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  39. Integrated kickstand...from France.
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  43. Custom Segway Slideshow from the Segway Junkyard
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  45. Last Call
  46. Segway Stolen
  47. Used Red i180 $2500
  48. Used Black i180 $2500
  49. Standard X2 (I2) mats
  50. Segway XT handlebar (Broken )
  51. WTB: Upper Wire Mounting Bracket for Segway Bag
  52. Used i2's for sale in the UK
  53. Simple Segway T-shirt
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  55. black i180
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  61. Segway 25.0 side cargo kit bracket
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  63. Need I2 Axel related parts
  64. Wanted: Segway shipped to Calgary (Canada)
  65. i180 For Sale, In great shape
  66. Wanted: Used SegSeat For Gen1
  67. They gotta go, Gladiators
  68. Dealer X2 Sale w/FULL WARRANTY!
  69. How about a Dealer I2 Demo for sale!
  70. Lituium Battery Pair NEW
  71. Segway Handlebar Bag
  72. For Sale - Black i2 with lots of goodies
  73. Whoops, Cracked the Fender (Yellow i180)
  74. SegStuff is BACK!
  75. I love Craigslists
  76. I67 Batteriers
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  79. Segway Light and Siren
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  81. WTB: Original Gen1 training video and manuals
  82. good nimh batteries wanted
  83. hi, im interesting about 30 segway x2 buy
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  86. i167 for sale just back from inc
  87. Yellow i180 Li ion in Great Condition!
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  89. WTB: Lots of Gen1 stuff
  90. 10 Used Off Board Battery Chargers for Sale in our Ebay Store
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  92. [sale] Segway Xt
  93. IRC 23 ETT Tires
  94. i2 for Sale
  95. Have to sell the i2... What a day!
  96. X2s For Sale Cheap
  97. Gen 1 Rims, Comfort Mats, Gen 2 Mats, Cargo Bags added to our Ebay store
  98. i180 for sale
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  100. NiMH Batteries for Sale
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  109. Like New Black i2, $3200
  110. eBook sponsorship
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  113. Garmin eTrex Legend C Personal Navigator
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  115. Looking for Christmas
  116. Hate to sell it! Like new XT purchased in 07!
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  118. 08 SEGWAY X2 Low Milage
  119. i-167 fenders for sale.
  120. Wanted - Dead NIMH packs in Socal
  121. Old Segway Hauler
  122. £1000 off new i2 in UK
  123. Tour Business for Sale. 2008 Equipment
  124. Info Key Repair service
  125. Batteries
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  131. Used Handlebars, Asst Trim, Velcro Light Brackets, Added to SF Segway Store
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  133. My used i-167 for sale on Ebay - SoCal
  134. email address list of dealers
  135. Segway HandleBar -w/ Hypertronics Connectors For Gen 1 + Lots of Gen 1 Parts
  136. i2 on eBay for 2k!
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  138. Wanted: rim & tire, 1-i170 or 2-i180
  139. I have a hyper
  140. NEW lithium Ion Battery Sale
  141. looking for 4 i2 rims used
  142. [Need] elastomer couplers, those rubber things between the gearbox and motor.
  143. Exclusive keyholder
  144. Segpolo Mallets in Phoenix
  145. Used Mountaineers - Ice Tire Extrodinaire!
  146. 2002 i167s for sale and 2 e machines
  147. i2 for sale (13 months old, 254 miles)
  148. Segway ramp needed.
  149. i2 Colored Fenders Closeout Special
  150. Segways for sale - Dealer Cost and below
  151. Wanted: Gen 1 in UK
  152. New Rims for p133 $2900.00
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  154. Detailed list of older machines for sale
  155. Sale???on ebay
  156. Looking to buy 8 NEW Li-Ion batt.
  157. Don’t get scammed! Check with Segway first - i2 / x2.
  158. www.sellsegway.com
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  161. Water Damage
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  163. New Ebay Scam
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  172. Whats the going price around these parts for a nice Segway Employee Owned i167?
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  174. 2005 HT 180 for sale LION
  175. 2 Sets of Used LION Battteries for i167 -i180
  176. Off Board Chargers, Ad Wheel Discs, Kickstands and More
  177. i180 Handelbars
  178. Looking to purchase...
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  180. Segway Bag and Support (older segway)
  181. Light Handsfree Transporter Steering Stick
  182. May be interested in purchasing an XT...
  183. Selling my Segway
  184. Looking to buy 7 segways
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  186. Segway Lock for Gen One Machine
  187. gen 1 wheels & accessories for sale
  188. Well, time to sell it
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  191. Batterys
  192. Moving so have to sell my i2
  193. i2 and i167 for sale
  194. 2 used I-167's
  195. Sourcing Occasional Spares
  196. Selling my i167
  197. Segvator Lean Seat (low)
  198. Looking for side bags for XT
  199. Gen 1 Repair Service
  200. Used I2 Michigan $3500
  201. Rev AF batteries - $700
  202. I saw this X2 on craigslist
  203. Used Gen One and Gen Two Segways
  204. Segway I2 With Hardshell Bags
  205. Past SegwayFesT Polo Shirts
  206. Segway Chat and Segway Simply Moving Tote Bags
  207. Perfect promotion tool for your Segway
  208. New Custom Gen2 Rims from the Segway Junkyard
  209. Segway E-Series - mint condition-$4,400 US
  210. Used Segway i2 For Sale 4,100$
  211. NM/NI battery wanted
  212. Hard Shell Bags for i2 Segway (Cargo carriers)
  213. WTB: XT hub adaptors
  214. Off N Go Dual Carrier for Gen. I - So. Cal. only
  215. Looking for i2 side bag or handlebar bag
  216. WANTED: segway Cargo Plates
  217. Segway Hauler
  218. urgently need 3 pcs of segway
  219. Tour Company for Sale
  220. Custom Segway $7500
  221. Segway XT for sale
  222. Looking to buy CSB
  223. Segway PTi2
  224. x-2 won by my husband a JAVA one in SF last week
  225. WTB: Seating System for i2
  226. Tires for i180
  227. Golf Segway for Sale - Wolf Creek GC
  228. 6 month old i2 For sale only 21 total miles $4300
  229. i180 for sale with acc, Lithium & NM batteries sets $2900
  230. Ht i180 for sale in Hershey PA 2500.00 obo
  231. Segway Apparel?
  232. Easy method of rotating infokey for wrist use...
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  241. I2 Sale !
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  249. need switching power supply
  250. Wireless Credit Card Machines

