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Stressed Out or Have Anxiety? Here’s Why You Should Pick Up a Fidget Ring

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You or someone you know likely has a thing you do to cope with the anxious moments in life. Or, you have a go-to item you reach for when you’re restless and just need something to do. But you want to drop the habit of nail biting, pulling your necklace, spinning your pens or whatever you do to calm your nerves and pass the time, companies are now introducing fidget rings, that allow you to fidget in a subtle way without doing damage.

What is a Fidget Ring?

As the name suggests, a fidget ring is a ring you wear around your fingers with an element of spinning, twisting or tapping that lets you “fidget” with it. The best fidget rings (also sometimes referred to as “spinner rings”) provide a more subtle and discreet way to engage your restless fingers over say, a large fidget spinner or even the popular fidget cubes.

Some people will twist their regular rings, so a fidget ring is a more soothing alternative to this anxious habit. Some of the most popular fidget rings also include a moveable band, attached to the fixed band, that allows you to smoothly “spin” your ring. It’s usually made out of metal or a hard plastic, though there are other materials used in fidget rings too.

The best part: because they look like regular jewelry, the best fidget rings are also super easy to wear as an everyday accessory, that does double duty as a stylish ring and something to help ease anxiety.

Do Fidget Rings Reduce Anxiety?

According to Calm Clinic, fidget rings could be used to help reduce anxiety. Fidget rings are not exactly a magical cure, but awareness of why you wear one and its purpose can help you. When you start fidgeting with the ring, you know it’s for the purpose to soothe nerves, so you’re aware of your anxiety and current preoccupation. Wearing a fidget ring can help you be more present, and give you a positive association by equating the action of spinning your ring with relaxation. Naturally, fidgeting is also calming, so using the ring is an effective way at keeping nerves in check.

Are Fidget Rings Worth It?

In a time when anxiety’s been exceedingly high, we recommend fidget rings. From constant work and the stress of the pandemic, a fidget ring is worth having around if you need to relieve stress, turn your mind off, or focus on something else for a few minutes aside from your daily grind. It’s certainly not a germ-y habit to spin a ring; plus, some styles work for everyday wear. And unlike the one-size-fits-all approach to a fidget spinner, the best fidget rings come in sizes and designs for every taste and personality. We rounded up our favorite fidget rings below.

1. FIBO STEEL 6-Piece Stainless Steel Spinner Rings

Best Fidget Rings-Fibo Steel-spinner ring


This unisex six-piece set comes in silver 316L stainless steel, a popular stainless steel used in watches and jewelry thanks to its durability. It also has a lower amount of carbon, making it more resistant to corrosion. These rings have a variety of designs and width, so switch them up depending on your style that day.

Buy:FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Spinner Ringat$13.99

2. Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Rings, 10-Pack

Best Fidget Rings-Mr. Pen-Spiky-Sensory-Rings


The spiky sensory rings may not be the traditional fidget ring, but they provide massaging relief. The spikes help promote blood circulation around the finger. Reviewers have said it helps them to stop biting their nails, focus, and offers a soothing massage. These aren’t stylish for normal wear, but they’re great for working from home or lounging around. The “spikes” aren’t actually dangerous – think of them like the tip of a pen or end of a match.

This set gets you ten rings in multiple colors. The rings are made of a stretchy metallic material that fits most finger sizes too.

Buy:Mr. Pen Spiky Sensory Ringsat$6.99

3. Nanafast 3-Piece Fidget Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Nanafast-3pc-Fidget-Spinner-Rings


Nanafast’s three-piece ring set has a more grungy appeal. Made out of hypoallergenic stainless steel, these fidget rings also do not rust or fade, according to the manufacturer. Two rings are two-toned in silver and black, and the other is all black with a grainy pattern that resembles asphalt. They each have a different width, so you get versatility in both design and size.

Buy:Nanafast Fidget Spinner Ringat$12.69

4. NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Noiva-.925-sterling-silver-copper-brass-spinner-ring


Novica produces rings with ethical standards and all of their creations, including this tri-tone meditation spinner ring, which is certified fair-trade and handcrafted by artisans. This particular one incorporate real sterling silver, copper and brass, and looks more like a beautiful piece of jewelry than a fidget ring, although the movable “spinning” parts let you use it for anxiety and stress relief too. Reviewers praised this ring for its artistic design, but because of its thickness, you may want to size up.

