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Divinity Original Sin 2: Top 10 Warfare Skills, Ranked

Fighters in Divinity: Original Sin 2can pertain to anyone who's had training in any type of weapon. Technically speaking, any character in the Larian Studios title can become a melee powerhouse with the right investment in the Warfare skill school. While tanks need to capitalize on their Warfare skills, enough points in the same area can give a Spellcaster a fighting chance in close-quarters combat.

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However, the free-for-all skills system in Original Sin 2 can feel overwhelming for players who want to make melee characters. After all, if a melee skill gives any character a shot in surviving melee combat, just which Warfare skills are the right investment?

10 Whirlwind

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 2

Sometimes, the best offense lies in the most basic of attacks. Thankfully, Whirlwind is as straightforward as it gets. When cast, the warrior hits enemies around them with a whirlwind attack. This strike deals 100-percent damage to all enemies within 4.5-meters of the character.

Whirlwind is a great deterrent when the tank ends up getting surrounded by enemies. Whirlwind is also a great skill to pair with Phoenix Dive, especially if a tank wants to use this to get into position within the enemy lines.

9 Enrage

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 2

Battles always have risk, and sometimes the best support comes in the form of a very angry berserker. Enrage allows the caster to motivate an ally with the power of anger and rage. At the cost of Silence, the target character will get the Enraged Status. This status grants them a 100-percent chance to land Critical Hits via weapon skills and even basic attacks. Moreover, this status also clears Charmed, Clear-Minded, Mad, Taunted, and Terrified Statuses.

If an ally, unfortunately, gets Charmed or Taunted (e.g., if their character has Glass Cannon and they get maximum AP at the cost of easier status penetration), then Enrage is a nifty way to get out of that debuff. Furthermore, since the Enraged Status only lasts for a turn, the guaranteed Critical Hits can still make a dent against the enemy's numbers.

8 Bouncing Shield

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 1

A Shield paired with a One-Handed weapon gives any warrior a decent combination of offense and defense. And thanks to Warfare, any Shield-toting Fighter or Knight has a chance to use unique Shield-specific skills. For instance, early-game Bouncing Shield will have the caster's Shield deal 70-percent of the Shield's Physical Armour as damage to up to two enemies within 5-meters of each other.

Granted, its damage value isn't extremely high, but its 13-meter length can easily give a melee fighter a nifty long-ranged attack. Additionally, its early-game accessibility gives incentive for fighters to appreciate the added defense and combat viability of the Shield.

7 Crippling Blow

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 1

A stunned enemy is simply a death wish waiting to happen, and Crippling Blow is a low-level stun that works great against other melee combatants. When cast, Crippling Blow allows the caster to make a sweeping blow against the target and other enemies around them. If Crippling Blow gets to penetrate through Physical Armour, enemies hit not only get 115-percent weapon damage but also become Crippled.

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Thanks to this status effect, not only do enemies get stunned, but they also get a 30-percent penalty to dodging. Crippling Blow can help warriors stun a cadre of melee enemies or even a boss for their other allies to finish off. Crippling Blow is also handy against pesky opponents who have a lot of attacks to throw.

6 Guardian Angel

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 3

Given the combat-oriented nature of warriors, they're not always keen on moving around the battlefield a lot. In turn, a preoccupied warrior can't always defend nearby allies such as Spellcasters as soon as an enemy gets to them. Thanks to Guardian Angel, distant warriors still have a shot at defending nearby teammates.

This skill essentially acts as a tank's damage mitigation system. When cast, Guardian Angel redirects 50-percent damage of all attacks allies should receive towards the caster instead. This skill works best when tanks in question still have a ton of Armour remaining or have easy access to healing skills.

Guardian Angel works for melee-oriented playstyles or when enemies ambush a tank and their Spellcaster allies.

5 Blitz Attack

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 2

Any frontline combatant such as a Fighter or a Knight relies on close-range tactics to overwhelm their targets. Unfortunately, this does mean they might have a hard time repositioning if a faraway ally gets in trouble. Thanks to Blitz Attack, a warrior not only gets a handy speed boost to aid an ally but they also get to attack nearby enemies on their way.

