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Warranty (Years)

RAB warrants that our LED products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of delivery to the end user, including coverage of light output, color stability, driver performance and fixture finish. RAB's warranty is subject to all terms and conditions found at rablighting.com/warranty.


Installation Type

Type B, Ballast Bypass

Electrical Characteristics



UL Listed

Suitable for damp locations. Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures. Listed in SAM Manual.

CEC Status

Lawful for sale in California


Suitable for damp locations and totally enclosed fixtures.

Technical Specifications

Sours: https://www.rablighting.com/product/TP2SDE-BYP

LED T8 Tubes

T8 LED Bulbs | T8 LED Tubes

T8 lamps or bulbs are one of the most widely used forms of lighting in businesses across America. And as we make a transition toward more efficient LED technology, businesses have a decision to make when it comes time to replace older T8 fluorescent tubes. Do you stick with the lower initial cost of fluorescent tubes, or get the advantages of LED lights and make the switch to T8 LED bulbs?


When you decide to replace T8 lamps with newer LED T8 lamps, you have two primary options:


1) Choose a direct retrofit, which means simply replacing the fluorescent light with the LED light. These LEDs run off electronic ballasts, so there's no need to remove the ballasts already running the lighting system, as long as they are compatible with the LEDs. (Make sure to check what ballasts work with the T8 LEDs you're buying.)


2) Choose a T8 LED with an integrated driver, meaning that the driver is inside the lamp itself. Since the driver does the same work as a ballast, these LEDs cannot run off a ballast, so you need to disconnect and remove any ballasts connected to the lighting fixture before placing the new LED lamps.

You can visit our article to learn more about replacing T8 fluorescents with T8 LEDs.

We offer T8 LED bulbs from top brands like TCP, Philips, and more. Need answers or help with placing your order? Give us a call and let us address your questions and get your in-stock T8 LEDs shipped the same business day!


Sours: https://www.lightingsupply.com/led-t8-tubes.aspx
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Sylvania LED8T8L24FG 8 Watt 2ft SubstiTUBE IPS LED T8 Linear Tube Replacement Lamp Non-Dimmable G13 Medium Bi-Pin Base 7th Gen

ShineRetrofits Input:
This DLC Qualified SubstiTube IPS LED T8 7th Generation Lamp is energy saver and a smart solution to replace traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. Features 8 Watts and 2 feet glass tube length, providing good color rendering (82), and delivers lumens at ° beam angle. Available in K, K, K, and K CCT options. Lasts longer than traditional lamps, up to 60, hours life rating. Back-up by 5-year limited warranty.

• Optimized glass optics available in:
        – Dimmable on V 4ft/W
        – Non-dimmable 4ft/10W, 2ft/8W
• CCT: K, K, K, K
• Beam angle: °
• Compatible with instant start and select programmed rapid start electronic T8 ballasts with input voltage of V and V
• THD <20%, power factor >
• G13 medium bi-pin base
• Long life: up to 60, hour life (L70)
• 6 year limited system warranty with purchase of new QHE IS ballast (16/7 operation)
• 5 year limited lamp warranty (24/7 operation)
• No warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and stable lamp to lamp color
• No UV emission
• Suitable for dry and damp locations (cannot come in direct contact with water)
• Maximize energy savings with occupancy sensors
• Suitable for open and enclosed fixtures
• Suitable for use with tube guards

• Cove lighting
• Display case
• General illumination
• Parking garage
• Tunnels

Order Abbreviation:

Sours: https://www.shineretrofits.com/sylvania-led8t8l24fgwatt-2ft-substitube-ips-led-t8-linear-tube-replacement-lamp-non-dimmable-gmedium-bi-pin-base-7th-gen.html

2 FT/ 24&#; T8 LED Lamp &#; 10 Watts &#; Lumens &#; 17 Watt Fluorescent Bulb F24T8, F20T12, F17T8, F18T8 Replacement &#; Ballast Required &#; Plug &#; play LED Tube &#; Compatible With T8/ T10/ T12 Applications


2 FT T8 LED lamp directly relamp fluorescent bulbs F17T8, FO17, F18T8, F24”T8, F20T12, L18W without rewiring or modification. It&#;s a Plug and play product from our &#;Relamp Series&#; when switching to LED lighting. T8 LED bulb works with traditional magnetic ballasts and modern electronic ballasts in the market, so you can plug it in and quickly enjoy bright lighting. It&#;s fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and magnetic ballasts.

