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once you level it? Or should I stay to support in a lane?


you realize the moment you sand storm in the jungle the creeps are just going to leave until you're done right?

No they comeback right away and run back out repeatedly so hey continuously take damage, I just watched Arteezy's stream and made sure.


I usually wait until sandstorm is level 2, also don't neglect the lane.

The Legend is True!

I go boots + stun first and look for an easy FB. With the exp from first blood I single pull the easy camp and the hard camp behind it until i'm level 3, putting a second point in sandstorm. Because I'm single pulling, I usually have time to stack the medium and hard camp. Take them, stack them both again, check the rune or something while you're waiting around, take stack and take again and viola, should have a 9 minute blink if you're lucky, 11 if you're good and 13 if it's a bad game.


if there are no easy kill opportunities and no lanes that require your assistance then yeah, just go farm and get a quick 6 + dagger by stacking/sand storming neutrals

Winning the lanes almost always takes priority over farming the jungle. If mid is exposed to a gank or the enemy offlane isn't force to tower hug you probably shouldn't be farming.

And with thatpow! I'm gone!

I remember a game where a sand king thought it was a good idea to jungle with sand storm and i thought aghanims rush was bad, i had no idea

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funkyfritter posted
Winning the lanes almost always takes priority over farming the jungle. If mid is exposed to a gank or the enemy offlane isn't force to tower hug you probably shouldn't be farming.

Assuming your lanes are doing well, and you ask your carry if he needs help and he says no, would it be a good idea to farm and gank instead of laning?


Jungling should be sort of the "last resort" type of thing to do as a support. If all enemies are playing defensively or you are unable to make anything happen with a gank, then stacking/pulling is the only thing left to do.


Sand KingMelee, Disabler, Escape, Initiator, Jungler, Nuker, Support

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Talent Usage
40% Sand Storm Slow and Blind
40% Sand Storm Slow and Blind

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+5 Epicenter Pulses

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+ Caustic Finale Damage
+ Caustic Finale Damage

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s Burrowstrike Cooldown
s Burrowstrike Cooldown

Pick Rate: %
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+20% Caustic Finale Slow

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Sand Storm Radius

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+ Health

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+20 Sand Storm DPS

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Totaly d 19h 16m
This Month20y 27d 5h 57m
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22 +19 +19 +
Movement speed
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Base attack time
Damage45 - 55
Attack point
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Sand King, the naked Jungler.

Sand King, the naked Jungler.

August 11,


Hello guys, this is my first guide. I'm kinda newbie so look at this guide as a Work In Progress :)

I'm writing this guide becouse I really like my Sand King Jungling playstyle and it's satisfying to blink early on enemies. Nothing is better then an early Triple Kill.

Ps. I'm sorry for my english, it's not my motherlanguage so it is a Work in Progress too. :)

Why this build.

Jungling with Sand King is not about fast farming, you're not a jungle monster. But your skillset can let you farm completely naked.

Jungling with Sand King counters his weak presence in lane and I am starting to love to jungle with him.

Sand King in lane requires Boots, Regens, Bracer. In Safe Lane he won't steal last-hit to carry, while in hard lane he requires more items to survive and if enemies use dusts he can die with no much efforts.

So i see often Sand Kings that buy Blink dagger too late and they start Epicenter when it's already too late.

In the Jungle you will build up a Blink Dagger as a first item (after the start items) (after the start items) and at level 6 you can Blink> EPICENTER+BURROWSTRIKE+SAND STORM the enemies that probably are pushing one of your tower.

They probably won't able to touch you cos with this combo they will die or almost.

Let&#;s do this!

We begin with Tango and Branches.
We won't buy any courier or wards becouse the target of this build is to get the fastest blink possible.

At kill the easy camp of the jungle. Just go in the middle of hit and start your SAND STORM. The creeps will run away but you will be able to kill them at the end of your channeling.

IMPORTANT If courier goes across the camp when you are SAND STORMING, the creeps will attack your courier. So pay attention.

After killing the easy camp start stacking the hard camp at x Continue to Sand Storm the easy camp and when you see the safe lane too pushed pull the camp to creeps.

Keep doing this, kill neutrals and stack hard camp.
You will have some points in BURROWSTRIKE so if needed in the lane, Hit and Run or Stun and Run :)

At level 5 you can kill the stacked Hard camp.
Pay attention to the minimap and avoid be ganked becouse you have no escapes except your Stun (that is not an "escape" but can save your life :D).