Buy:NOVICA Tri-Tone Meditation Spinner Ringat

5. ALEXTINA Stress Relief Stainless Steel Spinner Ring

Best Fidget Rings-Alextina-stress-relief-spinner-ring-animal-cat-band


For the cat lovers, this funky design might add to your anxiety-relief. The 316L stainless steel ring is available in rose gold or silver. It won’t rust, and it’s also scratch-resistant. Plus, it’s safe to wash with soapy water if it gets dirty.  What we like: the beautiful finish looks like genuine jewelry, but the etched cat print and the spinning band makes this a fu fidget ring as well.

Buy:ALEXTINA Stainless Steel Cat Spinner…at$12.49


Fidget Jewelry Is the Stress-Relieving Accessory We All Need After This Year

While some people bite their nails, I pick at them. It’s a bad habit I developed years ago while stressing over college applications and the SATs. Getting regular gel manicures helped me shake it off over the years, but 2020 threw a new curve ball. The stress of the pandemic, no professional manicures, and no professional office setting to keep my habit in check? My nails haven’t looked this bad in years. 

So when I stumbled upon fidget jewelry on Instagram, I stopped scrolling. A quick Google search revealed plenty of styles on Amazon and Etsy, as well as higher-end brands like J. Hannah and Marla Aaron creating fidget rings and pendants. Apparently, the stress of 2020 has caused designers to come up with creative solutions. But can fidget jewelry actually help?

It turns out that yes, fidget jewelry can keep your hands happy, as Katherine Isbister, PhD and professor of computational media at the University of California, Santa Cruz puts it. Spending years researching the effectiveness of fidgets, Isbister found that jewelry often came up as one of the responses when asking participants what they fidget with on their own.

“It’s a very old practice if you think of mediation beads or rosary beads,” says Isbister. “[Fidget jewelry] is just taking it a step further and being like, well, what repetitive, unconscious sort of play might that piece of jewelry afford? You might turn a ring around your finger already, but the spinning element adds to the interaction.”

Isbister also discovered that people usually look for discreet fidgets, whether to avoid distracting others or breaking the social norm of staying still. A huge pro of fidget jewelry is that it easily masks its purpose. In fact, most pieces look like any other ring or necklace, with the exception that they have an intentional component you can spin, twirl, or move up and down. It’s this repetitive, rhythmic interaction that Isbister says can be grounding and help you focus. 

To find the best fidget for you, she recommends first considering whether you want to be aroused or calmed, as different sensations offer different effects. It’s also good to think about what you already fidget with naturally and if a certain piece of jewelry might feel similar. “If you are bored or tired, people will sometimes seek out something that is prickly or kind of clicky, like a pen that jolts you into a little more awareness,” says Isbister. “If you are anxious or over-stimulated, you might want to feel a smooth and cool surface to calm down.”

Before my conversation with Ibister, I impulsively purchased 12 spiky sensory rings from Amazon, though I might have been better off with something smoother. Still, rolling the ring up and down my finger created this soothing rhythm. There was also an awareness factor—each time I reach for the ring, I am aware I’m about to fidget, and I have found myself less and less inclined to start this habit in the first place.

This mindfulness may be one of the most important parts fidget jewelry can offer, especially as many of us continue to work from home without regular breaks or boundaries.

“It’s probably inherently unnatural for us to sit all day long and expect ourselves to have undivided attention, so I think it’s always important to take fidgeting as a sign that you might need a break,” says Isbister.

Whether you want to kick a bad habit like me or pick up a new accessory with some soothing benefits, check out our favorite fidget pieces below.

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With 12 rings, half coming in gold and the other in silver, this set is a steal. Will I actually wear them out of the house? No. But for working from home or relaxing after a long day back in the office, they are the perfect accessory to keep my hands busy and my mind at ease.


Recognizing the need for some real retail therapy, Los Angeles-based jewelry brand J.Hannah recently launched a Pivot Ring collection. Starting at $395, its three different designs are worthy splurges if you want something timeless and elegant for when the office actually reopens. Plus, 10 percent of the rings’ proceeds are donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.


Fidget bracelets and earrings are harder to find, yet Captain Peter Jewelry has a variety of options on Etsy. Its minimalist metal pieces are so chic, you might forget the moving beads have another purpose. If you find a style you love, be sure to place your order, as they sell out fast.