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Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, White

ninebot s plus smart self balancing electric

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  1. City administrator baltimore
  2. Modern porch glider
  3. Fog machine gif
  4. Wow bastion quests
  5. 2005 carolina skiff

"Back to the Future Part II" got it partly right. As of 2015, the hoverboard is a real form of transportation that lets trendy kids get into trouble while effortlessly zipping along the sidewalk. There are a handful of important differences, though. These self-balancing scooters don't actually hover like the ones in the movie.

Also, they could potentially catch on fire and burn your house down.

The US airline industry has decided not to take any chances: American, Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest and United Airlines have banned hoverboards on passenger flights, and the US Postal Service has stopped shipping hoverboards by air as well. Amazon and Target both temporarily suspended sales, and Overstock.com has stopped selling hoverboards at all.

What the heck is going on? Keep reading.

Hoverboards have become one of the hottest news stories this holiday season, and not just because they're selling like mad. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been 12 incidents in the United States where the lithium ion batteries in these hoverboards reportedly caught fire as of December 2015, destroying bedrooms and even entire homes. In July 2016, the CPSC updated that number to at least 60 reports of hoverboard fires totaling over $2 million in property damage.

The fires have started in all sorts of different circumstances, too. According to owners and witnesses, some of the hoverboards exploded while charging, others while riding and one while it was simply sitting near a kiosk in a Washington shopping mall. (There have been several other hoverboard fires reported in the UK, and at least one in Hong Kong.)

Here's the really scary part: there's no single reason why these hoverboards are exploding, and there's no sure-fire way to avoid potential catastrophe if you want to buy one yourself. There's no particular brand of hoverboard to avoid -- they all seem to come from thousands of interchangeable factories in China -- or any label on the box that guarantees a product won't explode. And much of the advice we've seen issued by local fire departments and government agencies isn't likely to help.