When using this skill, a caster jumps and attacks up to two targets within a 10-meter radius. This skill easily becomes nifty for quick repositioning, or getting to an endangered ally and hitting potential attackers for an early counter-offensive.

4 Battering Ram

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 1

Battering Ram serves as a nifty and early-game variant of Blitz Attack. When cast, Battering Ram sends players rushing forward in a 12-meter line. However, they also deal 50-percent weapon damage to all enemies within that path. Like Blitz Attack, the player stuns all enemies hit with the attack via the Knocked Down status.

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Players might want to use Battering Ram more than Blitz Attack due to this Knocked Down debuff. After all, a single turn being stunned can give players enough time to set up powerful combos. Likewise, a tank who just stunned their enemies can reach an ally in danger much faster and without the risk of unnecessary retaliation.

3 Thick Of The Fight

Requires: 2 AP, 1 Source Point, Warfare 3

Everyone loves a good all-around brawl, and Thick Of The Fight takes full advantage of the chaos around the caster. When cast, this skill gives the caster a 10-percent damage boost for every nearby creature. Yes, the boost counts not just allies and enemies, but also totems and summons.

Ideally, Thick Of The Fight is best used when a fighter is surrounded by creatures in a tight space. However, players can maximize Thick Of The Fight by transforming their target into the ideal bait. After all, when their tank ends up becoming the center of attention, summoners can whip out their best companions and totems to give their teammate an insane power boost.

This skill works great against bosses with backups, or when the party is trying to get to a boss using multiple melee characters.

2 Battle Stomp

Requires: 2 AP, Warfare 1

Despite its early-game presence, Battle Stomp can serve as one of the most useful skills in a melee combatant's arsenal. When cast, the fighter smashes their weapon into the ground to deal 60-percent weapon damage to non-allies in a 10-meter line. This attack can also set Knocked Down to opponents.

Like Battering Ram, Battle Stomp's stun lasts for one turn. However, its most useful feature is its ability to clear clouds and surfaces, provided they're not Cursed. In turn, Battle Stomp easily becomes one of the best early-game debuff-clears against other skill schools.

1 Phoenix Dive

Requires: 1 AP, Warfare 2

Inasmuch as Phoenix Dive doesn't do much damage, it has a ton of potential as a practical mobility skill. Essentially, Phoenix Dive lets the user leap to any position within a 13-meter radius. Upon landing, they create a fire surface that can damage nearby enemies.

Tanks and melee attackers can use Phoenix Dive for a setup towards an immediate combo. After all, 1AP is a generous cost for a far-reaching mobility skill – perfect for advances or reinforcements. However, Phoenix Dive is a convenient means to set up combos of other characters, too. For instance, a well-placed blood or oil puddle in the area can explode thanks to Phoenix Dive!

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 5 Best (& The 5 Worst) Skills In The Warfare Tree

The Warfare skill tree in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is full of physical attacks that will leave enemies crawling back to wherever they came from to nurse their wounds. This skill tree has two key bonuses for any player who decides to take the plunge into being a warrior.

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First, each point in Warfare will increase the player's health. This will help them survive the onslaught of attacks they will deal with. Second, each point will increase the attack power of whatever weapon they choose to go with. This can affect wands, staves, swords, etc.

10 Best: Battering Ram

Battering Ram is a skill that players can get from the start if they decide to put at least one point into Warfare. It is also one of the best starting abilities for any melee build.

This ability causes the player to rush at enemies. This will cause enemies to get knocked down as long as they don't have any physical armor protecting them. More importantly than knocking enemies down is the ability to close the gap. Get the melee character at the front lines where they will shine the most.

9 Worst: Deflective Barrier

Deflective Barrier is one skill that is ultimately unnecessary when going up again enemies. It provides physical armor to the player and allows projectiles to be reflected back at the user. The problem with the skill is that it doesn't prevent the original projectile's effects.

Any status effects that would have hit the player will still hit them. Players will find more use out of other skills that will help them deal more damage or reach targets.

8 Best: Phoenix Dive

Battering Ram is great for closing the gap between the player and enemies, but Phoenix Dive is even better. This skill makes the player leap high into the air and slam down in the desired location with extreme force.