4Crafts By Anna Lee Rose Quartz Fidget Necklace 


If you enjoy holding a smooth stone in your hand while doing some deep thinking, you’ll love the convenience of wearing this polished rose quartz. Dubbed the stone of self-love, the gemstone is known for its healing qualities and it takes center stage in this rotating piece.

5ALEXTINA Women's Men's 6MM 8MM Fashion Stainless Steel Spinner Ring


With no flashy jewels and available in 10 versatile shades, this stainless steel ring keeps it simple. The outer band has a sandpaper texture and can be spun manually, providing you with that sensory touch and rhythmic motion.

6Pamela Love Enamel Eye Ring


Ward off negative energies and anxiety with this Evil Eye rotating ring. Fans of the symbol have been donning jewelry with eye-catching details in trust of the symbol’s energetic power. Between the vibes and rotation, it will surely keep you in the zone.

7Street Bauble Fidget Spinning Ring


With a hammered finish, this sterling silver ring has a rustic touch that looks like you found it at an artisanal craft fair. The Etsy designer even gives you the option to request a custom combination of bands if you want a truly unique piece.

8PeNeede Well Crafted Gear Pendant with Chain


Cute and cheeky, this necklace is a fun way to get your “gears going” if you’ve hit a mental roadblock after all those Zoom meetings. Reviewers like how the pendent is lightweight yet sturdy and good quality. 

9CDE Rotating Birthstone Rings


This spinning ring gets more personal with the option to select your birthstone in either a rose gold or silver band. Sure, it’s a bit over-the-top, but sometimes that’s what your WFH routine needs.

10Marla Aaron Fiddling Series

From $2500,

From pulleys to locks, the Fiddling Series from Marla Aaron will really keep your hands busy. Crafted from gold and precious stones, these pieces are works of art that are just as fun to play with as to look at. You can add the charms to your own chains and bracelets for a custom look. The hefty price tags make them a worthy gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. 

  1. Paper cut background
  2. Ems multi tool
  3. Titanic theme piano
  4. Aquarium t5 fixture
  5. Diy crystal holder

This is an extensive list of the best fidget rings you can use to lower your anxiety. We will describe the unique features of each of these rings to give readers a general idea. We will also cite research wherever possible to reaffirm their effect on anxiety.

What are the Best Fidget Rings for Anxiety?

Fidget Rings that Help with Anxiety

A fidget ring is something that you can wear on your finger and it will provide sensory stimulation. Some fidget rings are designed to let wearers spin or manipulate the features. Others simply provide rough or dented textures you can rub your fingers against.

The idea behind fidget rings is that through sensory stimulation, it can help you curb anxiety in three ways. First, the fidgeting acts like a distraction from anxious or stressful thoughts. Second, by fidgeting, you are releasing all that nervous energy built up inside. Finally, this sensory stimulation is a tactile grounding technique.

Through these three steps, a fidget ring helps you manage your anxiety better. Here are some of the best fidget rings for anxiety:

ALEXTINA Spinner Ring

Anxious thoughts can cause distraction, hyper-ventilation and discomfort. Unfortunately, in public or professional settings, there are few ways to deal with them, without attracting unwanted attention. 

The ALEXTINA Spinner Ring will distract you from ruminating thoughts as you no longer fixate on them while fidgeting. This fidget spinner ring will help to soothe you and keep those negative, automatic thoughts away. That way, you can focus on the work at hand or just relax.

ALEXTINA Inspirational Spinner Ring

Often, our anxiety becomes too powerful to control. It does not let us think clearly and keeps us from doing our job or things we like. If you feel the same way, do not worry. Here is just the right thing for your problem. 

This motivational fidget spinner helps you keep your anxiety at bay. It also reminds you to keep going and believe in yourself. It will be just the thing you need to see, while having distressing thoughts.

Spiky Sensory Rings

Spiky Sensory rings can be used for a variety of emotional stressors, like anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, and distressing situations. They are massaging rings which promote blood circulation. This further regulates the Sympathetic Nervous System and reduces stress reactions. 

By engaging sensory functions, these can also be part of replacement behaviours for people with Autism. For people with ADHD, these rings will help to focus on the work at hand.

Qualimate Spinner Fidget Ring

Stress can harm us in more than one way. It affects mentally, physically, and socially. Humans have to face stressful situations at every moment of the day. For such situations, the Magic Magnetic Fidget Ring comes handy. 

