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In the fast world we live in, new businesses crop up every day. While this is good for the general economy and the benefactors of that business, it only presents the age-old consumer dilemma: Are they legitimate?

Consumers in the present age have way more options available at their fingertips than all other past generations combined. There is just so much variety in the world and most at such unbelievable bargains. As a jewelry consumer, it is necessary now more than ever before to conduct due diligence in terms of research on pieces that you put your money into. This here is one on Nihao Jewelry.


Is Nihao Jewelry Legit?

At the beginning of the search, most information you will find on Nihao jewelry will not be very positive. However, as you read on, you can begin to see more enthusiastic comments of people with testimonials expressing how happy they are to have chosen Nihao as their supplier. Many customers compliment them on their very accessible and quick-response customer service commending them for being helpful at an unfortunate situation during purchase and assuring them of future business. Other people come online with photographic evidence of items they have bought proving to the world that Nihao is an actual business that delivers as it promises.


Looking through their catalogues will make it clear that Nihao is all about variety in trendy and edgy designs. While most of their material is admittedly of alloy quality, you as the buyer should be able to measure your expectations and be realistic about what is possible and what is not. Nihao have a collection of differently coated jewelry pieces but they unfortunately do not disclose their exact components on the website. Maybe an email could be all that’s needed to provide you information which will help you define what metal alloy you are purchasing.  Otherwise, the designs on their earrings, rings, bangles and even brooches are simply to die for. They come in so many brilliant colors and with some meshed with beautiful stones of emerald, sapphire, ruby and moonstone. Others are blended with leather or cloth or shells and embedded with rhinestones making them truly pop out to the eyes and this is a good thing for all customers.


Nihao have a unique and almost standard bag type and size that they feature on their site. They are really popular with the cross-body bag that is also quite small in size, comes in very fancy designs and in all colors imaginable. These tiny carry-ons are a girl’s best friend. Nihao knew what they were doing by strategically positioning these bags as part of their market segment.

Fine Jewelry

Nihao offer a range of fine jewelry pieces that range in type of material used in their production. In their store you are guaranteed to find rings made of Silver 925, Stainless Steel L316, Titanium, natural stone, copper and zircon and crystal materials. They also provide an option for customized pieces which you can order online. Customizing a piece gives you the chance to engrave personal messages on the item which makes for a perfect birthday, wedding or anniversary gift.

Hair Accessories

Their collection of rhinestone embedded bows and ones wrapped in interesting and fancy designs is extremely attractive and definitely irresistible. They have an array of different material, colors and finishing on over 4 designs. More than just bows, they have bands and clips too.


While Nihao do really well in terms of jewelry product range and quality, there is equally great variety and choice in their clothing department. Men, women and children can get items of daily wear and play in the home. Anything from scarves, swimwear, underwear and shoes are available on their online store. Even more exciting is that Nihao feature products from different cultures so you get great quality pieces from around the world. So far, their product range includes pieces inspired by Mexican, European and American cultures.


They have a measure of scale that rewards discounts based on how much money you have spent buying products from their site.

Branding and Packaging

If you would like to receive your packages with your business brand, you can pay to have this done for at least 240 pieces in one design.


When your order is good and ready, all you have to do is to facilitate payment to release it for shipping. There are several modes of payment that you can chose from which are either Credit Cards or through bank or PayPal deposits. They use DHL for their shipping but if you have a private shipping company that you would like your goods to come through, all you need to do is notify them and they will carry it out.

You should get your package within 10 days regardless of your location. Shipping costs depend on weight of the package and tariffs are fixed so that the more weight your package is, the lesser you have to pay. For tracking purposes, Nihao send their customers a notification email with their package’s order number when the goods are dispatched.

Affiliate Program

In keeping with their promise to grow with their customers, Nihao have an affiliate program that encourages customers to sign up as their jewelry retailers and earn a 4 to 8 percent commission on sales.


Where exactly is Nihao Jewelry Located?

There are some unclear claims that Nihao have made about their services that we wish could be cleared out sooner. Nihao claim to have a Trustpilot account but no records are available to confirm that. Trustpilot is a consumer review website which allows for freemium services to businesses enabling them to keep track of and publish their customer reviews. Companies subject themselves to this in order to gain, measure and manage their brand integrity.

