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Laundry Room Makeover – Dog Wash Station Edition!

I loved this laundry room makeover I saw in the 5280 Home magazine this past month.


Two school-age boys, three gallivanting dogs, and lots of outdoor space in Broomfield mean one thing: copious amounts of dirt. And, well, a ton of stuff. Enter Deidre Oliver of Niwot-based Oliver Designs, who created this refreshing and stylish take on a mudroom to keep everybody’s clutter organized and hidden. Here are her top three tips.

Be Efficient: “Laundry rooms are no longer just for the basement,” says Oliver, who focused on multifunctionality and combined a washer and dryer, dog-wash area, coat closet, and gear storage all in one space that can be closed off from the rest of the house. Got a bench? Add cubbies underneath. Empty wall space? Install hooks.

Do The Dog Wash: If your four-legged friend likes to roll in the dirt, a dog-wash station lined with inexpensive glass tiling (accented by adorably appropriate artwork) keeps messes in the mudroom—and keeps carpets and furniture paw-print-free.

Materials Matter: Pulling in custom cushions and a wool rug (this one by Jaunty) is a great way to soften up the space. “It adds a little bit of warmth and texture in a place that’s otherwise a lot of hard surfaces,” Oliver says.


Pet-Friendly Areas in Homes: Laundry Rooms and Mudrooms

For the majority of us, whenever we see a cute animal, whether it’s a puppy or a kitten, we immediately fall in love and say the obligatory “Aww,” “So cute!” and “Look at you!” (Don’t argue. You know you do this too.)

There’s no denying that homeowners are infatuated with pets. It’s also a fact that homeowners love homes with a great design and tons of modern functionality. What do you get when you put those two together? A high demand for pet-friendly areas in homes.

Builders understand this and are slowly incorporating pet features when designing laundry rooms, mudrooms, etc. Pet space is becoming increasingly important and one example of this is how condos and apartment buildings now have facilities like dog parks on the roof.

With features like these, it’s safe to say that, as time passes, there will be even more intuitive and convenient pet amenities. If you’re looking to buy a new home, doing some remodeling, or just want to try new ways to use existing space, try to include your pet into the equation — oftentimes it makes things in the long run.

Here are a couple simple ways to spruce up your laundry room or mudroom so that your pet benefits too!

Laundry Rooms With Your Pet in Mind

A laundry room can be changed in many ways to incorporate your pets and their lifestyles. For instance, a feeding station can be added under a bench where boots are stored. If not, adding a soft comfy bed is also a great idea!

Since you’re already in the laundry room, why not create a pet shower? Extend the faucet in the sink with an attachment and wipe those dirty feet when your pets (or kids!) come inside the house. Make sure the area is enclosed to separate it from the rest of the room. However, be careful not to create this near the door, or people could be in danger of slipping.

Mudrooms That Accommodate Your Pet

A mudroom is good for storing things when we come home. It’s also good for storing things, period.Utilize some of your mudroom space to store pet gear such as leashes, food, and toys. For continuity with the rest of your decor, store these things in baskets or containers that you use to store gear for your family. If you have a cat, keep a scratching post or tower in the corner. Your cat can greet you every day as you come home from your busy day. Maybe have treats there for your dog so when you come home, you can thank him or her for being so excited to see you! Endless possibilities guys. Endless possibilities…

Have you designed a laundry room or mudroom with your pet in mind? Let us know your creative solution in the comments section below!

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A Pet-Friendly Mudroom

Pet-Friendly Remodeling For your Mudroom

We’ve had quite a few mudroom remodels and custom home projects that have focused not only the needs of the client’s family, but also their beloved pets. We have installed dog showers in the garage, but most often our clients want to have a dog washing station in their mudroom areas to help accommodate man’s best friend. This makes so much sense, but often times you just don’t have enough room to fit in a shower. Or so you think…

