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Best Wagner Paint Sprayers

Looking for a paint sprayer and not sure where to start?

It can be especially hard when you first start looking for a paint sprayer because you want to make sure you get a high-quality machine that will give you the paint applications and finishes on all surfaces, but also a sprayer that is reliable and won’t break down on you.

To increase the longevity of your Wagner paint gun ensure that you have a thorough cleanup routine, follow the instructions to ensure there are no particles or paint left in the nozzle or gun, check what cleaning solution (if any) Wagner recommend for your paint sprayer and remember some models will have air filters that will occasionally need to be cleaned.

Wagner is renowned for just this, you can trust a Wagner sprayer to take the wear and tear. Here are our top 3 picks at a glance:

Wagners’ spray guns are one of the best brands of paint sprayers. It has been leading the industry in innovative spray guns for both residential and commercial painting and decorating for decades, so not only good for professionals but the DIY enthusiasts as well.

They manufacture paint sprayers for home improvement, DIY tasks, commercial jobs, and with the capabilities of that expert coverage and finishing.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews

Their paint sprayers are a great one-stop-shop for the home user looking for a simple way to get a project finished all in one go – from surface preparation to applying and coatings, to clean up after the job is done.

Whether it is for painting doors, furniture, and detailed work, in fact, most paint jobs homeowners would want to attempt. With the ability to achieve the professional finish and with a price range that will suit most.

Best Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews

Now that you know what series of paint sprayers is best for you and your painting jobs, let’s take a look at the top 5 overall best Wagner sprayers on the market to see exactly what you need.

Our #1 Pick: Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

The Spraytech Control Spray Max is an extremely popular HVLP paint sprayer because of its flexibility and is our top choice as a paint sprayer for wood painting tasks, good for anything from furniture refurbishment, cabinets and window frames, etc.

With this single unit sprayer, paint coverage for both thinner substances such as stains and varnishes are achievable, but also, not a problem with the thicker paint such as latex. Just make sure to make use of the adjustments you can make with the air pressure control and the adjustable paint flow when changing paint materials with this spray system.

Both high pressure that is too high and low pressure that is too low will not give you the smooth finish you want.

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One handy feature when changing the settings is the viscosity jug that comes with the package. This lets you measure the paint material density so that you know exactly which sprayer settings to use.

When working with HVLP paint sprayers a smooth finish becomes even more important. These Wagner spray guns take care of that with the double air filter that keeps out any debris or dust.

This is a lightweight design weighing less than 10 pounds in total with on-board storage for all the different parts, this makes it easy to pick up and move while you are working on larger projects.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable air pressure & paint flow
  • Double air filter

Best Handheld Sprayer: Wagner FLEXiO 590 Handheld Spray Gun

Wagner 0529010 FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

The Wagner Flexio paint sprayer is one of the great HVLP paint sprayers. A handheld spray gun for both indoor-outdoor use. Here in this Wagner Flexio 590 review, we will tell you just why.

You can use it for almost any painting project. It is able to provide full coverage with low overspray to produce a fine smooth finish on nearly any surface. Plus, this Wagner spray gun is not just versatile, it’s very light and isn’t loud even with all its power.

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This model comes with 2 spray nozzles with different tip sizes. It will cope with the bigger jobs, walls, ceilings and the like and because of the X-Boost turbine, it can spray unthinned paints so it is a good emulsion paint sprayer for the exterior or interior of your home. The second is a fine finish nozzle that is for the smaller more delicate paint job so ideal for furniture and cabinets etc.

The trigger when pulled halfway, starts the motor and when pulled the full way back sprays the paint. This allows for a good amount of prep time for you and lets you be in full charge, with an adjustable flow rate that produces a smooth finish to the surfaces when spraying interior walls, similar to a roller.

However, unlike a roller, it can coat edges and corners quickly and easily, also it has few parts for quick and easy cleanup. This is what makes it such an ideal option for homeowners.

This Wagner sprayer has a powerful turbine. In fact, it’s three times more powerful than the ordinary high-volume, low-pressure HVLP spray gun.

The advanced iSpray technology allows you to cover surfaces smoothly, and at a professional level with ease. With horizontal, vertical, wide and narrow spray pattern shapes from these nozzles.