It reduces stress and increases concentration in work or study. It will relieve anxiety like magic and help you relax. The decompression effect caused by this ring will help relieve pressure and make you feel better.

Pamela Love Enamel Eye Ring

If you believe in the evil eye, it might be causing you a lot of worry and anxiety. It can hamper your day-to-day life. Wearing this Enamel Eye Ring will protect you from the evil eye. 

As a result, you can engage in your work, socialization and self-care with ease and without tension. Mental peace goes a long way in keeping both the mind and body healthy. This ring will ensure that for you!

CDE Rotating Birthstone Rings

The spinner design feature of this ring is perfect for people who have anxiety or are continuously in anxiety-inducing situations. Just by spinning it at high speed, a lot of stress and anxiety can be relieved. 

By engaging in the activity of spinning, you will be distracted from negative thoughts. This will significantly help you in social gatherings by making you relaxed and relieving social tension. Consequently, you can build relationships, efficiently.

J.Hannah Pivot Ring

The Pivot Ring is inspired by fidget spinners and spinning anxiety tools, used to curb various distressing thoughts. In high stress and anxiety-inducing situations, this ring can help you by providing small sensorial distractions. 

So fight against your brain when it sends you stress by engaging in spinning this ring. The moment you are engaged in an activity, however mundane, you no longer can focus on the negative automatic thoughts which make you anxious and distressed.

Sterling Silver Spinner Ring with Moonstone

This spinner Ring with Moonstone is an anti-anxiety and anti-stress ring. You can fidget with the ring when you feel anxious to keep your fingers busy. It will relieve your stress by distracting you from the scary thoughts you are having. 

Thus, the moment you no longer think about them, you feel calmer and more relaxed. you can completely focus on the job at hand or just loosen up. This ring can also be used for meditation, which increases concentration.

Cuban Link Chain Rotating Rings

The smoothness with which these Cuban Link Chain rings can be rotated, helps in dealing with sudden anxious thoughts. They also help if you are suddenly stuck in a stressful situation and you feel too overwhelmed to figure things out. 

Just keep rotating the ring and slowly feel yourself calm down. You will be able to look at the situation rationally and figure out a way to deal with it.

Oxidised Sterling Silver Darcy Spinning Ring

Here is a ring with a classic spinning ring design which is known to alleviate stress and anxiety. In various social situations, one might be faced with sudden anxious thoughts. This can lead to breakdowns, hyperventilation, or panic attacks. 

This ring is designed to help with just that! Whenever you feel too anxious, keep spinning the ring on your hand and feel yourself calm down. It will distract you from your thoughts and help you relax.

Street Bauble Fidget Spinning Ring

The outer ring of this fidget spinner ring, spins easily and keeps disturbing and anxious thoughts at bay. Life is full of situations where we encounter stress regularly and some are so distressing that it does not let us think straight. 

We get extremely anxious which worsens our health. With this fidget spinning ring you can redirect your nervous energy to a more calm centre and rise above the occasion and tackle the situation effectively.

Meditation Spinning Ring

Life is pretty hard and the current times have been extremely trying. It is hard to find peace. But it gets easier with this Meditation Spinning Ring. It can be used to meditate or release stress and let go of nervous energy. 

This will help the individual stay grounded and focus on their present, without ruminating over the past or future. The beaded texture will provide a relaxing sensory stimulation and distract you from distressing thoughts.

Dhikr Ring Worry Ring

The beads of this Worry ring are colour coded and help you in meditation or prayer. By counting the number of beads on this ring you can bring back your mind from distracting thoughts. This will help you focus only on your prayers. 

It will also help you by providing sensory stimulation, as you can push the beads. A good meditation or prayer session can go a long way in making you feel more focused, energized and calm. And the Dhikr worry ring assists you in this process.

Anxiety Bead Ring

Anxiety can be dealt with in a lot of different ways. Not all of them are healthy. Many people bite their nails or pull at their cuticles when they feel anxious or nervous. Anxiety Bead rings can be used as a replacement for these compulsive behaviours. 

Now you can fidget with the beads on your ring instead! The beads also provide tactile and sensory stimulation which will make you feel calm and centered.

Jstyle 3Pcs Stainless Steel Fidget Band Rings

Sometimes we have a lot of anxious energy that is impossible to channel into any productive work. This steel fidget band ring helps you relieve it, so that you can feel calmer. Then you can concentrate on the work at hand. 

