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Five-Window Pull-Tabs

Loose Diamonds Pull Tabs, I Feel Ducky Tickets, Karat Cakes Pull Tabs, and Lotto Luck Pull Tabs all feature 3,960 tickets per deal (per game). Loose Diamonds is a 50 cent game with two $245 top tier winners. Karat Cakes is a $1.00 game with two $500 top prize winners. I Feel Ducky has $2.00 tickets with eight $500 top tier winners. Lotto Luck is a $5.00 game with ten $500 top prize winners. Please view the charts below to see the complete profit/payout schedules for each pull tab game.

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Note: Information in the following charts applies to individual Pull Tab Deals.

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Pull Tab Tickets

The Five Different Types of Players

1. Newbies

These players are new to the game, and they've never played pull tabs before. The easiest way to get them involved is to offer pull tabs at a low-risk price that they can afford.

2. Beginners

Beginners are usually low spenders who will likely participate in 10¢, 25¢ or 50¢ games, and will continue to reinvest their winnings into additional low-cost pull tab purchases.

3. Average Joes

Players who typically have an amount set aside to spend on pull tabs at various ticket prices. They play for entertainment and excitement, and enjoy lower cost pull tabs because they offer more chances to win for their money. This group enjoys the value of playing more versus winning the jackpot.

4. Big Spenders

Serious, high dollar players that track winnings and serial numbers, and press for what has been paid out. They have no set limits since their goal is to WIN!

5. Non-Gamblers

These players play for merchandise prizes, not cash prizes. They want to win something for a spouse, grandkids, etc...

