel as much as possible. In addition to their remarkable safety and comfort benefits, boat deck mats are also crucial for protecting the base surfacing that marine vessels come with. Normally, these outside surfaces tend to be made of wood, although some are known to use metal flooring. These are vulnerable to the elements. Wood, in particular, can be damaged by both prolonged exposure to sunlight and by corrosive salt water. Having a rubber boat floor covering in place will help guard wooden surfaces against environmental damage. The rubber in these boat deck mats is perfect for this type of protection because it features a superior degree of moisture resistance to that of wood. Rubber is non-porous and does not allow liquid permeation. This ensures that a rubber boat flooring will not allow damage as a result of the constant water exposure experienced by a boat deck. The chances of moisture related byproducts such as mold appearing are also greatly reduced because rubber inhibits the development of such organisms on its surface. Although not entirely immune, rubber tends to have more longevity than other materials in the presence of water. The protection offered by rubber marine flooring does not stop there.

In addition to guarding marine flooring against moisture, boat deck mats also help in preventing physical damage from occurring. Rubber is naturally tough and durable material. A rubber boat floor covering is an excellent barrier between sensitive bases and heavy weights. Wooden floors can be damaged by both constant foot traffic and by the press of heavy metal or plastic equipment. Repairing such damage can be very expensive, so having boat flooring made of rubber laid out on the surfaces will help you save money in the long term. Rubber marine flooring can absorb the impacts of heavy weights and offer a protective layer at very affordable rates. Durable rubber boat deck mats can also offer abrasion resistance and handle the constant wear coming from the feet of seafarers. Protecting your boat from damages and abrasions is not solely an aesthetic concern either. Even apparently small dings and scrapes can seriously and negatively impact the constitution of your vessel’s hull. Safe to say, boat deck mats are cost-effective solution in the short- and long-term no matter how you view it.

It is the physical make-up of our boat deck mats that really sets them apart when it comes to providing premium protection and underfoot safety aboard your vessel. A variety of different products are available that can give you top-quality rubber flooring for boats. Some products might have surface protrusions, which give your feet extra edges to grip and in turn provide superior traction. This is an important feature for high-grip surfacing, to add to the natural friction offered by rubber. Other products might offer a pattern of surface holes to filter water away from the standing surface and give you additional grip. No matter what option you go for, all boat deck mats are designed to help you keep your feet – even on choppy waters with puddles covering your deck!

Some of Rubber-Cal’s boat deck mats are made of recycled rubber. Recycled rubber is an eco-friendly product that helps reduce your carbon footprint while offering an increased level of durability. The types of rubber flooring for boats that are made with recycled rubber material are cost-effective alternatives to products made of synthetic materials.

Boat deck mats made of rubber are the best kind of boat flooring to have. Every marine vessel needs boat floor covering that can keep both it and the people within it safe. Our line of boat deck mats is designed to offer the best anti-slip safety and anti-fatigue foot comfort. Marine surfaces will also be shielded from both the elements and equipment. Safe vessels are happy ones, so make sure to get the best flooring protection for your prized possession.


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