These rings are highly effective for people with ADHD and anxiety as they redirect attention through fidgeting. In stressful situations as well, this ring will be highly effective in making you feel calmer.

STARVAN Rotating Fidget Ring

How many times have you been at social gatherings that are extremely distressing? This rotating ring is perfect to wear in any social situation which might make you feel anxious. When you feel awkward or anxious in such situations, just rotate this ring! 

It will make you feel less worried and anxious and help you center yourself. You can then go back to feeling like yourself and engage with people and form great relationships.

Vrycot Adjustable Inspirational Ring

We forget our own advice and beliefs when we are in stressful situations. The anxiety just takes over us and leaves us disturbed. We then wish we had someone to remind us to take it easy. 

This adjustable inspirational ring does just that! It has your best mantras engraved on it to remind you in tough situations to keep going. One look at the engraving and you will feel more centred and resolved than before.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.


This was an extensive list of the best fidget rings you can use to lower your anxiety. We described the unique features of each of these rings to give readers a general idea. We also cited research wherever possible to reaffirm their effect on anxiety.

Our list included ALEXTINA Spinner Ring, ALEXTINA Inspirational Spinner Ring, Spiky Sensory Rings, Qualimate Spinner Fidget Ring, Pamela Love Enamel Eye Ring, CDE Rotating Birthstone Rings, J.Hannah Pivot Ring, and Sterling Silver Spinner Ring with Moonstone.

We also talked about Cuban Link Chain Rotating Rings, Oxidised Sterling Silver Darcy Spinning Ring, Street Bauble Fidget Spinning Ring, Meditation Spinning Ring, Dhikr Ring Worry Ring, Anxiety Bead Ring, Jstyle 3Pcs Stainless Steel Fidget Band Rings, STARVAN Rotating Fidget Ring, and Vrycot Adjustable Inspirational Ring

FAQs (Best Fidget Rings for Anxiety)

Do anxiety rings work?

Anxiety rings are like regular rings except that they have features that provide sensory stimulation. This could be in the form of movement, textures, or magnetic functions that allow the wearer to fidget. 

Through fidgeting, one can distract themselves from anxious thoughts, release nervous energy, and experience grounding. Each of these effects can lower symptoms of anxiety.

Is fidgeting a sign of anxiety?

Fidgeting is when a person is unable to sit or stand straight and feels compelled to make many movements. Essentially, fidgeting is a sign of restlessness, which occurs when the body has more energy than it needs.

Anxiety causes a person’s fight-or-flight reaction to activate. Underlying this activation is the sympathetic nervous system. The latter causes our cells to produce more energy to prepare us for the threat. When the threat is just a hypothetical worry, the energy isn’t needed and we start fidgeting.

How do I stop fidgeting anxiety?

There are two steps involved in stopping yourself from fidgeting. The first is to prevent it by removing access to objects that assist fidgeting. These could be accessories, jewellery, buttons or other small objects in close proximity to the body.

Once you have removed the temptation, the next thing is to replace the behaviour. Every time you feel compelled to fidget, divert that energy to some other acceptable behaviour. This will form a new association and eventually the compulsion to fidget will die.


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The Best Fidget Rings for Soothing Your Nerves

In order to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and ease the mind after long days, many people turn to a fidget ring to calm the nerves. Fidget rings help us cope with daily irks while building a stronger sense of focus and dexterity. If you’re looking for a way to ease neurological conditions or a way to kick habits that have gnawed at you for far too long, here are some fidget ring options that we recommend.

Fidgeting With the Perfect Purchase

Consider these factors when buying your next fidget ring:

  • Surface: The best kind of fidget ring is one that offers a wholly unique way to ease your worried headspace. Spinners with smooth surfaces will get the job done, but you should also look to rings with an array of design elements.
  • Variety: Just as you should seek out unique design elements in your ring, also consider buying in bulk, or bundles, rather than just one at a time. Purchasing bundle packs of fidget rings ensures that you as the user can switch up your spinning methods to prevent falling into a pattern.
  • Style: It’s also important that the ring you choose reflect a little bit of your style. There are several options to choose from: bold and bright, minimal and modest, or cocktail outfit essential. The important thing here is that you decide what you’d prefer—a fidget ring to blend in or to stand out.