Making Room For You and Your Dog in Your Mudroom Space

The clients had lived in this home for 10 years and loved the home and the neighborhood, but certain parts of the home just weren’t working anymore for their expanding family. The most problematic “expansion” being their four beloved rescue dogs. The back entry and tiny laundry room could not accommodate all of the cages, accoutrement and the day-to-day in and out movement of the large pups – not to mention the daily laundry needs of a family of four. A small area in the garage was being used to manage some of this, but having the pups in the garage was not ideal for the clients. Also there were no drop zone areas in the existing laundry room, no counter space to fold clothes nor a place to take off coats and boots

Before Photo of Laundry Room Before Remodel.
The existing laundry room was very small and barely had room for a washer/dryer and a sink. In addition the only exit from the existing laundry room was into the garage. To get outside with the dogs you had to go into the garage and then go through another door in the garage to get outside. With four large rescue dogs it was easy to see why the current space wasn’t working for them. Navigating two doors and then having no square footage to get the pups transitioned from outdoors to inside – especially during the Michigan winters – was just not working anymore for our clients.

Before photo of a laundry room before remodel

Creative Design Solutions That are Dog Friendly

The small footprint of the existing laundry room space made it difficult for the clients to visualize how the new space would lay out. They felt there just wasn’t enough space to fit in all of the items they were hoping for. Not wanting to add onto the home – they couldn’t see an easy way to reconfigure the space to get what they needed.

A small cut-out bay area in the garage that was originally designed for a workbench space was utilized to add approximately 56 FT2 to the existing mudroom area. This additional space along with the repositioning of the door to the garage opened up possibilities for our designers to more effectively address the clients’ needs. The new garage door position along with the stacking of the washer and dryer allowed for ample counter space, a pet shower and two large cubbies to allow the clean pups to lounge in style while laundry was being folded. In addition the new configuration permitted placement of a new door that went directly to the outdoors. Placing the coat closet at the end of the space towards the two exit doors opened up the space and located it where it was most needed. Finally a custom built bench right next to the garage door and exterior door created the perfect spot to sit down and take off foot gear and to get the pups transitioned to the indoors.

Also an added complication – the elevation change (two steps) from laundry room to the garage – had to be factored into the design. Clever placement of the steps at the end of the main laundry room area provided a visual transition from the laundry room area into the back entry area. Using the same finishes and textiles in both areas provided continuity to the space.

Before and after floorpan for a laundry room remodel

Great 3D Renderings helped our clients to visualize the possibilities.

Rendering of Dog Friendly Mudroom Remodel

Form Meets Function For Both Man and Man’s Best Friend!

A cramped and inefficient laundry room/back entry has been transformed into a beautiful and functional laundry/mudroom/back entry space that accommodates a family of 4’s – 4 people and 4 dogs! The existing laundry room barely had room for a washer and dryer. There was no direct exit to the exterior for the dogs and also no room to transition both people and dogs from outdoors to indoors.  

Pet Friendly Laundry Room Remodel with Dog Shower

A clever redesign of the space which captured square footage from the adjoining garage resulted in a new space that has revolutionized how the clients live in their home with their pets. The new mudroom/laundry room/back entry space has brought the pups inside into a designated space that allows them to comfortably (and cleanly) interact with the rest of the family.  

Custom Dog Shower in Laundry Room

Our clients love the space and how it has changed how they live in the home. Prior to the mudroom remodel the dogs were kept in the garage and the laundry room door was kept closed. Now the space is open, functioning and stylishly on display for all who come to visit!

Laundry Room Renovation with cubbies for Dogs

A Pet-Friendly Mudroom and Laundry Area – Happily Ever After!

The clients were looking for major changes in the utility and aesthetic of their tiny existing laundry room space. With a family of 4 people and 4 rescue dogs there was long list of needs and wants and not a lot of space to work with. By capturing a small area from the adjoining garage, a thoughtful redesign has created a new laundry/mudroom/back entry area that has transformed how this pet-loving family lives. The result is a space that is big on function with a stylish aesthetic the clients are proud to show off!

A built in bench provides storage and a place to take off your shoes

This dog-accommodating remodel was part of a larger home renovation that included an adjoining kitchen remodel.  All renovations were done within the existing footprint of the home and the attached garage.

Thinking about remodeling your mudroom and making it more pet-friendly and man-friendly?

We’d love to start the conversation.