For instance, officials have been warning that you should only use the charger that comes in the box. That sounds like common sense -- until you realize that these hoverboards tend to use a plug you won't find on any other type of device. Since you're so restricted when it comes to which type of charger you can use, it's pretty unlikely that any of these fires occurred due to someone mistaking a laptop charger for a hoverboard one.

Similarly, many officials now warn against overcharging hoverboards, but when was the last time you had to think about overcharging a gadget? With modern laptops and smartphones, you simply plug them in and leave them there, trusting that they'll automatically shut off the flow of electricity when they're done.

Now playing:Watch this: How to buy a hoverboard that won't catch fire


While the US Consumer Product Safety Commission was on the case as of December 2015 to figure out the actual root causes of these incidents, they didn't have the answers when we first published this story. "We want to be able to deliver for the public, but we hope they'll be able to appreciate that what's going on right now is a very thorough science-based investigation," said CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson in late 2015.

But in February 2016, the organization officially warned that hoverboards pose a serious risk, and threatened to block imports or recall hoverboards that don't meet voluntary safety standards.

And in July 2016, the CPSC followed through on that threat, recalling half a million hoverboards in the United States. The cause: overheating lithium-ion batteries.

The science

The science behind hoverboard fires is actually pretty simple, and fairly well understood. Much like your laptop, tablet or phone, these hoverboards use lithium ion battery packs for their power, and it just so happens that the liquid swimming around inside most lithium ion batteries is highly flammable. If the battery short-circuits -- say, by puncturing the incredibly thin sheet of plastic separating the positive and negative sides of the battery -- the liquid electrolyte can heat up so quickly that the battery explodes.

You don't necessarily need to stab a lithium ion battery to set it on fire. A defective battery might have tiny sharp metal particles inside that could puncture the separator all on its own. "When this happens, especially when the batteries are charged, a lot of heat is generated inside the cells and this leads to electrolyte boiling, the rupture of the cell casing, and then a significant fire," Carnegie Mellon University materials science professor Jay Whitacre told Wired. You can see what a lithium ion battery fire looks like in our Droid Turbo 2 torture test video:

Now playing:Watch this: We finally killed the Droid Turbo 2


It shouldn't be a revelation that lithium ion batteries are volatile, because fires like these aren't exactly new. We've been living with potentially deadly explosions in our pockets and laptop bags for years. In 2004, a spike in the number of cell phone battery explosions prompted this CNET report, and Dell recalled millions of laptop batteries in 2006 after just six incidents of fire. More recently, Boeing had to ground the 787 Dreamliner airplane until it could find a way to keep its lithium ion batteries from overheating.

Safety standards, or the lack thereof

If lithium ion batteries are so volatile, why are we still using them today? The traditional argument is that the energy density of lithium ion batteries is significantly higher than batteries that use less flammable materials. (In other words, a lithium ion battery can be smaller, lighter, and/or last longer than say, a lithium iron phosphate one.)

Another reason is the consumer electronics industry has gotten much better about safety standards, to the point where most of us don't think twice about leaving a phone connected to a charger. "We said to the companies, you need to come together, create a voluntary organization and set a safety standard," says the CPSC's Wolfson, recalling how we went from big battery scares and recalls in the mid-2000s to the relatively safe laptops and phones we have today.

Most modern batteries now incorporate all kinds of safety measures, such as emergency vents, and many products filled with lithium ion batteries have to endure a barrage of drop tests, crush tests and electrical stress tests before they can pass.

But hoverboards are brand-new. "It's a product without a safety standard," says Wolfson.

Sean Kane, a longtime product safety researcher, says cases like the hoverboard are precisely why his nonprofit organization The Safety Institute is advocating for more general categories of safety standards like "computers" and "personal mobility devices" instead of the specific ones that exist today.

There are existing standards for motorized scooters and toys, says Kane, but the hoverboard just doesn't fit. "What you have is a product coming in here where no one knows which safety standards are applicable."

For now, retailers like Amazon and Target are making sure individual components of these hoverboards -- namely the batteries and the chargers -- have been certified for safety. (As of December 2015, Amazon asked that all hoverboard sellers provide proof they comply with UN 38.3, UL 1642 and UL 60950-1, specifically.)

But before you breathe a sigh of relief, you should probably know that while batteries and chargers can be certified individually, it doesn't mean those hoverboards have been certified as a whole. Until those parts have actually been tested together, it's more of a legal cover-your-ass measure for the manufacturers and retailers than anything else.


