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Make a Summer Floral Bookmark using Hibiscus SVG

I always bring paper books to the beach or pool so I don’t have to worry about electronic devices getting damaged by a rogue wave or stolen when I’m not looking. Sometimes I even read in the pool to beat the heat, and I definitely can’t bring an e-reader in there. This summer floral bookmark gives some extra tropical vibes to my vacation reading, and makes me feel fancy as I sit with my umbrella drink near the water. Get the free hibiscus flower cut file I used below, and enter to win a prize package from Cricut!

Hibiscus flower tropical bookmark in book next to pool.

Make a tropical hibiscus bookmark.

I also often travel with a few small craft supplies, just in case rain keeps me inside. After all, relaxing with craft supplies is never a bad thing! This year, I brought along a little envelope of paper hibiscus flowers cut from a new design. Sure enough, afternoon thunderstorms gave me an excellent opportunity to make a tropical summer floral bookmark using my hibiscus svg cutouts, perfect for using next to the pool. 

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Supplies to Make DIY Floral Bookmark

How to Make a Hibiscus Bookmark using Cricut

  1. Download my Hibiscus SVG cutting file, and open in Cricut Design Space. Resize layers as desired. I used 1.5″ flowers, 1″ pistils, and 1/2″ leaves.
  2. Follow directions in Design Space to cut 4-6 flowers each from pink and orange papers, 8 pistils from yellow paper, and 3 leaves from green paper..
    Orange and pink paper hibiscus flower cutouts on marble background. Part of summer floral bookmark tutorial.

    Cut flowers and leaves using free hibiscus flower svg cutting file.

  3. Cut a base bookmark layer from yellow cardstock approximately 6×1.5″ using the background layer from this bookmark cutting file, or a standard paper cutter.
  4. Arrange pink and orange hibiscus flowers on top of base layer as shown in photo, or otherwise as desired. You may have extra flowers, depending on arrangement. Tuck 3 green leaves among flowers to cover exposed base layer spaces. Once you like your arrangement, glue flowers and leaves in place on base layer. Allow to dry.
    Pink and orange paper hibiscus flowers arranged on yellow rectangle.
    Arrange flower cutouts as desired.
    Pink and orange hibiscus flowers and green leaves arranged on marble background. Part of summer floral bookmark tutorial.
    Add green leaves to paper flower arrangement.

  5. Arrange pistils on flowers, making sure most of the length overlaps previous layers to provide strength. Glue in place.
    Pink and orange hibiscus flowers arranged to make summer floral bookmark on marble background.

    Add yellow pistil accents to hibiscus flowers.

  6. (Optional) Laminate bookmark using laminating folder and machine if desired, to provide strength and protection.

If I had made my summer floral bookmark in my studio, I probably would have laminated it to make it waterproof and protect the small pieces from bending or tearing. But since it was a vacation project, I left it bare and it’s been just fine.

Download the Free Hibiscus SVG Cutting File

Click the download button below to save to your device.

Enjoy your hibiscus summer floral bookmark! Enter the giveaway below to win a fantastic prize pack from Cricut!

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Tropical Hibiscus flower bookmark with description text on marble background

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DIY crepe paper flowers

Tropical blooms like this hibiscus flower template in today’s tutorial are always my favorite because of the vibrant colors.

If you have looked around at my crafts here on the blog, you know I am a huge lover of color.

I have spent a lot of time conquering cardstock paper flowers over the last few years and sharing with you all along the way, but now I am venturing into crepe paper. Even though both have their unique looks, like my giant paper hibiscus and giant Hawaiian plumeria, I really love the realistic touch of the crepe paper.

DIY Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flower Template

How to make paper hibiscus flowers

Below are the supply resources I used to create these tropical blooms. These hibiscus flower templates pair wonderfully with my free plumeria templates too!


Be sure to also check out my free templates and SVG cut files in the Freebie Subscriber Vault!

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Crepe Hibiscus Flower Video Tutorial

When you are ready to create these beauties, click play to watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for a quick step-by-step guide!

  1. You will need to cut out the following number of petals: Cut out 5 hibiscus petals, 10-12 center petals, plus leaves to your preference.
  2. With this hibiscus flower template, you can hand-cut with the printable PDF outline files or use the SVG cut files with a cutting machine. Cricut Maker is the only one I know of that works with crepe paper using the rotary blade. Thinking of getting a Cricut but not sure which one is best for your needs? I can help with that here.
  3. To build the hibiscus flowers you will need to start with wrapping the stem with a crepe paper strip the same color as the center of your hibiscus. Be sure to leave about 1-inch at the top as bare wire.
  4. Use the 10-12 center pieces to poke through the top of the wire and create the traditional hibiscus center.
  5. After you distress your hibiscus petals glue all 5 together at a 45 degree angle.
  6. Place your stem with the center in the middle of the petals and close the flower around the stem securing with glue.
  7. Next, wrap your stem in floral tape.
  8. And finally, gently bend out your petals away from the center, so your hisbicus flower looks full bloom.
Crepe hibiscus flower templates
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hibiscus flower templates

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Hawaiian Paper Flower | Template & SVG

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

Hawaiian Paper Flower | Template & SVG

Welcome my newest Paper flower Template, the Hawaiian Paper Flower Bundle.  Having a Lula party this summer? Don’t forget these gorgeous Hawaiian hibiscus, plumeria and two types of leaves!

I will give you a quick run through on how to assemble the hibiscus and plumeria Hawaiian flowers! 🙂

Cut the hibiscus petals, and cut a slit at the bottom of each petal about 2 inches up. Then over lap the slits and glue. Next, glue all petals like image below.

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template


Cut two center pieces and glue to middle of flower.

hibiscus paper flower tutorial


Cut the plumeria petals and color bottom like image below with a yellow marker. Then over lap slits and glue.

Hawaiian plumeria paper flower tutorial


Add glue to left side of petals to assemble plumeria flower.

Hawaiian plumeria paper flower tutorial


Finished Bundle! Feelin’ tropical already!

free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

(Large hibiscus flower not pictured)


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free Hawaiian Paper flower SVG and template

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Flower cricut hibiscus

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How to Easily Make Paper Flower Template #101-Hibiscus

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