What We Liked

  • Fast Coating
  • Powerful with the x-boost power dial & Easy To Use
  • Versatile for interior or exterior
  • Several options with iSpray nozzle
  • Fast Nozzle Changing
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Wagner warranty

Best All-Rounder: Wagner Flexio 890 Sprayer

Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner Flexio range is all about flexibility and the Wagner Flexio 890 model is the perfect example of that. It is the perfect choice when you want a single paint sprayer for a wide variety of DIY projects.

This paint sprayer is suitable for almost any kind of material from unthinned paints and stains to thicker paint and oil enamels. It holds enough power for larger outdoor projects but is small enough for painting interior walls or cabinets, too.

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The package includes 2 separate nozzle types: the iSpray nozzle and the Detail Finish Nozzle. The iSpray nozzle is for painting larger surfaces such as a shed while the Detail Finish nozzle is perfect for indoor projects such as cabinets. The spray patterns include horizontal, vertical, and round. This option also has the capability of spraying 8 gallons per hour.

This is the smart choice of paint sprayers when you have limited storage space or need a unit that is highly portable. It has on-board storage for everything from the hose to the spray gun itself but still remains super lightweight.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • On-board storage
  • Versatile

Best for Walls: Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank

Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank

Nothing beats the Wagner airless sprayers when it comes to efficiency, and this Pro 130 is an example of that. Making this one of the best paint sprayers for exterior walls and other large projects. It has a large 1.5 gallon paint bucket and a gravity feed spray gun letting you work significantly faster.

This is a High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology Wagner airless paint sprayer has 55% less overspray compared to other paint sprayer types. It also has a softer spray pattern that delivers a smoother final finish.

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Included in the package are two tip sizes: the 515 HEA spray tip and 211 HEA spray tip. The 515 is best for thicker substances such as latex paints while the smaller 211 is most suitable for thinner stains and varnishes.

Your storage and portability needs are all met by this compact and lightweight design. It has on-board storage for spray tips, the hose and spray gun but this is inside the paint tank so make sure to carefully clean the paint tank before placing the parts inside again.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • On-board storage
  • Includes 2 spray tips
  • Compatible with most materials
  • No mess priming and cleaning

Best for Professionals: Wagner Control Pro 170 with Cart

Wagner Control Pro 170 with Cart

Another of the airless sprayers on our list is this model with a cart. Professionals want the best paint sprayers with the greatest efficiency and the smoothest results. In that case, the Pro 170 is your best bet.

This is a cart paint sprayer which means there is no need for constant heavy lifting of the unit itself nor the paint bucket. At the bottom of the cart is space for either a 1 gallon or 5 gallon paint container so you can easily roll both items with you as you move around from area to area.

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This design comes with an extra-long 50-foot hose so you probably won’t have to cart it around much. Although the hose is already long enough to reach up 2-story buildings it is extendable to up to 100 feet. Easy adjustment of the pressure control to regulate the paint flow

Also included is a 515 HEA spray tip but for smaller spray tip sizes you will need to order separately (understanding airless spray tip sizes). They recommend their 313 HEA spray tip for stains and the 212 HEA spray tip for sealers all give a soft spray pattern.

This model is designed for heavy use, including an all-metal gun and a more durable pump, perfect for the professional.

What We Liked

  • Durable parts
  • Cart
  • Long extendable hose

Best Texture Spray Gun: Wagner Power Tex Texture Sprayer

Wagner 0520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer Review

Wagner’s Power Tex paint spray gun is probably the most popular textured spray gun. Designed to provide a spray for a variety of textures and finishes, such as popcorn, knockdown, and orange peel and is ideal for use on surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

The Power Tex paint sprayer doesn’t require a separate air compressor (as it has its own powerful air turbine) or a hose. Fully equipped with power strong enough to coat an entire room. The design is quite simple and can be used on large projects or small projects that require detailed finish.

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Lock-n-Go technology which is Wagner’s trademark, making it easy to set up and much faster than most of its competitors. A one-gallon volume capacity hopper which is perfect for the larger projects. Supplied with three interchangeable nozzle tips to create those different textures for all your painting projects.