Best Magnetic: Forno Stress Relief Magnetic Rings

To start the list, we recommend a fidget band that’s true to the playful nature of its use and popularization among the masses. Forno’s Stress Relief Magnetic Rings are multi-purpose, anti-stress gadgets that you can wear and spin around your fingers in three colors: blue, green, and orange. It offers users a multi-directional spin operation to perform a variety of freestyle tricks. This trio’s magnetic bonding abilities make for an even easier way to pull off tricks, connecting one to the other or connecting all three.

Most Stylish: Boruo 925 Sterling Silver Rolling Ring

For users seeking to calm their anxiety in the most discreet way possible, here’s an option that wouldn’t look out of place with your Saturday night best. Boruo 925’s Sterling Silver Rolling Ring is visually pleasing and has the appeal of premium jewelry, while designed with the intent of easing your mind. This fidget ring comes to you in a tarnish-resistant platinum plating that retains its round shape no matter which overlapping ring the user is spinning. In addition to its stylish edge, each purchased fidget ring comes with an eco-friendly cotton carrying bag.

Best Value: Blulu Sensory Finger Rings

A colorful batch of 30 rings that children and young teens would love to get their hands on, Blulu’s Sensory Finger Rings are bold and comfortable to the touch. Each of these 0.98-inch fidget rings features a spiky—but rounded—stainless steel body with an anodized coating. This ring is less for freestyling and more so a means of acupressure, massaging the length and tips of your fingers to reduce anxiety and stress. Picture it on your finger during long stints at the computer or just as a way to unwind after a long day. Additionally, users can choose colors according to their personal preferences.

Also Great: Jstyle Stainless Steel Fidget Rings

Here’s another eye-catching three-pack that combines great flair with highly durable construction. The Jstyle Stainless Steel Fidget Ring bundle brings users a highly polished, scratch-resistant accessory with varying surfaces and spinning operations. From rough gradients to grooved edges and smooth veneers, users get three kinds of rings that each stimulate their fingers and brain in their own distinct ways. Simply put, you’re getting a trio of some pretty unique stress reducers.


Fidget rings best

Keep Calm During Stressful Moments With These 10 Insanely Cute Fidget Rings For Adults

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Whether you have anxiety, ADHD, or a habit you're looking to break, you may have tried out fidget toys for stress relief. But have you heard of fidget rings? If you're looking to keep nervousness on the down-low or want to have convenient access to a fidget device, this small piece of jewelry might be your jam. The rings look like any ordinary accessory, except you can mess with them like you would a fidget toy — how cool! They're super subtle, so no one will notice you fidgeting around with their fun features. From small beads to rotating pendants to spinners and more, these rings have a secret agenda suited for any person experiencing nerves. Check out a few of our favorite finds for adults ahead and see which ring suits you best.

Tricks tutorial - FinGears Magnetic Rings

Fidget Rings Are The New Fidget Spinners & They're So Much More Fashionable

The fidget spinner trend might be out of the spotlight, but that doesn't mean that people still aren't in need of a way to help settle their minds. Fidget Rings are the latest creation to help cope with your nerves, stresses and anxieties, which means you can have something to play with and still look good too. As dainty and gorgeous as these accessories are, they're also pretty darn helpful for stress and anxiety management. What does your jewelry do for you?

Fidget spinners were everywhere in 2017. There was everything from the actual spinner itself to ones for your bathtub and even some that held lip gloss. Although the trend is pretty much over, brands like PATTI + RICKY know just how much accessories like this are actually needed. The company sells jewelry for people with disabilities — and that includes fidget rings.

The idea is similar to a fidget spinner. Each ring is made of metal and has moveable parts on it. Think beads that slide back and forth and rings that twirl. Instead of carrying around a fidget spinner with you, you can slip this on your finger and use it as you'd like.

Rings are available in sizes three to 14, so people of all ages can reap the stylish benefits of the rings. The brand also sells fidget necklaces as well.

The fidget-needed items are much more than just a trend. According to Healthline, fidget devices help people with ADHD and some doctors see a benefit in people using them to calm their nerves .

Unlike fidget spinners, which are somewhat noisy and you have to carry them with you, the jewelry makes it easy to bring your anxiety-help with you at all times. Just slip it onto your finger or around your neck and you're good to go.

The accessories are available on the PATTI + RICKY website for $23 to $33. There are tons of different styles to choose from, too. Here are a few of the brand's accessories, so you can stock up.