By Susan Christian




Top 60 Best Home Dog Wash Station Ideas – Canine Shower Designs

Your doggo is no doubt a member of your family, and as any dog owner can attest, one’s house is inarguably their canine companion’s own home as well–and often treated as such.

We love our four-pawed friends rain, shine, or snow, but sometimes the messier aspects of owning a dog can deter from the more appealing aspects of one’s home.

These top 60 best home dog wash station ideas aka dog showers, are the perfect bathing substitute for the household bathroom, and thanks to their convenient location towards the front entrance of the home–typically the mudroom–you can rinse the outdoors of your pooch without crossing the threshold.

Conveniently sized to match that of your dog, a canine wash station offers a convenient range of water features, storage capacities, and overall design options. From no-frills utilitarian units to upscale doggie spa models, your home and its furry occupant will no doubt reap the benefits of a personal dog wash station.

Muddy paws and rain-soaked coats are a small price to pay for the endless joys of having a dog of one’s own, and with a home dog washing station the minimal annoyances are even less of a burden.

No more guarding the premises from a mucky mutt or putting a damper on outdoor time; an exquisitely crafted dog station ensures that both house & dog remain clean and in top form.

1. Mudroom Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

You’ve spent the day out of the house and in the rain and muck. You come home and head for the door that leads to the mudroom. This is the perfect place to slip off your coat and muddy boots. So isn’t it the perfect place to build your dog wash station? It’s already designed for handling your wet and muddy gear. 

Cool Home Dog Wash Station Design Ideas

Dog Shower Ideas In Mudroom

Dog Washes For Mudroom

Home Ideas Home Dog Wash Stations

Home Pet Wash Ideas For Mudroom

Rustic Interior Ideas Home Hunting Dog Wash Station

Impressive Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Home Dog Wash Station

Black Hexagon Tiles Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Home Mudroom Dog Wash Ideas

You can create a station for the people and a separate station for your pup. Add shelving and cabinets that can provide you with storage for supplies. Then choose a corner to build your wash station. 

The shower station you build can be as simple or elaborate as you want. A simple design will use a single flooring tile across your entire mudroom. All you need to build is a drain and separating wall to contain the water. On the opposite end of the spectrum would be an elaborate shower station with a fully tiled tub area. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shower. If you don’t have a lot of space, try building a corner tub. This lets you utilize a dead corner without changing too much in the rest of the mudroom.

2. Laundry Room Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

It’s common for homes to have the laundry room as one of the main entrances to the home. Maybe you come directly into the laundry room through the back door. Or perhaps it connects to your garage. Either way, this makes the laundry room a perfect place for your dog wash station.

Dog Shower For Mudroom Ideas With Paw Print Tile Floor

Good Ideas For Home Dog Wash Stations

Grey Mosaic Tile Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Home Dog Wash Station Inspiration

Luxury Home Dog Wash Station

Home Dog Wash Stations

Home Dog Wash Stations Interior Ideas

Mudroom Dog Shower Ideas

Luxury Home Dog Wash Station Ideas In Laundry Room

Mudroom Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Sleek Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

The advantage of putting the station here is that you already have a water connection from the plumbing leading to your washing machine. This will make it easier to create the plumbing connection needed for your dog shower. 

You could build your dog wash into the cabinetry that you’ve built around your washer and dryer. This works especially well for smaller dogs where you want the height of the shower to be taller. You’ll be able to give your pup a good scrub without having to bend over. 

If your dog is larger, then keeping your wash station on the floor is a smarter idea. You can create more floor space by taking advantage of height. Stack your washer and dryer instead of having side by side machines. Then you’ll have more room to lay a shower pan that fits your available space and your dog.

3. Tile Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Choosing to tile your dog wash station will let you give it a custom look that matches the rest of your home. You’re essentially building a smaller version of the showers in the rest of your house.