And you might not be able to find a hoverboard that's been tested in its entirety by a reputable independent firm like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) even if you looked hard. Swagway, one of the more popular brands, claims its entire hoverboard is UL-certified because it has a UL-certified battery and a UL-certified charger inside, but that's not accurate. "There are presently no UL-certified hoverboards," says UL consumer safety director John Drengenberg. (Incidentally, Swagway is now facing a lawsuit from when one of its hoverboards caught fire.)

Besides, there's another problem with certifying batteries instead of the hoverboards themselves. There's no easy way to tell what kind of battery is inside a hoverboard -- or if it's a counterfeit.

Update, March 2016: Underwriters Laboratories now has a testing procedure for hoverboards, UL 2272, and we got an early look at how it works. Also, some self-balancing scooter companies now claim to follow that standard. See the UL's testing procedure in the video below.

Now playing:Watch this: UL fights hoverboard fires with new safety standards


Supply and demand

When an increased number of cell phone batteries were bursting in 2004, many blamed cheap counterfeits made in China -- batteries produced with far less stringent standards than phone manufacturers might have wanted.

That's a popular theory when it comes to the hoverboard fires, too. "There are some factories right now that will say they use Samsung batteries, but don't," a sales manager for Chinese hoverboard manufacturer CHIC told Quartz. "They wrap a piece of paper around the battery that says 'Samsung' when it's not Samsung."

But unlike cell phones, it's not like we have known reputable hoverboard manufacturers that merely got a bad batch of batteries to go with their own carefully designed proprietary components. Even the top hoverboard brands -- Phunkeeduck, IO Hawk, Swagway -- are ones you've probably never heard of, ones that sprang up out of nowhere to take advantage of the hoverboard craze.

And those companies are merely distributors for a sprawling array of factories in China that supply components to one another practically interchangeably.

That's not a reflection on the quality of Chinese manufacturing in general, by the way. Practically every high-quality Apple product comes off a Chinese assembly line, not to mention those of Lenovo, a Chinese company that's one of the top worldwide computer vendors. But China has also become famous as a place where tiny factories can pile onto a hot new idea like the selfie stick or the miniature R/C helicopter, churning out copycats in record time.

By the time the hoverboard fad took off in the United States, there were already too many Chinese companies building hoverboards to tell who came up with the idea first. Practically every hoverboard you see is a counterfeit, in that sense.

"Right now there are thousands of workshops making identical hoverboards in China, and the only obvious differentiator is the costs," says Jay Sung, CEO of popular electric-scooter company EcoReco. And since there are so many different ways these Chinese companies could have cut costs among the different components they trade with one another and piece together to form the final product you see, it's hard to narrow down the actual point of failure.

So far, some reports have blamed the batteries, others the cables, but we don't know for sure. The UK divisions of retailers Amazon and Costco are specifically telling customers to destroy charging cables that have plugs that weren't built to UK safety standards. (Costco is providing replacement cables, while Amazon is offering full refunds.)

Another possible culprit is the cut-off switch, a safety feature that keeps an electronic device from overcharging, which the UK's National Trading Standards consumer protection agency says can often fail in these hoverboards. EcoReco's Sung suggested that to save costs, some hoverboard manufacturers might not even include a cut-off switch to begin with. That's clearly not the issue everywhere, though, as Mashable recently tore down a Swagway hoverboard that appeared to have a cut-off switch installed.

What happens now

In the UK, the government is already cracking down on hoverboards. Not only is it illegal to ride one on public roads or walkways, but the UK National Trading Standards body has now seized and reportedly destroyed 32,000 hoverboards in December 2015 -- the vast majority of the 38,800 devices that the organization has been tracking since it started investigating the devices in October of that year.

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has now recalled half a million hoverboards, and is pushing for voluntary standards like the ones that made laptops and phones safer today.

It could also be that the CPSC pushes to ban hoverboards altogether. It wouldn't be the first time a popular product was deemed too unsafe to sell. There are good reasons that lawn darts and magnetic Buckyballs, both popular toys, were banned. (Fires aren't the only reason that hoverboards are dangerous. The CPSC has received "dozens" of reports of injuries from falls from US hospital emergency rooms as of December 2015.)