Nihao also has two websites that could be very confusing for customers. Lastly, it is still yet to be confirmed about the exact location of Nihao Jewelers because one site claims they are based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang another says it’s in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Other than that small matter, the business is as legitimate as they come.


Brief introduction of Nihao jewelry?

Nihao Jewelry was started in 2012 and has since grown into a giant manufacturer and distributor of all types of jewelry. They have a large collection of beautiful accessory pieces in many different chain types and with various pendants and charms to match.

Being a lead generator of designs, they are also an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of several large brands. They are not afraid to share their skillset with you and will offer to do your designs to your customized specifications and create packaging and labeling for your goods. All this at a reasonable fee of course.

Nihao promises to grow with you and to keep providing quality and trendy items at very affordable prices for its retailers and their end-users. With over 100,000 items to pick from at any given time and with a guarantee that they will be in stock as advertised, it is easy to see why they have gained such popularity within a short time.

As a risk-taker, Nihao have expanded their horizons making way for more than just jewelry on their online website and shopping store. Now they sport fashion clothes, bags and baby and mother accessories too. They clearly live up to their mission to be a one-stop shop.

Nihao make a great effort to avail themselves to their customers and by using systems in place such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook posts and comments and emails as well have helped them stay engaged with their clients. Nothing is quite like a business with an added personal touch.

Attracting such a huge customer base translates to great connections and these have continued to reflect in the designs they are featuring on their website. More lately they have increasingly maximized their stock on cultural fashion jewelry from Korea, European and Mexican backgrounds.

This effectively increases their appeal to the mass market who would want to buy pieces that are of cultural significance whether for educational purposes or as a memoir or souvenir.

Unlike most other jewelry wholesalers who will ask for a minimum order quantity, Nihao have absolutely no limit and you can buy as little as is enough for you. This means that you don’t have to be a wholesaler to buy on their site and get it delivered to you.


Who are Nihao jewelry selling to?

Being more than just a jewelry store, Nihao has expanded their product line to include swimwear, clothing, shoes, bags, even mother and baby accessories! A look through their website and you will be captivated by the flood of images that will fill your screen. Their photography is definitely on the money and this further reduces any panic associated with buying from them.

They have tried to remain consistent with their Chinese culture projection on their designs and now they have collections categorized based on the origin of the pieces featured in their catalogues. These are so far, Mexico, Europe and the U.S.A.

Nihao’s target market cuts across all generations and circumstances. Whichever continent you are in and whatever item of fashion you may need, they are sure to have it in stock ready and waiting for payments and it will be shipped to you.


What are the pros and cons of Nihao jewelry?


  • ODM and OEM manufacturer for top brands
  • Great quality products
  • New fashionable designs
  • Easy access customer service
  • Online shopping experience
  • Over 100,000 in variety
  • One stop shop
  • Available for customized pieces
  • Affordable prices
  • Provides business support
  • Interactive website
  • Realtime communication on WhatsApp and Website chat window
  • Flexible Payment modes
  • Ships internationally
  • No minimum order quantity requirement
  • Reviewed on TrustPilot
  • Available on social internet platforms like Facebook Instagram and YouTube



What is Nihao Jewelry’s Return and Exchange Policy?

Return Policy

Nihao work very hard and have a dedicated quality control team that checks all packages for quality before shipment. They further crush-proof their packages making sure that your goods arrive in their best condition. It is an unfortunate and rare occurrence to receive damaged or faulty jewelry.

If you have encountered a problem with your order on arrival, you must notify Nihao by taking a video or photo showing the problem and email or WhatsApp this evidence to them within three days to secure a return or exchange claim. Failure to submit apply for this return within 7 days of confirmed issue will nullify your claim and you will lose your money. To return your goods to Nihao, you will have to cater to the shipping costs and ensure that the goods arrive there within 15 days of making the claim. They will take care of the shipping back to you. Customers are advised to keep your receipts as proof of purchase and indicate your order number to ease with administration and processing of your products.

This refund is not applicable to swimwear, undergarments or bodysuits and there are a few conditions that must be adhered to if you want to get this refund;

  • Items should have never been worn or washed
  • They should not smell of deodorant or have any stains on them

Having satisfied this, your claim will be processed within 3 to 5 days upon arrival at their distribution center. Do not expect a cash payout however, Nihao will credit your account with your refund balance which will be available to redeem at any time in the future when you buy your next product.