The 3 point hopper stand makes this very stable and easy to refill. Fitted with a variable flow trigger to get the flow of your paint right for the job you are doing. Last but not least of the features that we want to mention is the built-in armrest for ease of working, no more aching wrists from holding the paint sprayer.

DIY’ers will love this paint sprayer because of the triple texture function and the ability to create professional designs.

What We Liked

  • Tripod makes it easy to fill
  • Can spray up to 3 patterns
  • Great for walls and ceilings
  • Lock-n-Go technology for quick set up
  • Wagner warranty

Best Car Enthusiast’s Sprayer: Wagner MotoCoat Car Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

The Wagner HVLP sprayer, the MotoCoat, is the ultimate spray system for DIY auto enthusiasts as it safely applies low flash-point coatings such as protective and customized coatings like spraying Plasti Dip. They boast that it is the safest spark contained motor on the market.

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Fully equipped with two different nozzles and cup attachments. It features the iSpray nozzle which is great for spraying thicker paints such as latex paint and textured coatings, also ideal for protection or spray painting cars. As well as a detail finish nozzle which is perfect for staining and the like, giving a smooth coverage and fine finish.

It has a portable X-Boost Turbine that has adjustability for material flow, spray pattern direction and width allow that will allow precise spraying for your vehicle surfaces.

This unit is portable as you don’t need an air compressor for this sprayer that means you’re not restricted in movement enabling you to take it anywhere.

One of the best features of this HVLP spray gun has the 39-foot air hose length (super flexible) to be able to maneuver around any vehicle, no matter how big it is.

You can change color very easily with the different spray attachments, which also make it easy to clean up after the job’s done. It is also one of the best Wagner sprayers for spraying Plasti Dip and other coatings of various thicknesses.

The MotoCoat Complete sprayer kit has low overspray and the controls are easily adjustable, making any job easy to do – whether you’re coating a heavy truck bed or doing fine finishing work. (P.s it’s also quite affordable compared to other auto paint sprayers).

What We Liked

  • Has different cup attachments
  • Two nozzles – textured coats and detailing
  • 39-foot hose for any vehicle size
  • Sprays various styles of material
  • Can spray Plasti Dip coating
  • Wagner warranty

About Wagner Paint Sprayers

Wagner Has 5 Series Of Sprayers – Which One Is Right For You?

Wagner has 5 different lineups of paint spray guns, depending on your needs and the painting projects that need to be done. They range from simple to use, DIY-style sprayers, all the way to heavy-duty commercial sprayers for the professional contractor.

The most popular series that their sprayer range offers is the Flexio series. This collection is for the homeowner and can be used on interiors or exteriors. It’s best suited for smaller jobs and more detailed projects and is relatively easy to fix if you have any issues.

Benefits of Flexio Series

Control Series

If you’re wanting something a bit more user-friendly, and simple to use, then you may want to go with the Control series. It’s great for staining, trimming, and it offers quick coverage.

  • Better efficiency than a brush and roller
  • Can be used to spray stains and thicker paint
  • Great for outdoors – including decks
  • One of the best series for spray painting furniture
  • Can be used to do trims

Craft Series

If you’re wanting to do the type of craftsy projects that you see on Pinterest, then this series is probably best suited for you. It’s the perfect series for DIY projects and crafts.

  • Perfect for a craft project
  • Better control than using spray cans
  • Can be used decorative work


If you love to work on cars, then this is your best bet.

  • Made specifically for cars
  • Has an extended hose for any big job
  • Can spray Plasti Dip rubber coating


If you want to use a sprayer sparingly on a smaller, indoor project, and don’t want to spend a ton, then this may be the one for you.

  • Simple to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not for the heavy user
  • This series has a more uneven finish

Wagner Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you that new to the idea of using a paint sprayer vs the roller or brush methods we have answered a few questions that we get asked the most.

What is the best Wagner paint sprayer?

Which is the best Wagner paint sprayer depends to a certain degree on the projects you will be using the sprayer for the most. All of their paint sprayers are of high quality and performance and come with the backing of the Companys’ warranty.

Reviews of the top 5 Wagner above explain which model is best and for what projects, but in saying that, they are very versatile sprayers and can cope with all sorts of painting and decorating projects.