Cool Home Dog Wash Station

Home Dog Grooming Shower Ideas

Black Subway Tile Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Grey And White Tile Contemporary Home Dog Wash Station Design Idea Inspiration

Mudroom Dog Bathing Area Design Ideas

Home Design Ideas Home Dog Wash Station

Home Dog Washing Station

Home Dog Wash Station

Interior Ideas For Home Dog Wash Stations

White Subway Tile With Black Shower Floor Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

You’ll need to start with the base of your shower. A 36-inch wide shower base should work fine for most dog owners. If your dog is especially large, then consider upgrading to the 48-inch wide shower base. This will give you and your big dog room to maneuver. 

The reason you’ll need to tile is that your local home improvement store doesn’t sell half height shower enclosures. So you can either tile or buy a full-height shower enclosure and cut it down to size, but that would be a nightmare. Those enclosures are made of fiberglass, making them nearly impossible to cut nicely. Tile is beautiful and resilient, so go with this easier option. 

When choosing your tile, think about functionality and design. The floor tile you choose needs to provide a non-slip surface for your pup. You also need to choose a wall tile that you can bring up high enough to protect the walls while you wash your pup. The larger your dog, the higher this tile needs to go. The tile you choose could be anything from a simple white subway tile to something bold in color or a unique shape.

4. Tub and Basin Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

If you don’t want to completely tile your dog wash station, you can use a tub or basin as the base of your shower. This eliminates the need to tile the floor. You’ll have more freedom when buying a tub than you did with the pre-fabricated shower. Depending on the size of your dog, you can even look at commercial sinks. 

Bathtub Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Designs Home Dog Wash Station

Grey Tile Home Dog Wash Idea Inspiration

Ideas For Home Dog Wash Stations

Unique Home Dog Wash Stations

White Subway Tiles With Black Base Floor Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

These sinks are deeper and larger than the sinks you already have in your home. They’re also more durable, which makes them perfect for holding your energetic pup. You could choose an affordable stainless steel option or all white, but this may not look so great in your home. Instead, try a marble one. You can find beautiful dark grey marble commercial sinks that are trimmed in stainless steel. 

Think about the height that you want to mount your sink at. It needs to be off the floor enough for the plumber to run the wastewater pipes, but this may not be the most comfortable height for you. Consider raising it up to about waist height. Now you can save your back by not having to crouch over.

Once you install your tub, you’ll need to tile around it. When deciding where to tile, you could stick to the immediate area around the shower. This will define the shower space. You could also continue the tiling throughout the rest of the laundry or mudroom. This will help tie the room together and make your dog shower look cohesive in the space.

5. Home Dog Wash Station Door Ideas

An open shower design may look elegant and work great for your human-sized shower, but it may not be the most functional for your dog wash station. If you have a dog who loves to channel Houdini, then you need doors on your dog shower. Even if you have a well-behaved dog, having doors on your shower can help keep the water contained and off the floor. 

Dog Bathing Station Ideas With Glass Doors

Home Dog Wash Station Design Ideas

Home Dog Wash Station Interior Design

Interior Designs Home Dog Wash Stations

Unique Home Dog Wash Station Designs

Modern Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

The most popular material used for the doors should be no surprise: Glass. You could have two doors that allow you full access to the space. You could have a stationary pane and a swinging door pane as well. No matter which style you choose, keep in mind that you’ll either be working through the open door or reaching over the glass wall to wash your dog. How you plan to use your dog shower will influence the door opening width and height of the doors. Don’t make the doors too low, though, or you risk your larger dog trying to jump over them.

6. Walk-In Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

If you have a senior dog, they may find it painful to jump, climb, or be lifted. A walk-in dog shower will accommodate their needs and also make it easy for you to wash them. These showers typically have a ledge that is low enough for the dog to walk over, but tall enough to keep the water contained. This will prevent the water from flowing out into the rest of the room. Exceptional Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Awesome Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Home Dog Washing Station Designs White Tile

Magnificent Home Dog Wash Station Design Ideas

Home Interior Designs Home Dog Wash Station

White Marble Tile Luxury Wash Station For Dogs

Nice Marble Tile Home Dog Wash Station Interior Ideas

The low edge could extend the entire length of the shower. This is a good option if your shower isn’t very wide. But if you have an especially long shower, consider creating a step design with a low walk-through area and taller mini walls framing it. 

