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No doubt you have a ton of outdoor projects to tackle this summer—and a laundry list of things to buy, from raised garden beds for fresh summer veggies at your fingertips to landscape edging to spiff up your property. But to keep weeds and pests away so that greenery thrives, it may need more of a nudge than Mother Nature can give. A garden sprayer is the easy answer for maintaining plants yourself so you won't need to shell out a fortune for a landscaping service. Whether you want to take the easy route and get an attachment for your new garden hose, or you need something more heavy-duty, read on for our top recommendations for garden sprayers that work for every backyard and budget.

What to Consider

The place to start is with the amount of ground you need to cover. You’ll want a sprayer large enough that won’t need to be refilled every 20 minutes, but not something that’ll needlessly weigh you down. Non-professional garden sprayers are typically made of polyethylene plastic and stainless steel, with tank sizes ranging from 1 gallon or less, up to a 4-gallon backpack or wheeled garden sprayer.

The most basic sprayers are manual pumps, and there are also higher-end battery-powered options. There are many features to consider that depend on the style of sprayer you choose. But generally speaking, things like adjustable or extra nozzles, locking triggers, telescopic wands, and ergonomic handles are good to keep in mind. Also, note that some garden sprayers aren’t made for acid-based solutions or other corrosive chemicals.

How We Decided

All of the garden sprayers we feature are from top brands, with ratings of at least four stars, and during our research we combed through countless customer reviews and consulted expert gardening sources. We cover every major style used by non-professional gardeners—from small handheld options ideal for potted plants to large-capacity sprayers for large yards—and offer products to consider across price points, from value-packed to premium picks.

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Best Compact Handheld

Chapin Multi-Purpose Garden Sprayer


Garden sprayers with a simple design, like this one from Chapin, are perfect for treating potted plants, as the task doesn’t require a telescopic wand. The company knows a thing or two about how to make top-notch lawn and garden products, as they've been in business for more than a century. 

The ounce compact sprayer has a sturdy translucent take with an in-tank filter and features a comfortable ergonomic handle and a tight-fitting lid, plus it’s designed for use with the most common fertilizers and has simple twisting nozzle. Its vertical and horizontal streams reach distances of more than 23 feet. Also, you can't beat the price: under $17 at the time of this writing. 


Best Value for 1-Gallon

Chapin 1-Gallon Garden Sprayer


It may not look as eye-catching as some others we cover, but it does the job—and does it well. It features a translucent 1-gallon tank and funnel top, along with a comfortable handle and an in-tank filter. Its spray flow rate ranges from .4 to .5 gallons per minute, and it can be filled with a range of commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers. If you have a larger area to cover, the garden sprayer is also available in 2- and 3-gallon sizes.


Best Upgrade for 1-Gallon

Itisll Pump Garden Sprayer


If you’re looking for a 1-gallon portable garden sprayer with a telescopic wand, this option is an excellent choice. It features a translucent container made of durable polyethylene plastic and a brass wand that can reach up to 3 feet away, along with a twisting nozzle with a degree rotating head. 

There’s an ergonomic handle on top that can lock the trigger for long spraying sessions and a safety valve that automatically lowers pressure if it exceeds bars. 

The handy, adjustable carrying strap is a nice extra. Keep in mind that this sprayer isn’t intended for acidic or corrosive solutions.


Best Value for 2-Gallon

Solo Handheld Garden Sprayer


There’s a lot to like about Solo’s 2-gallon garden sprayer. It’s well-priced and lightweight, with a translucent high-density polyethylene tank and an easy-to-fill funnel top. It features a inch wand said to be “unbreakable” (and which has a locking shutoff valve so you can take a break from your task), plus four nozzle positions and chemical-resistant seals.

There’s also a spot to set the nozzle when you aren’t using it and a removable shoulder strap. Do note that it can’t be used with acid-based solutions.


Best Upgrade for 2-Gallon

Smith Performance Garden Sprayer
Smith Performance



This 2-gallon garden sprayer is a significant step up from the Solo in price and features. For starters, it has a high-efficiency pump, a trigger lock to keep your hand from cramping while spraying, and an in-line filter with ample surface area that prevents clogging and is easy to clean. 

Other highlights include durable Viton seals and gaskets and a inch stainless steel wand, plus four nozzles to swap out and a pressure relief valve for extra safety. This garden sprayer is a customer favorite, with an average stars from nearly 1, reviewers.  


Best Battery-Powered

Scotts Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Garden Sprayer


If you’re over manual garden sprayers and have more to spend, a battery-powered model is the way to go. This 2-gallon capacity model from the well-known garden-care brand Scotts has a lithium-ion battery—and you can fill the tank up 12 times before it needs to be recharged. There’s a inch wand with a nozzle that has three settings—fan, stream, and cone spray—that has a designated storage spot. 

Other highlights include a pressure value, a shutoff with Viton seals to extend the life of the sprayer, and an in-line filter to prevent clogging that’s easy to clean. 


