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In Elder Scrolls Online, a player's Level is used to determine which gear and consumables a player may use. It is also the level of their racial skill line, which determines which racial passives may be unlocked. Other skill lines are not tied to player level.

Each level that a player gains allows them to allocate an attribute point to their magicka, health or stamina.

  • Levels that are a multiple of 5 grant two Attribute Points
  • Levels that are a multiple of 10 grant three Attribute Points
  • Placing a point in magicka or stamina raises the maximum of that attribute by 111
  • Placing a point in health raises the maximum health by 121

Players also gain skill points when leveling up equal to the number of Attribute Points, which they can use to unlock a new skill or morph an existing one. Skill points may be earned by finding skyshards, fighting in the Alliance War or completing quests as well.

Players can attain a maximum level of 50. Upon reaching the maximum level, players unlock Veteran content and receive Champion Points10 points into the Champion system. Gaining Champion Points allows players to equip more powerful gear and use more powerful consumables, up to the Champion Progression Cap of Champion Points160. Characters will no longer receive attribute points and skill points to allocate, but each assigned Champion Point will increase maximum health, magicka or stamina by a small percentage.



Players gain experience from a variety of sources. Killing enemies and helping others kill enemies (including by healing them) give experience so long as you deal at least 3% of the enemy's maximum health in damage (or heal at least 3% of the ally's health[verification needed]). Completing quests, discovering new locations and completing their Objectives, picking locks, and completing Encounters also grant experience. Experience goes towards increasing your character level, as well as increasing your rank in most of the skill lines. However, certain skill lines are not advanced by gaining experience:

  • Crafting skill lines are advanced by accumulating 00000Inspirationinspiration from crafting activities.
  • Guild skill lines are advanced by increasing your reputation with that faction.
  • Alliance War skill lines are advanced by earning 0000000Alliance Pointsalliance points within Cyrodiil or from Battlegrounds.
  • World skill lines each have their own advancement criteria.

Each quest grants a certain amount of experience depending on your level, which is then passed through a multiplier based on the quest's length and difficulty, which is defined internally per quest:

DifficultyXP GainMultiplier
Very EasyVery Low0.1
Very HardVery High2.25

For example, all dungeon quests are set as "Very Hard", so reward 2.25× the standard XP for a quest at that level. Similarly, experience granted by completion of location Objectives is also passed through a modifier, but most of these are set as "Standard". A summary of standard rewards per level can be found below. A full table of all values can be seen at ESO XP. Quests will only show the XP Gain category without a value, since the value is dependent on your level.

A number of in-game features provide a percentage bonus to XP earned:

It is currently possible to stack XP buffs for a total possible increase of 156% for most types of content.

In addition to these the overland part of Cyrodiil, excluding Delves and Imperial City, has a flat-rate boost of 25%.

XP Table[edit]

for next level
for level
31 32457050876508
42 7261 89474176508
53 8594 620796111741
63 8718 479832119796
74 04712 350886125832
84 72816 397904133886
96 03321 125958136904
106 58327 1581012144958
117 65933 47110671521012
129 33841 40011031601067
1310 86550 73811931651103
1412 73361 60312481791193
1513 48974 33612841871248
1615 13187 82513741931284
1718 444102 95614462061374
1821 274121 40015012171446
1924 368142 67415732251501
2025 672167 04216812361573
2129 186192 71417542521681
2232 950221 90018262631754
2334 618254 85019352741826
2439 322289 46820432901935
2542 744328 79021523062043
2644 457371 53422423232152
2749 845415 99123683362242
2853 983465 83624773552368
2960 171519 81926043722477
3059 625579 99027663912604
3166 890639 61528934152766
3275 065706 50530564342893
3379 594781 57032004583056
3480 655861 16433634803200
3584 104941 81935445043363
3685 3231 025 92337245323544
3790 9541 111 24639055593724
3896 0141 202 19141045863905
39101 8971 298 20543216164104
40100 8171 400 10245386484321
41110 1461 500 91947736814538
42118 1311 611 06550087164773
43121 8941 729 19652617515008
44131 2121 851 09055517895261
45141 2801 982 30258408335551
46149 5162 123 58261298765840
47166 5162 273 09864369196129
48178 5572 439 61467629656436
49187 4942 618 171712410146762
50-2 805 665748510697124

For a full breakdown of XP reward values see ESO XP § Table of Values.