7. Home Dog Wash Station Showerhead Ideas

Do not choose a cheap model when choosing the showerhead for your dog wash station. This isn’t like choosing the showerhead for your shower. You’re an adult who doesn’t beat up on your showerhead. Your dog is going to move around, and you’re going to pull on the handheld showerhead and hose as you maneuver around to rinse your pup.

Design Ideas For Home Dog Wash Station

Dog Shower Ideas

Home Dog Wash Station Design Inspiration

Large Dog Washing Station With Dog Bone Pattern Wall Tile

Navy Blue Tiles Dog Washing Station For Home

Stunning Interior Home Dog Wash Station Designs

You can probably skip the standard wall-mount showerhead. You probably won’t use it enough to make installation worth it. Look for a showerhead that’s handheld with water flow adjustment options. You want something you can easily and quickly adjust. You also want one with a long enough hose as it needs to reach all the way around your dog.

Choose a finish that you like and complements the rest of your home. If you have chrome finishes throughout, then get a chrome fixture. If you have vintage-inspired black fixtures, then get that for your dog shower.

When mounting your fixture on the wall, you need to think about usability and where your plumbing is. You may be forced to mount it on the back wall. This isn’t ideal as it points the showerhead directly at you. Mounting it on a side allows you to hook the showerhead back on the wall without getting soaked.

You should also think about the height at which you mount the showerhead and controls. Don’t place them too high, where you’ll be required to reach up uncomfortably or stand up to work them. Instead, put the water control at a height that you can reach without moving when washing your dog.

Dog Wash Station FAQs

Do I only need to build the shower?

Technically, you only need the shower/tub area with a water supply. However, to make using your shower more convenient, you should also install shelving, cabinets, or towel hooks. That way you can store supplies within reach.

Why choose a built-in shower over a freestanding station?

Small freestanding stations aren’t secure and only work for very small dogs. This makes them impractical for the majority of dog owners. Plus, both small and large freestanding stations tend to lack style and design. Larger stations tend to be professional-grade and have a distinct industrial feel to them. This won’t complement the look of your home. You’re also limited to what’s available when it comes to size, shape, and height.

Does the drain size matter?

Opt for a larger drain, such as a 3-inch. Remember, you’re washing your dog, who may have a ton of fur. You need a drain that will handle this extra bulk. You should also consider putting a hair filter over the drain.

Can I put the dog shower outside?

Yes! This has become a popular option for those who don’t have space inside of their home. You’ll want to create a concrete pad for a solid and clean washing surface. You can even tile outside to create more of a shower feel. Then you’ll need to install a handheld showerhead. Try to place your outdoor shower near a dog door or regular door to prevent your pup from getting dirty after their bath.


Laundry room dog

Dog washing station ideas – a practical necessity for the home

dog washing station ideas laundry room mudroom remodel


Dog washing station ideas will come very useful for people who love their pets but want to prevent muddy paw prints on the floor or on the carpet. Dogs are a very important part of the family. They bring happiness, children love their four pawed friends, but do not forget that they also have their needs and one of the most basic needs is to bathe.

home dog washing station ideas laundy room shower


Yes, your favorite pet needs a bathroom of his own. You wouldn’t want a stinky pet, would you? We will show you some wonderful ideas for home dog washing stations which can be done without much expense. The laundry room or the mudroom are the perfect place to arrange dog washing stations as they are designed to deal with moist and can handle water splashes.

Dog washing station ideas – where to place a home pet shower?

outdoor dog washing station shower ideas garden shower

While many people prefer an outdoor dog shower, this is only possible in summer time or in climates with hot weather. An outdoor dog shower station needs to be equipped with a handles shower, a sprinkler and of course, you need to make sure that there is a clean path on the way inside so that your pet enters the home without getting dirty after being washed. You can opt for a portable bathtub which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor.

station ideas shower laundry room

However, in bad weather, washing the pet outdoors is not an option and then you may start thinking for a home dog shower station. It is true that puppies and small dogs need a large sink and a sprayer, but if your pet is beyond the puppy age, a suitable station will ease your life tremendously. You can buy a professional bathing station as they are equipped with a ladder or a ramp or with a little remodel you can incorporate a shower or a bathtub for dogs, if you prefer, in the basement, mudroom or laundry room.