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More more than the one ex girlfriend of Derek, who already a pandemic sex with you, told on Lie detector administrator here I don't know. That's pretty much what. Okay. Harassing your relationship Do you take my daughter to McDonald's, You said. I was there. You are tag you. And Santa Okay. did you did you get your money? and you said no a lot of detective test? Oh yeah. I mean I don't know if I showed you ever seen it or not or if I went off before then. Wanna ask her your relationship with have you had any? Oh? yeah, you're right, you said. No the lie detector test determined thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry lost connection well now I have to yes. it's there okay. I have to go there and find my welcome everyone of my official YouTube channel The lie detector test has determined you are in the right place. Make sure to subscribe to get yes. Congratulations. Congratulations. See you on one of your lucky number y'all. Let me find uh hang on. I gotta tag these people that was in line. Nicole Are you here? Andrew Are you here? Let me know when Y'all get here? Sorry got disconnected and D wants let me refund d. D Are you here. Okay, Nicole's here. Let me send you your refund love. I'm gonna send it right now. Okay don't know where I am in line but I'm here I have a bad delay well it's okay. We all have a bad leg. You're next. Andrew Can we see the number under the five? Yes I got all messed up. I usually always do that. Do I have a number in the car? Let me see. I don't think you had a number in the car left. Hmm not in the car in the car okay but ten in six one that's so done a queen and sometime Santa Santa was six okay now let's see what would happen if you look at five hundred That opened up maybe sixteen would have won the 500 who's sixteen Clarice cuz she's on here She's on the board. Oh y'all can see Clarice with a 116. Let me put that together, but we put this one she would have won. She was one of the first ones that bought. I think she was the first one there. But Yes, okay. here we go. It got real quiet here. I have to find I gotta remember I have to write pay funds. sedona's tole up cuz I don't see her. I'm sorry love. Okay, Andrew's your time, Oh I was fifteen to left. I thought it was. Oh, yeah. that's true. That's true. Let me look at it again. Make them look let's see who would have been a five-hundred-dollar one is just for fun, It would have been eleven 783 and seventeen Annie Alice Terry. Daisy This let's see who's in about a week ago. That would have been okay guys, but ten and six 110 and six one Sedona and Santo Wood Okay here we go Andrew You up love for your clarity for 60 years. Sorry you couldn't have. I'm go ahead cuz uh I don't because um it was interfering in mine. I didn't know we must use. Oh, Daisy, I was tagging you because we were um we were pulling the seal on this left ten and six one and 610 and six one left and I knew you were waiting to hear about it and I told you I would okay Andrew here we go love 123456789. Ten 1213 fourteen 1516 1718 1920 2223 2526 2728 2930 3132 3334 3536 3738 3940 4142 4344 with in the beginning, I met her. Forty-five forty-six forty-seven forty-eight forty-nine fifty-one, fifty-two fifty-three fifty-four fifty-five eighty-six fifty-seven fifty-eight and sixty okay I'm sorry Daisy I wants to you put for their fog one hundred you were got one of those love I'm sorry I'm sorry Didn't get rich girl you so didn't did you? I'm sorry. I'm sorry DA. Okay. There we go baby there. We go. let me know if you get it love. Here we go good luck. Andrew These are yours. Good luck. Good luck. Oh, I'm sorry. Daisy. I'm sorry. Dollars. It should be their love. Come on y'all Doesn't get this game close out too. You're very welcome. Thank you so much for playing with me. So the big prizes are the holders Yes. That's what we want and there's still some left. Uh oh. Here we go. I'm gonna go faster. I'm going so slow. Come on good luck. Good luck. Hold you got in there you've got in there. Well, let's get you a dabs and be on both of them. No come on come on. Well, when he put that, especially in there's another dollar another dollar. Wanna make sure you see the whole cart? Deb you're for both of them there you go. And for both of them. Last one love. Have three let's go back in for six more. okay. I'm gonna try right here 12345 and six. Look look. Oh told you playback matter hold eleven. That's how it's done. Last one, this rounds and go back in there for two more. One and two, you're gonna let them love. Look good look and but that was a good one cuz I don't believe anyone has got two holds at one time so. Good job Andrew I hope and We'll get your name on this. And thank you so much for playing and good luck on your hold and your good luck. Alright. Miss Nicole Are you still here? Miss Nicole Let me count. I'm Yes, they do I hit 125 on the playback last night really. You're live um I have one person in line after Miss Nicole. Bridgette Okay. So you're excited. yes, but make sure you follow the page so I can tag you okay. Because if you don't it won't let me tag you. Don't deal Okay, then I would definitely tag you. I would definitely tag you hopefully I will be tagging you soon. Okay Miss Nicole Is she commenting and I can't see it or. No. Okay, I'll see you now. I see now cuz here we go. let's see you. When you are being very intimate with your go somewhere different, let's go somewhere different with Nicole 123456789 and ten good luck. Good luck. Okay. Thank you Good luck. Good luck. Up Hey, we got a you got a doubt. Miss Nicole. Good luck on that love. Thank you so much for playing with me. Get your name on it. Miss Nicole Nicole I got you down and good luck. Good luck on you. Alright Santa. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Oh my goodness. Sexual course with any other women you've been on the private Facebook I know girl I know you got in there you got in there. Love. congratulations. Congratulations. Alright, let's go. let's go. let's go, I hope that you just got all of these okay ready Let's go for it 12345678 910 1112 1415 1718 1920 2122 2324 2526 2728 2930 3132. Thirty-three 3435 Thirty-six 3738 3940 4142 4344 4546 forty-seven 4950 5152 5354 5556 5859 and sixty. Come on Come on Come on Come on Come on. Ex girlfriend of Derek already admitted to having sex with don't help me fix this camera. Hey pal. I'm sorry Chris I don't have PayPal I talked to said that over they just giving it too much trouble. Okay, here we go 12345678 910 1112 1314 1516 1718 1920 2122 2324 2627 2930 3233 3435 3637 3940 come on come on come on it's gonna be. Where did this come from have you had any sexual forty-one 4243 4546 4748 4950 5152 5354 5657 5960 Okay, that made a really big tent tent tent. Maybe you'll get all the left and then okay. Here we go. Let's go with your first one first Imma set this right here so you can see them. Okay here we go Good luck. Good luck. Good luck. This is twenty-five and I know it is cuz I know it hasn't come out yet Good luck. Good luck. come on let's get it let's get it get the ball hold on the dabs in just a minute and hold it. Dab on him on him, let's go. let's go good looking look. Go. Good luck. There we go there, we go hey. Let's go let's go. Well, he really want that didn't he. So, Savannah are you here? Twenty-five Okay, we're getting down girl. Santa put a dent in it baby doll. Twenty-five or that hex. Yeah, I guess it would because. Another dollar My daughter. Like a dollar. Here we go, let's get the other baby. let's get the other step after dab up here. Come on. Hey. Are twisty let me know way down close cuz definitely okay. Love I'mma show you. After we get done, it doesn't get all of it. Santa. Three hey. There you go there you go. Say you're coming for you coming for it. I'm good job of it. So let's go let's go. Let's go, let's go. let's go. Oh come on. Come on come on. I think that my last holds from my mistake and So I kept up right. Let's go come on. How it's done. Get them all out there come on. Another dollar another dollar. Fourth round Hey, alright you've got. Two holes eight and three and two dabs baby and let's see I know you got twenty-five. Twenty-five 2627 2829 and thirty yet thirty of your dollars back love. Let me get your name on this. Help me thank you thank you Let me get this right y'all cuz I hate watching a live and their camera is not right. I did a lot of stuff I can't say more. so what I'm gonna. Okay guys, This is what we have left and there are. Only Deb left. Santa Talk to me baby talk to me. Like that. 345 Thirty 912-345-6789 ten, I don't know I was certain in Alaska, but I was wrong. Eleven 1314 1516 1718 1920 2120 2324 2526 2728 2930 3132 3334 3637 3839 4041 4240. 344 4647 4950 5152 5354 5556 5758, Imma say I like this. 59 and sixty. Tell me how many after that playback? Alright Babe. Cuz this is it. Okay. Here we go here we go good luck. let's see cuz he gonna get him. I think there's four left, I don't remember how many I counted. There's one hey, hey, hey, hey. Here we go good luck. Good luck There's the door I was gonna say there's another one good luck. Good luck. টাটা. No Santa let it look at. $5. So we can pull the seal. I'm like I'm not dab dab on him. Alright, Babe. Three more three more, I know you're gonna play those. Six look look. Okay. Alright guys um and see how many we have left 123456789 1011 1314 1516 1819 2021 2324 2526 2829 How did we get 29? So I must have missed it. So twenty-eight it goes twenty-nine is going to. Sixteen 1819 2021 2324 2526 2728 and yes, 21. Well, I have some on the scalp somewhere. There's no one gets 50¢ and there's not another one in the box. so sa work Good idea. I'm sorry. I don't know my faults on the charger. That's why it keeps it keeps turning Yes, I wouldn't sell them if there were not any dabs left. And we got the two. Yeah, I wouldn't sell my throat wasn't in dabs left. Let me make sure I know but 12345678 910 1213, 1516 1718 1920 2223 2425 2728 3031 3334 3637 yes. almost there We're almost there. Let's go, let's yes, yes, you it. Yes, you deat listen. I am so gore your on here. I am so that you on here to. But. 1010 1010 I said she's usually on here you won baby. You won let me show you let me show you let me show you. And I need you to. Ten baby. 1010 Yes, yes. yes. Yes I tried to tag you did you not like the did you not follow the page um. Yes and San won the other one, he's telling you now. Oh, thank you love. Thank you. Thank you so much and listen individually. Hang on hang on. Don't go anywhere. Let me count her things real fast hold on a second hold on a second baby hold on because. I do I just happen to look at things. okay cuz I was like she's usually on here. Where is she at? Growing up, he was not in my life right I need um I want you to confirm your cash out for me. Okay because for some reason you're not popping up in my context like I am but growing up, I used to see him like in the neighborhood like in the store III went to him. I. You know, I'm talking to girl you know when you're spending that type of money you wanna make sure you get it right. شكرا see you let me know let me know okay ah one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen eight twenty-one okay let me see RE Huh. Fuck Everybody see Okay. That's you baby You don't have to here We go twenty-five sending it sending it now. Y'all let me know that you got it love. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. I think you're on this one too hard, give it up for him up. Confirm what we got please. Come on um Savannah you've been waiting on this to close this out. Get this last dabs sprays or something so we can finish this. got it. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much for playing love girl there's another hole in here. I can't count see. that's what I mean that's great. Ah ouais Gotta hold her well, there was no payback in there, you gotta hold her, You gotta hold her. see how miss Hannah almost counted on yours. Let me see. Yeah, because there was a dab in there. That's what I counted as a whole. That's what. Y'all have to look past me sometimes okay you've got some and uh huh. I have a some and there is like I would not sell them if they were not let me get your name on here Look at your cash up cuz Did you ever see him in the street? Do you ever see him blowing up? Yeah. I've seen him a couple times. you so I'm saying that he was your mom. Yeah, my mom told me when I was, you know, she told me you know, I said that that was my dad, you know, I sent him a couple times around. Alright I don't have you know we don't have to count well. I will do that 12345678 and nine. Here we go baby. give your dabs. Dad on it. With all because the dad was over in the holder, so it wasn't two dads, it was a holder and a dab. That's what it was okay and you got a dollar baby girl. Let me just. in my time, Alright Y'all. Thank you so much I can start to get another game tomorrow. Y'all make sure Y'all come back tomorrow because I have a nice game for you guys. Okay, let's pull this. Okay all those are lights a lot of these so I'm not gonna go through all them, but I will go through the holes. Okay. Let's go Savannah has whole nine Thomas has hold five Terry has hold two Elise has whole ten Elise hold on Y'all. The The ice cream And I'm sorry Y'all should have dreamed this. That's right. Did he not follow page? Andrea are you here? I just want you to take a look at that picture right there and those two kids and you do you see any similarities. Imma say it like this this man and that if this is the father of the. Cuz when I look at. Andrew Are you here? Hang on guys cuz I told him you have each of these kids or is it all the same. Imma say it like this more the only way that I know that I can be for sure about anything right. To this situation with these kids damn. Okay now, hopefully he comes okay here he goes here has two Thomas has five Savannah has nine Elise has ten miss. Mitchell has fourteen Sam has twelve Donna has seven miss. Mitchell has six. Amy has one miss. Mitchell has four. She has a lot uh Santa has eggs Santa has three entry has fifteen Andrew has eleven and last. Not least miss Kim with thirteen I thought I said that to you here we go, we're gonna pull the seal for the dab first. Make you wait on the big one, Let's pull the dab first Okay. Can y'all see? Ready 123 Okay, nine 2511 and 41 Okay Let's go through here and find that Lucky Deb. Sister so not too long ago if this is the right one. Nine what you Cannot see that hold on let me adjust this cuz my phone is signal. The stink Can y'all see this? I don't need to bring it closer hold on. What is it? 123 Horse number five who has number five. I don't remember. Full pass five so going back to get back. That's five this. Okay. So. 567 1214 all the way at the end so Thomas Thomas Thomas Green has a number five horse number five, so that was miss Elise. Oh, yeah. that's at least one the Deb and Miss Thomas won the course. Thank you guys so much for playing with me and helping me close these games. Please come back and play with me later on. I will have a whole another game and let me get these two paid out right now could be biological. Thomas are you here? And sister. Take a look at the shocking maternity episode. Okay, I will congratulations. Have disrupted your lives. She should be. She won 100. We're 24. Okay guys. Miss Elise's payment Congratulations and we'll have to play miss the rest of their marriage. Welcome back Lexi everybody. Who is with Lexi believes that the rain has been cheating. Two Here on the show who Lexi suspects Dwayne been with her step sister. And a family friend named the yes It comes out as difficult as that last appearance was it was hard. This is worse to you and that is Thomas Thomas. okay, but the gangs are paid out. Thank you guys so much for playing I'm watching. Have a great day. With your step, okay, why would you think what's going on between first of all?

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Three-Window Pull-Tabs

These $1 Three-Window Pull Tabs feature 3,168 to 3,960 Tickets per deal/game. Profits range from $420.00 to $1,010.00 per game. $0.50 and $1.00 Three-Window Pull Tabs are available. The Tickets have $100, $250, and $300 top prizes. Please see the individual charts below for additional information on available games.

Our Three Window Pull Tabs are in stock to ship quickly. To order, please call us toll-free at 1-800-233-0828. To browse additional 3 Window Pull Tab Tickets, visit the pages listed below next to "More Pull-Tabs".

Note: Information in the following charts applies to individual Pull Tab Deals. Also, the graphics change periodically for the Pull Tab games shown below, so please order by form number.

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