Perhaps next time, we could reserve the name "hoverboard" for a gadget that actually floats above the ground.

Original story published December 22, 2015

Update, January 21 at 2:27 p.m. PT: The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating at least 40 reports of hoverboard fires across 19 US states.

Update, February 20 at 1:15 p.m. PT: The CPSC has officially warned that hoverboards that don't meet voluntary safety standards pose "an unreasonable risk of fire," and has threatened to recall or ban imports if manufacturers don't follow those standards.

Update, June 8 at 4:02 p.m. PT: The first hoverboards meeting UL's new safety standard are now on sale in the United States.

Update, July 9 at 3:43 p.m. PT: The CPSC has officially recalled half a million hoverboards due to lithium-ion batteries that were found prone to overheating.

Sours: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/why-are-hoverboards-exploding-and-catching-fire/

 What's A Broken Hoverboard Worth?

Hoverboards were insanely popular last year, especially around Christmas time, and as we've seen not all of them have held up that well. There seems to be a ton of people who already have broken hoverboards. Whether that's a product of abuse or just a poorly assembled product, it's probably a mixture of the two. Many of you who have broken hoverboards are probably wondering whether it has any value and you should try to sell it, or if you should just throw it in the trash.

broken hoverboard
How Much Is My Broken Hoverboard Worth?

Fixing Your Broken Hoverboard

You probably spent a few hundred bucks on your new hoverboard so it's a shame to just throw it in the trash. Many "broken" hoverboards can be fixed very easily, some without parts. If you havn't tried calibrating your hoverboard give that a try, it fixes many issues from wheels not moving to flashing red lights. Watch my Youtube channel for videos on how to calibrate a hoverboard. You can watch a great video HERE. 

If calibrating your board doesn't do the fix another good thing to try is just unplugging the battery and replugging it in, same way you would with a cellphone. This often resets the board and it will work.

If these two quick fixes don't get your board working you may have broken parts. Most repairs are fairly easy whether it's replacing a charging port, putting in a new gyroscope, or possibly a motherboard. All these parts can be picked up fairly cheaply. On Ali Express you can buy an entire parts kit for just $82. Ali Express is great and cheap, however it can take up to a month for your purchase to arrive in the mail so if you're looking for a cheaper solution checkout HoverboardScooterParts.Com, they have parts in stock and ship out same day. Their prices are very reasonable.

When you've paid a couple hundred bucks for a board, to me, it's worth trying to repair it before throwing it out and shelling out a few hundred bucks for a new one.

Selling Your Broken Hoverboard?

Whether you've exhausted all possibilities of fixing your board or don't want to bother, you may as well try to get a few bucks out of your broken board. But how do you sell a broken board and who buys broken boards?

First check your local Craigslist, sometimes repair guys will buy broken boards for parts. There are other guys who will buy up broken boards to fix and re-sell. If you find a repair guy or someone who buys broken boards contact them and see what they will pay for it. As with anything, its' worth whatever someone is willing to pay. 

In my experience most guys on Craigslist are looking for a deal, you'd probably be lucky to get $50 out of a broken board, more than likely you'll probably wind up with $25 to $35 which seems to be the going price. I have heard of people selling broken boards for as  much as $100.

eBay is a pretty good place to sell broken hoverboard. I've seen broken boards going for as much as $160. That's not the norm, but I have seen them go that high. More than likely your probably looking at getting between $50 and $100. You  can squeeze out a few extra bucks selling on eBay, however keep in mind eBay is going to keep about 10% of the final sales price, and you also run the risk of getting buyer complaints, chargebacks, and ebay/Paypal cases with people wanting partial or full refunds so weigh  whether that extra couple bucks is worth the potential headaches. 

So How Much Can I Get For My Broken Board?

We pretty much covered this above. If your selling locally on Craigslist, I'd expect to get between $20 and $70. If you sell on eBay, I'd expect to get between $60 and $120.

If you have any questions about how to fix your broken hoverboard or anything else, leave a comment below.

Sours: http://hoverboardfaq.blogspot.com/2016/02/what-is-broken-hoverboard-worth-sell.html

Board ebay segway

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Trying to FIX a Faulty Hoverboard / Self Balancing Scooter

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