1. Tripple Loop

2. Triangles

3. Simple Band

4. Horseshoe Shaped

5. Textured Beads

6. Heart-Shaped

7. Fidget Necklace

These accessories are the perfect way to see if the fidget aspect helps you in everyday life. If nothing else, you'll walk away with some really great accessories.


Now discussing:

11 Spinning Fidget Rings to Help Keep You Calm and Focused

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

Remember five years ago when fidget spinners were all the rage? They were seriously fun, and more importantly, they helped keep our minds from wandering all across the universe while we were working, talking on the phone or even just waiting around for a friend.

These days, you don’t really see fidget spinners anywhere. A big part of this, to be candid, is that they’re inconvenient to use and not exactly subtle. When you use a fidget spinner, everyone knows what’s going on. That’s why we are all about fidget rings emerging as the next big thing!

Fidget rings, also known as anxiety rings, look like regular rings you’d wear for style purposes — but they have a feature you can fidget with, such as a spinning element. If you’re feeling restless or having trouble paying attention and staying focused, having this small ring to play with may keep you on track and ease your mind, helping to soothe stress and keep you in the moment. And no one will have to know!

Want to see some examples on Amazon you can buy for yourself (or someone else) at affordable prices? We’ve picked out 11 of our faves, and every option is under $50!

1. This Colorful Set


Three stainless steel rings for under $15? We’re in! This set comes with three glittery colors: silver, rose gold and iridescent rainbow. Spin the outer part of the band around and around, and instantly feel centered!

See it!

Get the LAOYOU Spinner Ring 3pc Set for just $13 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

2. This Birthstone Ring


Now this ring caught Us by surprise in the best way. Choosing a birthstone for the heart charms on the ring is cool enough, but being able to spin the charm around is just awesome — and relaxing!

See it!

Get the Milacolato Sterling Silver Rotating Heart Birthstone Ring for just $16 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

3. This Boho Ring


How cool is this? You get a wide, sterling silver band with embossed flowers, plus a thin, contrasting brass and copper band on the outside that you can not only spin, but move up and down the wider band. Obsessed!

See it!

Get the Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Spinner Ring for just $41 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

4. This Meditation Ring


The tri-color twine design of this ring represents unbreakable bonds, and as you spin it around, it may help calm any nervous energy and remind you of what’s important!

See it!

Get the Energy Stone Twine Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring for just $42 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

5. This Magical Vibes Set


We love this three-piece set because it’s especially subtle. The moon and star ring has a spinning band, while the moonstone ring and the daisy ring are just regular rings. You can wear all three together or mix and match with others!

See it!

Get the Hanpabum 3pc Stainless Steel Fidget Band Ring Set for just $12 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

6. These Interlocking Rings


This rolling ring consists of three thin bands that are interlocked together, so you can move them around on your finger or take them off and twirl them around!

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Get the Suplight Store 925 Sterling Silver High Polished Triple Interlocked Rolling Ring for just $13 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

7. This Affirmation Ring


Spinning the band on this ring around could have a calming effect, but you may find even more peace when you read the engraving on it: “I am enough.”

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Get the Fenthring Sterling Silver Fidget I Am Enough Spinner Ring for just $28 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

8. This Textured Ring


We love this spinner ring because the bumpy texture of the spinning band offers another form of anxiety-reducing fidgeting. Just letting your fingertips glide over them feels nice and calming!

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Get the SilverCloserOut Sterling Silver Bali Spinner Ring for just $25 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

9. This Rainbow Ring


So beautiful! You can rotate the cubic zirconia stones on top of this ring and watch as all of the pretty colors (and white center stone) glisten in the light!

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Get the Bling Toman Fidget Ring for just $15 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

10. This Heartbeat Ring


This spinning band on this sleek ring represents a heartbeat, so if yours starts racing, you can spin, breathe and slow things down for a while.

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Get the ALEXTINA 7MM Smooth Stainless Steel Spinner Heartbeat Ring starting at just $7 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

11. This Dandelion Ring


The design of this ring is so creative and lovely. The wide base band has a dandelion while the spinning band features all of the little fluffy seeds floating away in the breeze!

See it!

Get the Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Dandelion Spinner Ring for just $35 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 3, 2021, but are subject to change.

Looking for more? Explore other fidget ring options here and don’t forget to check out all of Amazon’s Daily Deals for more great finds!

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