Best Value Backpack

D.B. Smith Field King Backpack Sprayer


Using a handheld garden sprayer isn’t efficient if you have a lot of ground. For larger yards, you’ll want something that holds more than 3 gallons, and the best way to haul it is on your back. This ergonomic backpack has a 4-gallon capacity and features an internal piston pump for powerful spray, along with a inch wand and four nozzles to switch out, including an adjustable brass option, two flat fans, and a foaming nozzle. 

The backpack gets rave reviews from customers, with an average stars from more than 3, reviewers.


Best Premium Backpack

My 4 Sons Battery-Powered Backpack Garden Sprayer
My 4



With more to spend, this backpack sprayer is top-of-the-line—a battery-powered unit that’s said to run up to 8 hours on a single charge, which equals roughly gallons of liquid. Chances are that’s probably overkill unless you’re a professional, but it’s nice to know you can spend the better part of a morning or afternoon working without having to worry you’ll run out of juice. 

Other highlights among features on this high-end backpack include a stainless steel adjustable wand with a locking handle and a bevy of nozzle attachments, plus thick shoulder pads and organizational pockets for small items.


Best Garden Hose Sprayer

Ortho Dial-N-Spray Hose End Garden Sprayer


It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this cheap option, but the convenience of attaching the sprayer to your garden hose means you'll have to drag the hose around your yard. That said, the sprayer has an impressive 14 dilution settings to adjust the flow of concentrate to get the right chemical-to-water ratio. 

The attachment also features a large dial that’s easy to adjust, and there's a comfortable trigger, along with three different spray patterns. Another major plus is that weighs less than a pound. 

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Solo Portable Sprayer

Solo Portable Sprayer
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Commercial grade, Solo's toughest built portable compression sprayer. Large " filler opening makes filling and clean up safe and easy. Chemically resistant Viton seals throughout. High density polyethylene tanks with ultra-violet inhibitors, which allow for unmatched durability and ultra-violet protection. Automatic pressure relief valve releases excess pressure at 45 psi and may be used to release pressure as desired. Solo pump sprayers can reach full pressure with about half the pumping required by other brands. Shut-off valve and wand overall length is 22" for hard to reach places. Four feet of high pressure hose for hard to reach places. Includes an assortment of four nozzles. Best for steady spraying under severe conditions.

Product Details/Specifications:
Tank Size: 11 Liters/3 Gallons
Maximum Operating Pressure: 45 psi
Fill Neck Opening: inches
Cylinder capacity: cubic inches
22 inch spray wand
4 ft. spray hose
Built-in wand retainer for convenient storage
Webbed nylon carrying strap
Constructed of high density polyethylene
Supplied with adjustable, flat spray, hollow cone and jet stream nozzles
Relief valve for pressure limiting and release
The Solo does not have the air valve.
The air valve is only available on the Solor (V) model.
Manufacturer Model Number: V

Download the Solo Portable Sprayer Repair & Service manual

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Solo sprayers have been trusted by landscapers, nurseries, and greenhouses for decades. We stock an assortment of four-gallon backpack sprayers that are designed for both the user's comfort and for long-term durability. The tanks are made from dense polyethylene with UV-inhibitors and wand pressure can reach up to 84 psi on some models. Created strong for demanding daily work, these Solo backpack sprayers will hold up for professional use in all conditions.

If you're looking for tough, handheld convenience, a Solo sprayer is the perfect choice. We offer Solo's two-gallon handheld commercial sprayer that is extremely lightweight but made from tough, blow-molded plastic. This commercial-grade sprayer is ideal for applying liquid fertilizers, pest control, weed killers, and more.

From new Solo sprayers to Solo sprayer parts, A.M. Leonard has you covered. If you're looking for reliable performance and well-built equipment that will hold up for the long haul, you've come to the right place. Check out our inventory today.



1 Gallon SprayerSOLO 1 GALLON HEAVY DUTY SPRAYER:      This is our 1 Gallon Private Label built to our specifications. We have Solo build these and when it comes to quality, their German craftsmanship is second to none. This model includes an adjustable brass nozzle, a check flow filter located at the nozzle which prevents dripping when the valve is shut off and a relief valve located on the top of the tank.

The heavy duty poly tank is both UV protected and thick enough to withstand a lot of abuse (and up to psi of pressure). It comes with a fixed pin stream tip, a fixed fan pattern tip and a cone jet in addition to the the adjustable brass nozzle.


Sprayer Tips

The spray wand is extra long, very durable and  the spray handle features a &#;lock on&#; setting for continuous spraying. The handle is very comfortable in hold and operate and top of that, easy to service and repair.

This sprayer is great for most any application in and around the home and can be used to apply just about any of our products.

RELATED ITEMS:   If you have a need to reach up 25&#; or more, you can get our RELIEF VALVE SPRAYER CAP which essentially allows you to &#;mod&#; the sprayer so you can pump it up to reach higher pressure and in turn, spray higher.







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Sprayers solo garden

SOLO Garden Sprayer 1 Litre

SOLO COMFORT: A professional compact sprayer, equipped for use in wide variety of applications. The robust pump reaches the required operating pressure after just a few strokes. The high quality hollow cone nozzle is fully adjustable from a direct jet to the finest mist. The pivoting nozzle a standard feature enables even overhead work.