Dog washing station ideas – useful tips for planning and equipment

home dog washing station ideas shower laundry room

Whether you put your dog washing station in the basement of your home, in the laundry room or the mudroom, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Planning the spot for the dog shower is essential. It is best if you use existing plumbing. Check out and measure carefully if the available space is big enough to accommodate a bathtub or a shower for dogs. A shelf or a cabinet for soaps, shampoos and towels is a necessity so you need to think about that too. In a limited space, an overhead shower rack is a good space saving solution.

station ideas shower laundry room design

Make sure that the floor is waterproof, that means you shall need tiles and the same applies for the walls. Waterproofing the floor and walls of the wash area will save you from water damage. You know that dogs shake off the water after being washed and the whole place gets wet. The drain of the dog washing station has to handle not only water but hair so you need a bigger drain and a hair filter over the drain.

home station shower bunk beds laundry room

A bathtub or a basin is a convenient solution for small or mid-sized dogs. There are elevated models which will be more convenient for you as you will not have to bend or knee. Some models can be mounted on a pedestal or on the floor and the choice will depend on the size of your pet and the available space for wash basin. A dog shower does not differ from a standard shower. Use a handled showerhead or a sprayer.

Dog wash station accessories – make the dog washing area comfortable

dog washing station shower ideas home washing stations

You can design the simplest dog washing station or you can take a step further and add some small, but useful details which will be convenient for both your pet and yourself. A rubber bath at the bottom of the wash area will prevent slipping and sliding. You can buy a special stay-n-wash-dog keeper, a padded mat in front of the wet area. Soaps and pet shampoos are a must as well as towels. There are special absorbent pet towels which absorb much more water than the usual towels.

outdoor dog washing station shower ideas

dog washing station shower ideas bathtub

dog washing station bathtub ideas outdoor

laundry room dog washing station ideas shower

home dog washing station ideas bathtub large sink

home dog washing station shower mudroom

home dog washing station ideas bathtub laundry room design

home dog washing station ideas shower bathtub

dog washing station mudroom design ideas wood cabinets

dog washing station ideas shower wall tiles black cabinets

washing station shower laundry room ideas dog bed

dog washing station ideas bathtub shower

Walt Disney: Donald Duck - Donald's dog laundry

Let’s face it, some dogs stink. For large dogs, it can be challenging to bathe them in a traditional bathroom setting and bathing small dogs? Well, that’s even worse, with pet owners often resorting to the kitchen sink. For many dog owners like myself, bath time at home translates to big backaches, cramped spaces, and lengthy clean-up.

Many dogs do not need to be bathed often, but some dogs like to roll in the mud (let’s be honest, much more offensive things), while others have fur that requires more maintenance. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated area for dog washing where clean-up is easy, and big splashes are okay? 

For dog owners looking to skip the groomers and have a dog washing station at home other than the tub, here are a few quick tips.

Photo by Angelini and Associates Architects - Look for laundry room pictures / Houzz

Dog Wash Station for Home

Before you get too deep in design, determine where your dog washing station should go. If you have a mudroom, we recommend designing your dog washing station in your mudroom but if not, consider the laundry room or an even outdoor unit. Outdoor pet washing stations allow more flexibility and fun when it comes to design. What’s great about adding a pet washing station is it can also double as a utility sink. They can be an excellent accessory for gardening areas too.

1. Make clean-up easy: Be sure that the washing area is waterproof—remember the big shake at the end of a bath? A tiled surround is a must-have.

2. Go elevated: For people with small to medium-sized dogs, consider adding an elevated dog washing station. It’s easier on the back and knees than bending over on the ground level.

3. Walk-in Shower: For larger dogs or seniors, consider an accessible walk-in pet shower. 

4. Handheld sprayer: Another crucial tool to make bathtime more comfortable for your back, plus it’s an excellent tool for paw cleaning.

5. Get a bigger drain: Builder Vincent Longo recommends going with a bigger 3” drain. It works better with dog hair, but you’ll probably still need a hair filter to protect the plumbing pipes.