Battering Ram has a large area that it can be used in without the need for range increasing talents like Far Out Man. This skill also leaves a nice ring of fire that slightly hurts enemies nearby. As a bonus, Battering Ram also only costs one action point which frees up an opportunity to use other abilities.

7 Worst: Provoke

Provoke is hardly used unless a player decides to play as the tank of the group and defend all of their allies. This skill taunts all the enemies within the immediate vicinity of the player, forcing the enemies to attack them. The main issue with this ability, other than drawing all of the attention, is the small radius of effect.

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The area of effect is not large enough to possibly help all of the allies, so more often than not the player will need to choose one ally to protect.

6 Best: Whirlwind

Whirlwind is almost a necessity for any player who wants to invest their time into the Warfare skill tree. This skill makes the player perform a 360° spin that hits every enemy around them.

Whirlwind has a decent area of effect for a melee skill and deals 100% weapon damage to each enemy. Depending on how a player's build is set up, the damage caused by this skill can be a great way to start a battle.

5 Worst: Thick Of The Fight

Thick of the Fight is actually a decent skill if used correctly. The main issue is that it is hard to get enough allies around the player to use its full effect. This skill increases the player's weapon damage by 10% for each ally and summoned totem within range.

If done right, a player can get a massive melee damage bonus. More often than not, the damage increase will not be as amazing as a player will want it to be. To make the most out of it, a summoner is required.

4 Best: Enrage

Enrage doesn't deal damage to enemies, instead, it buffs the character that it is used on. This skill guarantees that the character it is used on will score a critical hit with their next basic attack or weapon skill. This is perfect to use before abilities like Whirlwind that hit multiple enemies.

The downside to this ability is that it causes the character to become muted. They will be unable to use any magical abilities until the buff wears off. Since players will often use this on themselves, melee attacks should always be a guarantee.

3 Worst: Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel skill has the same downfall as Provoke and doesn't draw the enemy's attention. Guardian Angel creates a circle in which allies can take shelter from damage in. While inside the circle, allies will take fifty percent less damage.

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The other fifty percent of the damage gets redirected to the player who used the skill. The area of effect of this skill is a little larger than Provoke and gets used about as often. Characters are often too spread out for this ability to matter.

2 Best: Onslaught

Onslaught is the most damaging ability that Warfare users get access to. This skill causes the player to attack the enemy five times. Each one of these attacks deals only fifty percent weapon damage, but since there are five attacks it ends up dealing far more than just a standard attack.

This ability can easily help take down enemies with large health and armor bars. The downside to this ability is the source point cost of it. It costs three source points to use so it will often only be used once per battle.

1 Worst: Bouncing Shield

Bouncing Shield is another skill that is rarely used once other skills become available. This skill is limited to players who want to bring a shield into combat with them. This helps increase their armor, but it also decreases the amount of attack power they have.

This skill makes the player throw their shield at an enemy. If another enemy is within range it will bounce and hit a second enemy. This skill can easily be replaced by others that will increase mobility.

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Warfare - how does it exactly work in Definitive edition?
I have read many forum threads and wikipedia pages that contradict each other on the topic of how does Warfare's 5% bonus to physical damage actually work, and frankly it is all rather outdated and confusing.

Some say it is similar as, for example, how Strength gives 5% bonus to relevant weapon/skill damage.

Others say that the Warfare's 5% bonus is actually different and ends up being much more valuable than other damage bonuses because it increases total damage instead of some base damage.

Often people claim that Warfare is so powerful that it is better to invest all possible points into Warfare to greatly increase damage instead of investing points into abilities such as Dual Wielding or Huntsman or Scoundrel (aside from a couple to unlock relevant skills).

Can anyone that has factually accurate and true information about Warfare please explain how it works (in the latest version of DOS2 Definitive Edition)?

Also as far as Dual Wielding weapons goes do abilities (like Warfare) use only one of the weapons to calculate ability damage - or do they add weapon damage from both weapons and then base ability damage from that?

And if i add poison damage from an ability or enchantment to my weapon, will the weapon-damage scaling abilities also take into account that added damage?