Level Up Advisor[edit]

The Level Up Advisor is a mechanic introduced in Update 17, with the intent of helping new characters to progress as they level. It provides recommendations on where to allocate skill points for specific builds and playstyles, and gives rewards upon levelling up and upon reaching significant milestones.


  • Prior to Update 10, reaching Level 50 granted players VeteranVeteran Rank 1, and progressing in Veteran Ranks rather than Champion Points allowed players to equip more powerful gear and use more powerful consumables. Each Veteran Rank granted additional attribute points and skill points to allocate, instead of certain levels between 1 and 50 granting two or three.
  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, a player's level determined which enemies would allow a player to gain experience, loot and ultimate charge. Enemies that were more than five levels below player level did not grant experience or give any non-crafting loot.

Deprecated Quest Levels[edit]

Prior to One Tamriel, most quests had their own level, defined by which zone they were located in, and each quest granted the respective XP for that level. Quests listed in your Journal were colored based on their recommended level with respect to your character level. This did not affect the XP reward; rather, it was a representation of the relative difficulty and reward. Quests completed above their recommended level always rewarded the appropriate level XP. For example, a Level 30 "Hard" quest would display in yellow at Level 30, and rewarded 3670 XP, while the same quest was displayed in gray at Level 40, but still rewarded 3670 XP, a lower relative reward than you would get for a Level 40 "Hard" quest. However, completing a quest below the recommended level caused the reward to cap at 5 levels above; for example, completing a Level 47 quest at Level 40 would only result in a Level 45 reward.

The following table lists the colors and associated level ranges, and the internal name of that difficulty class. The difficulty names should not be taken literally; while red is classed "Impossible", someone with an appropriate character setup may still be able to do the content.

ColorLevel RangeDifficulty
Gray−6 or lessTrivial
Green−5 to −3Easy
Yellow−2 to +3Appropriate
Orange+4 to +7Difficult
Red+8 or greaterImpossible

Veteran Rank 16

Veteran Rank 16 is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Some exciting news was revealed in yesterday’s ESO Live – Episode 21. Eric Wrobel, Lead Combat Designer, explained some of the major changes coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in Update 7, including an increase in Veteran Ranks to VR16.

MUST READ:ESO Farming? Don’t Be A Butthead

As explained by Eric, it’s “painful” to achieve Veteran Ranks in The Elder Scrolls Online. Most veteran players would agree that it takes a long time to level-up past 50. The devs sped things up somewhat with the release of the Champion progression system in Update 6, but by and large it’s still a long leveling slog.

4 Changes To Experience Values

With Update 7, the devs are introducing Veteran Rank 16. Along with the VR16 increase, global experience values in the game are changing dramatically in an effort to speed up leveling.

  1. The amount of XP needed to level a  Veteran Rank is decreasing by 15%.
  2. Veteran Rank quest rewards will grant 50% more XP.
  3. The amount of XP in Public Dungeons will double.
  4. XP in Craglorn will increase by 20%.

Eric indicated that the changes to Experience will help players gain Veteran Ranks faster, and will help players “catching up.” The Elder Scrolls Online has never seen an increase in XP values of this magnitude, and the numbers were determined via internal game testing.

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Take Away

There’s been a lot of chatter on the official Elder Scrolls Online forums in regards to the Veteran Rank 16 introduction. Like most changes made to the game, the VR16 decision is somewhat controversial, but it appears that most players are in support of it (see this Yes to VR16! forum thread to gain some insight).

Eric also clarified that it’s still a goal to eventually remove Veteran Ranks from the game altogether, but indicated that it’s “more of a long term goal.” In the meantime, players will be given the opportunity to level faster — and higher — after the next major content update.

ESO Live – Episode 21

If you’re interested in hearing what Eric has to say regarding Veteran Rank 16 and the upcoming combat changes to the game, you can watch ESO Live – Episode 21 below. The entire video runs over 2 hours, but Eric starts his presentation around the 33 minute mark.