Installing the lamp, as easy as changing a bulb:

  1. Turn power OFF before installation
  2. Remove the existing lamp
  3. Install LED T8/T12 Tube
  4. Switch on power

General Specifications:

  • Energy saving of 41% from 17 watts to 10 watts with lumens output
  • All plastic diffuser and construction for better light distribution, less spot reflections
  • Long life span of > 50,+ hours
  • High lumen output > lumens/watt
  • Available in , , , Kelvin
  • Uses 10 watts = 17 to 20 watts equivalent
  • 1 bulbs per package
  • lumens
  • inch T8 (1-inch diameter)
  • Maximum overall length (M.O.L): Approx. ” with pins
  • T8 bulb shape, medium bi-pin base, 13 mm pin spacing
  • Technical description: F17T8, FO17, F18T8, F24”T8, F20T12, L18W
  • For indoor, commercial and residential use
  • Ideal for general purpose applications including bathrooms and kitchens
  • Works with electronic and magnetic ballast only!
  • Ballast operated lamp, not bypass compatible

Equivalent replacement for:

  • Eiko &#; F17T8/K
  • GE F20T12/CW
  • GE Lighting F24&#;T8
  • GE &#; F24&#;T8/CW/4
  • General &#; F24T8/CW/4
  • Halco &#; F17T8//ECO
  • Philips &#; F20T12/CW/Alto
  • Philips &#; F20T12/D
  • PLT Shatter Resistant &#; F//ECO
  • Sylvania &#; FO17//24in
  • Sylvania &#; F18T8/CW/24
  • TCP &#; F17T8/
  • Ushio &#; F17T8/
  • F24T8/CW/4
  • F15T8/CW/24
  • F17T8
  • FO17
  • F18T8
  • F24T8
  • F20T12
  • L18W/
  • L18W/
  • L18W/
  • L18W/

Why Plug & Play LED?

Simplicity for installer &#; The lamp snaps into the existing fixture without any wiring modifications, installation can be done by virtually anyone, as long as your existing ballast is compatible.

Safety &#; Whenever we can shorten the time someone has to spend dangling from a ladder, things are automatically safer.

No upfront cost &#; eliminate the need to hire a costly electrician to do modification.

Energy efficient &#; output on lamp is significantly improved with ballast for general consumption and commercial use.

Relamp LED products are designed and developed by New York LED Luminaries, Inc, Brooklyn, NY.

Technical Details:

BrandNYLLProduct Dimensions24 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Model NumberRL-F17T8Assembled Height1 inches
Bulb ShapeLinear &#; T8/ T10/ T12Assembled Length inches
Base TypeG13Assembled Width1 inches
Lumens LmTechnology TypeLED
LPW Lm/ WSpecific UsesIndoor use only
Wattage10 WattVoltageBallast Required
Life Hours 50, hrsWarranty2 Years

Additional information


Cool White (K), Daylight (K), Daylight (K), Warm White (K)

Sours: https://nyledluminaries.com/product/2-feetinch-led-tube-gt8-led-lampwattslumens-fluorescent-bulb-f20tand-f17t8-replacement-ballast-required-plug-play-led-tube-compatible-with-t8-ttapplications/

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BEWARE Walmart Great Value LED 24 inch T8 T12 fluorescent Replacement Light Bulb Lamp JUNK

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