After this job you can hit level 6 not so slowly and you will have a fast Blink Dagger!

Level 6+ Let&#;s have fun.

Until you get Blink Dagger avoid ganking the other lanes except if you see a REAL opportunity.

when you get gold buy Blink Dagger and start to be awesome!


When you will get Blink, help the team, tell your team-mate you want to gank on an enemy.
Ping on him, Blink on him and Burrowstrike on him. If he attacks you SandStorm to immediately defend.
If the situation is dangerous wait for the cd of Blink and Blink yourself away while SANDSTORMING.

Look at the minimap, your main wish is too see a group of enemies near each other. It's not so difficult, becouse you can find this situation when one of your ally is ganked or a tower attacked.

So tp when needed, hide yourself behind trees and start channeling.
When channeling will be finished blink on enemies and watch them die.

Usually you want to Epicenter your enemies when you have allies to help.
ganking with your Ultimate alone is a waste of potential pownage for your team.
(think about it cos your Epicenter has a long cooldown).

The opposite mistake is saving your Ultimate for too much time. Of course you want to avoid wasting it but it's a waste if you don't use it :D

Epicenter them!

After you started your waves! to your enemies try to stun'em all with your Burrostrike, it will do more Aoe Damage and they wont be able to get away, so the epicenter will do the most damage.

after the stun sand storm immediately to add more AoE damage.

With the damage combined of your Ult, Stun, Sand Storm, Damage done buy your ally/allies you can imagine the effects.


Late Game - Need.To.Know List

  • In late game the Epicenter will do a lot of damage, but not so much as the beginning.
  • In late game your Burrowstrike will be the most important skill, becouse you can stun the enemy carry (main priority!) and support the kills.
  • Sand Storm after Burrowstrike let you be way more safe than the other supports in late game.
  • The combination of your blink dagger and your Burrowstrike can stun enemy from far ranges.
  • Your target in late game is to stun a lot, more people as possible and often as possible.
    You can Burrowstrike > Sand storm (wait the cooldown) > Burrowstrike> Sand Storm> etc.
  • With this combo you can stun enemies and let your carry have a huge advantage.

Item Explanation.

I talked just about Start Items and Blink Dagger.
I did it on purpose, cos' that's all Sand King needs.

Other items can be important, but

what Sand Kings really needs to play is Blink Dagger, boots and levels.



Lets you play. :D

Arcane Boots

They let you and your team have mana. (you're skills consume a lot of mana)

After Core:

After core i suggest to buy utility items, wards, Mekansm to help your team.
but if you are doing really well it can be worth to build stronger items to semicarry.

  • Aghanim: This lets you be more devastating with your Ult and tankier/safer. great if you are becoming really rich.

  • BKB/BladeMAil: When you are doing epicenter enemies will hate you, and they will try to eat you. This items help you with that.
    Note. Bkb let you channel your ult safer so you can use your ult really well after burrowstrike in the middle of the teamfight.

  • Veil of Discord: It will increase magical damage for your team (all of your skills are magic)

  • Urn: It's a lot useful immediately after core, when you will start ganking.
    Force Staff: You can save, gank, push ahead. ° utility item.

  • Heart of Tarrasque: If you have the best K/D Rating, buy it. Your right-click attacks will have finally some damage and you will die a lot less.

  • Shiva's Guard: this is my favourite one becouse it's another Aoe Damage+Slow Effect that transform you in a teamfight God.
    It will increase also your mana pool and armor. So, wow!


I wish tips and suggestions, becouse i'm not an expert.

Insults are accepted Folks!

Sand King minimap icon.pngSand King is played as an initiator Hero with extremely powerful AoE damage, going from one-instance damage to damage over time. All of his abilities can affect multiple enemies, deal damage and pack with them disables and strong disables, which makes him not only a great nuker but also a great disabler. Your primary function will be to initiate a fight (nearly all the time with a Blink Dagger) unleashing tons of magical damage and crowd control. Given these, Sand King can be a valuable Hero from early to mid game, ganking, fighting and pushing with his AoE damage and disable. Since most of his damage is magical (nearly all his source) and his disables do not pierce spell immunity, in the later stages of the game you will find your usefulness diminished, but not zeroed, so it's good to finish the game while you shine.

Jungle sand king

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DoTa 2 How To Jungle Sand King Patch 7.25

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