[youtube_sc url=””]


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Vet Rank Leveling For Dummies (Casual player friendly)

So we all know that Leveling veteran ranks can be boring and tedious, however most people don't realize that leveling Vet ranks isn't Hard, it's just Slow. By all appearances, ZOS designed ESO to be "anti-grind", which means that grinding (which is by all means a valid, if not masochistic method) isn't what they wanted you to do.

How do we know this? Well there are several things we can look at:
  • Enemies drop almost no gold/low xp/vet points
  • Unless you are grouped, mobbing is next to impossible, especially in vet zones (mobbing = agro lots of enemies and then killing them off quickly with AoE bursts for fast xp)
  • If you do manage to mob, enemies take a while to respawn
  • Bosses in delves aren't rewarding, don't always drop loot and take minutes to spawn

So, ZOS has designed the game to be more quest based, and this can be troublesome. Most people, unfortunately, don't like to quest. Questing can be a bit boring, tedious, and many people just don't care about the story.

Well I have studied for a bit, and I have discovered a way that will eventually get you up in Vet Ranks. Unfortunately, this requires:
  • Dedication
  • 2-3 Hours per day (depending on if you group)
  • Grouping (not required, but makes everything quicker and easier)
  • Questing

Before I begin, I need to stress a few points. This guide does not include Craglorn or mention anything about it, mainly because Craglorn has become a grind fest and I am to avoid grinding as much as possible. Grouping will make your life 100% easier, so maybe set up before hand a time so you and your friends can get together to do this. Most importantly though, This guide is designed to be causal friendly, which means that this will take several days. However, If you decide to follow this guide 100%, I can Guarantee you V1-V12 in as little as 28 days, even faster if you are already over V1!So lets begin, shall we?

(I'll add a TL:DR to the bottom of each section, but I recommend reading the whole thing ;P)

Cyrodiil Daily Quests

I wanted to get the questing out of the way first. This is the main part of my guide, and therefore the most important. Yes, the quests are boring, watered down, easy, and annoying to do over and over again. However, that is what makes them a goldmine. First of all, set your guest campaign to any of the low population maps where your alliance is winning/owns most of the map. This will make travel faster, you will encounter less enemy players, and there are often other friendly players around that can somewhat assist you. There are 5 Quest hubs in Cyrodiil: Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol and Weynon Priory (considered one hub, but there is a slight distance between the two), Cropsford, and Vlastarus. Each quest hub has 2 Npcs that offer you 5 quests each, for a total of 50 quests per day (+2 if you include Kill 20 players and the bounty missions). Each quest you complete offers you around 0.7%VP, which means that all 50 quests nets you around 35% of your needed VP per rank, not to mention all the vet points you get from killing mobs during the quests.

Not only will this get you great Vet ranks, but its also a fast way to level up your skills, and fatten your wallet (about 300g per quest times 50 =15K per day). Lets assume you want to level Restoration Staff. Just equip a Resto staff in your 2nd bar and when you go to turn in the quests, switch to the staff before turning in the quest. You can even slot low level skills you want to level/morph that aren't part of restoration staff on your 2nd bar to level them up fast.

After you have done each quest once, you will learn what each quests requires and locations of items/npcs. this means that the first day may be the slowest, but every day after should be faster, cutting your time by a lot. Don't forget to have Retreating Maneuvers slotted too ;P

Also, grab the 20 player kills and Bounty quests before you head out each day, then turn them in ask you complete them.

  • Guest into unpopulated campaign your alliance is winning
  • 5 quest hubs, 10 quests each, 50 quests total
  • Quests are really easy (fetch this, kill that)
  • Around 0.7% VP per quest = 35% per day + VP from mob kills
  • Good for money (around 300g each quest)
  • Quick skill leveling
  • Grab the Bounty/20 Kills Quests before you start

Zone Completion

(Obviously completion is a one time thing, so no i don't expect you to "grind" each zone every day. This is just a way that offers you lots of VP, and you might as well knock it out)