6. Towel racks: Be sure to add a couple of handy drying racks and hooks for easy access to the many towels you’ll go through.

7. Think storage: When designing your dog washing station, go big or go home when it comes to storage—it is a must-have in any washing area. Add storage for soaps, shampoos, brushes, and towels.

Go pro: Talk to a licensed contractor about your tiled pet shower design ideas. You can get professional-level grooming stations from ProGroom and luxury sinks with skid-proofing at HydroSystems.

Photo by BACK Construction - Look for laundry room design inspiration / Houzz


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The Laundry/Dog Room: Dark Green Cabinets Layered On Classic Black + White Design

Our home is pretty much all black and white with loads of natural white oak. It feels so soothing and clean, but if you’ve followed our blog since way back when, you know that I do love a pop of color in neutral spaces. What better place than in our laundry/dog room where there is lots of natural sunlight and it needed to be full of playful design. I need motivation to be in here as I fold laundry and bathe dirty dogs. A pretty laundry room was a must and so fun to design. Probably my favorite room of the house and one that our friends and guests get the most excited about. Go figure. The laundry room.

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, but I’ll highlight a few details along the way. As you tour, take in that gorgeous (and fun!) black and white patterned tile on the floor, the classic subway tile with beveled edges on the walls, and those bold, dark green cabinets that I’m so happy I took a chance on. Not only is this our laundry room but also the “dog room.”

Gucci and Kodak sleep in here at night and also hibernate here in the daytime when we are not home. As much as a nice looking laundry room was important to me, I also wanted our pups to feel comfortable in here as well. You’ll notice we have a glass door so they don’t feel so closed in and can look out into the home while we are gone (or when they are drying off from baths or just plain soaking wet from tromping through the snow). The subway tile goes all the way to the floor since Kodak had a previous history of chewing on our drywall in our former home when he was contained in a room. Thankfully he outgrew that puppy stage but we are still glad we went with tile on the walls to keep them cleaner looking and in case we ever get another puppy who decides to eat walls over food. #eyeroll

Not only is the black and white theme carried in here from throughout our home, you’ll also see the same natural stain rift sawn white oak in our countertop that is also on our kitchen and pantry floating shelves and cabinets. Also, the use of gold hardware is a consistent them throughout the home. Natural, organic elements are brought in with baskets. One can never have too many baskets in my opinion.

**Affiliate links used. See photo policy and disclosure HERE.

Classic Black & White Laundry Room Featuring Dark Green Cabinets

The black farm sink by Blanco is not only gorgeous but super durable to use as a utility sink. I love the sleek, angular design on the apron front.


The dark green cabinet paint color is Pratt & Lambert Essex Deep Green.



The brushed gold cabinet hardware really pops against the green.

The satin gold door hardware by Emtek is the same throughout the home. It is striking against the black door, but we also have it on some gray doors you’ll be saying later as I reveal more of our home.

laundry room with dark green cabinets and black and white patterned tile

Having a designated “dog room” combined with the laundry room has its perks. For example, the room never smells like a stinky dog because the laundry detergent scent overpowers it. See how I plan these things?


The dog wash is probably the smartest thing I did in this house. Especially where we live with natural land and the dogs paws get kind of grimy. We have a daily wash and rinse (at least the paws) session in here. I intentionally raised the height to save my back from leaning over. Kodak can jump in and out easily, although most days he’s a big lazy baby and wants momma to lift him. You know they’re totally posing for treats here. I bribe, what can I say. By the way, I think they’re both due for a bang trim.

What do you think? Are you bold enough to go with dark green cabinets in your home? We played it safe with the traditional and classic white subway tile and played it up with the patterned tile floors. Bottom line, have fun with your home and take a few design risks. Those almost always end up being the best features! Thanks for stopping by! Sources are listed below.

Walls are Sherwin Williams Pure White

Floor tile // Subway tile // sink // faucet // dog shower faucet // drawer pulls // cabinet knobs // door knob // Pendant light // sconces // glass jugs/vases


Laundry Room, The Forest Modern ·


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