While Nihao seems like a fairly new party to the jewelry industry, they do have a flair to them that makes them stand out. They are open and detailed in their communication and they do try to include their customers in their business. Based on this extensive research, it is safe to say that Nihao Jewelry is a legitimate wholesale manufacturer of jewelry pieces using a variety of alloy metals.




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Mai Chee Yang

You get what you paid for

You get what you paid for. But got to say that their customer service sucks. I bought a lot and they smushed everything together which some jewelry arrived damages. I created a ticket with photos and they didn’t do anything about it and closed the ticket automatically after a few days.


Nancy and David Steagall


FIVE STARS PLUS! Being a new customer to Nihao Jewelry, I needed a lot of help from my advisor and customer service. They were very kind, courteous and explained every question I had completely. In a few weeks my order arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and appearance of each item! I will be ordering from Nihao Jewelry again!

Everything ok

I made my order from Mexico and everything arrived very well and quickly, the attention was excellent and I had no problem, I will definitely order again

Mrs. Ferrell Jones

Gorgeous Jewelry

At first, I was a little skeptical as this was my first time ordering directly from another country. However, my experience has been perfect! I received fast customer service each time if I have questions or concerns. The jewelry prices are incredible and great quality! Everything arrived in tact. Shipping takes a little longer because it’s coming from another country AND we are in a Pandemic. (give Grace folks). This company is a best kept secret that shouldn’t be kept!


Great Company

I have been using Nihao for a few months and haven't been disappointed yet. I have received everything I ordered, if not in stock I've had an email and credit to my account. Some items look so much better in person than on the website. The delivery is quick, tracked all the way, quality is perfect, orders are packed to perfection. I really can't fault them. I will definitely be ordering again.


I been using nihao for a year now

I been using nihao for a year and a half now. Loved them and thought they were to be trusted. I used to have no issue for receiving credit for missing items but this time around I had issue. They wouldn’t credit me and said I did not have missing items which I did. Just because their warehouse marked that it’s in my package does not mean it was. There are a few times from past orders that they claim they sent but is missing in my box, I ticket with no issue. I always report honestly throughout all my purchases. I am a bit upset and disappointed as a loyal customer who supported them that it had to be this way. I’m not sure if I will continue anymore from this experience. Sure it’s just a few dollars or cent but it’s still money lost for me.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore



If you are buying products from Nihaojewelery for: YOURSELF; make sure you buy gold plated of stainless steel products. otherwise you have a great chance to end up with a cheap metal jewelery.
FOR YOUR BUSINESS; Beware that the items WILL be out of stock and then you will not be able to keep your best selling items. The only chance for them to restock is if you buy thousands of items (bulk purchase).
The customer service is only as good as a robot service and they will not try to help you. They only can inform you as much as you can see from your account.(items in cart, delivery status etc.) I regret starting my small business with them.


Estephany Aguilar

Excellent products

Excellent products, very good customer service and quite fast and efficient in shipments, I like it very much because all their products are very original and apart from cheap, it seems like a perfect store

My shipment has been delayed and I have…

My shipment has been delayed and I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for my order. Need the company's registration. Tried to contact my advisor that has been assigned to my order and have not received any feedback. I also have another order I am waiting for that has not even been shipped and its been almost 2 weeks. I paid the shipping cost of delivery between 7-9 days as per their policy

we are sorry for the shipping delay , but we have a 3 days holiday ( from Oct1st to 3rd ) . all order you placed after Sept 25th was processed begin at Oct 4th.and for the order # NHZA210927467132=922829358449 shipped on Oct 6th you will receive it soon. If you have any questions about the order , please email her order number to [email protected] or add this WhatsApp +86 15381023751, our service manager will get involved in her case.

my fav shopping adress

high quality and in same condition how they look in picture. It takes only 1-2 weeks for shipping to Europe that’s main reason of choosing Nihao jewelry. If i have any questions their customer service take response as soon.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore


Lisiana Naeata

As a first time buyer experience was…

As a first time buyer experience was great. Website easy to navigate and agent was always answering all my questions through whatsup which was very helpful. Received order within the expected time frame once it left the warehouse. And all products was exactly as photos shown with great quality

Horrible Experience

At this point, I'd like to give them a rating lower than 0. I tried to purchase from them about this time last year. I ordered Christmas presents to give them a test run to see if they were legitimate since I found them on social media. When I tried to pay for my purchase, I received a message telling me I couldn't pay because my city, state, and zip code were wrong. They were all correct. I contacted the company and go the runaround for a solid week. After several days of the runaround, once representative finally sent me a link from Paypal telling me I could pay that way. I paid, and the link didn't sink up to my account, so they kept telling me it didn't get paid. I had to get Paypal involved to prove to them that they had been paid. Once they realized they had been paid, they did send the merchandise and I received it accurately and most of the stuff was pretty decent. But that week of trying to get them paid that was so horrible I even got someone who is a computer engineer involved to see if it was on my end and was assured it wasn't - well, I was done with them.