Each zone offers tons of side activities. Dark Anchors, World Bosses, Dungeons, and Delves are everywhere. Each of these offers a nice break from the tedious questing in each zone, but they also offer a great deal of VP, close to 1% per. Just group up and set out, try completing the group challenges in the dungeon of each zone for a skill point and achievement too. However, keep in mind that you can't jump to the 3rd alliance until you have completed the main story quests in each zone. But no worries, just open your journal (J), select Caldwell's Almanac, and view all the required quests. Going as a group as you do these quests will help a lot too in most cases, but not all. I do NOT recommend rushing through these either, as each zone will be much harder than the last, and if you aren't prepared you will easily die and become frustrated. Keep in mind too that the Large VP gain for each location is only obtained the first time you complete it, and will only give you mediocre VP afterwards.

  • Complete Anchors, World Bosses, Dungeons, and Delves in each zone
  • VP only awarded for first time completion
  • Check Caldwell's Almanac for the main quests so you can advance to the 3rd Alliance
  • Take it slow so you aren't overwhelmed in the later zones

Final Words

And that's it! That's all you have to do each day, and you are guaranteed V12 in a month. Note that this is ONLY if you don't do anything else at all, and therefore, you can reach V12 in a much faster time if you quest, PvP, and grind a bit as well. I hope that this eases your stress about leveling Vet ranks, especially for those of you who only play a few hours a day.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps ;P


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Veteran content in the Elder Scrolls Online is unlocked when a character reaches Level 50. The first character to reach Level 50 on an account will unlock the Champion System and be immediately given Champion Points10 Champion Points.

The following content is unlocked upon reaching Level 50, unless stated otherwise:

  • Champion System progression offers players the opportunity to customize their characters with new and exciting passive abilities, and a certain amount of Champion Points are needed to make use of higher-tier equipment and consumables. Once unlocked, the Champion System bonuses can be used by any character on the account, even those below Level 50. However, only Veteran characters can gain Champion Points and use Champion-restricted items.
  • Veteran Dungeons introduce a higher difficulty level to the existing Group Dungeons, as well as a huge number of new achievements. The Undaunted also offer new Veteran challenges in Pledges to increase the reward given for a dungeon each day.
  • Similarly, Veteran Trials and Arenas also become available, and offer access to leaderboards, increased rewards, and new achievements.


  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, Cadwell's Almanac was restricted to Veteran players or those who had completed the Main Quest. The Almanac still allows players to experience the storylines of the two other alliances that were not chosen during character creation, through the related quests Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold, and the Almanac quests are still unlocked at the end of the Main Quest, but the territories themselves are now available at the beginning of the game, and no longer put players in Veteran-scaled versions of the other alliances' territories.
  • Adventure Zones were introduced with four-player group-oriented content containing new storylines for Veteran players. Craglorn, the only adventure zone to exist before the system was retired, had its Veteran and group restrictions removed with the One Tamriel update.
  • Trials, which originally only existed in Adventure Zones and were therefore exclusively Veteran content, can now be completed by anyone. They remain challenging dungeon instances geared towards groups of twelve players, although they now have an easier Normal mode.

  • At launch, Veteran progression was marked using a different indicator called "Veteran Points", or VP. Players did not gain extra skill points or attribute points when ranks increased, and were instead granted a large boost to their base attributes for each rank. This was standardized in Update 5 so that Veteran Ranks were gained using XP instead of VP, and Veteran Points were removed from the game. This in turn made it easier to increase Veteran Ranks, as many activities which award XP did not award VP.
  • Prior to Update 10, there were sixteen ranks of Veteran progression, beginning at Veteran Rank 1 (Veteran1) and continuing to VeteranRank 16. A new Veteran Rank was gained when a player earned 850,000 XP (1,432,550 XP between Update 5's removal of Veteran Points and Patch 1.5.4, then 1,000,000 XP until Update 7). Players with higher Veteran Ranks were able to utilize more powerful gear and consumables. The gear and consumables power requirements were transferred to the Champion system on a 1:10 ratio; gear which required Veteran Rank14 to equip now requires Level 50 Champion Points140.
Deprecated Veteran Rank Progression System
Experience Required
for Next Player Level
Total Experience
for Player Level
Standard Reward
for Quest Level
Location Discovery
at Quest Level
Location Completion
at Quest Level
Veteran Rank1850,0002,296,964ON-icon-VeteranLarge.png
Veteran Quests and Locations used Level 50 XP values
Veteran Rank2850,0003,146,964
Veteran Rank3850,0003,996,964
Veteran Rank4850,0004,846,964
Veteran Rank5850,0005,696,964
Veteran Rank6850,0006,546,964
Veteran Rank7850,0007,396,964
Veteran Rank8850,0008,246,964
Veteran Rank9850,0009,096,964
Veteran Rank10850,0009,946,964
Veteran Rank11850,00010,796,964
Veteran Rank12850,00011,646,964
Veteran Rank13850,00012,496,964
Veteran Rank14850,00013,346,964
Veteran Rank15850,00014,196,964
Veteran Rank16-15,046,964
Level 50 players were automatically converted to Veteran RankRank 1