What is the best paint sprayer for home use?

Above we have shown the Wagner paint sprayer range that is the best paint sprayer for home use. They produce high-quality products for home use by the DIY enthusiast as well as the top of the range options for the professionals.

Although the sprayers are all versatile certain models are better for certain projects i.e if you are only spraying cars you would lean towards purchasing the MotoCoat, whereas for a general all-rounder maybe the Flexio 590 would suit you better.

Which is better Graco or Wagner?

Are you wondering which is better Graco or Wagner? The answer to that is really down to the opinion of the individual. They are both high quality and have both good performance and durability. Both brands give good warranties and are very respected in the trade.

How To Use a Wagner Paint Sprayer?

If you are confused about how to use your new Wagner paint sprayer, there is an instruction book with every product. The sprayers are very simple to use so you have no need to worry. If you do have any doubts their website will take you through step by step and is a definite recommended read if you are new to spraying.

How Thick Should Paint Be For Spraying?

Sprayers include the details on how thick paint should be for your spraying machine, thinning instructions and a viscosity cup. This is to help determine the right viscosity and the amount of solvent or water you should or should not add to your materials to reach the correct material density.

Sours: https://paintsprayerguide.com/best-wagner-paint-sprayers/

Wagner W590 630W Electric Paint Sprayer 220-240V (6507R)

Cable Length1.8 m
Carry Case/Bag IncludedYes
Litre Capacity1.3 Ltr
Manual or PoweredPowered
Manufacturer Guarantee1 Year Guarantee
Model NoW590
Pack Size1
Pieces in Pack/Case1
Power Output (Watts/Kw)630 W
Power SupplyElectric
Power Voltage Supply220-240 V
Product TypePaint Sprayer
Suitable Paint TypeSuitable for Solvent & Water-Based Paints & Varnishes
Supplier Manufacturer Helpline01327 368 410
Total Product Weight3.7 kg

Product contents

I-Spray attachment, spray attachment for wood and metal paints, test poster, stirrer, replacement nozzle seal, filling funnel and carry case.


Instruction Manual

Sours: https://www.screwfix.com/p/wagner-w590-630w-electric-paint-sprayer-220-240v/6507r
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Apply glazes and lacquers correctly with the FLEXiO paint spray systems

This is Carina. On this page she gives you some tips and tricks for the application of lacquers and glazes with our paint spray systems. She also shows you which settings need to be selected to achieve a perfect spraying result with the Universal Sprayer W 590 from the WAGNER FLEXiO range.

Do I have to mask and cover when spraying?

Regardless of whether you're using a brush or a sprayer, before you start on a paint job you must always mask and cover the work area. This stage of the work is absolutely essential, even though it's the part most do-it-yourself enthusiasts least look forward to. Because if the paint job is insufficiently well prepared, cleaning up afterwards takes up much more time than masking beforehand. Masking a fence, for example, is quickly done. Carina shows how easy it is.

Which spray attachment is suitable for my project?

Two spray attachments are supplied with our FLEXIO paint spraying systems: One for spraying emulsion paints and another spray attachment for working with wood and metal paints. The symbols on the spray attachments indicate their designated use.

What do I have to consider when diluting?

Wood and metal paints have different viscosity, meaning they flow at different rates. Carina shows how to test the viscosity and correctly dilute the paints accordingly. The stirring rod included in the box helps with this. In this case, each notch equates to a 10% dilution.

How does the suction tube work?

The suction tube in the spray attachment delivers the materials from the container to the nozzle. We recommend adjusting the angle of tilt on the suction tube to face either forwards or backwards, depending on the direction of work (upwards or downwards-facing). In summary, this means that when working on overhead objects, the end of the suction tube should be facing the rear of the spray gun and when pointing the gun downwards, the tube should face forwards.

How do I correctly adjust the air volume of the FLEXiO paint spray systems?

The FLEXIO paint spraying systems allow you to regulate not only the paint volume but also the air volume. So for lower-viscosity substances a reduced air volume is selected, while higher-viscosity substances are processed with a higher air volume. 

How do I set the volume of paint correctly?