A year passed, and I thought I'd try it again. I ordered some Christmas presents to give them a test run before I started purchasing in bulk for resale and charity like I do with many other companies to see if anything was better - and to the letter the same thing happened again as did last year - only this time they tried to get me to pay them again. Paypal is working on it again for me as I type.

The problem is that they'll never work with me to get it resolved even after a computer engineer assured them the problem is on their end. They give me wrong answer after wrong answer after wrong answer that doesn't work to fix the problem. If they'd work to fix the problem so I could just pay from my account like a consumer should be able to do from any company then I'd be buying lots of stuff from them, but they won't do that.

And, I'm going to tell the company now not to answer this with some kind of pat answer. Both times I've shopped with you I've worked for a solid week with various departments of your company to get this resolved. If you want to resolve it, answer all of the complaints I already have in instead of writing something here that will make your company look good but that won't do any more to help me than you've already done.

We are sorry about that , but in the email our colleague have explained , first we have a 3 days holiday can not reply your message right away , second as for the emails you received, we can only display part of the products. There will be more if all are shown, you can see the details of the order in your account. pls reply her email she will help you solve the problem


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The quality of the accessories are according to cost, quality, service, speed and attention is excellent! I love all the accessories! Payment is safe and delivery very fast! I highly recommend them! They have a wide variety of accessories, as well as bags and novelties for women, men, boys and girls and everything is incredible, it is well worth buying!

Tip for consumers:
In case the merchandise does not arrive, they must make a claim as soon as possible and send their evidence! the refund is one hundred percent

Products used:
accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, ladies' handbags, girl's hair accessories


About Us

About NihaoJewelry

Nihaojewlery is professional supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories , there are more than 100,000 items in stock with a wide range category you could selection. We have our own factory , engaged in manufacturing the most popular style with lower price and superior quality. When you start your business with Nihaojewelry, you are shopping for quality, the newest trends and the best deals. We will development together.

Nihaojewelry is truly your one-stop online shopping destination for all your fashion order, we provide different material of fashion jewelry wholesale, women bags wholesale, swimwear wholesale and fashion accessories like sunglasses ,watches and scarves etc…Every day update newest style , no minimum order and fast worldwide delivery. We want to be your best support in fashion products. We highly welcome you to join us and start your own business!

Our competitive advantage

We have our own factory, when you put your order on our site. We can arrange the delivery at the very first time. Thus it will save a lot of costs and time. So it makes us provide the most competitive price for you.

1.The quality of our products is very reliable. All the production chains are completed in our own factory. We have special inspectors to control the quality of our products. If there are any problems with the products you buy from us in the period of validity, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you to solve the problems.
2.We are the ODM and OEM manufacturer of some famous jewelry brands. So if you also need this kind of service, you just need to tell us your idea or what you want to do, after the confirmation, we will purchase the raw materials ,do the design, produce, process and package. So you don’t need to pay any design and other fees. It can help you save a lot of fees.

3.One-stop shopping: based on the Nihaojewelry factory, we have thousands of jewelries, at the same time we update our products constantly. You can buy variety jewelry accessories from us. If you choose Nihaojewelry from now on, you don't need to take great pains for purchasing different kinds of jewelries.

4.We are located in the biggest city. We have been committed to provide our clients the best quality and most competitive price.
5.We provide the most trendy jewelry products to our customers, whether it is western Jewelry or Korean Jewelry, earrings or bracelets, you can find something different and worthwhile.


Locations nihao jewelry

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Why I buy wholesale jewelry products from Nihaojewelry but not Aliexpress?

But maybe it's for the best that I moved here. If you and I lived close to each other, you would be hell in my marriage. I felt goose bumps run down my skin.

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