Vet leveling eso

The Elder Scrolls Online - Veteran Rank Content

Veteran content in The Elder Scrolls Online is basically a catchy name for "end game" content. It's what you're going to be playing through once you reach the level cap of 50. Once you reach level 50 in ESO, you start building Veteran Ranks. You can increase your Veteran Rank through Player vs. Player (PvP), or Player vs. Environment (PvE) content.

Don't think that going from Veteran Rank 1 to Veteran Rank 10 will be as easy as going from level 1 to level 10, or even level 10 to level 30. You gain far less experience points when you reach Veteran Ranks compared to leveling up before you hit 50. It's still beneficial to farm using area of effect (AoE) attacks on groups of enemies, but it will take far longer to climb the ranks.

PvP battles can be fought from level 10 onward, but it's not until you reach Veteran Ranks that things start to get really interesting. For this reason, PvP is one of the highlights of the Veteran Content. For the purposes of this article, we'll leave PvP out of it and focus on the PvE Veteran Content.

As you play through the main story quests of The Elder Scrolls Online, you're travel is fairly limited. You are essentially restricted to the areas of your alliance, or where the story allows you to go. However, once you reach Veteran Rank 1, you can immediately venture into two alliance areas. With a bit more time and effort, you can open up the third alliance. Once you have access to all three alliances, you can go almost anywhere you want.

Gaining access to the other alliances opens up a vast array of content. You'll play through areas that the native alliances played through on their way to level 50. It's not identical content, as it was designed to be played through once you reach level 50 and open up the other alliance areas. This also allows access to Skyshards that were previously out of reach, and other such items. Crafting takes on a whole new meaning as you can now reach new crafting stations.

In addition to new areas to explore, Veteran Dungeons also become available. There are six Veteran Dungeons in total, which pick up the stories from where the lower level dungeons leave off. All of the Veteran Dungeons offer new experiences and challenges with difficult achievements to obtain as you run through them. In fact, the difficulty of some achievements will have groups of players running through the Veteran Dungeons multiple times.

Craglorn is the first addition to Veteran Content, which will be added at the end of April. It focuses primarily on PvE content for groups of 4 or 12. The main draw of Craglorn are the trials, which will offer online leaderboards for the groups with the best times. These 12-man dungeon runs will be timed, and you'll lose time for each resurrection (a maximum of 60 resurrections is the currently planned limit). There will be weekly rewards for all players, alongside the special perks for groups at the top of the leaderboards.

At the moment, the endgame content for The Elder Scrolls Online is somewhat scarce, but that's also because the game just launched. With Craglorn on the way, the future looks bright for fans of The Elder Scrolls series. The developers have already discussed some potential ideas for future content updates. For instance, there's been mention of horse racing for players who have kept up with feeding their horse throughout their adventures.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that allows for a wide variety of play styles, which the development team takes into consideration when designing new content. Not all of the new content will be geared toward end game activities. There will be some content that appeals to players who have yet to reach level 50. We may also see some new additions when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game release in the coming months.

ESO 1-50 Provisioning Power Leveling for u29 Flames of Ambition.

Welcome to our ESO Leveling Guide. Here we will provide you with the information you need to level your character as fast as possible from 1 to 50 with max Champion Points, and all the Skill Points.