The paint volume selected depends on your working speed and on the undercoat. This can be regulated using the rotary knob on the device. The location of the rotary knob and how the spray pattern changes during spraying are demonstrated in this video. 

Are there any basic rules when applying lacquers and glazes?

As always, when trying out something for the first time it is always worth familiarizing yourself with the device first. Because the way you handle the spray gun influences the spraying result. So, anyone who bears the following three tips in mind will not only have fun spraying but will also achieve a great result.

  1. Maintain a distance of 5-10 cm from the object being sprayed.
  2. Move the device evenly and perpendicularly to the object.
  3. Ensure that the sprayer is past the edge of the intended coverage area when changing the spray direction.

When do I use which spraying direction?

When spraying, it's natural to change the spray direction: sometimes spraying from left to right, other times from top to bottom. To avoid having to compromise in terms of comfort, the wood and metal paint spray attachments can be adjusted three ways: Vertical flat, horizontal flat and circular spray patterns are all possible.

There's not enough material coming out of my nozzle. What should I do?

If the paint is being applied too thinly, that’s not a problem. The paint volume can easily be increased using the rotary knob. What’s more, the contactless application of the paint enables several coats to be sprayed on.

How do I avoid overspray when applying paints and varnishes?

Spray mist can be reduced to a minimum with some simple adjustments to the direction and settings of the device and to the viscosity of the coating material. Simply follow these three tips:

  1. Minimize the distance between the spray gun and the object being sprayed
  2. Reduce the air volume on the rotary knob
  3. Thin the paint less

What do I do if I have sprayed too much paint or varnish in one place?

No problem. Simply dab or wipe it away and respray the affected area to obtain the correct finish. Done!

What do I do if the nozzle is clogged?

After any work breaks, a brief inspection of the nozzle should be carried out. Dried-on paint can easily be removed with the supplied yellow stirring rod, or with your fingernails.

What can I do so that no more paint drips from the nozzle?

During prolonged breaks, pressure can build up in the paint container. This can cause paint to leak out from the nozzle. The solution: Just open the container briefly to release the pressurized air.

Any other questions?

Any other questions?

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, we have compiled further questions for you on our FAQ page.

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, we have compiled further questions for you on our FAQ page.


Guide for spraying lacquers & varnishes

This guide will help you not to get lost in the multitude of materials and will answer the most frequently asked questions. 

2361507 W100 Outdoor ApplicationPicture Close up

Apply lacquers

Whether it be wood, metal or other surfaces: varnishes are suitable for a range of applications and great for sealing tasks. The easiest way to apply lacquer paints is to spray them on directly. Learn here how best to proceed when spraying varnish, what you should look out for, why it's worth spraying varnishes and what the best equipment is for it.

Spraying varnishes

Lasur spruehen

Applying glazes

As beautiful as wood is, it can be susceptible to mould and algae, pests such as woodworm and simple weathering. The application of a glaze helps to protect the wood and maintain its durability in the long term. Read on to find out more about glazes and how to apply them.

Spraying with glazes

Projects & inspirations for lacquer and varnish applications

Our WAGNER experts have therefore created easy to follow guidelines for you. Step by step and illustrated with the help of pictures, your project will succeed very easily. Let us inspire you for your own projects.

Building a tree bench

We show you how to build a tree bench in a few steps and how to paint it properly.

Building a tree bench

Building a balcony bench

In these DIY building instructions, we show you how you can redesign your balcony to create a lounge area for lazy summer evenings.

Building a balcony bench

Painting a garden shed

Sari and Christian from the blog Saris Garage show how simple and above all quick it is to paint a summerhouse using an airless paint spray system.

Painting a garden shed

Building a garden lounger

This particularly chic and ergonomic garden lounger is guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous - it's time to relax and give your senses a treat!

Building a garden lounger

Building a garden bar

A handy garden bar that will be the highlight of any party!

Building a garden bar

Building a herb garden

We'll show you how to turn an old pallet into a beautiful flower and herb garden in just a few steps – which also serves as a chic and durable screen.

Building a herb garden
Sours: https://www.wagner-group.com/en/do-it-yourself/service-and-consulting/tips-tricks-for-paints-and-varnishes/

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