Thank you for reading and helping out a beginner :)

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Warfare skills in Divinity: Original Sin are focused on melee attacks and defense against physical damage.  This school also offers crowd control options like knocking down your enemies. Scaling is based on your weapon damage and some skills depend on if you are using a Strength, Finesse, or Intelligence-based weapon.

Skill books

Warfare  skill books can be bought from the following vendors:

  • Kalias -  Fort Joy, Caverns (Act 1)
  • Trader Haran - Driftwood (Act 2)
  • Gareth - Northern Ruins, Sanctuary of Amadia (Act 2)
  • Elf Thorndancer - Elven Camp (Act 2)
  • Black Ring Quartermaster - Nameless Isle, South of Temple of Rhalic (Act 3)
  • The Lost Knight - Nameless Isle,  Temple of Tir-Cendelius (Act 3)
  • Trader Fionola - The Arx (Act 4)

Skill books can also be found in loot containers, obtained through quest rewards or be crafted. See each skill for more information.


Sours: https://divinityoriginalsin2.vidyawiki.com/Warfare

Warfare divinity 2

Battering Ram

Rush forward in a straight line, to a designated point, hitting all enemies in your path for 50% weapon damage and setting Knockdown. 11-5Dynamic12m

Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s).
Scale depending on main weapon.

Battle Stomp

Smash your weapon into the ground, knocking down non-allied characters in front of you, and hitting them for 60% weapon damage. Also clears non-cursed surfaces and clouds.         11 -4 Dynamic10m

Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s). 4m wide cone.
Require Melee weapon.
Scale depending on main weapon.

Bouncing Shield

Throw your shield at an enemy dealing 75% physical damage. Shield can bounce to another enemy in 5m range. 11-2n/an/a 13mDamage is based on the 70-77% Physical Armour of your shield.
Require Shield.

Crippling Blow

Cripple the target with a sweeping blow, and all characters around it. Deals 115% weapon damage.         11-3Dynamic3m

Set Crippled for 1 turn(s).
Require Melee weapon.

Scale depending on main weapon.

Blitz Attack

Jump from one target to another, hitting up to 2 targets, dealing 70% weapon damage to each. Targets are chosen randomly in a 10m radius. 21-3n/aDynamic 8mRequire Melee weapon.
Scale depending on main weapon.

Deflective Barrier

Projectiles that hit you are reflected back at the caster. This does not prevent the original projectile effects. Provides [X] Physical Armour. Requires a shield. 21-5n/an/a --Set Deflecting for 3 turn(s).


Motivate an allied character with the power of rage. Target allied character is guaranteed to land critical hits with basic attacks and weapon skills, but is muted. Clears Taunted, Terrified, Charmed, Mad and Clear-Minded statuses. 21-5n/an/a 2mSet Enraged for 1 turn(s).

Phoenix Dive

Leap through the air to a target position, creating a fire surface upon landing. 21-4n/an/a 13m-


Taunt the enemies around you. Provoke and tease them so that they want to attack you. 21-5nonen/a --Set Taunted for 1 turn(s).


Perform a whirlwind attack, hitting enemies around you for 100% weapon damage. 21-3Dynamic4.5mRequire Melee weapon.
Scale depending on main weapon.


Mark target enemy. If they die in the next 3 turns, you are healed and receive damage and armour bonuses. If target survives, their Vitality is healed to full and caster receives damage. 31 -5n/an/a 13mApply Challenge to target, betting whether they will be dead in 3 turn(s).

Guardian Angel

Allies in melee range redirect 50% of received damage to you. 31-6n/an/a --Set Guardian Angel Aura for 2 turn(s).


Attack five times with astonishing speed, each hit dealing 50% weapon damage. 326n/aDynamic 2.5mScale depending on main weapon.

Thick of the Fight

The more the merrier! Gain a damage boost for every nearby character. 324n/an/a --Set Thick of the Fight for 2 turn(s).


Deals 150% weapon damage. If your Physical Armour is higher than your opponent's, destroy all their Physical Armour. Can set Knocked Down. 53SP33Dynamic 

Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s).
Scale depending on main weapon.

Sours: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Warfare+Skills
Diviinity Original Sin 2: Top 10 Warfare Abilities

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