Leveling to level 50 can be done in only a few hours if done right, but leveling Champion Points takes a lot longer. Expect months of in-game time to reach cap if you are a casual player. If you grind all the way it can be done in 10-14 days in-game time.

If you need a build for your class, check out our ESO Class builds here.

This guide has been updated for Greymoor

General ESO Leveling Tips

Looting, Selling and Bag Space

Looting & selling can take up a bit of time when leveling so you have to consider whether or not it is worth it for you.

Upgrading your bag space with gold at a pack merchant or through the ESO store is recommended.

You can also buy merchants in the store for crowns that will cut down on travelling time when selling.

Movement Speed

Movement speed is also important for leveling. For example if you are quicky enough you will have time to attack more mobs when doing dolmens so that you get more XP.

Either upgrade your mount speed as much as possible or see our Movement Speed Build.


Enlightenment is shared between all your characters, but having alts for leveling CP is still beneficial as you can run dungeons for the bonus on each alt and also do daily quests.

Crafting Writs

The fastest way to level alts is by using Alchemy and Enchanting, and doing Master Writs while using an XP potion. By doing this you can get to level 50 in an hour or two. This is very expensive though, and should only be done if you have a lot of gold.

PvP for Leveling

PvP isn’t really good for leveling in general, but the first Battleground queue that you do each day reward you with 4x XP, just like the daily dungeon. Making it worth it to do one Battleground a day.

ESO Experience Boosters and Bonuses

First things first, let’s make leveling go fast! With XP boosters you can make leveling go a lot faster than normal. Everything from potions to gear and special double XP events will make your leveling process go a lot faster. Below we will list all the main ways of boosting your XP.

Experience Scrolls & Ambrosia Drinks

You can get Crown Experience Scrolls in various ways.

Crown Store XP Scrolls

The first and easiest way is to get them for free through the daily reward system in the crown store. You can get quite a few every month, even some 150% ones, so log in and claim your rewards.

Crown Store XP Scrolls from Gems

You can also get Crown Experience Scrolls either in the Crown Crates which you can on some occasions also get for free through special events in the game, but usually, you have to buy. You can also buy Crown Experience Scrolls with the Crown Gems that you get from the chests.

Lastly, you can get XP scrolls from the standard way of buying them in the Crown Store.

Ambrosia Drinks work in the same way as experience scrolls. Ambrosia Drinks and Crown Experience Scrolls do not stack.

There are three types of Ambrosia drinks that can be either crafted (which is pretty hard) or bought from a Guild Trader. They usually cost around 2000-3000 gold for the cheapest option and go up to quite a lot for the best one.

If you loot and sell everything while grinding you should be able to pay for the upkeep of having an Ambrosia Drink constantly going.

Go to our ESO Gold guide if you need gold for Ambrosia Drinks.

The different Ambrosia Drinks are:

  • Psijic Ambrosia Drink (50% Bonus XP)
  • Aetherial Ambrosia Drink (100% Bonus XP)
  • Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia Drink (150% Bonus XP)

ESO Plus

ESO plus will not only give you a 10% boost to experience, but 1500 crowns that can be spent on Experience Boosters, and access to additional quests and areas to level up in.

Eso Membership Bonuses

Double XP Events

During holiday events in ESO, you will be able to complete quests to get items that will grant you 100% bonus experience. These bonuses stack with all other XP boosts. These events are:

  • The Witches Festival (Halloween October / November)
  • New Life Festival (December/January)
  • Jester’s Festival (March/April)
  • Midyear Mayhem (Summer)

Ritual of Mara

The Ritual of Mara is basically two players getting married. You will be awarded the Ring of Mara and when you play together you will get a 10% XP bonus.


Duoing is actually the most efficient way of leveling. You still get full XP and a slight bonus when grouping with one other player. Anything more than that and XP gain will start to diminish a little.


Veteran Rank Enlightenment

When you get to max level and start gaining Champion points you gain 400.000 enlightenment per day. You can store up to 4.8m enlightenment. When you are enlightened, you gain Champion point XP four times faster faster.

ESO Training / Leveling Gear

When leveling, the best gear you can use is gear with the “Training” trait. These gear pieces will give you a bonus XP for killing mobs. For alts you can easily craft this gear with your main or buy it from guild vendors.