This makes it easy to reach even underneath leaves. A flexible helper in the home and conservatory, for DIY projects and when protecting and caring for your car. A telescopic wand, extendable to 58 cm, is available as an accessory.

Additional information
* Weight: 0.4 kg
* Capacity: 1 Litre
* Max. Spray Pressure Bar: 1 Bar
* Piston Pump
* Adjustable Nozzle
* Applications: Cleaning, Degreaser, Disinfectant, Fertilisers, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Wallpaper Stripper, Waterproofing

Quality is the distinguishing feature in a highly competitive market - the Solo brand is the symbol of constant effort to produce durable equipment. Technology of the future applied today complies with all EU standards. Solo develop, produce and distribute machines for use in the forest and for the garden, as well as for general landscape preservation.
Barcode / EAN:

The tradition of protecting and caring for plants and plantations goes right back to the early days of the company itself. It was founded over 70 years ago in , in the wine producing area around Stuttgart. The plant protection sector soon became one of the applications for the small and lightweight two-stroke engine.

At the time, the fledgling business still traded under the name "Kleinmotoren GmbH". Vineyard owners in and around Stuttgart were justifiably impressed by how much easier their work became as a result of this new generation of appliances. This innovation finally made it possible for someone to work on their own, that is to say "solo". It also explains how the current brand name came into being in the early days of this family-run business. Today, the company is run by the second generation of the same family.

All that followed is closely linked to the name SOLO: mobile plant protection technology that enjoys the best of reputations – all around the world, be it in German gardens, the vineyards of France, cocoa plantations in Africa, cotton fields in Asia and coffee plantations in South America. SOLO appliances are also used to disinfect larger buildings. In order to meet these diverse requirements, the range of plant protection appliances from SOLO provides everything you might need – from small, manually operated 1 litre sprayers to high performance backpack misters with large tank and powerful two-stroke engines. An extensive range of accessories rounds off our plant protection appliances.

Pressure sprayer or backpack sprayer?
The answer to this question often depends on the size of the area to be treated. If it's on the small side, a pressure sprayer with shoulder strap will suffice. For larger areas, backpack sprayers are more suitable as they are comfortable to carry and have a larger capacity. All that is left to decide is whether you want to operate the pump manually or let a battery or petrol driven unit do the work for you.

Tall plants?
If you need to treat tall plants, you should use extension wands. They will help you reach the right places and apply the medium more accurately. As well as being made of plastic material, spray wands are also available in robust brass or even ultra-light carbon. The telescopic carbon spray wand, which can be extended up to cm, weighs just g. This protects the operator's joints even during longer working periods.

Liquid or solid?
All SOLO sprayers are designed for applying liquid media. However, the nozzles vary depending on the application: flat spray nozzles for ground spraying, hollow cone nozzles for individual plants, insecticides and fungicides. Herbicides are best applied with deflector nozzles. With solid granulate, SOLO is the product of choice. It distributes the medium evenly over the required area – and can also be used in winter to apply gritting salt to pathways.

When to use a mister rather than a sprayer?
In large scale agricultural plantings, orchards, horticulture, vineyards and in many other cultivated plant stocks around the world, it is crucial for the media to successfully reach and penetrate the crops. SOLO power misters are designed to accomplish precisely this. They generate a powerful air flow which splits the plant protection medium into fine mist to cover all the required parts of the plant effectively.


Solo Sprayers
Our Recommended Choice for Lawn and Garden Sprayers

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Solo sprayers are well-built, durable and easy to use. We've tried several brands of backpack sprayers over the years and the is the best we have ever owned. As long as they are cleaned out after every use and properly stored, a solo backpack or handheld sprayer will last several years.

solo lawn sprayer
solo backpack sprayer
solo sprayers

Top Choice: Solo Backpack Sprayer


  • 4 gallon polyethylene tank
  • Chemically resistant Viton® seals
  • Comfortable, easy to adjust straps
  • Large " opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Piston pump (model ) diaphragm pump (model )
  • Several accessories are available to customize applications
  • Compatible with a variety nozzles for different rates and patterns
  • For wettable powder formulations we suggest the with diaphragm pump.
  • The Deluxe and Deluxe models are equipped with four adjustable pressure settings (15,30,45, and 60 psi) and a pressure gauge.
  • suggested accessories: Chapin CF Valve and Tee-Jet nozzles

These backpack sprayers can be used to apply fertilizers, weed control, insecticides as well as wood and concrete finishing and treatments and disinfectants. Replacement parts are easy to find should they wear out or break.

Suggested handheld sprayer: Solo G 1-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer

If you are looking for a quality lawn and garden sprayer for your business or around your home, Solo sprayers are a good choice.

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Shop Solo backpack or handheld sprayers, parts and accessories

Backpack sprayers are standard equipment for professionals, you will find them in every landscaper's toolbox. They are convenient for treating small areas or spot spraying weeds in flower and shrub beds or lawns. Homeowner's enjoy the convenience of a 4 gallon tank - less fill-ups to get a job done as opposed to handheld sprayers.


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