For new players you can get it by playing the game, doing dolmens or bosses. You can also try joining a guild and seeing if someone can make you some leveling gear, usually someone will.

Training Gear in ESO

ESO Leveling Addons

The Zygor Guides Community leveling addon for ESO, is a completely free in-game leveling addon that will help you level up. Complete with all the information you need to level quicker, especially if you are leveling by doing quests.

ESO Quest Leveling

Questing in ESO might not be the fastest way to level, but it has a good storyline, and a lot of quests. You should always consider doing the main storyline as you get 11 skill points from it.

ESO Level by Grinding

Grinding is one of the most efficient ways of leveling in ESO.

Some of the best and most popular grinds are zombie grinds. Since zombies are slow and die quickly, they make for the ideal mod to grind. There are three main areas where people farm zombies.

Spellscar Grind in Craglorn

This is one of the best leveling spots in ESO.

Spellscar XP Grinding Map

Verrant Morass Zombie Grind in Greenshade

A popular zombie grind and close to a wayshrine for teleporting.

Greenshade Zombie Xp Grind Map

Sentinel Zombie Grind in Alik’r Dessert

My favorite zombie grind. A lot of people run dolmens in Alik’r Dessert as well so you got the choice to switch it up a bit between the two.

Alik'r Zombie Grind Map

The Vile Laboratory Zombie Grind in Coldharbour

Coldharbour has two main areas that are great for grinding.

  • Court of Contempt Grind (North mark on the map)
  • The Vile Laboratory Zombie Grind (South mark on the map)
Coldharbour Grinding Map

Skyreach Catacombs Grind

If you want an instanced grind, you should go for Skyreach. You should have a couple hundred CP before you can start farming effciently here though.

Skyreach Grinding Map

ESO Dungeon Leveling

You should do every dungeon at least once for the quest. You should also do one Random Dungeon per day for the 4x XP bonus.

Random Daily Dungeon

Undaunted Pledges

When leveling in dungeons you should also get your 3 daily Undaunted Pledges. These quests are available from the Undaunted Enclaves in Wayrest, Mournhold and Elden Root.

ESO Dolmen Leveling

Dolmens are one of the best ways to level quickly in ESO. You just have to show up at a Dolmen and attack something at least once, and you will get full XP and some nice gear.

Eso Dolmens

I usually use the Dolmens in Alik’r Dessert as they will always have tons of players doing them so they only take about a minute to finish and you can move on to the next one.

The Dolmen in Alik’r also has wayshrines right next to them so you can move quickly between them.

Alik'r Dolmen Map

ESO Skill Point Leveling

There are many types of skills in ESO, and it is important to also level up your skills. How you level up your skills differ from skill to skill.

Class Skills

These are leveled automatically as you use them. Simply slot into your skill bar and use the skill to the skill line.

Weapon Skills

Works much the same as class skills. Equip a type of weapon and use skills from the skill line of that weapon.

Armor Skills

These are leveled automatically by wearing armor. Use 5 of your main type of armor and one of each of the other two to level them all up and benefit the most from the gear.

Soul Magic Skills

Are leveled up as you advance through the main story.

Legerdemain Skills

Level up by unlocking chests, stealing and laundering stolen goods.

Werewolf Skills

Leveled up through killing mobs in Werewolf form.

Vampire Skills

Vampire is leveled by earning XP as normal.

Fighters Guild

Complete guild story quests, bounties in Cyrodiil, doing dolmens and killing daedra and undead will level your Fighters Guild skills.

Mages Guild

Leveled through story quests, public dungeon daily quests and finding lorebooks all over the world.

Thieves Guild

Leveled through story quests and repeatable quests.

Dark Brotherhood

Leveled through story quests, repeatable quests and contracts.

Psijic Order

Leveled through story quests.


Leveled through dungeons and daily pledges.


Skyshards give you 1 skill point for every 3 that you find, so looking for Skyshards should be done as you level up. The location for each Skyshard can be found here.

That’s it for our ESO leveling guide. Now that you are level 50, check out our class builds here. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you!


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